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Top 10 Most Expensive Handbags In The World

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Text Comments (689)
Alux.com (1 year ago)
What’s inside your handbag that nobody would suspect? Subscribe to Alux.com if you haven't already: https://goo.gl/KPRQT8
Kawanna Hardy (25 days ago)
Prayer cards from 2 friends funerals.
Elisha Concepcion (2 months ago)
😂... Definitely not an American channel. Never seen a channel soooo out of touch with the world. Smh let's hope those bags keep y'all warm at night and your children safe.
scott schmutz (2 months ago)
my pet frog in my Gucci ophidia
Akif Norsh (3 months ago)
Alux.com condom
Ike caoili (5 months ago)
Alux.com I
Rajat Kumar (1 day ago)
Only liked the Hermes and Chanel bags
swagnarok (4 days ago)
Who splurges 1.8k on a handbag ??
Hallie Coletta (6 days ago)
A Swiss army knife
Adrian Denila (7 days ago)
Nice bags but the price tag is hard to swallow, just too expensive.
Elizabeth Roxstrom (7 days ago)
Literally the same colour scheme as wish.com
Marie Cruickshank (7 days ago)
Wow these bags r stunning but away out my prize range i would rather use the money to do up my I so need new carpets I have to win the lottery to even imagine buying one of these
raymond malagueno (12 days ago)
Jeffree wer ur u?
pher8487 (12 days ago)
A average bag with a expensive diamond on it.
PureAloha78 (12 days ago)
#8 is so ugly
Dija K (12 days ago)
They’re hideous. 6 is basically a trash bag. I will never pay $3.8 million for a bag?!!! I wish I had that money so I can buy a house, car, pay for college, medical school and donate some to hungry kids.
ianne peralta (12 days ago)
wooohhhhh Baby!😱😱😱
Ona Anozie (14 days ago)
I am a future billionaire.
Rayre LN MSP (16 days ago)
Just go to primark and buy a £6 bag that looks pretty
Ejiofor Young (18 days ago)
Enraged Mary Poppins AHAHAHAOKAY 😂👌🏼
Deloris M Threet (21 days ago)
Handbags are my weakness! I love them... I want that LV TRIBUTE PATCHWORK HANDBAG and HERMES MATTE CROCODILE BRIKIN BAG...
Kasmine Reed (21 days ago)
I love handbags.
ELLA A (22 days ago)
Who wants a trash bag it’s only 150,000
goldstar025 (22 days ago)
Looooong intro. Start the vid at 1:15 to avoid the Alux .com commercial
britt b (25 days ago)
Ismoil Isroilov (25 days ago)
Where is Gucci
Willycia Batiste (25 days ago)
Y'all realize ur throwing shade on a video that has 1.3m views right
Sara River (25 days ago)
Jefree star has most of these boii
ad da (26 days ago)
*bag'shiit bag's for bad'shiit girl's!*
Blue (26 days ago)
I’m pretty sure JefreeStar has all of these 😂
Elizabeth Shaw (27 days ago)
Those handbag prices are just ridiculous there are people who can't afford to eat or pay rent! It's not a deal where you can say to me if I can afford it I can buy it. Yes you can but your money would be better spent elsewhere like charity. I have a GoFundMe page right now for an electric wheelchair and an old truck or van to get it into which I am going to need to live in as of December 1st in Maine. I can get a nice real leather handbag that's really pretty I don't like ugly stuff for $20! Please if you can't help then pass this along your social media. I am a real person who needs these things and make $900 a month. Open to all questions. :-)https://www.gofundme.com/too-young-to-be-housebound?sharetype=teams&member=731184&rcid=r01-153974828211-70a2e815f4e54d07&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
Chloe or ‘CC’ (30 days ago)
If anyone would like to purchase me 6’s Birkin bag, you just feel free to 😁😘.
