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Top 15 Most Amazing Technologies Inspired by Nature

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There's a test lab that's been running intensive R&D that you can turn to for ingenious solutions. Prepare to be amazed by these top 15 examples of biomimicry - tech inspired by nature. Subscribe for more! ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedSubscribe ◄ Stay updated ► http://bit.ly/BeAmazedFacebook https://twitter.com/BeAmazedVideos https://instagram.com/BeAmazedVideos◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: https://pastebin.com/zYNF1iMi Be Amazed by… Gecko Skin - When you think of geckos, you probably picture a talking lizard pitching you car insurance . Moth Eyes and Solar Panels - When scientists at North Carolina University wanted to make thin solar panels more efficient, they had an eye on moth eyes. Velcro - If you spend much time hiking outside, you've probably come home covered in burdock burrs at some point. Canes Inspired by Bats - Bats are able to navigate by echolocation, emitting ultrasonic waves. Spider Webs - Spider webs in your home might inspire you to invent a new way of running from the room screaming, but they also inspired some scientists to make a super-strong adhesive. Lobsters and LEXID - Lobsters see by focusing on a small point. Birds and Bullet Trains - If you've ridden a bullet train, you may have noticed the loud noise it makes emerging from a tunnel—but not if you rode one of the new ones inspired by birds. Sugary Vaccines - A tardigrade may sound like something in an episode of Dr. Who, but it's actually a tiny, tough, eight-legged creature that lives in water. Termites - We tend to think of termites as tiny bugs that destroy houses, but on the contrary, they've actually inspired a process of building houses to be more energy efficient. Stenocara Beetle and Water Collection - You've probably never heard of the Stenocara Beetle, but its system of collecting water from fog could help us all have more drinking water in the future. Mussels and Bacteria Make Underwater Glue - If you need glue that can work underwater, or when wet, you might want to flex your mussels—no, not those muscles, but the kind served in seafood restaurants. Galapagos Shark and Protective Coating for Hospitals - When you think about sharks and hospitals, you probably think of someone going to the hospital after being bitten by a shark. Coral and CO2 - If you worry about your carbon footprint, you'll be happy to know some organisms in nature want to help us keep CO2 out of the air. Lotus and Self Cleaning Paint - You may have thought to yourself, “I wish I lived in a self-cleaning house.” Thanks to the lotus flower, you may get a chance one day. Whale Flippers - Whales are large, unwieldy creatures, but they manage to move around in water with surprising agility despite their size. A company called Whale Power discovered this was due to their flippers, which are studded with bumps called “tubercules” along their leading edge.
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Text Comments (299)
Herbman45 (27 days ago)
History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men....
Mason P (27 days ago)
I know this isn't related with the vid by how come China is good with technology,Japanese companies are good at making games I just wonder how
casey redden (1 month ago)
yes ples
Professor Neila (1 month ago)
Dakota Quillen (1 month ago)
Look at the shape of fish and look at bullets shape and jet shape example a marlins shape and then just flip it a round and then you see a highly aerodynamic shape
Martha Mulholland (1 month ago)
good vid
Knik B (1 month ago)
Golf ball and aerodynamics.
Lt. Garand (1 month ago)
Echo location are also used in submarine
A-Venue (1 month ago)
Now I know how vectro was invented
Marty Speilburg (2 months ago)
Mussels + e. coli = flex seal
Tian Jacques (2 months ago)
My brother and I have Birdox wars🤣
mena seven (3 months ago)
Nature is the oldest and smartest scientist on earth. I like the Gecko sticky feet, I like the moth no light reflection eyes, I like the termite building air conditioner, I like the Lotus self cleaning petals and I like the whale fast flippers.
Griffin Simpson (4 months ago)
Takumi Rocks (5 months ago)
I go to japan every year, so I see and ride lots of bullet trains.
Sean Dudley (5 months ago)
Could have gone with #2 result for "generic scientist researching video" on google...
Ghazi Fillah (6 months ago)
yay know i can escpae school using those things
Dcrasiest Lunatic (6 months ago)
Nature is the bomb.
