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Cold Cave - Villains Of The Moon

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The first video from Cherish The Light Years - http://bit.ly/lfqFx9 Directed and photographed by Sebastian Mlynarski - http://www.mlynarski.net/ Purchase Cherish The Light Years from iTunes (US): http://bit.ly/hv8EkL Purchase Cherish The Light Years from Amazon (US): http://amzn.to/mEpdAT Purchase Cherish The Light Years from Rough Trade Shops (UK): http://bit.ly/kjrN2t http://coldcave.tumblr.com/ http://www.matadorrecords.com/
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Text Comments (140)
James Casarella (4 days ago)
I love Cold Cave!
R G (1 month ago)
That bass player is a babe! 😍 This song has the "final song of the movie" sound effect. Im not sure what to call it lol
adrianomozzo (3 months ago)
Mixed Up Melodies (5 months ago)
If you have a chance, hook me up with some pointers. You really have an excellent channel here! I hope to be making music like you someday. 💙😄
Kalle CITT (11 months ago)
gute alte Musik
TheAlmightyFrowny (1 year ago)
I get it. Bat cave crossed with cold wave. Cold Cave. Gotta have indepth knowledge of post-punk/goth evolution
kathyaldc (1 year ago)
Dammit. This is great.
Kevin Barnard (1 year ago)
I really wanted to hate this, because I'm a raging asshole, but....this song kicks ass.
ioannis eleftheriou (1 year ago)
fantastic and fresh!
Jedidiah Bowman (1 year ago)
For the love of God. American Nightmare was so good! What happened to this guy?!?
thomjudd (1 year ago)
There is a FINE line between imitation & inspiration. This is IMITATION. Vanilla. All filler, no killer
histatimaniples (1 year ago)
terrible pop music
Brian Porsche (1 year ago)
I saw you playing in 2014 warming up in Denmark for NIN and i didn't know anything about your music. And now i still really love your music :) Come soon to Denmark again.
DR G (2 years ago)
he looks like Comedian Michael Ian Black lol!!
KeeLLDah ChrOHlls (2 years ago)
HAAAAAA! yeah. That dried up my vagina, tho.
M. Drake (2 years ago)
the most derivative shit ive ever heard. cash cow
GoCrazyDontMindIfIDo (1 year ago)
No music is created in a vacuum, but that doesn't automatically nullify any criticism of a band's derivative sound. So all bands are equally creative because all bands take influence from other bands? Totally absurd.
Drive-by Baptism (2 years ago)
almost all bands are derivatives of older bands that they draw inspiration from
Hexis (2 years ago)
Wes Eisold is brillant.
69crafty (2 years ago)
Not sure why so many people are comparing these to Depeche Mode. Maybe some of their other stuff does, but this sounds like New Order's later material, if anything. Great song.
Michael Perkins (1 year ago)
Oddly, I was just thinking that myself, New Order with Nick Cave in uncharacteristically cheery mood on vocals. :D
kevxxxedge (1 year ago)
their other stuff sounds waaaaaaaaaay more 'cold' and 'melancholic'
histatimaniples (1 year ago)
sounds like an other generic joy division/new order act
MK Y. (2 years ago)
I thought it was a solo project by the main singer of The National. I can see how people can think it sounds like Depeche Mode.
NöE (2 years ago)
#Lyrics In the curtains of the cruel future I can't say just how I got here Ruins somewhere in a black room Someone's singing Who? I don't know Do you die in your dreams? I don't even have them Have you ever known love? You haven't even seen me Dream on, sister Cherish the light years Wouldn't want to stay too long here People reaching on the platform Someone will save you When? I don't know Have you ever known love? Have you even seen me? At this pace I will go blind By the time I find my vision Angel, I do not know how long we'll last We have barely just made it through the past Angel, we may have celebrated too soon The villains of the moon are doomed In the time of the empty throne I can not remember what I've known White knuckle in the dead of snow Someone is calling Why? I don't know Can you say what you want? I never could I'd be embarrassed to be buried here To overstay my welcome Angel, I do not know how long we'll last We have barely just made it through the past Angel, we may have celebrated too soon The villains of the moon are doomed When you're from nothing You can do anything you want When you're from nowhere You can go anywhere you want But you're here Do you even know why? Have you ever wondered What I would do if I did not have you? Angel, I do not know how long we'll last We have barely just made it through the past Angel, we may have celebrated too soon The villains of the moon are doomed Angel, I do not know how long we'll last We have barely just made it through the past Angel, we must have celebrated too soon We are the villains of the moon and doomed
R G (1 month ago)
He's a really good writer since i dont really understand what the song is about.
