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What is Agile?

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This short cartoon answers the question "What Is Agile?" and will give you the background to understand the Agile principles and values and how they can help you and your team work together more efficiently. If you'd like a free book on this topic, please see below... https://mailchi.mp/326ba47ba2e8/agile-list I've published a book called "Starting Agile" that is designed to help you start your team's Agile journey outright. You can buy a copy from Amazon, but I'm giving free copies away to my subscribers from YouTube. You can signup for a copy at the link above.
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Text Comments (440)
bipul kalita (2 days ago)
so Agile is a religion.
Mark Shead (2 days ago)
When I said beliefs I meant more along the lines that a team of bridge engineers all have a shared set of beliefs regarding the breaking points of various materials. This gives them the ability to reason together about the best way to solve problems because they have a shared set of core principles to start with. If you are trying to build software and half the team believes that talking face-to-face is inefficient and the other half thinks it is vital, you are going to run into problems deciding how to work together.
bipul kalita (2 days ago)
+Mark Shead like it says, it's collection of beliefs and it has rules so people can follow also it's good when the group of people working in the same field follow it.
Mark Shead (2 days ago)
Hm. Which part of the video led to that conclusion?
Very interesting video and interesting way of explaining the Agile approach.
Edoh Kaka SOMADO (8 days ago)
great video
Jim Lambrick (8 days ago)
Agile is the latest way to get employees to dance like monkeys and feel like they're constantly on a treadmill - especially when the scrum master is good at nagging,
Mark Shead (8 days ago)
That sounds like the opposite of an Agile team to me. It *does* sound like a team that is trying to do SCRUM while ignoring all the Agile values and principles.
K K (11 days ago)
Excellent, comprehensive explanation!
LJ Zhou (13 days ago)
thank you very much, very informative
Tony Y (18 days ago)
Precious! :D Excellent, refreshing and entertaining intro. to the subject. Thank you Mark.
IceRook (19 days ago)
Agile is a pretty commonly used work amongst idiot HR departments and what "they're looking for", and they really don't know what agile really is, just a "cert "
Mark Shead (19 days ago)
That definitely can be a problem. I've heard some of the original signers of the Agile manifesto commenting on how they hoped to keep there from being any certifications for it.
MeTube (21 days ago)
So what did the developer use in place of a database? What is the cost of the technical debt?
Mark Shead (21 days ago)
Instead of building out the entire data access layer, an Agile developer would build just the pieces they need for the specific function they are creating. So even if they know they are going to eventually need 100 tables, they would just build the 3 they need for this feature.
Daniel Torres (24 days ago)
rl69 rl69 (26 days ago)
Chris Knapp (29 days ago)
At 1:12 is anybody else extremely bothered that the gears to the far left move in a contradicting rotation?
Mark Shead (25 days ago)
Good point. We have fired our background imagery physics consultant and will try to do better in the future. :)
Raghu Bellary (30 days ago)
I watched all the Videos. These are great and provide the insight into why we are doing and co-relate with the principles & values. Thanks lot for producing these fantastic videos.
Go Agile (30 days ago)
Some insight into bottlenecks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Ypr4ySNlfg&rel=0
thaeei san (1 month ago)
Is it only use for IT?
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
The Agile Manifesto specifically talks about better ways to create software. However, the concept of agility can be applied to all kinds of different types of work.
Giorgi khutiashvili (1 month ago)
Your voice kills any of the motivation i had to hear about the agile. I jsit want to suicide
Mark Shead (25 days ago)
I'm sorry my voice makes you feel like that. I've tried to take some of the constructive criticism to improve other videos. I've got another video coming out next week that isn't a cartoon that I'd like to get your feedback on to see if I've been able to make things better or worse.
Evan Hill (1 month ago)
So this is what I got - "Make smarter decisions by making smarter decisions." and don't forget "Be flexible enough to change from a less smart decision to a more smart decision." P.S. "Don't micromanage, and use good judgement." My life will never be the same.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
:) I agree that most of the Agile principles are pretty much just common sense. That doesn't mean they are common practice though.
KiNgStonE Sayed RX (1 month ago)
Which software you use for video???
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
We use GoAnimate.
Covalent Bond (1 month ago)
you need to learn how to read better
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Thanks for taking the time to comment. What do you think I'm not reading correctly?
