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PlaybackFm-Public Enemy-Rebel Without A Pause

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Playback FM Songs: Road To The Riches-Kool G Rap & DJ Polo Warm It Up Kane-Big Daddy Kane The Godfather-Spoonie Gee Me & The Bi-Masta Ace Children's Story-Slick Rick Rebel Without A Pause-Public Enemy I Know You Got Soul-Eric B. & Rakim It Takes Two-Rob Base & D.J. EZ Rock B.Y.S.- Gang Starr The Vapors-Biz Markie Brand Nubian-Brand Nubian Critical Beatdown-Ultramagnetic Mc's
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Text Comments (45)
Samasoku (3 months ago)
literally ear rape wheel breaking "right about to car crash" sound for 4 minutes LOL
elpanchito gamer (3 months ago)
Ryder nigga
Lil Teapot (10 months ago)
1000mph on the freeway past angel pine to san fierro on a sanchez
Kevin Quinteros (2 months ago)
Justin Johnson (1 year ago)
Maaaan what thee faaauck happend to Rap?
Daniel Curien (3 months ago)
Ruined by Lil pump
Justin Johnson (1 year ago)
+Pat Poot A better word is disease.
Justin Johnson (1 year ago)
True and I survived stage 2 cancer.
Pat Poot (1 year ago)
It Evolved into literal cancer :(
OutcastOfSociety 999 (2 years ago)
That background noise can get very obnoxious...
2221lol (1 year ago)
The kettle sound is a trumpet from The J.B's- The Grunt
OutcastOfSociety 999 (2 years ago)
Edit: The song is cool though 😎
Sir ravix of fourhorn (6 years ago)
tony hawks pro skater lol
Noodles37UK (6 years ago)
There's a song in the same game, the saxophone you hear is sampled from. It's from the 60s and I think it's on Master Sounds. What's it called?
TheABOROR (6 years ago)
justins1991 (7 years ago)
Esham The unholy (1 year ago)
justins1991 xD
mustafa abduljaleel (7 years ago)
amazing suckers never play me hehe
Kevin Quinteros (2 months ago)
Same lyric got me hyped.
raiders7528 (7 years ago)
GTA4 was garbage it shouldve stayed on the playstation
Nikolas derMörder (1 year ago)
Aaron Scott (7 years ago)
Aaron Scott (7 years ago)
luv that beat
BloodySkull2048 (7 years ago)
great song D:
Sihirli Mikrofon (8 years ago)
Skate and destroy 2000
drunkglitch (8 years ago)
examinfo (8 years ago)
One of the best backing tracks ever.HARD!
Rem Rin (8 years ago)
Dolan Goobykins (8 years ago)
Grove Street Represent!
barteklupa13 (8 years ago)
This track disort mine brain
FuntaDan (8 years ago)
Peter Todorov (8 years ago)
I love this song
Peter Todorov (8 years ago)
I love this song
Daniel Maciuceanu (8 years ago)
playback fm and radio los santos
gerald ferguson (8 years ago)
Thanks for posting this song A51Sharp...mad respect
Jim Phoenix (8 years ago)
@mlj102 Careful dude, the government keeps records of those who listen to the old school hip-hop...
Stanean Daniel (8 years ago)
good but can i download the song i need it to be played in gta 4
Paraskevasful (8 years ago)
yeah go on men!!!!!!!!
monakax (8 years ago)
hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiii hiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mlj1 (8 years ago)
StrictlyBG (9 years ago)
raido........(pause)....THIS IS PLAYBACK FM ....the evolution if classic HIB HOOB ! (listen to chuck D as the radio-Dj.....
Kacper Urbaniak (9 years ago)
hahah at least i was looking for it so much time!!! that rules
mark Leen (9 years ago)
dude what the fuck is gpjb dum ass
hav0c (9 years ago)

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