Feral Music Official (2 years ago)
...Is that Prurient?!
epry ery (2 years ago)
+Feral Music Official it is ;)
FC INTERN (2 years ago)
Dominick Fernow via VEVO, over
kortni guerin (3 years ago)
That's wes from american nightmare!!! Yes, he only has one hand.
Sister Sister (3 years ago)
I saw them late summer’ 14 open up for Sound garden and NIN; Cold Cave was great live, so in comparison to studio material, and the way the whole band commanded the stage, that was years of  talent on display – NIN what is there to say (wow)
Sister Sister (1 year ago)
The Cold Cave/ Sound Garden show was special in that it was out side @ an amphitheater and NIN was in town and a last minute add on. I had waited literally over ten years to see them since a young teen (Trent & friends). Cold Cave; otherwise not a band I listen to, in my opinion jammed flawlessly, better than Sound Garden for that matter. NIN was utterly incredible energy for musicians 20+ years older than me. My point above (past tense now), there are bands that are simply just damn good whatever/wherever the environment, some good live, some good in the studio and some who have played together for so long it becomes a collective improvisation.
Merin Fraser (1 year ago)
wish I'd been There 2014
Chris V (4 years ago)
Does the lead singer only have 1 hand? My friend told me he does haha and I have seen nothing to disprove that. When we saw them live with NIN I didn't see his other hand at all.
Trividon (3 years ago)
+Chris V  Actually, he was just born with one hand
Chris V (3 years ago)
+Callum Middleton shit no way.similar thing happened to me but I just got second degree burns
Callum Middleton (3 years ago)
wes lost his hand when he was a kid playing with fireworks and he held one for too long 
AAARONSD (4 years ago)
yes he is missing a hand. its true 
Kevin Licon (4 years ago)
I'll admit, this is a good song, but will their performance flow with Soundgarden's and NIN's? 
Jade Gallegos (4 years ago)
I'm not going to lie, seeing them live, and hearing them for the first time, I thought these guys sucked. I'm actually glad I decided to give then a second chance because they're actually pretty good. But besides the point, I don't think they were a great mix with NIN. and Soundgarden.
Kevin Licon (4 years ago)
+Alissa Narvaez Good to hear! I'm gonna see them in three days and I'm really looking forward to it! 
Alissa Benavidez (4 years ago)
Saw em last night. I thought they complimented each other nicely! 
Rick Dope (4 years ago)
meh, ricordatevi che vi ho dato dei soldi solo per rivedermi Trent Reznor & co.
Lee Vallier (4 years ago)
If everyone here checked out the synth players project Prurient they'd be like "wat".
Lee Vallier (4 years ago)
+σπυρος δρογγιτης Huh?
william jouvin jr. (4 years ago)
thts Wes from AN. I'm also blown away and figure out what and how he transitioned to this. he's an amazing song writer, but I'm confused.
Johnny Amok (10 months ago)
nah, it's wes from XO Skeletons
licky (2 years ago)
close, it's actually wes from some girls.
north savic (3 years ago)
if youre involved in the hardcore scene of today you see a lot of the kids being into bands like morrissey, joy division, goth and post punk music etc. and if you listen to their other songs you clearly here the gothic influence.
Richard (4 years ago)
This is the guy from American Nightmare.