Marc DaSharc (1 month ago)
At MindSpring, every decision in the company was made based on their CVBs (Core Values & Beliefs - a set of principles & values). This was at least a decade before some millennial came along and decided to name this practice Agile. lol
Marc DaSharc (1 month ago)
Mark Shead you're funny.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
I thought the point of the Agile Manifesto was it was a bunch of people with years of experience trying to get a set of values and principles together that they all felt would significantly improve the way people develop software. I don't think anyone was claiming that the ideas had never been seen before. Instead they were based on decades of experience.
Muqaddas Iskandar (1 month ago)
Pak Andre bring me here!1!1!1!!!!
hashmat sediqi (1 month ago)
well done sir .
Jazy G. (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing! I wonder why there are so many differences in explaining agile? Some say it's a methodology other that it's a framework and now principles & values. I understand your point but I don't understand how is it possible that everyone is telling something else... We have an article on our blog about agile and it would be great to get your feedback (it's about agile methodology) https://zenkit.com/en/blog/agile-methodology-an-overview/
IceRook (1 month ago)
Is Agile ONLY relevant to software?!
IceRook (1 month ago)
Mark, thanks so much for getting back to me, I am currently studying for the PMP exam, as I need to expand my knowledge as a PM, but I am in NY, and want to apply this to product related items much smaller than skyscrapers (I wish). So for example, for someone who oversees portfolios of programs and projects, will this apply? So far the PMBOK seems to be OK, bit redundant, but I am just wondering if I am wasting my time with PMI? I really appreciate any feedback, it's so hard to get straight answers sometimes!
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
Great question! The Agile values and principles specifically talk about delivering software, but it isn't hard to adapt them to other types of work. The idea of delivering something to the customer on a regular basis works with a lot of knowledge type work. It is probably going to look a lot different if you are trying to apply the Agile principles to something like skyscraper construction.
MT Paracha (2 months ago)
Agile is very tricky. I feel it only works when everyone knows the process. I have used Agile and see it work great and sometimes it has failed. My company used Apgent.com for our Agile transformation, we are doing far more releases in a shorter amount of time.
Dimash - First Reaction (2 months ago)
Who is the founder/s of Agile?
rodinian777 (2 months ago)
Sounds depressing.
Simple and powerful.
StrangeSoul (2 months ago)
Very educational and and tbh entertaining as well.. One question..Can I use your video on my channel just for EDUCATIONAL purpose I will strictly not use it for monitization or whatever they call it..It wud be just for educational purpose and I wont edit your video in anyway and will give CREDIT to you with every possible ways. Thanks again.
Mark Shead (1 month ago)
You can't download my video and repost it if that is what you have in mind. But you are free to click the share button under any of my videos if you want to share them or add them to a play list.
Eitan Arbel (2 months ago)
so i've been working Agile for 20+ years, and i didn't even know it was called that way...
Eitan Arbel (2 months ago)
Mark Shead  i Subbed, and "Belled" for your channel :) Thank you for sharing !
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Ha ha! Glad you liked the video. I'd love to hear what you think of some of my other videos on Agile.
Eitan Arbel (2 months ago)
i've been working the Agile way for 20+ years, and i didn't know it is called "Agile" :D great video btw
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Called what way?
Tilkesh (2 months ago)
Wonderful. Thanks for making the video and sharing your thoughts!
Thembe Thembe (2 months ago)
Nice vedio. Mark - would you mind sharing what software you use for your vedios.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
We us Go Animate to create the videos. Glad you liked it.
SSS Ddd (2 months ago)
Really excellent and informative
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Thanks. I'm glad it was helpful. I'd love to get your feedback on our other videos as well.
sharmila gangavaram (2 months ago)
This is all great but there has to be an initial foundation set up before teams become self organized. Self organization does not occur overnight in new teams who are used to waterfall and used to working in a siloed fashion. One may wonder that this is all common sense but in practicality and in my observation most technical people do not understand the idea of “collaboration” and “communication”. Without understanding agile principles and values in depth & lacking that initial foundational “framework” (or discipline to inculcate aspect of collaboration and communication through routine practices such as agile ceremonies) to get used to being Agile most teams lose perspective on what exactly is agile and start to feel that it doesn’t work because such teams do not follow any of the foundational aspects. When it becomes all about the team and not “self” teams begin to oppose the idea of agile.
