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Shooting Underwater for the First Time, Behind The Scenes

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The Photo Fiend https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_T7v2IyPsusHqUMpYqGH9w https://www.instagram.com/thephotofiend https://sellfy.com/gwc Model Charlotte Mckee https://www.instagram.com/charlottesmckee https://youtu.be/y38j0nfWWiQ My Info Instagram https://www.instagram.com/irenerudnykphoto/ FB https://www.facebook.com/Irene-Rudnyk-Photography-237250669669199/ 500x http://500px.com/irenerudnyk vk http://vk.com/irenerudnyk Personal Insta : @irenerudnyk email [email protected] Vlog Channel Irene Vlogs : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe3EHowrKcqpuf-ImVsTDVA All images shot with Canon 6d +sigma 35mm 1.4 BTS footage shot with Yi 4k action camera Video edited in Premiere Pro cc Music : Amarante - Change Your World Instrumental https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic/change-your-world https://soundcloud.com/amarantemusic https://www.youtube.com/user/AmaranteMusic
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Irene Rudnyk (1 year ago)
Hey Guys! Make sure you click the bell that is right by the subscribe button to be notified when i post new videos! Youtube has changed their algorithm and now being subscribed wont notify you every time, they choose only "viral " videos to be recommended and noticed. So If you don't want to miss any of my videos, make sure you click that notification bell !
Nick Pizarras Jr (1 month ago)
hi pwede tayo ng fuck gusto ko pumasok sa pepe mo at titi ko
JunJun Camacho (2 months ago)
Good 👍
Kdey Id (2 months ago)
Charles Moon (1 day ago)
The power of makeup wow...
Thats The Tea Sis (2 days ago)
Irene, you are so pretty. I love your videos!
Sagan Android (5 days ago)
Free the nipple!
Dmitry Brodsky (10 days ago)
Irene great effort!!!!! You should take a look at my friend Alex Sher underwater photography. That's pretty much what he does, and he is a pro: pool, ocean, etc.... his photos have been exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, etc, ..... https://www.alexsherphoto.com/index He of course uses professional housing for his cameras :)
chandy hin (12 days ago)
Those are amazing pictures 😍
In the life of Faith (12 days ago)
The photos of you were AMAZING!
fturla (12 days ago)
I think the pool water quality affects the shot, forcing the photographer to take a closer perspective on the subject. The lighting isn't ideal, but you did the best you could do selecting angles as close to the surface as possible. I'm guessing the deeper water shots were too distorted to make quality pictures.
Pablo Portillo (13 days ago)
Very beautifull baby😍😚😚
art ngakak (23 days ago)
A like 👍
MUCKI PROVOKATOR (25 days ago)
Diana Star (30 days ago)
The model is Charlotte mackee
Alexander Frans (1 month ago)
mf or af?
JAPALATINA (1 month ago)
you looks amazing underwater :D best photo videos ever
Sports Live (1 month ago)
You have a beautiful face.. but being have naked is not necessary don't be eye candy ! find a new job pls and marry a respected man
Irene Rudnyk (1 month ago)
mistry samir (1 month ago)
DANNY BLVCK (1 month ago)
the photo fiend!! when i first started i wanted to call myself that then i came across the photo fiend. he is dope!!
George Schweier (1 month ago)
HAMID ADIM (1 month ago)
its very beatidul
James Golden (1 month ago)
Very cool!
hassnaa donna (1 month ago)
good clip
Akang Newmai (1 month ago)
Oh babe u will be so fucking good
Akang Newmai (1 month ago)
I just love u
Agatha Bhagia (1 month ago)
AK FILMS (1 month ago)
Fantastic 😍
Kiana. Ok (1 month ago)
I would not be able to hold my breathe that long at all
印尼走走 (1 month ago)
Very nice and beautiful
Ali Shoaib (1 month ago)
I want modeling
Ali Shoaib (1 month ago)
03012830998 I want portfolio plzzz send ur watsup no
Ali Shoaib (1 month ago)
salman Mirza (2 months ago)
Reply now me
salman Mirza (2 months ago)
I am also fan you
Daniel Fiel (2 months ago)
Linda linda 😍 verdadeira sereia 😉😘😘
PhotoTrekr (2 months ago)
That must have been a lot of fun.
Grand Maître Gilberto (2 months ago)
I don't understand why she do not wear a noseclip
official videos (2 months ago)
So sexy and
Roel Bucio (2 months ago)
Guy Butterworth (2 months ago)
the last image of you is very cute . very nice :)
MAHESH MM (2 months ago)
Sangita Devi (2 months ago)
Nice photo shoot
Patrick McHale (2 months ago)
Cool water video.
charlie Bee (2 months ago)
Bruce G. (2 months ago)
This girl has amazingly well manicured eyebrows. Both are pretty hot, too.
Walter Rowland (2 months ago)
How do you keep the lighting stable while moving around. Guess you just have to be a good photographer. Love the vid and the explanation of how much trouble it is.
А де океан? Нудно
FA TH ER (2 months ago)
How can I join with you?
Jeffery McCarthy (2 months ago)
under water angels.
thisisbob1001 (2 months ago)
This is crap
David Moreton (2 months ago)
I can't stop holding my breath.!
Charly Gamboa (2 months ago)
No podía faltar una Coronita jajaja
Daniel Harris (2 months ago)
How can people open their eyes underwater like that?
