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Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian

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Brand Nubian
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Hu Re I m hatep (3 years ago)
Thomitza. Don`t be ignorant, that`s 'our' (Nubian) science and culture. A piramid got nothing to do with illuminati. Altough illuminati got sumthing to do with 'their' pyramid.
NACHO BISNEZ (4 years ago)
dude brand nu kicks ass
Dario (5 years ago)
This isn't Playback FM version... I prefer that
Jose Angel Corona (5 years ago)
This is what its all about. Listen, learn, and respect this shit. ALLDAWAYFRMLA
Kradiancy (5 years ago)
I came here looking for the debut version, and I'm not disappointed... woah
Bruno Diaz (5 years ago)
1:41 why you put a Lost Children of Babylon picture on there?
Wes T (6 years ago)
Sadat X's Wild Cowboys is a classic
Wes T (6 years ago)
This beat is done by Buck Wild from D.I.T.C. this song is dope
HinduPez (6 years ago)
Which album is this on? I thought it was on the One For All album but it's not the same self-titled song.
jamel eason (4 months ago)
HinduPez foundation
Mopar Volkswagen (6 years ago)
GTA LCS theme? Listen close, sounds like it.
808MixMaster (6 years ago)
i thought it was gonna be a music video u fucka
maas2258 (6 years ago)
NUBIAN?? They are from NUBA egypt???
Teddy Chee (6 years ago)
17 people got caught throwing rocks off the roof
Hugh Briggs (7 years ago)
Dedicated to the New Miss Universe - She coming with that Hot Shitz!
MaddMan621 (7 years ago)
I don't blame him, not too many artists/hip hop trios name TWO songs after themselves
fleshnbone187 (7 years ago)
@siemka321 You're right. I was very close minded then but now I like every station in SA. Radio X was the last one I got into, though.
1gretski (7 years ago)
dick moss t wayne drake and the woman beater and coochie man think they have real raps
Eku Sama (7 years ago)
@thomitza70 lost children of babylon
SenorPumpkinEscobar (7 years ago)
There are two tracks titled 'Brand Nubian'. The first (featured on the soundtrack to GTA San Andreas) was released on the debut album One For All. The Second version (this one) was released years later on the album Foundation.
rafalitos1998 (7 years ago)
this song isn't from playback fm, what is the real name of this song???
Adam O'Connor (7 years ago)
wayy mislabled, this is pretty bad
jedimind94 (7 years ago)
@LivingHipHop17 Foundation i think
69charger440sixpack (7 years ago)
Wtf is this, this isnt brand nubian the song from playback fm.
LivingHipHop17 (7 years ago)
does anyone know what album this is from, peace
Zambo Top Dogz (7 months ago)
Foundation released 1998
Mr. Shabazz (7 years ago)
Call me a hater, but I just can't feel the so-called hip hop and rap in heavy rotation these days and hearing the raw uncut like this here, confirms and justifies my hatred for what is going gold and platinum today! EPMD said it best: "KEEP THE CROSSOVER"!
fumahongos (7 years ago)
@fleshnbone187 they ain't got shit on Radio Los Santos
hmoon99 (8 years ago)
You get to love brand nubian
bryanr1 (8 years ago)
vintage buckwild right here!!!
tfewell73 (8 years ago)
this is still my shit
scottymanOhigh (8 years ago)
@iheartwheels there are two of them
PhflyDan1 (8 years ago)
EXTRA PHAT!!! BrrrAAApp!!!
bigpimpdaddy69 (8 years ago)
@fleshnbone187 whats wrong with Radio X? i love the X as well as the mentioned stations. open your mind kid
Jan Kowalski (8 years ago)
@cerwinvegafan Thanx for your reply, I already found this, it coming from album Foundation (1998)
WhiningCanadian (8 years ago)
@EMTIEJCZ torrent one of their albums called foundation off pbay
JamBurgler (8 years ago)
@SaintIzzle the instrumental is on the promo only 12"
SaintIzzle (8 years ago)
I want this beat
Jan Kowalski (8 years ago)
Just tell me where can I find this classic, everywhere is only san andreas version but it can't be even compared to this hot shit... torrent or direct download, please!!!