sharmila gangavaram (2 months ago)
It is pertinent for organizations to adopt any methodology top-down. As a first step prior to rolling out a new methodology, leaders up in ladder need to educate themselves. Subsequently, teams in mind should be trained and should have a mentor until something becomes a cadence. The rest will follow as long as long as the message is clear and most people are invested and see value in it. Senior leaders giving conflicting/contradictory message does not help! At the same time, one shouldn't impose any concept/methodology/framework or a process on any team. There could be reason why someone disagrees and organizations should perceive disagreements as healthy (ideally :)). As Agilists we have to maintain that good balance to get everyone on-board which is extremely important to succeed. Sometimes it also means that it will be series of failures before teams begin to deliver valuable increments of work. That's why patience is important. Organizations should be Agile (open-minded) to understand what is best for the company.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
As someone who works as an Agile coach, I agree that many organizations can use help in learning how to follow Agile in the way they work. However, I tend to find that most of the barriers have to do with the side effects of dysfunctional organizations rather than a problem with Agile not looking like a common sense approach to technical people.
sharmila gangavaram (2 months ago)
Autonomy is a misused word. I do understand that many organizations still use command and control method and that approach has nothing to do with agile but it does interfere with teams who are trying to incorporate agile principles or values from the agile manifesto. That’s why teams need a coach/a mentor to guide them through the process. Initial set up is necessary because in my experience I have met team members who had initially complained about agile ceremonies such as retrospective or grooming. It is a human tendency to feel discomfort about change. Plus agile exposes team members to be transparent.
Alan Larimer (2 months ago)
People will naturally self organize. It's the Taylor, top-down, command-and-control, plan-and-schedule-driven, lack of autonomy that has removed that instinct from the corporate world. Remember that "self" is not limited to an individual as a team "itself" can also be, act, and grow as the Individuals and Interactions are inspected and adapted.
saeed AL-SAIRY (2 months ago)
Salicia Pultz (2 months ago)
Great explanation! Thank you!
Danguardace17 (2 months ago)
Any idea how the animations are developed?
Danguardace17 (2 months ago)
+Mark Shead they are excellent I will check out your others
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Hello. Thanks for commenting. We use GoAnimate to make the videos. If you liked it, please take a look at some of the other videos in my channel. I'd love to get your feedback on any of them.
John K (2 months ago)
all these teams doing things their own way, with short term goals, no coordinated long term development for success- sounds like a mess to me!
Scrum (2 months ago)
Please expand on your statement and share the source of your perception. Perhaps we can correct any misunderstandings.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Hm. Where did you see those things in my video?
S O (2 months ago)
Agile is based on Lean fundamentals. The bottom line......get stuff done faster and remove impediments!
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
I think I would state it slightly differently. Lean Fundamentals can be a valuable way to follow Agile Values and Agile Principles. However, Agile is much more focused on the interaction of people when creating software and Lean is much more focused on removing waste from a system of production. For example, Agile says that you want to try to deliver software at least every few weeks. While Lean Fundamentals and a focus on flow are great ways of doing this, I think it is a stretch to say that this Agile Principle is based on Lean because of this. In other words, I think you can practice Lean while ignoring many principles and values of Agile and I think you can have a team really focused on Agile Principles and Values for their particular situation without doing many things you'd expect a Lean team to do. Although I do agree that over time there will tend to be some convergence. An Agile team is going to be looking for better ways of doing things, and as they mature, Lean is probably going to come up as something valuable.
Rimantas Danilevicius (3 months ago)
I am not IT guy probably this is the reason why i did not understand what is all about. What I understood that it is NEW word for something what is already exist and that is something like LEAN or other work optimization in team.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Thank you for your comment as well. You raise a good point that Agile really isn't something ground breaking and new. It is just a matter of getting everyone to work together to do the things that they probably know they should be doing anyway.
Rimantas Danilevicius (2 months ago)
Mark Shead thank you for comment.
Mark Shead (2 months ago)
Lean is very much focused on optimizing the flow of work or supplies. This is of course valuable in software creation, but is the focus is a bit different than the Agile Principles and Values. Agile is more dealing with the way people on teams work together and communicate. That said, if a team is focused on making improvments to the way they work together, you'll likely end up with Lean principles being implemented. Much of Agile is just codifying common sense so people can all agree to make it common practice. In that sense it really isn't anything new. However, while Agile looks very simple, getting teams in large bureaucratic organizations to actually follow Agile is often very difficult.
