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Bleach: I make them Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Star Ship

358 ratings | 57842 views
This is my first Bleach Amv Ever and first real official video i think in months beside slid shows! All i have to say is wellcome back me and i hope you like the video and i hope you injoy it!
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Text Comments (25)
Esraa Halawi (1 year ago)
What is anime name 1:01
mohammed kharbache (2 years ago)
mohammed kharbache (2 years ago)
J'aime beaucoup cette musique elle est cool.
Powerful SpaceHigh (2 years ago)
Powerful SpaceHigh (2 years ago)
+Accelerator_does_Life Heicho If you think it's awesome you must be easy to impress
NEKO Ichigo Sutcliff (2 years ago)
Its awsome not horrible
Melissa Pfieifer (3 years ago)
So many hot guys I love it thank u. XD <3
lcolm McCarthy (5 years ago)
0:47 did grimmjow say i cut it off
Peyton Lowhorn (7 months ago)
lcolm McCarthy he did
KawaiiRedPanda (5 years ago)
thanks im cute
animafanforever (5 years ago)
because you r not bad you r cute :)
KawaiiRedPanda (5 years ago)
how came im not in this?
Cassidy Hull (5 years ago)
yay u should work on that 4 sure
Atlary (6 years ago)
0:26 LOL,is Luppi talking to Yammi??!? <X'D
Ms AnimeFan (7 years ago)
@soifonrocks TOTALLY!!!! :3
Kyona Solaris (7 years ago)
gotbleachable actually, yammy does have fangirls, fangirls that wanna see him dead
Jennifer Zambrano (7 years ago)
@wendyfairytail this vid was just so awsome!!! ^w^" o and yea grimmjow and ulquiorra would seioursly make good girls go bad lol ^w^ XD!!
Purge Praetorian (7 years ago)
WTF is a gay ass espada doing in a song about women...I mean honestly...other than that it's a good jam
Amazerfullz (7 years ago)
@DIBOGOKU92 116 or 117 i think
sean gagliano (7 years ago)
what episode was at 0:12
wendyfairytail (7 years ago)
awsome !!!! Ulquiorra and Grimjow definetly make Good Girls Go Bad!!!! XD
Iyzel (7 years ago)
wtf is this lol
Dominique Epps (8 years ago)
this is 1 uv my top 5 favorite bleach amv's
Kathleen Ferrin (8 years ago)
hey you are not alone i am not a very good speller either. but great amv i loved it! keep it up!
Dizzylightning (8 years ago)

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