Caner Aksoy (5 years ago)
X X (5 years ago)
is that michael ian black?
brokenupbeat (5 years ago)
get fucked
brokenupbeat (5 years ago)
spock haircuts....duh. obviously you were born in like 1995.
brokenupbeat (5 years ago)
he was in xo skeletons hahaha
okar (5 years ago)
Am i really watching a VEVO video with Dominic fernow (prurient!) in it? Wtf?
werthewalkingdisease (5 years ago)
actually they're the exact same band. they got sued by someone claiming they had the rights to AN and changed their name to GUTG, the title they were gonna use for we're down til we're underground originally
clickswitchh (5 years ago)
Dont want to seem like a dick, but how did he loose his hand ?
canuck21 (5 years ago)
The voice sounds a little bit like David Gahan, but in no way the music sounds like Depeche Mode. Listen to the drums and guitars, those instruments are not strong points of Depeche Mode. Not in the past, not during "Music for the Masses." and not at the present either. Depeche Mode has never been a true rock band.
Tyler Murphy (1 month ago)
I agree with you but Songs of Faith and Devotion, Ultra and Playing The Angel are all very rock influenced and had that alternative rock vibe especially SOFAD
Lust for Awesomeness (1 year ago)
haha, Depeche Mode in rock hall of fame- 2016
destructingparabola (5 years ago)
If you don't think the singer's voice sounds like Dave Gahan, then you need to get your ears checked. This song would have fit perfectly on "Music for the Masses."
canuck21 (5 years ago)
This song doesn't sound anything like Depeche Mode.
Sneaky Tyrant (5 years ago)
does anyone know any similar bands like these guys, well i know its only wes now but like this song does anyone know similar ones? If so, send me a pm thanks!
yung succ (5 years ago)
Wes needed a haircut
Jdottopv (6 years ago)
Nick Jelinek (6 years ago)
it's basically the same fucking band...
Jdottopv (6 years ago)
Nick Jelinek (6 years ago)
you know he kinda is the singer from give up the ghost?
RealmOfPlagues (6 years ago)
I don't know what's funnier, this band or the insane comments their fans are leaving. Super cool hair cut though.
ConvincingPeople (6 years ago)
Interesting bit of trivia: The fellow on the keyboards is one Ian Dominick Fernow, otherwise known by the moniker Prurient. Compare and contrast, ladies and gentlemen.
destructingparabola (6 years ago)
These guys sound like Depeche Mode. That is very cool. There are so many of these New Wave Revival bands coming out making good music. That is at least one good thing about living in these hard times.
Khampower (6 years ago)
I feel like I'm watching The Informers...yeah pretty much what Gremiocomanda said. Great music though, I love the collision of male and female singers!!! Great harmonizing and lyrics.
Sjieperdepiep (6 years ago)
alright, the record version is quite superior to this live performance
George Cepeda (6 years ago)
this is great!
Armor's Spleen (6 years ago)
In what universe can this be considered in any manner as "noise" ??
uzzername007 (6 years ago)
These guys are awsome! I just now stumbled upon them through matador records page on here and I'm sure glad I did because they're freakin amazing!!
Gregory Pitol (6 years ago)
I loved this song
nicktaxidermy (7 years ago)
@DamagedApotheosis really? I think this is maybe their best song ever, and it enjoys some stiff competition there...
Leonardo Ferraz (7 years ago)
joy division?
thegetupkid (7 years ago)
Goddamn this is a perfect fucking song. And I agree, he reminds me of Michael Ian Black!!! This album is so much better than their first, every song is great.
whittierc (7 years ago)
Pale Shelter, Tears for Fears...but I love it non the less...
Marcelo Martins (7 years ago)
dude ! we're back at the 80's !!
jmek17 (7 years ago)
@sassarella718 My bad! You're right... I thought it might have been Sarah in a blonde wig or something. Thank you! I've got a second crush now! Cold Cave goes through bassists like I go through socks.