Chase Love (3 months ago)
Thanks for the Video Mark
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to comment!
Nazmul Amin (3 months ago)
"Thank you " is not enough . Very well explained ,I genuinely thank you from my heart for sharing your knowledge Mr. Mark.
Nazmul Amin (3 months ago)
My Pleasure .
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to comment!
jusedefacts (3 months ago)
The more I look into this Agile the more I see at best this is common sense software development practices and at worse some sort of snake oil sales mantra. But lets take the at the best side: so what this Agile is saying is that how Start-Ups been developing software, which is well Agile, or putting software out every week and who cares about Documentation, is the way to go. Doh! Of course. I mean all the principals and manifesto, that Agile repeats as being Agile team we in the Start-Up, non-IBM size software development have been calling common sense good software development practices. So Agile is basically to give non-software engineers, aka Marketing BA types, a feel good mantra of being, hold your breath; Agile.
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
> putting software out every week and who cares about Documentation Agile doesn't say you shouldn't have documentation. Just that you need to value working software more than you value documentation. This is common sense, but not necessarily common practice. As far as it being snake oil, I've seen stuff sold as Agile that definitely seems like snake oil. I've also seen a lot of teams significantly improve their ability to deliver working code by getting everyone together and agreeing on what is common sense for their situation and then doing it.
bapluda (3 months ago)
agile is shit. That's what it is.
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
How so?
isaac0tang (3 months ago)
very good vedio!
FreshGaming (3 months ago)
bunch of useless crap it seems
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
If you are a taxpayer in the US, you might be happy that a government project that was expecting to spend $50 million was able to do it for only $15 million by following Agile principles. (Of course, there are a ton of projects that say they are doing Agile without actually doing anything of the sort. On those projects, I'd agree with your assessment.)
Edward Thompson (3 months ago)
That is a nice clear description!
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I'd love to hear what you think about my other Agile videos.
Ketan Shah (3 months ago)
By far the best Agile explanation..
luis fuentes (3 months ago)
if you put the video speed at 1.25 it sounds a lot better
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
luis fuentes Thanks for the feedback. I've tried to pickup the pace since making this. Would you mind taking a look at some of the newer videos in my channel and let me know if they feel more natural? I'd love to have your feedback so I can adjust my pacing for upcoming videos. Thanks again!
listonosz (3 months ago)
I am trying to understand Agile. Values and principles? For me it is some bullsh*t. Sorry but there have to be somebody who make the decision. How developers can make decisions if they don't have a full picture of the product and contracts. In short it says to create rules at your team and follow them. What a discovery! ITIL has more sense as it provides processes and Agile says do what you think is good for your team, product and company.
Kent Estes (3 months ago)
Its always worth noting that the very first agile project was, in fact, a failure.
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
What do you consider to be the first agile project?
Shahbaz (3 months ago)
so what is agile?
Sarnjay Krishna (3 months ago)
Play it at 1.25 and thank me later.
Mark Shead (3 months ago)
Thanks! I tried speeding things up in subsequent videos. I'd love to get your feedback on the pacing on my most recent one. Does it need to be faster or slower? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WqjReqxAA8
Rajesh Ranjan Prasad (4 months ago)
Nicely explained
Craig Harimon (4 months ago)
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Craig Harimon Thanks for taking the time to comment. I'm glad to video was useful.
Mister Professor (4 months ago)
First, you need to learn to pronounce agile correctly.
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Mister Professor How would you like to hear it pronounced?
olajide bello (4 months ago)
Agile Network Short and well detailed presentation https://youtu.be/0wNucF6_4Os
Lee Amra (4 months ago)
you look nothing like your avatar!!! a violation of agile principles!!!
Lee Amra (4 months ago)
I sure will!
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Lee Amra Ha ha! I've been found out. Check out some of my newer videos for the updated cartoon me and see if we got any closer.
Scott Maxwell (4 months ago)
watched at x2 speed and it was still a bit dry, unfortunately. I think you focus too much on conveying the information; meaning, it felt like a data dump and wasn't engaging. I know you used the flash animation characters, but the information needs to be broken up a little more.
