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American clothing company succeeds without advertising

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Hooded sweatshirts made by apparel company American Giant were once called "the greatest hoodie ever made." The company refused to outsource manufacturing, even with the increased demand, and that decision is what the company's founder credits for American Giant's success. Founder Bayard Winthrop joins "CBS This Morning Saturday.
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See CC (2 years ago)
made in USA? but the workers are Chinese .
ALB (11 months ago)
CC C Chinese people cant reside in the U.S?
republic.right (3 years ago)
they don't advertise.. they just give people 15 dollars to like it on Facebook
drzhivago1963 (2 years ago)
Or convince writers to pen fawning articles with lines like, "She told me that she was staking her entire career on this T-shirt." (On a T-SHIRT. That's cutthroat!) "We sort of set a standard for ourselves with the sweatshirt," Winthrop says. "We now feel like we owe it to our customers to exceed that expectation." (Because if the articles of clothing that I throw on when I just don't care don't meet my exacting standards, I may not be able to look myself in the eye ever again.) "But Winthrop says that when you look at the details and nuances, things begin to get complicated. "...doing something that is genuinely unique and special is both a design and manufacturing challenge."" (T-SHIRTS.) "This entire process involved creating many different prototypes that were tested on dozens of people." (For a T.) "It takes time to communicate the spirit of a shirt to them." (The Spirit of the T.) "Winthrop makes regular visits to the factories, so he is able to speak to the sewing crew in person to clearly articulate his vision to them." (I am sure that is quite the treat for those lucky Sewers!) "The material looks airy, but is thick enough that it doesn't require an undershirt or a camisole. It also falls nicely off the shoulders, achieving the drape that Allen worked so hard to create over the last year." (Well, it is a load off my mind that I do not need a T-Shirt under my American Giant T-Shirt although if it took a year that takes away from the miraculous nature of this item. Took away some of the shine. Sometimes it is best to not let us peons see the magic being made behind the curtain.) "I don't really care whether customers know that our shirts were made in America," Winthrop says. "I just want them to feel that someone was paying attention when they were making it." (I feel it.) Oh, and this Wonder Garment is available in a range of colors for both men and women-Black, White, a faded Pink, kind of a military shade of green and a dark Blue. Excuse me, Jet Black, Pearl, Shell Pink, Burnt Sage and Evening Blue.; v-necks and crews cost $34.50. 34.50, BEFORE tax for a T. No thoughts on the "greatest hoodie ever made" but does AG market exclusively to Idiots with too much money?

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