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A Kid Running Beer Stand

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this kid has some balls(i mean he's brave)
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Roger McNeil (6 days ago)
watch it over and over...that is very funny with out a doubt and just have to keep an open mind
Crypto Music (27 days ago)
PinWiz (2 months ago)
Is that Andy milokins
Ryan Lake (1 month ago)
Aaron hamill not andy
Tylerp (2 months ago)
PinWiz yeah
Pencil fluff...... (2 months ago)
Hitler hahaha
Scott Talmadge (3 months ago)
What is this show called
Ricky Chireallo (1 month ago)
The man show!!
Michael Leadingham, (3 months ago)
Is that you tuber Andy when he was really young
Pappy Dobis (4 months ago)
back when you could have great comedy without being accused of rape
Metal Majin (4 months ago)
How old is this
Stinky Mcfarter (4 months ago)
His parents should stop letting him eat so much McDonald's
Mike M (4 months ago)
Oh how Andy Milonakis has changed.....
ANTHONY (4 months ago)
Nothing wrong with a cold American beer
MentalMobile (4 months ago)
Andy Milonakis!
Ryan Lake (1 month ago)
Andrew Lopez (4 months ago)
my_vids_are_dank 3 (7 months ago)
he’s not a kid he’s actually 42 right now
Ryan Lake (1 month ago)
Not Andy and was a kid when this was shot
MountainMan (8 months ago)
25 cents?
Inbread Fred (10 months ago)
Kill any Krauts?
steve lawrence (11 months ago)
Best couple of minutes of TV comedy EVER !!!!
Claudia Claudia (1 year ago)
Beer Beer beer
Doug M (1 year ago)
Funny funny shtuff. Today he`d be arrested and thrown into prison and supervised by the state until 2099!
sportster1988 (1 year ago)
This ain't a kid! It's the Man's Show boy! (Idiot)
Matt Brannigan (1 year ago)
Okay listen Hitler there's no German here, you need to loosen up and have a beer.
Brad Shepherd (1 year ago)
Matt Brannigan jews
Sasa (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure that's Aaron Mill and he's about 11
Will Rich (1 year ago)
Where are the negative,degrading comments? This is against the law. This is an an uderage child selling an alcoholic beverage. If this was a black child,he would have been put in jail,and if he has any siblings,they would be taken away from the parents,and his parents would be put in jail for child neglect. I'M JUST SAYING......
Anthony Smith (1 year ago)
Quality sucks and Andy isn't a kid he has a growth hormone deficiency, he is 41
babyhilts (1 year ago)
That's not Andy, that's Aaron Hamill.
RGkong (1 year ago)
Why does this pop up when I search up Andy M?
snotface8 (1 year ago)
"You guys look like you barely have pubes" Holy fuck!!! LMFAO
clorox bleach (1 year ago)
Dee Son88 (1 year ago)
u guys look like u barley have pubes.
GuidoAnchovy B (1 year ago)
........... Are you gonna buy something? 😂😂😂
TheReal RobbDee (1 year ago)
God I miss that kid, that show, and all those bouncing titties! !!!!
Michael Myers (1 year ago)
potato quality
MncDssctn (1 year ago)
Be glad that the clip is available for free instead of complaining about the quality.
Josh Rhodes (1 year ago)
head for the mountains, seriously get out of here.
Darrell Barrett (1 year ago)
Back when Kimmel was funny.
H Daddy (1 year ago)
Matthews> Mcdavid
Darrell Barrett (1 year ago)
GAME MODZ (2 years ago)
Watched in 12 pixels!
Luis Sanchez (1 year ago)
theCrpldOrphnPrjct (2 years ago)
Cass LaBuda (2 years ago)
fucking hilariousssssssss
Espada kurosaki (2 years ago)
fuck this was so funny
Nova (3 years ago)
That ain't Andy Milonakis.  This kid is actually funny
Ryan Lake (1 month ago)
Its aaron hamill not Andy
mds525700 (1 year ago)
If you listen closely at the end Jimmy Kimmel says "Nice job Aaron!"
TGudda (1 year ago)
yall dumb asf. thatss andy for sure
TheReal RobbDee (1 year ago)
Johnny no butt it looks like him! and, cld pass for his younger brother!
Currentnoise (4 years ago)
If he does this spontaniously, this is amazing. AMAZING FOREHEAD. Haha one of the best things Ive seen
artboy789 (4 years ago)
This one 's on me. Maybe later I can get on you.
Ekal bee (5 years ago)
Kylemctintosh needs to loosen up and have a beer
Bogdan (5 years ago)
no, andy is like 40.
KyleMcintosh97 (5 years ago)
Not funny, disrespectful to the elderly people
Stefan Unson (13 days ago)
redneckpride4ever From a child.
redneckpride4ever (11 months ago)
You need to loosen up. Have a beer.
