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Funniest Graduation Speech of All Time

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Ryan Burtons, Senior Class President of La Plata High School gives a humorous and insightful graduation speech for the Class of 2015. Subscribe to LoveLiveServe: http://bit.ly/Sub2LoveLiveServe GET LLS MERCH BELOW! http://bit.ly/LLSMerch BOOK US ON CAMEO: ⇨https://www.cameo.com/rhino17 ⇨https://www.cameo.com/noahboat_ FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Noah Boat: ⇨IG- https://www.instagram.com/noahboat_ ⇨Twitter- https://twitter.com/noahboat_ Rhino: ⇨IG- https://www.instagram.com/rhino_ ⇨Twitter- https://twitter.com/ryaburton LLS Snapchat ⇨http://bit.ly/LLSsnapchat SEND US STUFF! LoveLiveServe P.O Box 426 La Plata, MD 20646 For business contact, email us at [email protected] About LoveLiveServe: Wuz Goodie! Welcome to LoveLiveServe! We go by Noah Boat & Rhino and we have a passion for making relatable and entertaining video content. We produce a variety of material on this channel that is suitable for a wide range of audiences. We look forward to creating a lot more videos for you guys! Funniest Graduation Speech of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abKIKVFYY08 LoveLiveServe https://www.youtube.com/loveliveserve
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Text Comments (7293)
I am Cloyd (4 hours ago)
Its not really funny
Dyl Pickle (4 hours ago)
Meh...it was...ummm...ok
Elijah Vile (6 hours ago)
Imfg chill with your lips
StreamElements 360 (17 hours ago)
Why the licking lips all you can hear is my sister eating and pb&j sandwich
Qinghan Yao (17 hours ago)
If Bart simpsoson ever turns to a real person, he would look eactly like this guy
Amabella Marwein (20 hours ago)
Be phenomenal or be forgotten nice speech Brian.
tina phan (1 day ago)
i thought this was a parody video
Grace Varghese (1 day ago)
Where’s Noah boat?
mary ann jayme (2 days ago)
2019? Who is watching?
Karma J -/- (2 days ago)
We watched this in my drama class
Kris Sacro (3 days ago)
This guy licking his lips so much
Minecraft Cobblestone (3 days ago)
Are we just ganna ignore that rhino was a CLASS PRESIDENT. He doesnt fit that role he fits the class clown role
BoNeLessPizZa 673 (4 days ago)
Why does he sound like Tyler the creator
AJ Brown (4 days ago)
Not as funny as Drexel University
hitdr0p (5 days ago)
cynthia dingle (5 days ago)
He smacked his lips together so much it could be a asmr
ViperaeFN TTV (5 days ago)
Legends Say that he is still trying to get that popcorn kernel out of his teeth
Amir MD (5 days ago)
how did you forgot to say what's goodie it's yo boy rhino?
good gamer (5 days ago)
Im watching this 2019
LIL DOGGO (6 days ago)
He just graduated college lmao
Hypebeast_Colt (6 days ago)
Wait this is real?
AjTheBest (5 days ago)
Hypebeast_Colt Yeah. The fuck made you think this was fake
Cyrah’s Life (7 days ago)
Why is this me 😂
April Hill (7 days ago)
im, dying lolololoolololol hahahaahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaah im deaaaaaaaaaaaaad ahahhahhhahahahahahahaahlololoololololohahahahahahahahahahahhahaahhahaahhahahahhahahaahahhahahim sleeeeeeepahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaaah
Earnedog47 (7 days ago)
So you wanna deliver pizza while saving the day??
Game Coder (7 days ago)
Great speech bro! (Had it in mute the whole time)
Qaaim I (7 days ago)
Well said👏
Awopetu Joseph (7 days ago)
Street poet and philosopher...Drake.
lil drip (8 days ago)
Wait is this actually real
Average Mom (8 days ago)
Dry mouth and braces suuuucckkk
xiTz_DaN (8 days ago)
He looks like the THEF2 guy
Bri jam (9 days ago)
My last name is Burton too🔥✌
Donovan Coty (10 days ago)
:)))))))))))))))))))((((((((((((((((((((: hamburger
Lil Avi (10 days ago)
Congrats rhino
Rc77 vhk (10 days ago)
This made him ready for the inappropriate music in library videos.
xCamiBerry (11 days ago)
This is a really good funny speech!
TheGummyDragon_ (11 days ago)
Rewatching this since they graduated college today 🎓
X'Zoner (11 days ago)
Angel Villa (11 days ago)
Owen Whitfield (12 days ago)
Is this real
Owen Whitfield (11 days ago)
That was kinda cringy but Ryan is cool
Seth Frd (11 days ago)
I think so
Unknown 43251 (12 days ago)
Who else from Maryland?🤨
Charls Hibaya (13 days ago)
Damn rhino! 🤣
EthanTheName (13 days ago)
Wtf is that rhino? Wth
Jacob Phillips (13 days ago)
I thought he was going to say where my boi Noah Boat aaaaiiittttttt
Memeslist :D (13 days ago)
Rhino is doing more lip smacking than usual
Braceface Bandit (13 days ago)
Wait that's rhino😳💀
lol Ez (13 days ago)
Rahul Rathod (13 days ago)
I was a valedictorian and gave a speech just like this in 2017. Miss the old days mahn. The joy was just making everyone laugh, knowing we weren't going to see each other again in a long time.