Alicia K (7 years ago)
@jmek17 Jennifer Clavin?
jmek17 (7 years ago)
I believe the bassist in this video's name is Sarah Lipstate? Correct me if I'm wrong... She's not only drop dead gorgeous, but also incredibly talented. She has alot of unique sound collage stuff up on her site.
Harry Roth (7 years ago)
some joy division/new order in there too
Harry Roth (7 years ago)
reminds me of the cure crossed with when in rome..
Mr. Dude_o_o (7 years ago)
loved it again
Mr. Dude_o_o (7 years ago)
wow loved it
DamagedApotheosis (7 years ago)
Dominick Fernow is not nearly as animated and dance-y as he was at Pitchfork. Such a good performance, and for my singing along, I got a wave from Wesley Eisold. Terrific goth-pop, though this is one of the least compelling numbers on the album.
WanderingTwin1 (7 years ago)
@falcoperegrinus82 lol :)
tyler h (7 years ago)
@P3RYITE Blow me. Yeah? :)
tyler h (7 years ago)
@P3RYITE Blow me. Yeah? :)
tyler h (7 years ago)
@P3RYITE Blow me. Yeah? :)
Richard (7 years ago)
@WanderingTwin1 Maybe also a little Lloyd Christmas?
tyler h (7 years ago)
@P3RYITE Shut the hell up
Almost cool. I think the singer could use a nose blow.
Siobhan Bonardi (7 years ago)
This video isn't loading on my computer . :( Is it because its vevo ? Or is it that my computer is bogged down with Sims 3 . Humph.
Beatz Freq (7 years ago)
Give me thumbs up cuz i never got thumbs up ;p
rockoutordie (7 years ago)
my least favorite song on the album
ProProfessional (7 years ago)
they remind me of the 80's. i like them
jelainegin (7 years ago)
*Killing Moon... was recalling the lyrics. Now I feel stupid.
jelainegin (7 years ago)
@WanderingTwin1 :)
WanderingTwin1 (7 years ago)
@jelainegin i get where your coming from! + very New Order!!!
jelainegin (7 years ago)
reminds me ever so slightly of killing time by echo and the bunnymen... for some strange reason.
happymarkkj (7 years ago)
love it, but his haircut reminds me of the kills and josi
Gary Gritter (7 years ago)
Dom Fernow on VEVO. Fucking apocalypse.
moony9013 (7 years ago)
he sounds like the singer from "Pulp" lol
WanderingTwin1 (7 years ago)
Throw Gary Newman and Bret Anderson in the FLY machine and the result is...
MakeBelieve (7 years ago)
Girl on the bass? Wow
MyMOSHU (7 years ago)
@DeathofRogue Jajaja XD This makes me laugh so hard
Ephraim Taylor (7 years ago)
400th like!! I heard this on my local (Anchorage) university's radio. you can listen for free on their website, KRUA 88.1 FM. they play all kinds of indie music.
robertpearson00 (7 years ago)
singer reminds me of michael ian black
jezzikanne (7 years ago)
=( this is pressing on my mood.
thehungryveg (7 years ago)
i like the beat but i'm not into his voice
vladmira (7 years ago)
This video is super hot...sigh...reminds me of my goth dj days
Ray Slavenburg (7 years ago)
if i wanted to listen to 80's gothic music, I'd timetravel. to when it really was good.
Armitage Shanks (7 years ago)
@rhgrlehgre the lead singer's a guy.... I know, I was shocked, too
aliesamorrow (7 years ago)
gay much?
Las Vegas (7 years ago)
Wes Eisold is the man. Love this record.
jeff Steiner (7 years ago)
why the fuck is chris brown in the suggestions?
ttbloodlusttt (7 years ago)
This reminds me of a MEGA CROSS between A-Ha (singers voice), Spock (YES, don't deny... the resemblance is totally there!) and like U2 kind of music.... I think my jaw dropped at the voice... then drool began to pool.... then the music round house kicked me into OBLIVION! -K-O-!!!!!!!
mikal karaff (7 years ago)
Good to see the untalented girl from Mika Miko gets a second chance.

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