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Cold Beer (Cry Tunes) - Jesse Stewart

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Text Comments (3629)
Jesse Stewart (2 months ago)
shirts restocked at http://jessesdirty.com !
chucha chuy (1 day ago)
bro will you jam with me ill play any instrument for you
Ryan Sykes (5 days ago)
@jesse Stewart how can I get a signed shirt? your music keeps me going and I'm hooked. You deserve a big record deal so you can drink all the cold beer your heart desires brother!
Ryan Sykes (5 days ago)
Jesse brother this song gets played every night at work at the end of a shift and its brought together everyone even the people who would normally only listen to rap will even sing this when I play it.
Lawn Man (12 days ago)
You're freaking amazing man! This song is an anthem for all my boys around here. When are you coming to St. Louis?
I suck at Gaming (28 days ago)
Nope.. Make some tune man, for the merch will see later...
Justincook1998 (2 hours ago)
This is fucking legendary.
1979cutty (3 hours ago)
You fuckin rock dood!
Nicholas Kudin (11 hours ago)
Much better than that nationwide bitch
julian rodela (12 hours ago)
i like how luges spilling out his emotions so beautifully and all his friends are like "yeah, we got beer"
Victoria Snead (17 hours ago)
Finally youtube doesnt give me. cringy recommendation. This is great!
Statix FX (18 hours ago)
Cold beer!!!!!
Tale of the Misanthrop (18 hours ago)
that was a masterful performance, really absolutely touching personal and right out of life
Raimundo Alaniz (19 hours ago)
Kyle Imperial (21 hours ago)
Thank you 4Chan
Shane The Goat (22 hours ago)
Reminds me of my buddies and me.
Rickety Cricket (1 day ago)
Stop showing off your shithouse beer you fuckin queer
Brandon Norwood (1 day ago)
He'll yeah
Mikester954 (1 day ago)
This guy is so proud of his beer
Mark P (1 day ago)
Very cool
404 404 (1 day ago)
I hate that I barely found this but then again my old self didn't have good taste
Joshua Knight (1 day ago)
Now that’s some country shit
Woxineau Crows (1 day ago)
Awsome man and if I was there I would back ya up with my Monica(Har) =) Rok on man~
Jeff Sorkin (2 days ago)
Jeffrey E (2 days ago)
A beer session turned into folklore!
Aaron Ziebart (2 days ago)
respect bra.......respect
Look at that neck vain now thats passion
steve zavala (2 days ago)
This song is the shit
Zane Fairchild (2 days ago)
This is the guy to get if they ever do a movie on Stevie Ray Vaughan.
skelatack (2 days ago)
Dam bro
pisellone 0102 (2 days ago)
Mamma mia
Psychi (2 days ago)
The studio version is pretty nice but nothing will ever beat the rawness of this vid.
Scum of the earth (2 days ago)
this is amazing
Paul Bechamp (3 days ago)
Best song ever !!
Vlad Hogan (3 days ago)
That was... Amazing!
Richard Gladd (3 days ago)
Dude your amazing I've played this over and over for days since I found it
Camsterdam (3 days ago)
Love this song , like I love cold beer... Thank you Jesse
thebaddog410 (4 days ago)
Is this in Windsor ??
K (4 days ago)
That time when YouTube recommends gets it right
offshegoes (17 hours ago)
Flatland Sounds (1 day ago)
LMAO no kiddin.
Donald Mays (1 day ago)
Aware of any other songs that sound like this? (Is this a genre?)
Richard Gladd (4 days ago)
Where is this guy? He's amazing
x308er (4 days ago)
This song encouraged me to drink beer again .. cold beer ..
Beaumonty16 (4 days ago)
What sort of guitar is this? Such a great song need to hear more of his stuff!
losnos79 (4 days ago)
Beaumonty16 its not a guitar its a mandolin its got 8 strings just look up mandolin music
veraaxoo (4 days ago)
We need a cold beer round 2
Vela (5 days ago)
I couldn't tell he was singing about beer until guy flashed in front of camera. Thanks dude!
Someonespants (5 days ago)
"Thats my kid."
Nick Blanco (5 days ago)
Thank you
Zach Jones (5 days ago)
Sick song! 😎🤙🏻🌊
topopops (5 days ago)
That’s how every Mumford and sons songs is wrote
Ross Cairns (6 days ago)
Where’s this dude these days? Hope he’s still making some good music.
Wesley Mayes (6 days ago)
Broxty (6 days ago)
See some BC brews in the vid, you an island boy or Mainland?
What're Water (6 days ago)
Complete trash get a job dude
losnos79 (4 days ago)
What're Water nice b8
Joe Draper (6 days ago)
Killed it
Benjamin (7 days ago)
This fucking.. Song.
Nils R. (8 days ago)
Which Scrubs episode is this and what happened to JD?
Jack Pferdeschwanz (9 days ago)
New favorite Song. I´m gonna tattoo the lyrics over my whole back.