Kai Delos Santos (14 days ago)
ryan really killed this shit on me
Ya Boi Alex (14 days ago)
4:39-4:54 I'm weak 😂
Jermernie Simpsione (14 days ago)
Hooooly shit I saw this video 3 years ago and I never realized it was the same channel as loveliveserve
Bob Bob (14 days ago)
There was hella girls at that school how lucky can u get
Max Lianides (14 days ago)
*The Figuring Out That I Was The Problem*
Name (14 days ago)
Who watchin in 2019 by the way that speech is so beautiful i actually took some inspiration on it
AZOTiK (14 days ago)
Who is watching in the year 6969?
Hersheys Chocolate (15 days ago)
His mouth sounds remind me of heath ledger jokers mouth sounds
Jasper Laakkonen (15 days ago)
Thanks Youtube<3 For always being so fucking late :)
Catrachitaww Diaz (15 days ago)
Im going to 7th grade 5 more yrs till i graduate
Infinite Snowflake (15 days ago)
The fact that YouTube is giving me this now rather than back then I could've be an OG supporter *sigh*
VENØM (15 days ago)
This is how many times Ryan licked his lips 👇🏾
Jacqueline Shepherd (1 day ago)
lick 30
Andy Garcia (1 day ago)
He’s practicing to become the new health ledger joker
Young Colgate (3 days ago)
Lanell Harris (4 days ago)
That’s tough
No One (16 days ago)
If he don’t stop that smacking I thought people only did that when they eat or chewed gum but other than that good speech broskie
Sizzle PvPz_ (16 days ago)
man's got something stuck in his teeth lol
The Law (16 days ago)
This is fake
Xavier James Chelton (16 days ago)
Who likes now
Rocket Nunez (16 days ago)
The dislikes were from his 4 girlfriends
Dam the asmr
FaZe white (16 days ago)
I'm class of 2025
Itz kobbo (16 days ago)
Class of 2020 we gotta turn up like this if you 2020🤣
Jose Garcia (16 days ago)
Why is this in my recommended just now after it has been there for 3 years
just_m3._ (16 days ago)
How many times you liked your lips?
Armando Alba (16 days ago)
This shits hella funny
Malachi Parker (17 days ago)
Congratulations on graduation🎊🎉🎓🎒
Mario Akkari (17 days ago)
Stop licking your lips please
Kevin Raichura (17 days ago)
wtf is so funny!
Francesca M (17 days ago)
Love it♡
Dilly Willy (17 days ago)
Is this real?
MrDonkeySaurus PS4 (17 days ago)
Isn’t that guy a popular youtuber now
Pewd Sub (17 days ago)
2040 anyone????
Bennett Zurvalec (17 days ago)
Bennett Zurvalec (17 days ago)
Oh my god that’s where I’m going to high school
Jesus Rodriguez (17 days ago)
Ohhhhhh nvm this is 2015
Jesus Rodriguez (17 days ago)
He’s in high school?
Massing August (17 days ago)
Massing August (17 days ago)
Their laughs are so fxcking synchronised.
Lucas Paskalin (17 days ago)
Who put a marshmallow on his head
Markufu (17 days ago)
All hail our next leader
Harry TM (17 days ago)
I had never thought that I would get that many likes. Thanks!
Dark (18 days ago)
‘starting from the bottom now we here’😹
I'm a YouTube watcher (18 days ago)
Why does he keep using his tongue to push out his cheek😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Trippy (17 days ago)
I'm a YouTube watcher could be a nervous tic idk
American Aquatics (18 days ago)
Only 3 state titles??
Torique Bond (18 days ago)
Was their some salt in his mouth or does he have a smacking problem
L1ghtz (18 days ago)
This kid is a clown
The Young Prodigy (18 days ago)
Bruh youtube should've recommended this before my speech this could've helped me write a better speech
Alicia Taveras (18 days ago)
He’s graduating college by now
Aashish Lal (18 days ago)
2019 anyone ?
Istromus (18 days ago)
My senior friends graduated today and I got to see this Xd. Seniors you’re awesome!
Naty J.Queen (18 days ago)
I could hear the struggle of his toung Trinna free the hott Cheeto bits in his teeth😂😂 idk that was a lil destracting The speech was good and entertaining tho
Ice Pens (18 days ago)
Funny how this comes in my recommended the day my brother graduates
jackson reich (18 days ago)
am i the only one who hears the licking of his lips the whole time, good speech but if you just played only his lips licking I think it might qualify as some kind of asmr
En4ce Flame (18 days ago)
“When he said tables turn, bridges burn, you live in learn” He should’ve added most importantly subscribe to loveliveserve
xSnakesss (18 days ago)
Legend says, Ryan is still licking his lips...

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