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The Try Guys Try Extreme Swimsuits

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Text Comments (12144)
Silver Bells (11 hours ago)
4:51 Nice visual
Dash Soft (17 hours ago)
Oh wow, I stumbled into the depths of the comidy sh*t hole.
mr. jimin (1 day ago)
I'm crying 😂😂😂😂😂💀💀
Eugene's d!ck is just to big for some of those swim suits, I mean c'mon its true
Dx Fire (1 day ago)
God level of Soy boys😂😂
Salma Mohamex (1 day ago)
Classic Eugene
Lol Memes (2 days ago)
Megan Simpson (2 days ago)
"This looks like a mistake!" 😂
Ğachä Qxeeñ (2 days ago)
The "Hi spongebob" killed me My mom thought I've gone mad
Ella Miller (2 days ago)
1:13 hahahahahaha
black cat (2 days ago)
Wtf?- 😂
Emily Sutton (3 days ago)
1:10 Eugine your butt yould be like hi sponge bob
yoga cats (4 days ago)
Honestly, might as well just wear a sock over your dick and call it a day😂😂😂
Siaroara (4 days ago)
Why were they made idk why do cereal killers exist ahaha 😋
EiveLovly Heart (5 days ago)
Eugen:you drop something and your butt is like (in Patrick’s voice)HI SPONGE BOB!
THE_ G0AT_G0D 000 (5 days ago)
These old sexual try guy videos make me cringe
Lily L (5 days ago)
Potato (6 days ago)
Just saying Eugene’s ass in the thumbnail better be edited. If it isn’t Kim K better watch out
Unaesthetic Toast (6 days ago)
Yasmin Villegas (6 days ago)
So what happened to the try guys try European swimwear video...
F-zero91maru (6 days ago)
Ok honestly this video is funny Some of these guys look uncomfortable which was funny Can you make normal dudes wear gimp masks?
F-zero91maru (6 days ago)
It be more better if they wear butt clapper pants haha 😂
ItsCoolCarlyXO (6 days ago)
Everyone on buzz feed just asks to be on set to see eugenes dick 😂 sorry I can imagine that so much 😂
Natalie Gleason (6 days ago)
Is anyone else shook from Eugene’s impression of Patrick
music lover4201 (6 days ago)
One of my favorite parts aside from "HI SPONGEBOB," is when Eugene is walking away at the end and ned goes "Ha! I can see his butt." XD XD XD XD
Next_ Monday (6 days ago)
Side Ball by ball 😂🤣😂
Jane (7 days ago)
Those poor camera people
Jane (7 days ago)
1:11 help me
Jane (7 days ago)
0:38 he’s SUCH A DAD
Leila Renfro (7 days ago)
Why did he have to say "hi spongebob!"????
Reba Lindsay (8 days ago)
1:13 hi sponge bob is killing me 😂😂😂
Sophie Shaw (8 days ago)
Okay 1:12 made me laugh no matter how many times I watched it 😂
ocean nash (8 days ago)
do you people live off soy or something cause your testosterone levels are lower than a 100 year old men
Tory Knotts (8 days ago)
Remind me to never borrow Neds phone.
ponthea (8 days ago)
ponthea (8 days ago)
Kittyart05 (9 days ago)
oh man try guys why do you do this t yourselves :I
lcc726 (9 days ago)
Zack: its like my dick broke and needs a sling OMFG LOLZ! im dying!
Chelsea Carrier (9 days ago)
OMG😂 Hi SpongeBob 😂 I lost it.
Mr. Anonymous (9 days ago)
Uncensor this
Serena Odonata (9 days ago)
"I hate this video" "You look so handsome!" ^^
Serena Odonata (9 days ago)
I know now why there are serialkillers . . . . ^^
Serena Odonata (9 days ago)
"All that I can think about wearing this is Ned . . ." ok, Eugene . . .
Serena Odonata (9 days ago)
this is how I feel when I try to buy swimwear and there is nothing that does not just show at least 2 things I don't want to show . . .
Misha Quizon (9 days ago)
did they all wear the same swimsuit? or do they just have 4 weird swimsuits lying around 😂😂
Mason Z (10 days ago)
his chest is so hairy it makes me uncomfortable
evey comment is eugene xD
João Pedro Veras (11 days ago)
honestly, i'm just here for eugene...