The Survivor (5 years ago)
"It's ladies night, bitches drinks free" LOL
Nick Corrigan (5 years ago)
I think you mean Andy Milonakis. You were just like I KNOW WHO IT IS * frantic typing sounds*
Valar (5 years ago)
Hey whats up Julio, want a cerveza xD!!!
Richard Rivera (5 years ago)
hahs asdd (6 years ago)
no his names aaron from the man show
TxRangersfan210 (6 years ago)
I believe this is Aaron Hamil, not Andy Milonakis
guccimane3hunna (6 years ago)
Zeal Dach (6 years ago)
OMG this kid is funny!!!! andy milonakis FTW
MonkeyGiraffe (6 years ago)
It doesn't even look or sound like Aaron Hamill! Google that shit! It's Andy Milonakis.
CAPSLOCK (1 year ago)
MonkeyAndGiraffe listen to thw last 5 seconds
FractalWaveform (6 years ago)
It doesn't even look or sound like Andy Milonakis! Google that shit! It's Aaron Hamill.
MonkeyGiraffe (6 years ago)
Nooooope! That's Andy Milonakis.
CULVER729 (6 years ago)
Rohit Pathak (6 years ago)
Men just take the beer. No law or other bullshit.
Frump Frumperson (6 years ago)
I lost my shit.
Spencer Crawford (6 years ago)
No it isn't.
tristan printy (6 years ago)
It's from the man show.
DOMSTERLOLZ (6 years ago)
fuckin has to lol sounds lik him
FractalWaveform (6 years ago)
Noooope! That's Aaron Hamill.
FractalWaveform (6 years ago)
Nope! Aaron Hamill.
FractalWaveform (6 years ago)
No, it's not. Google "Was Andy Milonakis on The Man Show" and you will see he wasn't. It's Aaron Hamill.
Beatz (6 years ago)
austin nerwar (6 years ago)
Oh my god i almost died watching this. and the hannah guy is right thatz not a kid andy is most likely older then the guy he told to head 4 the mountains
Hannah6412 (6 years ago)
that's not a kid. that's andy milonakis who was probably like 30 when this was shot.
Loveisfun123 (6 years ago)
It's funny because he's not actually the age he looks! LMAO! Best troll ever! Classic shit right here! XD
OperationGhost2012 (6 years ago)
sorry hitler get the hell out of here but tell all the bitches in your family bitches drink free. ha,ha,ha..........
Bryce Applegate (6 years ago)
Thats Andy Milonakis. he was atleast 29 in that video.
GreekYogurtGod (6 years ago)
Is this Andy Milonakis?
blaziken8991 (6 years ago)
Ra Friction (6 years ago)
you are right
brady doblar (6 years ago)
peas on my head
froggman418 (6 years ago)
oh really cause id rather have 240.
justin moss (6 years ago)
He looks like the kid that wears that shirt that say, "I FUCK ON THE FIRST DATE."
MrToiletclogger (6 years ago)
this is epic.
Kate Upton (6 years ago)
yeah when he was younger :/
pakogama (6 years ago)
¿Want a cerveza?"
Nock (6 years ago)
is this andy milinokas?
Linnie Lowis (6 years ago)
its lady night bitches drink free. HARDY HAR HAR
sk8erboi66ericko (6 years ago)
He's 36
Elvis Christ (6 years ago)
The Man Show boy was actually a kid born in 1988, he doesn't have a disease that makes him look young!
Damon Mitchell (6 years ago)
hahaha thats not andy hahahaha dumb ass
Simon 15 (6 years ago)
fuck you
Jrbiggz37 (6 years ago)
Its not andy milonakis
ImANaidemoc (6 years ago)
"Nice work AARON"
chimdichekwa (6 years ago)
Miss The Man Show
chris blah (6 years ago)
i wish he nade stuff like this now
olesto (6 years ago)
His name is Mark Hamill
Harman175 (6 years ago)
Its Andy Hamill
DJE6693 (6 years ago)
This isn't Andy Milonakis. It's Aaron Hamill.
O.o (6 years ago)
damn xD !!
HEadshot (6 years ago)
Oh shit.
morzloks (6 years ago)
at then end the guy said.. "nice work aaron".. isn't it supposed to be Andy?
reaper deadlikeme (6 years ago)
Wow its hard to believe hes 36 now and still look like hes 12.
Mufti Hossain (6 years ago)
no, it's not andy. I remember this on tv, it was an actual kid. They even say "nice work aaron" at the end.
Emily (6 years ago)
This IS andy. Poor guy. that lady was pestering him "You're not old enough youre not 21" i hate how people always make assumptions
morzloks (6 years ago)
John Patterson (6 years ago)
that disease is called.....being immortal
Colten DeYoung (6 years ago)

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