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Cold Cave - Life Magazine (Delorean Remix)

189 ratings | 27898 views
Delorean + Endless Summer II Delorean's remix of Cold Cave's Life Magazine set to scenes of Endless Summer II surf epic.
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Text Comments (7)
gorgeous !!
cognial42 (5 years ago)
This song is euphoria
Ramonoses (6 years ago)
Como se pasan los Delorean cada vez que hacen un remix, sí joder!
killingtime15 (7 years ago)
makes me want to surf so bad
onthewaterr (7 years ago)
how does this have 6000 views? When keyboard cat has 12 million?
Kyle Bigman (8 years ago)
delorean has some amazing remixes
David Casacuberta (8 years ago)
awsome images! good work!

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