Megan Metalcore (9 days ago)
"That's my kid!" "Yeah"
raczazz1 (9 days ago)
God I love this song and nobody could sing it near as good as Jesse absolutely amazing I get goose bumps everytime.
Arsen Black Thrust77 (10 days ago)
Hector Mendoza (10 days ago)
Can't help but move my feet. You could make a sober person relapse easy lol
Luke Scott (11 days ago)
Cyphos Hej (12 days ago)
Love from sweden🍻🍺🍻🍺
Manicmanuel (12 days ago)
The one reconding this wasn`t aware of the fact that he was ruining a classic internet video with his nervous uncontrolled beerhaviour!
Skyler Lewis (12 days ago)
Ice_Machine (12 days ago)
Still a better love story than Twilight
ilarion astreos (13 days ago)
Amazing !!! Greetings from Cyprus
sidewinder 32 (13 days ago)
I dig it , reminds me of two things east TN local musicians, and a soldier I had in Alaska who was a former drifter who was big on this type of music. Ryan if your reading this from wherever you drifted to say hello you dirty hobo!
Alec Bradshaw (13 days ago)
Land of the brave, home of the free
Soul Reaver (13 days ago)
This guy is my spirit animal. 🍺🍺😁🍻
Hooligan Outlaw (14 days ago)
This dude is fucking nailing it!
fernando tario (14 days ago)
Is this on Apple Music
Jack Herer (14 days ago)
I fuckin love this tune!
David Frawley (14 days ago)
The fuck? That was actually amazing
Dee Pascali (14 days ago)
Fucking amazing, just amazing. I have my problems with alcohol and drugs and the relationship and connection you create with substance addiction is one of the strongest emotional rollercoaster you can ride. This song truly catches that in a brilliant way. Truly a masterpiece. Dude has some talent and some puts some hardcore amount of soul into the performance
Joe Samuelson (15 days ago)
i fuckin love this
meat moose (15 days ago)
Nate Moyer (15 days ago)
Literally thought his neck vein was going to pop the whole time 🤣
Sally Maree (16 days ago)
Good song
Give A Hoot (16 days ago)
Why do you not have a recording contract this is amazing
John Higgins (17 days ago)
Excellent!! Reminds me of Dead South
Johnathan Utahzio (17 days ago)
Now that god damn lawn.
Nelson Manor (18 days ago)
When the dealer from Pineapple Express runs out of bud to sell; this is what he does.
red rum 1027 (18 days ago)
pickin that mf like a boss
Devin Simard (18 days ago)
I fuckin g love folk punk
Khal Netherfields (19 days ago)
Damn fine song. Intense.
Santtu Ponnio (19 days ago)
Does anybody know what is this Instrument called? It seems to be some kind of eight string mini guitar. By the way this performance was amazing and i cant stop listening this. you are fucking talented man :D
Tannen Holt (17 days ago)
BadBubbles1205 (19 days ago)
Hell yeah dude
Clint Hill (20 days ago)
Jesse, you're on to something special here. My beer in my hand I drink to you!
Dayna Skully (20 days ago)
Get the beer out of the way idiot
Haylei (20 days ago)
I just wish I could catch someone like Jesse Stewart on America's Got Talent... but I suppose with a conglomerate like that, auditioning would be against "principles".. America needs to realize this, though. Great music m8!
Sasquatch (20 days ago)
fantastic song, amazing performance, incredible voice. Jerks doing the recording!
Samuel Love (21 days ago)
Fuckin technology man lol, just posted a comment and cant find it, think i accidentally put it as a reply to someone elses. Anyway, Jesse, we want you to come see us here in Australia, happy to do whatever to help you out just love your style brother✌✌, ill buy heaps of shirts and give them away to help you out. And to anyone who says you stole this song, go suck a dick 🖕
annie reed (21 days ago)
He is so my type
Jim Tom (21 days ago)
Where’s this feller at
Jon Popovic (21 days ago)
Love this!! This guy should be promoted for Superball beer commercials!! He would kill it.
Brennen (22 days ago)
Whoever’s flexing the beer is pissing me off
River GN (23 days ago)
Jessie did you write that song for me? It's my favorite!!
TXboywonderHC (23 days ago)
This song is so fuckin sick!! Has a very punk rock / country vibe.. so fuckin sick!! You killed it
Pura (24 days ago)
HOSWELL444 (24 days ago)
Jesse sings so passionately about beer ... guy at the end recklessly tip beer on the ground right in front of his eyes ... r.i.p
I'm glad to see you you are the best good luck to you I am from Russia always listening to you, your music gives life
Petrie Design (25 days ago)
Amazing performance! Also hear old punk style in it!
turn left (25 days ago)
fuck you and fuck this song for describing us perfectly and for bringing back so many memories i just want to forget you but i cant you are pure art
A2 KOTA GK23 (26 days ago)
Is there a proper version of this

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