Cecily Penrice (11 days ago)
The dick the dick
Axe (12 days ago)
Where is *RiCarDo* *miLOs*
pessimistic rat (12 days ago)
“This is just like a speed—oOOOHH NOPE.”
greenteajelly 123 (13 days ago)
Eugene: take a off shirt Me: nose bleeds
Lucy Lee (13 days ago)
Oops side ball 😂😂😂😂
Lucy Lee (13 days ago)
I lost it when eugene said “ hi spongebob” 😂
Darkness Silence (9 days ago)
1:10 😂 2:03 3:06 3:11 3:17
GarretWattsIsSpooky (13 days ago)
my english teather looks like ned help
Maxeene Delarama (14 days ago)
Jensine Atkins (15 days ago)
“Why was this made? I don’t know, why are there serial killers?”
x.licy.x 0wo (15 days ago)
Btec power rangers at the ready
Ashley Boyle (15 days ago)
"hi spongebob"
They dont even have the purpose of a swimsuit
"They FORGOT about the butt"
Klara.Sweetstep SSO (16 days ago)
1:12 I’m sorry but xD
Layla_ Barba_ (16 days ago)
Lilly Weldon (17 days ago)
anxiouspacifist (17 days ago)
I wish Eugene was my sexy Butler. 😩
frisky chan102502 (17 days ago)
the "hi spongebob" had me dyingggg
Lejla H (18 days ago)
Challenge:Make Zach wax his chest hair
Sloane Balmer (19 days ago)
No shark is going to think that your a seal in this outfit instead it will be like AaAaaggGhhH
Doris Floris (19 days ago)
"Hi SpOnGeBoB"
crazy pig-lover (19 days ago)
One size fits people
Faith sanchez (20 days ago)
what is up with eugenes expression at 1:35 dude he looks so upset and confused
Jayla Lopez (20 days ago)
Hi SpongeBob (I could be barely type I was laughing so hard)
Ayla Stinks (20 days ago)
I choked on my cola
Etta Devich (21 days ago)
"First things first, let me make that string disappear in my buttcrack..." Zach 2018
Maki the Weirdo (21 days ago)
Wolf-Cookie (22 days ago)
Why does eugene sound like Patrick when he said "Hi spongebob" i lost it when he said that though
Emilie VIGUIER (24 days ago)
The biggest and only advantage to these swimsuits: no worrying about tan lines.
Beryl Awuor (24 days ago)
I'm back for *Hi Spongebob* favourite Eugene line
Jaime M (24 days ago)
i love how everyone knows everything about their besties
Jaime M (24 days ago)
how do these videos NOT get demonitized
Crazy Frog Lady (25 days ago)
“ this looks like a speed ooooooooooooooo nope” I’m wheezing 0:28
MYSTIC BrOtHeR (25 days ago)
In the words of Keith “God Forbid You Get A Boner in This”😂
Plushy Puff (25 days ago)
More like "Porno Rangers" 😂😂😂
alexasstuff (26 days ago)
“hI sPoNGeBOB” 1:12
Maddie Mahoney (26 days ago)
1:11 😂😂😂
Audrey Dawn (27 days ago)
those are 75% the current colors Wow
teenagewormaphobe (27 days ago)
"ive never found myself revolting before.." i lost it
Alex's Animals (28 days ago)
0:32 the newest horror film 😂
aseel osama (28 days ago)
Eugene imitating ned sounds so much like squidward
Prisonedearth3 (29 days ago)
3:25 killed me
Borderlands808 (29 days ago)
That green mankini lookin lit af!!! Throw some glitter and tassels on it for improvement.
ELMsquad (29 days ago)
hi spongebob
Wolfie Brave (29 days ago)
*_Hai Spongebob_*
Emma Tunnah (30 days ago)
*ur butt would be like........* hI sPoNgBoB!
Multi fandom Edits (30 days ago)
This is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen😂🤣
James Michael (1 month ago)
"Women HAVE to wear ridiculous swimsuits all the time" They don't HAVE to do anything, they can CHOOSE to wear many different types of swimsuits. Pathetic feel-good pandering.
Pichou Liv (1 month ago)
Elijah Jourolmon (1 month ago)
Hi spongebob I’m literally wheezing
You should try women's swim suits lol

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