Kim IYzzz (1 month ago)
No one is going to talk about how much profit do they even earn after putting so much expensive diamonds in a bag
Fancy nicole Vlogs (1 month ago)
I want.to have hermes and chanel
Angelika Habrajska (1 month ago)
Most of them are just ugly,far overpriced...I think it's not ethic to pay that much :(
Phumzile Siboza (1 month ago)
It's amazing how these women's most expensive handbags and shoes videos get so much hate. People start talking about poverty stricken societies etc. With men's expensive cars, motorcycles, suits, shoes videos, however, there's no such hate. I'm guessing when women have lots of money, they should give it all to the needy, whereas men can splurge on whatever their hearts desire. Ladies! No. stop hating on other women. If she wants an expensive handbag, shoes, weave etc and she can afford, why hate on her?! I guess it's still the pull her down syndrome.
Jadryl Veloria (1 month ago)
Jefree Star has left the chat
Rowena Ramos (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness very expensive but its ugly
I think y’all are better off leaving these kind of videos behind, it gives the impression that the only reason to be rich is to acquire expensive rubbish‼️
This is the a list of some of the ugliest bags I have ever seen 🤯😩🤣
S A B I E N (1 month ago)
lwayouwee vwuitaughh
king blaster (1 month ago)
Friend: hey how much money do u have in ur hand bag Me: 0 coz i spent all my money on the handbag itself
Safiya Hotelwala (1 month ago)
Anyone's different types of choices about handbags also whom ppls are richeble or does hard worked so spending lots of money. But my opinions when I something buy just I like to me also comfortable price and spaces for my whole things in side the beg.
Dan C (1 month ago)
When the maker raises the price the rich suckers will buy it simply because it's expensive, and rich people feel good about themselves when they own the highest priced version of something, regardless of quality or good looks.
XxÅurėłiaTiffyyxX (1 month ago)
What about a Bijian?All fellow Malaysians will know this brand ;)
Wilmae Bayani (1 month ago)
I love LV 💓❤
Janel (1 month ago)
Azei Alaiiya (1 month ago)
Chealsy Dasargo (1 month ago)
This kind of bag will kill you..😛😛
cuteesotheric (1 month ago)
What the fuck with LV number 5???
Dead Channel (2 months ago)
i thought it was pronounced Hermes like the greek god
Tacara Guice (2 months ago)
That trash bag had me crying laughing like people will just buy anything because lv on it i mean dang i have lv bags wallets a hermes wallet to but i would never buy a diamond bag i would be mad if diamonds came off the bag . I can't afford those bags anyway lol
raja anitha (2 months ago)
I'Ve see look everything ugly
Solveg Rasmus (2 months ago)
why some of these bags are so ugly?......really ugly
Angelous 777 (2 months ago)
Many years ago I give up the luxury brands because is a selfish lifestyle just to realize how many needy people we can help with that money and many of the times are people in our own families. At the end of the day when one has been in the line between death and life one realized that any luxury is coming alongside.
berkeley girl (2 months ago)
Carries Eiffel tower bag was by timmie woods
Tammy Mccoy (2 months ago)
I was always told a fool & his money will soon be parted. This proves it. Someone will buy of One of this stupidly price nags.
Eric Lim (2 months ago)
3:39 Rosmah' s cheaper handbag
Aleksandra Kovacevic (2 months ago)
What in the actual fuck did I just watch?
Malar Vizhi (2 months ago)
I too have crocodile hand bag
Emma Cat (2 months ago)
I wish I could learn how to make my own handbags.
Emma Cat (2 months ago)
The Chanel white handbag is the only one that looks good, and isn't as gaudy. 🤣
tinmanlover1994 (2 months ago)
I am a big Vera Bradley fan I have a a couple of bags,a small wallet,lanyard,makeup bag and a change purse. I always never payed full retail the most I've payed was $50+shipping for a purse I've only payed full price for just one bag and it was off eBay,received 3 as gifts and the rest my other Vera Bradley I've never payed full price i'd gotten them on sale with a coupon with free shipping and at thrift store a few times. For me Vera Bradley is expensive in my book and their on the Lower side of Desinger handbags
ivyclaire sargado (2 months ago)
i can build my dream house of that prize...lol😂😜😜😜
Peace Love (2 months ago)
Most are plain, some are hideous. None are worth the exorbitant price. # 2 is beautiful, however.
