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Brand Nubian Pass The Gat

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Album in god We Trust
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RichardLeroy Chin (1 year ago)
I never heard the whole album but heard it from a mixtape .. and that was dope..
Alfredo Gholson (1 year ago)
Eddie Harris Superfluous 1972 (sample)
Adam Jackson (1 year ago)
This shit is gangsta. Fuck Rodney King yo!
Silus (2 years ago)
Back when I loved hip hop....
Darryl Slaughter (2 years ago)
2016 this cut is still fire lyrics and beat
Smooth Operator (7 months ago)
Darryl Slaughter 2018 ✊🏾
David Nau (2 years ago)
How do you upload a track that skips? Please fix this.
tmat2018 (1 year ago)
SDS Overfiend (3 years ago)
"Today's Mathematics is Uzi Duz It!!"
Jason Tobin (4 years ago)
its from menace to society
Sean Moore (4 years ago)
Lord J-A-Muthafuckin-M-A-R.
Adnan Bhuiyan (4 years ago)
anyone know the piano sample at 0:53 ish?
Moloko Synthemesc (5 years ago)
I had this on a tape that got chewed and rescued, which equipped it with autoscrach XD it's still kinda wierd listening to the normal version.. still dope
Finessed Analyzer (5 years ago)
What's ya top ten?
Surge Álvez (5 years ago)
This was the song that got me into Hip Hop! My cousin made me a reggae mixtape and he put this song on the end of it, after that I was hooked.
Brollaz420 (5 years ago)
U don't say?!
There one of my favorites as well. Grand Puba's one of my favorite MC's. Too bad he wasn't on this album. Nonetheless it's great.
Valmir Isa (6 years ago)
Pass me the gat so i can shoot these new skoolers.
Dragos Alexandru (6 years ago)
Old School Hip-Hop ?
TheSebiiChannel (6 years ago)
2:40 the song starts skipping :((
hotpatata71 (6 years ago)
Newsflash: Brand Nubian taking fifty hostages take 'em in the basement and feed 'em pork sausages
HallWayGang (6 years ago)
True hiphop
fleshnbone187 (6 years ago)
@GuitarExplicit I think it's from Ice Cube's "Turn off the Radio", unless he also samples that from somewhere else, in which case it would most likely be a movie.
Derek Girouard (7 years ago)
HAHA... I miss the days when real Hip Hop Was alive... Pass the gat my nig!
Hiphophead1 (2 months ago)
I'll shoot you with the gat wont pass it to you tho
TH3.LEGEND HIMS3LF (5 months ago)
you are a straight up phoney cunt! you say nig when you are the whitest pleb i ever seennnnnnnnnn!!!!!!
Michael Howard (7 years ago)
Peace to the Gods and Earths. One of my favorite Hip hop groups of all time. They had so much flavor. Man ! You got too love them.
rvfkamikaze (7 years ago)
more classic stuff, wicked beat!
qwandiddy (7 years ago)
@YoungOldSchoolRapper Hip Hop died completely in 1999.
Jay Wynter (7 years ago)
@MCForty yesir !
MCForty (7 years ago)
"Newsflash Brand Nubian taken 50 hostages, take em in the basement and feed you pork sausages...." Sadat X was the man. Brand Nubian are still recording but they've gone down the Dub-Step route now, I guess you have to be progressive and nothing ever stays the same. The difference between this era and the current rap era is that these guys had causes and told stories often based on a reflection of their lives whilst with today's pampered society it's just rapping for rapping's sake.
TaelRiverine (7 years ago)
damn man...the bass in this song is too much.
TopShotta10904 (7 years ago)
@makaveli3b amazing....
superstrut75 (8 years ago)
@KnoT1me the opening sax tune has been sampled from Superfluous by Eddie Harris.
Shawn Johnson (8 years ago)
I had this album too.

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