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Text Comments (245)
Karen Milagros24 (5 months ago)
What about the gucci camera bags?
liberty Knudson (7 months ago)
are these pricy bags functional.
Ana Dattilo (7 months ago)
chestine (8 months ago)
What lipstick are you wearing? 😍
herome AZ (9 months ago)
Discover the new collection handbags the sisters of louis channel mj A handbag, a shoulder bag, a satchel, a schoolbag, ... All styles, in a single bag from the '' les mainsettes '' collection by louis channel mj. Refined and classic, cool and stylish, Brief a bag with all styles to wear without moderation and in all occasions. The bag brunette by louis channel mj : made with vegetable tanned leather, and natural, a sumptuous and velvety touch, a nude color : http://bit.ly/2BB8BV0
Tay McKay (10 months ago)
I think kate spade is very trendy right now for entry level designer. I find myself looking at her designs but then I am not one for newer designers as they quickly fade in and out of popularity... I never understood michael kors. I am not a fan of dior, I find them boring and cheap looking. That new louis vuitton bag is next on my list as well as the gucci dionysus but I cant decide what color
Hannah Waddell (10 months ago)
What about Balenciaga? They were huge in 2017 with the knife boots and logo crazy tights and crew neck sweaters.
Jamie Connelly (10 months ago)
christmas9lights (10 months ago)
Goldy Trill (11 months ago)
Oh really good info btw thanks!
Goldy Trill (11 months ago)
Lmfaooooooooo im a 25 year old black sitting in my car smoking a blunt watching this 😂😂😂💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🤦🏾‍♂️
Barış Yarar (11 months ago)
This bag is also new trend isn't it? I want to gift it to my girlfriend and i found this one. It's on Christmas Special Gift Sale so i don't want to miss it. Can someone please help me?? https://www.bagbuilders.com/collections/hobo-bags/products/large-capacity-shoulder-bags-for-women-high-quality-artificial-leather-tote-bag
Ahmet MUTLU (11 months ago)
My wife look at the quality&elegant, not the brand. https://somonti.com/collections/women
maya lee (11 months ago)
I never will pay alot of money to buy name brand bags in AMERICA again....its also so so fake...
Natasha B (1 year ago)
Hey Shea! What do you think of the Gucci Padlock bags? I'm dying to get one but I don't know whether it's worth it!
NuHa Style (1 year ago)
Am I the only one who see dent ( distortion) in most of LV bags ?!
Vinny Saxena (1 year ago)
what's ur age??
Luo Kate (1 year ago)
i have buy one lv bags from louis vuitton Outlet online lvhandbagoutlet.com the is very good,i very like.
Lila Ben (1 year ago)
Noe bags are classics! Don't have it though
Aph M (1 year ago)
I have the Pochette Metis in canvas monogram and it is roomy, comfortable and perfect! Also, I agree it's definitely classic and will stand the test of time.
Terry Smith (1 year ago)
? Question for you- when wearing neutrals, I add my pop of color with my handbag. Would you recommend this as well?
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
+Terry Smith Yes for sure!! I do that often! :)
GlamTimeWith Salima (1 year ago)
I agree with you about pochette metis, and I want it 😍
Destiny Phillips (1 year ago)
Louis Vuitton is blowing up. 90s fashion is making a huge comeback so every brand that was popular then is going to be popular now. Even juicy couture is making a come back. Chanel 90s bag are extremely popular on the resale market. But I am most excited about D&G and Versace I grew up loving these fashion houses.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Yes...this is such a good point!!!
Leopoldo Seifert (1 year ago)
Shea would you go por pochette Metis or Palm Springs mini
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
I would chose the Pochette Metis for sure!
ashley joannna (1 year ago)
Hi 😄 im happy to see this video by accident , Subscribed ☺️ I would like to ask your opinion on Chloe drew bag ? Im planing to get it in 6 monthish time lol do you think will it be popular forever like how it is now ? Eventhough im not a little bag girl but I can not resist it 😁 Help me out Enjoy the weekend 🙂
Lyla Grace Thompson (1 year ago)
Thanks shay I have been trying to figure out what I will get for my birthday now I'm getting the pochette Metis
Helen Lee (1 year ago)
Love Chloe! Classy!! I owned two chloe so far!!one marcie bag and crossbody!!! Love!
Anbotz91 (1 year ago)
The clip on the Faye is actually purely decorative- you can't clip it, it has a magnetic closure.
Great video! What do you think about LV poshette metis? . Is it trendy bag? or it will be classic bag, like neverful or speedy?
cap4life1 (1 year ago)
I love these more informative, educational vids. Thanks Shea!
