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Interior Decorating Ideas for Cottage Style Decor

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Today's cottage style decor features soft furnishings, garden-inspired florals and vintage character. It can also be personified in more specific styles, such as beach, rustic or feminine. It's a look that seems to have been collected over time that comes from shopping the flea market as well as favorite retail stores. But comfort is the one word that describes all types of cottage style decorating. Simply layer your rooms with found furniture and incorporate vintage touches and motifs from nature. This shabby chic decor is one that allows you to pull together rooms filled with cottage style character and comfort. Subscribe to the BHG Channel -- http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=bhg Official Website: http://www.bhg.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybhg Twitter: http://twitter.com/bhg Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/bhg/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/betterhomesandgardens#
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Alexia Bee (1 year ago)
لعنت برگوگل وهمه پرسنل گوگل خیلی خر هستین چندروزوقت منوگرفتین
Anne France (5 years ago)
Have you ever notice there's never anyone in those rooms? Humans would wreck the look!
Seaside Mom (5 years ago)
Those small glass knobs in the bathroom are a pain in the butt. When your hands are wet - totally impractical, but has the look I guess.

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