Skylion (2 months ago)
10 ugliest bags in the world.
Portia Debnath (2 months ago)
Money is too expensive to waste for just a bag.
Patrica Wyer (2 months ago)
Why would you really buy a bag like that. Show off
Patrica Wyer (2 months ago)
Rubbish from the homeless ? For thousands
Patrica Wyer (2 months ago)
I’m willing to pay £20.00 only
Jayney y (3 months ago)
I felt guilty about my £350 armani handbag nope no not any more lol
Raidz Deboma (3 months ago)
LV lover's.
anne dama (3 months ago)
Only millionaire people can afford those handbags.
Hadiqa Fasahat (3 months ago)
I wont get it in free of cost as well 😑
Daryl Espenilla (3 months ago)
I love cheap bags that of good quality
Bhanupriya sharma (3 months ago)
those LV bags I won't even buy for free... that's called fooling people by a high end fashion house name ... wat an obnoxious bag it was yukk 👎
Bitch English (3 months ago)
People like Beyoncé are paid to pretend that they live for such shit. And who will end up buying these junk, Crazy rich Asians from the 3rd World.
Dakiniwoman (3 months ago)
I am always astounded at the poor taste of wealthy people... I think these designers know they make ugly bags and laugh at the people who buy them... Has anyone seen the ugly clothes Dior is now showing? I am happy with a few well made conservative Brahmin bags...
colddarkplanet (3 months ago)
Hahaha..omg..what utter shite !
Kikay Pokikay (3 months ago)
hmm verry nice bag i like but in otherw ay how many animals suffer for this bags before its finish and out in markets ?
Fatima Morris (3 months ago)
I by one bag from Marshall $50 look too much better than flower bag
Last Greatest (3 months ago)
So Sad that people are such sheep but the Con Artist love them.
NinesOwnGoal TouchMe (3 months ago)
My cellophane bag is $5M. See its more expensive than your bags
nabila shukri (3 months ago)
rosmah boley la beli nie..haha
Rim Rim (3 months ago)
I'm sorry. But all of this seems so wrong.
Nandita Mondal (3 months ago)
l have only found the 2nd bag beautiful.
Zamara Ponce (3 months ago)
Next time use the human skin for making a purse. It will be more expensive!
Emily M (3 months ago)
Price=heart attack
Adila Khan (3 months ago)
heyjude2109 (3 months ago)
I need Chanel bag #3
Bao Seih (3 months ago)
I will use bag eco bag LOL than this bag the most important of what i have is home/house of course goodhealth
Sakeenah Ajayi (3 months ago)
Sakeenah Ajayi (3 months ago)
6:17...um did i see wrong. OMG
Sakeenah Ajayi (3 months ago)
Aren't expensive bags supposed to be beautiful😳
Maqbul Ahmad (3 months ago)
omg who wil spent this much on just a handbag go watch tokyo cheapo they will show the bag of the aparrently almost same in design in just 2 dollars
sophie (3 months ago)
Cody Wilkinson (3 months ago)
Oh boy, next there will be a potato sack with broken glass for diamonds. Or maybe a garbage bag with epic and precise tares in it to raise the price. Perhaps a plastic Walmart bag, removing the text "Walmart" and replacing it with the text "Supreme"... Only $62,000. Ok, I'm done lol
unique irene (3 months ago)
if someone says it's free for u then I wouldn't take these bags
rakhi rakhi (3 months ago)
They all just ugly...
ji yan tham (4 months ago)
Actually what is all that handbag price so expensive,then what about the bag wasn't as expensive as you did but sewing are really good and sell at a cheap price
Shakira Bells (4 months ago)
im gonna used a plastic bag
Patricia Mikkelsen (4 months ago)
Show some bag u can use daily and good quality on bands name
miu miu (4 months ago)
Raina Yang (4 months ago)
My boarding school tuition is cheaper than half of the handbags!😮😮😮😮😮
George Gougoulis (4 months ago)
John Galliano never designed for Louis Vuitton... he was at Dior! That was a very big error to make, given that you claim to know Luxury, and Galliano's entrée and exit from Dior were world famous!

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