Stephanie Salan (1 year ago)
I would add camera bags to this list
Ferry Anolin (1 year ago)
Coach is classic
A Barreda (1 year ago)
Do get the backpack. My mom got her LV about 20 years ago, they just keep coming back.
OMG, I LOVE YOUR HAIR I want to show my stylist! I'm dark brunette but want to go lighter for summer but not completely blonde. That color is literally perfect.
Moriah Hudson (1 year ago)
M Rod (1 year ago)
Hello Shea. I love your Diorama bag. Do you mind if I ask which Dior in Vegas did you get your Diorama from? I am having a hard time locating that shade, hardware and lining. My SA at the Wynn said they don't have this at all. Thank you.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
M Rod Thank you!! I actually got mine in the Crystals Plaza! :)
cutiehotMOM (1 year ago)
I was never a backpack girl,but after having kids... Oh I love em! Hands free 👐🏼
Elizabeth M (1 year ago)
I love the Chloe drew
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Me tooooooo!!
KSBM A (1 year ago)
hi have you had any cracking or glazing issues? I'm deciding on getting this bag but I'm just little iffy because of possible glazing issues where the flap opening is
Cindy (1 year ago)
you are totally right about being on the lookout for dior! i was eyeing the black diorama satchel for a few months and decided to bite the bullet and purchase mine last week on my trip to LA! last one in beverly hills so I'm just going with it was meant to be ! loved this video and your personality <3
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Thank you so much...you're so nice!!! And yes..DIOR is getting BIG!! XOXO
Jenny Amponsah (1 year ago)
Great video!!! I love luxury bags, I treated myself to a lovely Michael Kors one for my birthday 2 years ago - but now I have my eye on a Kate Spade one too!!!
Som_ Suwadee (1 year ago)
It is debatable regarding to neonoe, Noe line is one of their signature bag.
Som_ Suwadee (1 year ago)
However I do agree with you100% on miniature Bags and backpack
Som_ Suwadee (1 year ago)
So is the Gucci signature bamboo top handle. Maybe not the same body but the bamboo top handle has been around for a long time.❤️👌🏻
Heather McDonough (1 year ago)
Have you considered the Henri Bendel Jettsetter. It is not that expensive and you can wear it as a backpack, crossbody and a handheld bag. It is great bag.
Lauren F (1 year ago)
I appreciate your opinions on bags that are trending but what about the more contemporary lines like Celine, The Row, or other major fashion houses like Saint Laurent..
Nickey Wonder (1 year ago)
The Pochette Metis is on its way to becoming a classic, I may have to snatch that up! Glad to have another handbag lady in the YT sorority!
Najwa Salem (1 year ago)
Hi I like you video so much very nice bags l won't ask you about the diorama bag what about the color transfer and what do you think about it. Thanks
Daniela T (1 year ago)
Gucci has always had bamboo top handle bags.
diana holmes (1 year ago)
Have you done a review of LV Melie? Would love to see it..
Cynthia quiroz (1 year ago)
Shea made me buy that topshop leopard backpack haha I agree not sure if I want to invest that kind of money on a backpack so I'll start with a lower end one and it's so cute!!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Oh yay!!! I'm SO glad...I seriously LOVE that leopard backpack!!! I've been eyeing it up for awhile!!
Rosalind Mason (1 year ago)
I think embellished statement bags is a trend!
Cherrylimeade0235 (1 year ago)
YSL was getting a lot of hype with the College bag, but it kind of died down now it seems.
Erica Paul (1 year ago)
I ordered a Louis Vuitton backpack a couple days ago. amzn.to/2opMCdK Can't wait for it to get here!
Viv Fashionista (1 year ago)
The Gucci blossoms are beautiful bags - I bought a top handle Gucci Blossoms in Red
cherie li (1 year ago)
Can I ask what lipstick you were wearing, Shea? It's very nice on you. However, the link doesn't work. Thank you!
Maria Munoz (1 year ago)
Hey Shea ! Can you do a comparison on your chanel vs LV Favorite? Pleaseeee
Young&Pretty (1 year ago)
Gorgeous bags.