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Scott Maxwell Thanks for the feedback. I've tried to pick up the pace on my newer videos though some of them are probably a bit too long. If you have the time, I'd love to get your input on some of the others to help me improve future attempts. Thanks again!
Mammad FY (4 months ago)
Didn't get Principle #10...
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
The principle of simplicity? It basically says that the team needs to constantly be working toward keeping things simple. It is worth spending time trying to figure out how to minimize the amount of work you do and the amount of code you write. Does that help?
onaturalia (4 months ago)
Agile is what we did before they came up with Traditional.
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
onaturalia Good point. Agile is the way I think most people that don't develop software assume that software development is done.
Nivas Devarapalli (4 months ago)
Good Session
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I'd love to get your feedback on some of my other Agile videos.
It Cracks! (4 months ago)
Clear and precise explanation of Agile. However, to what extent Agile is useful for a team is highly project- and team dependent, and I feel like that should be mentioned in the video too. It's not a solution to everything, it has its trade-offs.
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William Biggs (4 months ago)
Great introduction to Agile Mark. Thank you.
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Thank you for taking the time to comment! I appreciate hearing that you liked it.
waqqashanafi (4 months ago)
Agile is basically messy and fast development that tries to involve lots of people. In an ideal world, it may work. In real development settings, it's often cited and rarely implemented.
ayrton clark (28 days ago)
Most decent companies implement agile in some way, so you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Whats wrong with fast development anyway? Much better than planning everything out before hand and having your project take months before you even touch a keyboard.
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
The teams I've seen that are successfully using Agile tend to slow down the coding process in ways that eventually speeds up the delivery overall. Messy development tends to be very slow on delivery even if you write a lot of code really quickly. I don't know if I'd say it is rarely implemented, but I agree that there are a lot more teams saying they are doing Agile than there are teams actually trying to follow Agile principles.
lffransoia (4 months ago)
Jack Baucke (4 months ago)
wishing i hadn't just found this the night before my exam lol
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Hopefully it is useful even at the last minute. Are you taking an exam covering Agile values and principles?
Admin Papirux (4 months ago)
It is only possible with a number of tools to keep track of project components. Papirux's filling the gap for managing documents easier than ever!
Hejun Chen (4 months ago)
best video to point out the essence of being agile also the common mistakes most organizations are making today
Mark Shead (4 months ago)
Thanks for your kind words. I'm glad you found it useful.
shriraj nale (5 months ago)
Very precise thank you keep up the good work
Joebert Biñas (5 months ago)
Well explained! Thank you bro. :)
Bill Cipher (5 months ago)
Goanimate. A classic
Rakesh Ganju (5 months ago)
Thanks Mark. This was explained in such an easy way ....... I really appreciate your hard work.
Robert Jacob Robson (5 months ago)
The video is fantastic, information well shared, and seems to be very professional. Thanks for that! Just one suggestion - the audio may be perfect if you silent down the audible noises that may be distracting ;)
Robert Jacob Robson (5 months ago)
Mark Shead I appreciate your responsiveness:) I'll surely review your contents later on
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I"ve tried to improve the audio quality on subsequent videos.
Robert Jacob Robson (5 months ago)
Mark Shead the levels of your voice and music are just as they should be. What I mean are some natural (physiological) sounds that often get amplified by mic. It's my opinion only, but quieting down anything except for the speech would be highly beneficial for the (already great) quality of this content.
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
Thanks for the feedback. You mean the background sounds in the video (music, etc.) make it hard to hear, or are you saying that the audio levels for the talking is set at too low a level?
Lavan Satha (5 months ago)
One of THE BEST explanations I have ever seen. Thanks so much (Y)
vanillacokejunky (5 months ago)
good video and simplified very nicely for beginners such as myself. thanks!
Lazar Otasevic (6 months ago)
many principles here are plain wrong!
David Connelly (6 months ago)
Why can't any of you managers define your henhouse in a sentence or two, like the rest of the human race? Do you really need 11 minutes to answer the question, "What is Agile?" I could tell you what the theory of Relativity is in one sentence! Complex definitions are the refuge of unskilled, mid-level managers.
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
Hi David. Thanks for taking the time to comment. While there is a one or two sentence definition in the video, most people seem to appreciate the details. I'm pretty sure a 15 second video of two sentences would create more questions than it would answer. I think the same thing would be true with a ine sentence definition of the theory of relativity.