Melissa Joy (2 months ago)
You were an AMAZING underwater model!
gazoontight (3 months ago)
Nice video.
mayy.summer (3 months ago)
Gregory Worsham (3 months ago)
What were your settings (Iso, FStop)
PieroviN (3 months ago)
hi, your work were amazing, where can i see the photos? I traying to lear about it beacause i want to start to take photos underwater to my costomers
Antonio Benitez (3 months ago)
Irene is this your first time doing topless photography?
Stunnaful Photography (3 months ago)
That was some artistic work! Love!
You need a mermaid tail you'll look perfect Irene 🧜🏻‍♀️😘💘🌊💝
David Schonhardt (3 months ago)
I think you're cuter than the model. When is your topless shoot coming up?
Redle Markhed (3 months ago)
Remove your clothes
Lexie Lee (4 months ago)
When trying go sink jump up so ypu have power to go down in the water then take a deep breathe and right before going under, then release while going down into the water and you should stay at the bottom.
Fräulein chaozz (4 months ago)
You're a great model omfg 😍😱 I wanna see some more of your pictures pleaaaase!! ♡ Thx for the Video 👌🏻
Giang Smile Productions (4 months ago)
🚸🕉✝🕉fhoulou shei dil meei ji aap shei duooneyi ji aap shabh ji ham
Sutibra Dey (4 months ago)
can u just tell me the name of the container u used to keep the camera safe from the water??
John Rasmussen (4 months ago)
as an underwater photographer ... I'd suggest heading to a dive shop and asking if one of the divers would lend you their housing for the day .. and a lead belt/snorkel :) We are a friendly lot who normally shoot more sharks and finny critters than you are used too :)
Radhika Ganguly (4 months ago)
Will you ever try to come in front of the camera and not behind...... cause you are pretty ♡
Gokul Das (4 months ago)
Good work baby
Fhaizal Alfarizi (4 months ago)
Так крутооооо!!!!!
NobleDesignMedia (5 months ago)
Really nice drone shot at end. It's rare to see a photographer pretty enough to be a skilled model as well.
Jia Mu (5 months ago)
Hehe, I want to only say Hands Up.
madeleyinc (5 months ago)
The other Models are way more photogenic than you but you take fairly good photos of them.
Willy Monstro (5 months ago)
Hla. Puede enviarme el link dónde puedo comprar ese accesorios para tomar fotos bajo el agua. Besos y Gracias
Muhamad Dakota (5 months ago)
honestly dis is a great idea!
VINTONGFX (5 months ago)
just borrow some scuba diver’s weight belt, make sure the pool is clean, communicate with the model to what poses are needed and make sure they know how to control their bouyancy
Craig Houdeshell (6 months ago)
A couple of ideas for you. Sink a white tarp from the pool coping to the bottom of the pool. This helps with color cast and gives a very nice background. Two. have the model(s) shake their head and hair when they submerge. That gets rid of the bubbles around the face and in the hair.
Megan Head (6 months ago)
I like it Irene 😍
Timothy Tendick (6 months ago)
Looks like an enjoyable and peaceful way to spend some time outdoors. I haven't read through the comments to see if any suggestions were posted about the buoyancy and drifting issue but I would need to correct it. You definitely will need something to add weight like a couple of bricks, enough to hold you steadily to the bottom but able to swim them to the surface. I haven't tried this part but I will when the time comes. It's using a dog walking leash that has the retracting, variable length cord that pulls out easily under tension and retracts when the tension lessens below the pulling force of coil inside the handle. The handle also has a cord locking button which holds the length steady. Tether yourself and the bricks and try it out, adjusting tether methods until your happy with it.
desert knight s (6 months ago)
Pool is dirty
구구영균 (6 months ago)
먹음직스러운 계집.첫눈에 반함!
Bri-Guy 875 (6 months ago)
Nice photo shoot. Plus you spent a good deal of time under water. Admit it, you are part Mermaid.
Ali Ria (7 months ago)
Nice shooting for
bogart281 (7 months ago)
use a diver's belt, it will help a lot and steady your camera shots
Jameson Sahariah (7 months ago)
first time shoot great outcome
mike meza (7 months ago)
I like female feet underwater!
V. Z. (7 months ago)
Hit the scuba diving shops for body weights ♥
Maries Verdida (7 months ago)
Irene your so pretty...inside abd out...please watch my video
Rasta Mann (8 months ago)
Great one, I used scuba pound weight belt and im totally stable doing shoot.the position just slant and keeps you floating. :)
Rithik Hansda (8 months ago)
I love your Photography Love❤️ from🇮🇳
Sean McGregory (8 months ago)
How did you stay at the bottom?
iamAX 830 (8 months ago)
I see Charlotte,I click
Yukio FromTown (8 months ago)
I would like to see more of you pictures
Krishn Raju (8 months ago)
super photo shoots give your number
Krishn Raju (8 months ago)
hi madam how i can meet you
Wooden Sword (8 months ago)
mayra lozano (8 months ago)
so cool dude
Chané Gaard (8 months ago)
I like photoshoot underwater 😍❤😘👌
Jeffrey C (9 months ago)
tips: Get a scuba weight belt. Use just enough weight to offset your buoyancy and sink a little. If you don't get the belt, breathe out under water you​ only need a little air in your lungs. The extra air will make you float like the camera in the bag of air

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