Tastefully Gaudy (1 year ago)
I'm really feeling the Saint Laurent vibe. I recently purchased the classic large monogram and I love it. It's not a Chanel, but I'm hopeful that it will hold its place for quite some time 😊 Great video
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
+Tastefully Gaudy Totally agree...I've been loving YSL bags!!❤️
DeDivaCaramel (1 year ago)
don't know if its just me but i hate the trend thing in terms of how long a bag will be in style etc for me if i spend 3000-5000 on a bag i could care less if ppl not wearing it in 5 -10 yrs i will wear my pieces till they fall apart or i close my eyes maybe as i get new ones i will wear others less but trust and believe i am not bothered by trend even if i take them to the beach lol
Carla honey (1 year ago)
DeDivaCaramel in
cutie lishaxoxo (1 year ago)
i love your bag collection.can you do ysl unboxing bag review
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
I would love to add a YSL bag to my collection!!
Dom Baldock (1 year ago)
Great video and information but your hair and make up are perfection! Love the eye and lip combo :)
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!!! I"m glad you like it! :)
Iveagh 32 (1 year ago)
thank you. hopefully it will confirm for me.😊😊
Janealae (1 year ago)
Sold my medium coco handle in the old style and that's a bag I sometimes regret parting with. Same as you though: I thought it might be trendy and I didn't want to lose money down the road. Plus the corners slouch and I was worried how it'd look over time.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Very interesting!! Sorry you sometimes regret it though :(
FightingFifty17 (1 year ago)
The Pochette Metis is impossible to get right now. I have checked EVERYWHERE...spoken to LV several times and their comments have ranged from "It's not coming back until June or July" to "It might be back by the end of the year." You're fortunate you got your hands on it!
Squeaky Cheese (1 year ago)
FightingFifty17 no worries. It is a beautiful bag! Enjoy it!
FightingFifty17 (1 year ago)
Anders Julian Thank you! It actually popped back into stock on the LV website at the end of May, a friend of mine was shopping on the site and grabbed it for me and an hour later when I checked it was out of stock again! But I did get my hands on it, finally...and I love it! :)
Squeaky Cheese (1 year ago)
FightingFifty17 if you're still interested in the PM I'm selling mine and it is practically brand new.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Wow....that is so crazy!!!
Haf Sa (1 year ago)
fab video xx
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Thanks sweets! :)
Haf Sa (1 year ago)
your dior bag 😍
Haf Sa (1 year ago)
I can relate to the backpack trend as well, some are so gorgeous but am still on the fence whether to invest or not. And chloe bags ❤❤❤
andrea cherry (1 year ago)
I really am kicking myself for not getting the boy bag by chanel with ruthenium and the braided handle! I am over the backpack...I saw a Chanel bag in person (backpack style) and NO it looked cheap to me in person. Chanel is hit and miss. I do see the aspect where it is convenient but All Saints and Everlane make great streamlined more affordable options...granted we all love ur designers BUT I think trying a Minkoff would be the way to go!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Loved this comment! Very interesting about the Chanel backpack...I could see what you mean there for sure! Great options for the backpack too! :) XOXO
andrea cherry (1 year ago)
I have the putty/taupey gray shade Marcie(I have then Satchel style in the color "nut" I believe that's the shade)..I LOVE it!!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Awesome...its such a beautiful bag!!!
Elsie Jaime (1 year ago)
I also never imagined I would want a backpack lol, but I decided to buy a designer backpack that is not so popular (over saturated) at the moment, and I love it! I got the black MCM Stark backpack, and I been using it a lot. My excuse, I have 2 boys and I travel a lot, is a necessity 😉.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
hahaha...that's AWESOME!!! I'm so jealous! And I have 2 boys too! XOXO
Mila Blond (1 year ago)
I'm totally with you on a designer backpack! A Chanel lambskin one has been on my brain lately! Great video!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Oh that sounds so pretty!!!! XOXOXO
Joan (1 year ago)
Love the diorama
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Thanks Joan!! I love it too!
Walkinginmy heels (1 year ago)
Great video! I really enjoyed watching it! However I wouldn't agree with what you said about Chloé! I feel like people hyped the drew bag a while ago but now It's like...hm... boring! I think Fendi is much more on trend these days! I love the Kan I bag! XOXO
Be ne ya da (1 year ago)
Fendi does the mini bags first, not Coach
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
I'm sure you're right! I don't know much about mini bags!
Wendys loving life (1 year ago)
Loved this video and agree with you completely. I bought (and then sold) the neo noe in the rose poudre. I recently bought my first Dior - the My Lady Dior - and am OBSESSED with that bag. I also NEARLY bought the Marmont but just could not pull the trigger. Thanks for this wonderful video. xoxo Wendy
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
The Lady Dior bag has been growing on my like CRAZY!!!! I'm so glad you liked this video!! XOXO
Queenie (1 year ago)
Your so beautiful :-) Gosh! The diorbags <3 I do think that Gucci looks cheap! Even the new designs.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Awe thank you so much lovely!!!