Farookh Matawi (6 months ago)
i got safely to here for a vacation.. *THANKS WHALES!!!!*
Kylian Sanchez (8 months ago)
Encourage essentially clue bad breath live easily integrate tale cook.
iTzaiden543 (8 months ago)
I was amazed
Bionic Budgie (9 months ago)
Thanks for wa
JoeDoe_ Outdoors (9 months ago)
Hey sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!
Keinlieb (9 months ago)
I'm surprised you didn't use the classic of using the shape of the bird wing to figure out how to make airplanes.
ANWAAR (9 months ago)
KK. Bawao sannyase dasi elaje
AldoJuggernaut (9 months ago)
this is bob :( he dont know how to swim like to keep him floating
Aldo Mastrapa (9 months ago)
do you no dea way
Aldo Mastrapa (9 months ago)
im a wierd kid i have an e in science like if you have one to
1998guys :D (10 months ago)
11:59 yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Joey McFredwilliam (10 months ago)
Do a mosquito and injection needle one!
Christina Henry (10 months ago)
Very interesting. I would love to see more.
PokeMaster22222 (11 months ago)
4:31 It's not the underwear a lot of people want to see...
Mormorda 666 (11 months ago)
Pretty amazing how science works
Goutham Dinesh (11 months ago)
I like to adapt the technology of sloth by sleeping 20 hrs a day.
Dj_Woomy 2005 (11 months ago)
I love this make another video Please!
Gabriel Reyes (11 months ago)
I laughed so hard with the spider joke!
Jessica H (1 year ago)
PLEASE MY GOSH DONT USE SUCH FREAKY MUSIC OMG! BTW, u gave me info on my ISP project for school well said PUDDYPIE, and cool vid too.
Shane Rohrbach (1 year ago)
They also use owl wings as models to reduce wind turbine generators blade noise. I have heard the difference as I drove up to the two types to work on them.
meme-sama! (1 year ago)
how about the helicopter ? design by dragon fly
meme-sama! (1 year ago)
animal is more experience on us
F1ood (1 year ago)
I am here because I have an F in science. And, because I am learning biomimicry.
Rito Feather Gaming (1 year ago)
God created everything so amazingly and perfectly.
Debbie Meyer (1 year ago)
What about Varcrow?
bernardo campos (1 year ago)
penises inspired dildos
warriorpatriotcl (1 year ago)
carbon dioxide the new boogy man?! don't we all exhale carbon dioxide? don't plants love it? then turn it into oxygen?
Kosala Garusinghe (1 year ago)
Thanks for the info. and Cement Bags are from Sri Lanka and our brand of choice. he. he.
Pertamax7 (1 year ago)
nice sir..
Jonathan Williams (1 year ago)
Ultracane is just a scaled down version The original invention inspired by the bat/whale was sonar
Grubiantoll (1 year ago)
One of the most solid reasons for conserving nature, It basically is library of technology and innovations, practical appliances and everything connected to engineering and science.
Abstract Russian (1 year ago)
Artificial neural networks! Its idea is 100% sure was got from nature. And you face with them everyday. Your youtube recommendations, annoying ads targeting, image searching, image filters, face recognition, etc works with ANN.
Abstract Russian (1 year ago)
Echolocation of bats was discovered after echolocation was used in technology.
Abstract Russian (1 year ago)
When I think of gecko I'm thinking about fallout 2.
Vasili Korotkov (1 year ago)
I knew number 4 would be in here
Julian S. (1 year ago)
I will very much like another video on this topic please. ;-)
Chaotic Phoenix (1 year ago)
for number 3... could that be any green plant as well??? and anything we do to limit their growth even in good intention of lowering global warming numbers could hurt plants?...
Shirley B. (1 year ago)
Yes please...more videos like this! :)
BenTheeban (1 year ago)
Self cleaning house 🏡
bridger clymore (1 year ago)
the thumbnail is photoshopped
MAQSUD HOOSEN (1 year ago)
i like it more plz
István Borsányi (1 year ago)
If we need engineers to copy these things, why does not need an engineer for the original ones? Why do we think, the original is just a pile of random things?
Yes do a part two
Rok Hamler (1 year ago)
help me Obi Van der Wals you're my only hope
lebareslep (1 year ago)
Cool video, but you don't need those 'jokes' after every fact, they're so bad that they are annoying.