Lazar Otasevic (6 months ago)
you help corps make siftware more efficiently?! really?! what a BS
Lazar Otasevic (6 months ago)
if the team members were following "agile principles" then they were absolute idiots, have a nice day!
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
> 5 idiots will make same idiotic crap as one idiot! Well I did point out that I was talking about a good team. I haven't ever worked with a team where everyone is an idiot. If everyone on your team is truly an idiot, then that sounds like quite a problem. Even if they are smart, but they all think the other members are idiots, that is a big problem too.
Lazar Otasevic (6 months ago)
Well that principle is plain wrong. wisdom can not emerge from quantity! 5 idiots will make same idiotic crap as one idiot! Further more, 5 idiots + one good guy will also bring idiotic solution, because idiots are impossible to argue with. Saying that architecture will "emerge" from the team is almost like saying - a new life form will emerge from carbon, oxygen and other molecules by mixing it well - yes its possible, it supposedly happened once 5 billion years ago. agile is pure madness it is banalising computer science to absurd levels!
Lazar Otasevic (6 months ago)
Mark Shead statistically yes... and just statistically
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
Yes that is one of the Agile principles. I have found that a good team can make better decisions than one individual. There are are a number of studies on the decision-making process that reached the same conclusion.
Roman Yudin (6 months ago)
Agility in embedded systems is like: PM: Remember costumer asked for 1L engine for 3D-hatchback project? Dev: Yeas...? PM: What he actually meant is 1L per cylinder for a V6. Dev: It will not fit under the hood, it's physically impossible! PM: You better make it possible, because - AGILITY, BEATCH!
Arun Unnikrishnan (6 months ago)
Could the thumps-down people's comments be filtered to the SORT BY - so that it could be judged for - "what reason" - they gave IT, for a fantastic work.. I think youtube should think of adding enough filters
niceDerArtist (6 months ago)
Very good Video sir
Seth M (6 months ago)
Was looking for a refresher on Agile as I move towards starting my career. This seems like the purest overview I can find. One that forgoes talking about the kinds of tools that teams will use and focuses on the ideals that are common to all agile organizations. Really enjoyed this and I'll be watching it on repeat for a while to let it sink in.
Seth M (6 months ago)
Excellent plug. I most certainly will! Thank you.
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
Seth M Glad it was useful. I'm posting new Agile videos every month or so. I'd love to get your feedback on the other videos too. If you subscribe you can get notified of new videos as they are posted.
Amey Phatak (6 months ago)
Beautiful. Excellent explanation.
Róbert Szabo (6 months ago)
Nice video, but there is no Agile Manifesto... there is Manifesto for agile software development... change agile with swift, quick, whatever... So there is a manifesto for quick software development. Plus all your examples are SCRUM examples, which was created before the Manifesto for agile software development came to be. Anyway, Agile sounds better than MASD (Manifesto for Agile Software Development)
Mark Shead (6 months ago)
What example did you feel was unique to SCRUM?
Thomas Ng (6 months ago)
x1.25 - anyone else?
Jonathan Mejias (7 months ago)
Play at 1.25 speed. Great Video!
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
Jonathan Mejias Thanks. I've tried to pickup the pace on the new videos. Do the more recent ones sound better?
Khaled Yasser (7 months ago)
Thanks.What software did you use for this animation?
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
It is called Go Animate.
c a (7 months ago)
Seems like being agile is being naive as most developers have multiple projects they are working on at once... And you can't trust individuals to get the job done as you will have some unmotivated personnel hired so you can say you support diversity
Mohamed Nofal (7 months ago)
informative and delightful thank you :)
Mash (7 months ago)
Can I do 100 thumbs up please?
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
Ha ha! I wish you could. You can do something better though. Please pass the video on to any of your friends who you think might benefit. And don't forget to check out our other videos! Thanks!
LewieBot (7 months ago)
Great explanation. I have to say I can see why devs complain about it. 1) There is no harm in building out only what is needed as long as it does not create more work down the road. Difference between a band-aid and a MVP. If you implement a crappy db layer in the example provided, that may later have to be removed and then transitioned to something more robust, you are not saving time. 2) I question the necessity of daily face to face meetings about everything, but I understand due to the personality and nature of the way a lot of devs like to work, it's better to have unnecessary meetings than to not have necessary ones.