Kay Lavender (1 year ago)
Flashy will always be in a lot of people think the Chanel flap bag is a flashy bag the minute you can see gold hardware on the logo and chain it is no longer understated the ysl monogram chain bags all flashy but classic I think the Gucci marmont falls into that category
alessia wu (1 year ago)
I just bought the Saint Laurent SDJ in the small size ( its not the smallest tho) in the light pink/nude color and I absolutely love it !!
Taylor Bailey (1 year ago)
What are your thoughts one Fendi?
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
My thoughts are that I should have totally mentioned Fendi!! They are crazy big right now!
Angela Silver (1 year ago)
Hi Shea. The coach bag that u were referring to is called "dinky". I really like those, especially the ones with the flowers. Great video and by the way- your hair looks really pretty in that color.
Jennifer Blue (1 year ago)
Hi Shea! Great video!!! I love my Neo Noe! Such a perfect bag for the price!!!! And I think bucket bags have been around for a long time and won't ever go out of style. I also love my Pochette Metis. It is just wonderful! I didn't take the plunge with a luxury backpack. I did buy the MCM mini backpack though. So cute! Top handle bags and totes are my go to for work and everyday. I think you mentioned all the trends that I have been eyeing myself. The top designers I have been looking at are 1. LV (always my #1); 2. Gucci ; 3. Prada (just so understated and classy); 4. DIOR - so beautiful!!!
Sarah (1 year ago)
Love that you really filmed this video =) <3
Iveagh 32 (1 year ago)
Hello Shea. I absolutely love the Dior and the Gucci bags. I am about to purchase this very Diorama to add to my collection. I came across this colour on youtube about 3 weeks ago and cannot wait to go and purchase it. Can you tell me the Exact colour per the tag if you still have it or even the code - because I need to travel (via plane) to make the purchase. It sometimes looks like a very pale lilac then other times a very pale pink... the interior looks so plush too my other Dioramas have a standard material inside but this one i know has that gorgeous suede like fabric.... im dying to get it i sent the SA a photo and hope they know which one i am talking about... Thanks so much
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Ok I'm soooo sorry I'm just now getting back to you!!! I have no idea the color actually because it's not written anywhere on my receipt or cards or anything! But here is the item number: M0422OVKK M40P/TU. Hopefully that helps!!! XOXO
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
+Iveagh 32 Yes I will definitely get this to you when I get home from work!! 😀
Tanja 123 (1 year ago)
Hermes, Hermes, Hermes all day long. Kelly, Birkin, Jypsiere, etc. I have been around the block a couple of times and I have seen so many handbag trends come and go. Hermes bags stand the test of time and never go out of fashion. Having said that ... I am currently lusting after LV Capucine 😉. Love your channel ❤️️ ... just subscribed 💋
Teresita Palms (2 months ago)
+Kim Goad Pretty much I know the expinsive name brand bag but just can't afford it. I love them all or at least to own one of each.
Tanja 123 (1 year ago)
Kim I have got the Evelyne as well. Its my every day running to the grocery store bag. It's a cool and understated bag. I absolutely adore it. Bag wise you are on the right path - my entry level was a fake Louis Vuitton bag bought in the 90s on an Italian beach ...😂. You are doing really well with your entry level ...😘😉
Kim Goad (1 year ago)
I know mine is entry level, but I love my Evelyne 3 and wear it all the time. My fav complement was from a girl at a local burger joint. She asked me where I got it, and I said a small store in Dallas, and she looked totally deflated that it wasn't from Target. She was about 15, and she had good taste, but I wasn't going to tell her Hermes! (And my point being-it's not really a status symbol b/c so many people don't even know the brand-just a straight up good bag lots of people would appreciate!)
Maggie Benav (1 year ago)
Haha I was thinking if you were gonna mention the backpack 🎒. Same here, am totally wanting PS backpack but I am not sure. As I don't know if it will be an investment in the long run.
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Yepppp...same here!!!
408california408 (1 year ago)
Great video Shea, I agree with pretty much everything you said, except maybe on the Gucci Marmont...this bag seems more classic to me..but like you said it's hard to say for sure and we are just guessing..but I can see myself using this bag even 5 years from now for sure, I'm so glad I bought it and in the camera style too!! I think you should still get it :-)) xoxo oh and by the way your hair does look great lighter!!
408california408 (1 year ago)
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
+408california408 You could totally be right about the marmont!!! I hope you are because I love it. Thanks so much about my hair too!!❤️❤️❤️
neshanta1 (1 year ago)
You're slowly becoming one of my fav you tubers. Keep up the great job!!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Awe that is so nice of you to say!!!!
