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Small House Design 2018 | Coastal Living 2018 Seagrove Idea Cottage, in WaterColor, Florida

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I didn't think things in WaterColor, Florida could get any more blissful...until I ran across Mint Julep–an aptly named vacation rental brimming with seaside style! The atmosphere is refreshing, calming and comfortable, thanks to Jennifer Taylor Design who recently gave the dreamy beach house a 'refresh'! I absolutely adore the coastal-inspired color palette and fantastic use of natural texture. The open-concept main floor, ceiling in the game room and all three of the cozy porches are fabulous too! (So many places to drink my coffee!) Possibly the nicest feature isn't even shown...a private pool and hot tub are being added as I type! See more pics and get all the rental info here! http://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/t/0/0/houseofturquoise/~www.sanddollarone.com/property/17673 http://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/t/0/0/houseofturquoise/~www.everythingturquoise.com/ http://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/t/0/0/houseofturquoise/~www.decorbycolor.com/ http://feeds.feedblitz.com/~/t/0/0/houseofturquoise/~www.houseofturquoise.com/search/label/Get%20the%20Look https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/house-turquoise-96586/mint-julep-watercolor-florida-4706713010 More Videos: #tinyhouse #tinyhouses #smallhouse #cottage #cabin #tiny #tinyhome ============================ #TinyHouseLover is a channel sharing homes under 500 sq ft. In the past few years, #tiny homes have surged in popularity. They're economical, environmentally friendly, and encourage people to live minimally.
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Kathy Flack (6 days ago)
What is the square footage and the cost of a house like this ?
Eduardo Ramirez Jr (20 days ago)
Not exactly “tiny”.
Suzanne Barber (25 days ago)
Beautiful home, HATE THE MUSIC!
Tana Stuck (2 months ago)
This is so beautiful. Thanks for not panning up and down continuously.
Steffany (4 months ago)
song choice.... hm....
Sara H (5 months ago)
This is NOT a small home! Boo on you for the click bait!
Sara H (3 months ago)
+Lillian The description of the channel says they post homes under 500 sqft, but there is no way this house ia under 500 sq ft.
Lillian (3 months ago)
It's a very small house by my standards...
Vicki Noeske (6 months ago)
I love Seagrove! The house is darling and spacious. My favorite is the ceiling in the bonus room.
Delfina Procopio (7 months ago)
What a beautiful home. What is the square footage? Doesn’t seem to be a small home.
Katie Harris (7 months ago)
Beautiful. Loved the airy color scheme!
D. E. Pickard (8 months ago)
what is the square footage living space? What's the price? 1.5 million?
Wolf Pak (10 months ago)
BIG house
Kimberly Welt-Fragomeni (10 months ago)
Yeah, this is not considered ‘tiny’ many of the videos are not. Lovely homes but not what I subscribed to view.
Tiny House Lover (9 months ago)
We have smaller houses. You can visit below to find out which house you most want: https://goo.gl/pFcTDU
Margaret Davies (10 months ago)
Beautiful place but not what id call small but I guess it depends on what you're used to and the country or area you come from. Very relaxing to live in I image. 💜
Tiny House Lover (9 months ago)
Thank you for enjoying it .... it is very beautiful and elegant You can follow our great house templates at: https://goo.gl/pFcTDU
Debra Cisneros, HHP (10 months ago)
That is by NO MEANS under 500sq. ft.!!!!! 😒
Laura Legere (6 months ago)
My thoughts exactly. Sure would like to know what the sq ft is though.

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