FartingFatso69 (8 years ago)
murat cvs (8 years ago)
this isnt gta sa version
goldentrophy (8 years ago)
Buckwild makes wicked beats way too easily.
joewtjoewb (8 years ago)
That a cowboy beat hardcore dawgggggg.
C trapstar (9 years ago)
lol yea dat pic is lcob
Meanwhile (9 years ago)
white lotus, cosmic crusader, and the ohers i dunno
Meanwhile (9 years ago)
i think it is
50juke (9 years ago)
Cant find this version its better than the original from san andreas, whts it from?
50juke (9 years ago)
...holy shiiiiiit!!!!!!!1
johndabaptiz (9 years ago)
ARE IMP (9 years ago)
yeah klasik from chile
Bence Láposi (9 years ago)
I don't really know what's this track... never read or heard about this one, only heard about the last I have linked.
Bence Láposi (9 years ago)
watch?v=WmQRtwrqwQ8 copy this after the youtube URL and you can watch the version of this song which could be heard on Playback FM in San Andreas.
Shreyas (9 years ago)
@ M3LGIBSON4EVER yeah... nor do I...
Kueba (9 years ago)
Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian (song) this is song from gta sa pozdro xD
Leopold Butter-Stotch (9 years ago)
Im lookin at the booklet of gta sa n I see this song, but I don't rember it ever
The Future (9 years ago)
Bad boy tune that will never lose its originality.
fleshnbone187 (9 years ago)
Radio X sucks. It's all about Playback, RLS and Bounce FM.
popinmycola (9 years ago)
Wooooow this is goooood
master120344 (9 years ago)
Dang! that song is beast!
MPG187 (9 years ago)
It sounds nothing like the other version. I like both, but they don't sound similar, the beat is difference and from what I can tell the words are different too.
LordSirpiko (9 years ago)
feel it now it aint never stopped <3
Suspicious (9 years ago)
iLL !
LlLWayneSucks (9 years ago)
Highwire (9 years ago)
I wonder what song this is THIS SONG OWNS
virtue737 (9 years ago)
Puba ripped it!!!
Highwire (9 years ago)
I know. I heard the real version on Playback.
Stev O (10 years ago)
Ha! i'm doing the same thing....but yea i haven't heard this song on GTA SA
oskarsbmx (10 years ago)
I found this in wikipedia gta sa sountrack list but i hear this song first time!
iDreamFull (10 years ago)
it is in gta san andreas , check it out if u dont belive it
Jake Bos (10 years ago)
Nope, 98. Illest Brand Nu album I think, but everyone's entitled to their opinions. Peace bro.
ThomasEatsPomus (10 years ago)
I've spent many, many hours on san andreas, I don't think I've ever heard this song. I guess I don't listen to playback fm, haha.
noleft (10 years ago)
Wasnt it 1999 im not sure
jamel eason (4 months ago)
noleft 98
Manolis Perperidis (10 years ago)
stickanimator469 (10 years ago)
i know right!!!!
Ambushofblacks (10 years ago)
now who comin wit that hot shit, BRAND NUBIAN!!
KoFIQuan (10 years ago)
david braae is a homo sexual but this song is mint
KG KO (10 years ago)
watch?v=WmQRtwrqwQ8&feature=related this is the brand nubian song on sanandreas
KG KO (10 years ago)
Brand Nubian!they always play this on the Urge Radio channel
methodik57 (10 years ago)
holy shit !!! so fuckin' good song !!
abd2112 (10 years ago)
love this track loooove the beat!
TheBoyCodd (10 years ago)
well done mate
crazygood31 (10 years ago)
true hip hop legends
BigC003 (10 years ago)
my bad that was puba at the beginning lol
BigC003 (10 years ago)
ah this is brand nubian w/o puba
DaanOFF321 (10 years ago)
good song but this is not the Brand Nubian
RNDblackout (10 years ago)
i think everyone knows
escrimatik (10 years ago)
Przekozak !!!!!
Ethan Hartley (11 years ago)
Need more rap like this, and WAY less of that T Pain bullshit that makes me want to slap kittens.
Andrew S (11 years ago)
Yup, theres this one and then theres the bonus track that was on the CD only. I got supped for a second I though there was actually a video for the original, oh well.
GooseHuntCunt (11 years ago)
That ain't Brand nubian brand Nubian - not the one on playback FM in GTA-SA.

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