JENNIFER YEW (1 year ago)
Hi Shea I think Fendi latest SS2017 collection on the Kan I bag especially the ones with the studs and embellishments (special edition) are very popular now ! I love them so much that I grabbed 2 different sizes and Colours within 1 week! U should check them out as they are so lovely to be missed !
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
You are SOO right about Fendi!!!
Maggie Benav (1 year ago)
I agree about the PM bag. I also love it n so glad I invested on it!
Downs Interiors (1 year ago)
My very first luxury handbag was a Louis Vuitton backpack which I bought in 1999 and I still use it to this day so it is definitely a timeless purchase. :)
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
That is so awesome!!
Trace Trace (1 year ago)
Love your new hair Colour! Keep it this way 👍🏻😍
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
Thank you Trace!!! I'm so glad you like it!!
Becky Nelson (1 year ago)
I'm pretty fortunate that what is popular in larger cities in the U.S., you don't see many of these bags in my area in Minnesota. I definitely want the Pochette Metis and I haven't seen any people in my area carrying it. I probably wouldn't buy it if everyone walking around had one.
Boston girl313 (1 year ago)
great video! love the hair color on you. it brings out the green of your eyes even more. Gorgeous always!
renmonpic (1 year ago)
Thank you for doing this video--super helpful & informative!!
Marta Cerreto (1 year ago)
Your hair looks so beautiful, you are stunning!! Kiss
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
+SweetBeauty1990❤Marta Cerreto Thank you so much lovely!!!❤️😘
Farah Ghandour (1 year ago)
Hello Shea!! 1st of all I LOVE that video. 2nd, would you please do the opposite of this?! Like the top classic bags to own? I've been looking for such a video but not finding any. I've decided to buy for the next few years only classic bags. Chanel mini flap (I already own the jumbo and I advise you to get the double flap btw), Lady Dior, and Pochette Metis (cause I agree with you, I believe it's gonna be added to the classics and so does Diorama and Diorever) So I'd love to know what other bags I should be adding to the list. :) Kisses.
Destiny 51189 (1 year ago)
You look so beautiful with your new hair color. I love your blouse so so much I'm a huge fan of your classy styling so so much. I love this video so much, very informative and helpful. I learn a lot from you from every videos of your I learn something new even tho it is a small or big thing. I learn something new. By this video I learn about many bags which I never knew before because of you I'm earning so much knowledge about designer bags. Thank you so much for sharing this video. Your video contents are always of higher quality and very informative. BTW I love your nail color please share which one you are using on your nails. Lots of Love<3
Destiny 51189 (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for including backpacks as I'm a more of backpack person but because of you I'm loving the handbags,cross body bags I mean like more feminine kinda of bags more. Lots of Love<3
Cutiesholiday (1 year ago)
I ordered a Gucci backpack this week, too. I have a little daughter and we need a lot of stuff, so : D I bought one.
Marsha Collett (1 year ago)
Such a great video!!❤️ I agree with you about the new Neo Noe..it is a beautiful bag with a fairly reasonable price point but with the issue with the strap... I just don't think it's a bag that i would want to add to my collection.😔I was really shocked when I saw that some of the YouTubers that bought it here in the states got the strap without the stitching while others that bought the exact same bag in Australia got their NeoNoe's with the stitching on their straps and those bags looked soooo much better (in my opinion)..,so with all of the confusion and drama.. I just think I'll keep my eye on a Speedy25 in Damier Azur just like yours because that bag sure makes my heart sing!!!❤️😘🙋👜💖🌸
Megan Cooper (1 year ago)
Omg I loveeeee your hair! Really suits you! Another great video Shea! No wonder your channel is growing so quickly! xx
Ciliawillia (1 year ago)
Shea you are looking gorgeous💖 your hair 💖your makeup💖 your clothes💖~ literally all of you❣️I have to say your bags are all beautiful you have such an amazing taste💖very classy I would say~ I have to agree with you on the designers, Gucci, Dior, Chloe I love the trendy but I'm more of a classic & I like to get bags that are not too popular there are so many great designers like YSL, Prada, Burberry, Philip Lim, Miu Miu, Givenchy, Fendi, Celine, I literally could go on ~ great video as always ❤️
Xenia Endris (1 year ago)
Beautiful like always love your hair!!
JerushaCouture (1 year ago)
Amazing Babe!
Shea Whitney (1 year ago)
You're sweet - Thank you sweets!! XOXO

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