AlphaSpider12 (1 year ago)
Coffee by goats eating the berries and being more active some hundreds of years ago
Ruben Elfrink (1 year ago)
stupid fucking clickbait hahaha
js0 (1 year ago)
Been subscribed for a while now and this was by far one of my favorites of yours! Definitely like the idea of a follow-up to it! That being said, I almost always enjoy your videos anyway so thanks for all of your work!
JC T (1 year ago)
There's one or two more i think... Scalar energy stickers and power savers (the one which just needs to be plug in on any outlet). Both marketed as energy savers that would cut bills in half, pun intended.
Now Imagine how much animals and plants we have allready killed for example the deepsee or rainforrest sad we can never learn from this ...
Tele BrosTV (1 year ago)
Hi everyone ! PLEASE sub me cause my birthday is tomorrow and I want just to get 70 subs PLEASE GYUS 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Filip Nicola (1 year ago)
From what I remember, helicopters were inspired by dragonflies!
Phycollis (1 year ago)
canes was inspired by a bat I thought it was inspired by a dog.
Thomas Brisco (1 year ago)
it is very good of radioactive gecko I can borrow
Martin Rusev (1 year ago)
Good video. Surprised you didn't mention biomimicry as a term. Also I believe the namibian beatle doesn't simply collect water on the bumps but it buries itself in the sand during the day so when it comes out at night,the temperature difference between his shell and the air is what causes the water drops to condense and form on it's back.
Kevin Lane (1 year ago)
Thanks for informing us about the wind turbine blades molded after whale flippers.:-)
Mosha 6 (1 year ago)
yes please do another one, it was really amazing your video and how nature proves to us that it has lots of efficient ways to show us!!!
Camilo Fontánez (1 year ago)
Yeeeess! Please, another video of this
Tadej Skobe (1 year ago)
every time i hear protein i scream me me big boy damn it
alvyno (1 year ago)
i subscribe
Grayson Jones (1 year ago)
I vote do another
TheWibob1234 (1 year ago)
number 6 is illegal in California. you can't collect rain water or water from the air in large bins.
앋이나 (1 year ago)
do another one
Divergent Evolution (1 year ago)
.....all technologies are inspired by nature. The ones that work are anyway.
cringe videos (9 months ago)
Ganef Saber (1 year ago)
Now I wait for the part 2 and 3
Ananyo Chattopadhyay (1 year ago)
i really like ur videos, keep uploading
Ahmad Alanazi (1 year ago)
Cars were inspired by nature. (Heart = Engine) (Wires = Vains) (Lights= eyes) (Exhaust & Air filters = Exhale and inhale) ..etc
1spicytomato (1 year ago)
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camo the beast (1 year ago)
bumps are mentioned alot in this vid
Doggy the Husky (1 year ago)
You saying human beings makes me think that there are non human things watching
my dad made at that termite building
Hamudi (1 year ago)
grace 'van der waals'
tupera1 (1 year ago)
Things like this should surprise people...since God is an infinitely better creator than man!
Alejandro Felix (1 year ago)
Whale that was amazing
mdh6977 (1 year ago)
not a fucking lizard!!! no cred left, you suck!!!
eXtremeAzure (1 year ago)
I find it interesting that people have no problem giving scientists credit for being intelligent enough to observe these features of nature and turning them into beneficial inventions, but if someone believes that there's a superior being who has the intelligence to design everything around us - that person is crazy. Whenever I watch videos like this, it makes me appreciate my beliefs even more. These creations are just so efficient and well made, that's why we've copied them. If you see a random house on a deserted island, you wouldn't believe that it just happened to build itself there. Likewise, I find it hard to believe that we have this super efficient, well designed planet and universe that just "poofed" into existence.
SWC (1 year ago)
did someone say doctor who? doo doo du do doo doo du do doooo ohhhhhh weeeeee ohhhhhhhhh...
The Loch Ness Monster (1 year ago)
a lizard selling car insurance??? wat
TheFilthyLiam (2 months ago)
Yeah that sounds ridiculous. It’s like if Nessie would be posting on YouTube!
X DragonxMaster X (1 year ago)
cray Creeper like a old neighbor State Farm don't care.
we used to trow those velco balls at eachother when we where younger ahh those where the days
Lee Trang (1 year ago)
I thought velcros were accidently invented
wakzyon (1 year ago)
Would love to see another

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