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Official music video for JOANovARC's Girls Wanna Rock. Mixed by Romesh Dodangoda. Available to download from https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/girls-wanna-rock-single/1436368664 Produced by JOANovARC and Andy Hodgson. Music video filmed by Gary-Anthony Rogers and Andre Govia, directed by John Altman.
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Text Comments (5)
Jon Morter (28 days ago)
Brilliant tune! as are all the Joanovarc songs!
Sean O'Gorman (1 month ago)
very cool. nice one.
Ben Jordan Music (1 month ago)
Mega Video !!
asım akarcalıoğlu (1 month ago)
Beautiful* * * * *
Overland Metalhead (1 month ago)
Fantastic video Joanovarc!

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