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
> I can see why devs complain about it. I've never seen a good developer working on a project that is actually following Agile principles dislike the process.
Elnur V. (7 months ago)
Great explanation of Agile! Dude you can start filming comix)
Cesar P (7 months ago)
Interest point of view, it made me think.. I always look for processes and tools and methods.. but it's true, I've seen 'waterfall' people using 'agile' stickers to corrupt agile principles, or even use kanbans or other buzz 'words' but over closed mentality 'non-negotiable' ,'no changes / no surprises' closed deal mentality once plan is SET on stone.. we really need to take a really deep look at ourselves to see if we are really using agile or we are just coating with agile frosting.
Jimi x (5 months ago)
Thanks for the explanation. I'm trying to create my business and I'm trying to learn all these methods of organization. It is quite difficult to decide which one is the best method for each precise project. However, my collaborators don't want to investigate so much about it telling me that we should negotiate how much we need to "organize job". I tell them that for the job there is never enough organization or comunication. And they allways talk by whatsapp which for me it is the worst option for comunication. They want to apply the agile method but they seem to not follow the values and principles of the agile methods and we don't have a precise customer to change anything during the process. It is hard to find collaborators and it is even harder to find the right collaborators
Mark Shead (5 months ago)
Your observations are correct because there are a huge number of things that get sold as "agile" that have nothing to do with the values and principles. Some of them may even be reasonably good methods IF they are done within the context of the values and principles. However, I have yet to see a team that is actually following Agile principles and values where they didn't clearly see the benefits of it. I have seen a lot of teams that try to implement random practices (standup meetings, sprints, retrospectives) while ignoring the principles and values that get really bad results. As far as whether or not Agile can make a shorter deadline or a more satisfied customer, yes it absolutely can help do those thing. However, it isn't an emergency switch that fixes everything. Everyone knows that exercise can help reduce the chance of heart disease, but running a marathon is not a quick fix for someone who is having a heart attack. Agile is not a quick fix for teams that are way behind on a project. In fact, you should expect that getting a team to change their underlying principles and values is going to take some time and many teams are going to slow down before things improve. You need to expect to see the j-curve effect. I recently worked on a big project that had been quoted at $50 million and 5 years using the traditional waterfall method. The orgnization decide that instead they wanted to the team to learn to follow Agile principles and values and invested considerable time in those things. Even with that investment, the project was completed in 4 years for around $15 million. Further that foundation is allowing the team to rapidly and safely deploy new changes very quickly. They code and deploy a change ina matter of days. A single change done in this way was able to save $5 million dollars over the old way of deploying that required 6 months. Neither of those things would have been possible if the organization hadn't of decided to invest in following Agile. So there is very real, very non-subjective evidence that Agile can deliver faster, cheaper and better than traditional methods, but I agree it can be hard to differentiate between the hype the the facts.
Jimi x (5 months ago)
There are also a lot of companies ruined because of the "agile methods" and a lot of stressed and confused developers. The productivity of those methods seems to be very subjective to me. I'm trying to find out the right evidence to demonstrate that the deadline will be shorter or that the customer will be more satisfyed. I just find opinions.
Mark Shead (7 months ago)
It is a lot easier to say you are agile than to practice agility. :)
Prashant Pawar (8 months ago)
Well explanation really help to understand the Agile in well maner with proper exmaple Mark
Prince Essel (8 months ago)
Good presentation. Good job
Luis Salazar (8 months ago)
there should be a mix of Agile and a mix of Real Life (contracts, budgets etc). It so easy to fall into the "less planning, more change" or "less problem solving and more delivery", until you have to rewrite code, or your project profit turns negative, or your customer misses the investors meeting with a fully scalable app. Software development in real life is a project and companies need to plan and deliver in order to survive.
Shady Kahaleh (8 months ago)
Simplicity is the art of maximizing the amount of work not done?? What? Can someone explain
Mark Shead (8 months ago)
There are often many different ways a particular desired result can be achieved. Choosing the one that results in the least amount of work is the art of simplicity. Of course, that doesn't mean you take a shortcut today just to have to make up for it tomorrow--that isn't maximizing the amount of work not done. You want to look for ways to do exactly what is needed and no more in ways that maintain flexibility for other work that is not yet known.
theras18 (9 months ago)
That was great. Thanks

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