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Brand Nubian-Brand Nubian (song)

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From One For All album track #14
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Text Comments (389)
ivan kristo (2 days ago)
One of the bests ever
RoSeGod (5 days ago)
where my Nubians/Sudanese at??
RHQ (9 days ago)
[Verse 1: Lord Jamar] Brand Nubian function A junction of three, collaboration in a style that's like funk To slap palms, swing arms, tap a soul Cause no rock rolls down our hill Yo black it's kinda ill, we don't roll no rocks we just fill Heads with knowledge, pure foundation Showing and proving through the manifestation Of our name which is "Brand Nu" Brand Nubian and we've come to Make the people aware that black means first Four hundreed years and we're made to feel cursed But now it's our time to rule Student of the old, teacher of the new school My inspiration is the Five Percent Nation As I cram, education was born Like a thorn in your side I have sworn Never to divide with Brand Nubian [Verse 2: Sadat X] You have to stand as a black man, Brand Nubian From the Sudan plus I never ran I'm from Africa, the central region There I grew and formed a legion of my force See me riding on a jet black horse at any cost Brand Nubians will rise up and be the boss and show it All fairness if you're black and show awareness You can rally 'round the flag Stand tall, or don't stand at all You're with the three and the three won't sag to the floor Besides the picture that I'm painting I can draw See me work nine to five on my easel My physical is strong and my mind is cock diesel Brand Nubian function in conjunction with the three Verse 3: Grand Puba] Brand Nubian, not on a bandwagon following a fad Making use of the knowledge that we already had Grand Pu, here to send the mind into a frenzy I bet I'll swing something this summer for the Benzi Seep into the mind the brain and activate the pelvis Keeping the blind, deaf, dumb, and blind is Elvis Meaning old, so behold (The black, the beautiful, the bold) Now if this falls short, I'll try harder A wisdom to me is someone like Assata I'd like to say peace to Bambaata Tasa Kuma(?), Achmed, and Kenyatta Brothers that'll fight for the cause And they live in the boundaries of the righteous laws To put it exact, dominant means black But some have a hard time trying to swallow that Now we have some that are fake Wearing blue eyes and green eyes, come on, gimme a break Brand Nubian here to wake up Take off the makeup, 'cause all it'll do is cake up Just be real that's how I feel Brand Nubian [Outro] Nubian, a native or inhabitant of Nubia Nubian, A member of one of a group of African tribes that formed a powerful empire between Egypt and Ethiopia from the 6th to 14th century Nubian, any of several languages spoken in the central and northern Sudan And that's why we call ourselves Brand Nubian As the midnight oil burns, our minds turn Make a mistake and be fake and you'll burn We're here to teach so you'd might as well learn That the tree has the knowledge for what you yearn Brand Nubian
Juan Carlos Vasquez (1 month ago)
All you had to do was follow the damn train CJ!.
Cheese Doggy12 (24 days ago)
Cj: All you had to do is shoot the damn Enemy big smoke!
J P (1 month ago)
I feel cheated !!!!!
J P (1 month ago)
What the fuck !!!! I had this album , I've never heard this song !!!!
Andre Self (1 month ago)
Fuck bambata
TheSasGaming (2 months ago)
*Welcome To Los Santos 1992*
Jax The Gamer (2 months ago)
Groove 4 Life Man 4 Life
MrJones (2 months ago)
I got introduced to hip hop in gta man. Thanks rockstar.
Okonnor (3 months ago)
Play back fm !
NJbakintheday (4 months ago)
Ha ha! Welcome gamers! Better late than never. Glad these games are introducing youngins to the real hip hop. Keep diggin' up these old treasures, y'all.
Welcome Back, my GTA San Andreas nostalgia
L-gameplays (5 months ago)
Let me guess, Playback FM?
llaş laoqğş (5 months ago)
who is fk1n 46 people ?
John Kings (5 months ago)
XD Playback FM
micheal bithi (6 months ago)
Ahh the sounds of the east coast
ZockenmitKasten! (6 months ago)
one day everything seems normal, the next you live in a computer, don't trust these technology, just trust classic hip hop!
datboyphil (6 months ago)
I watched there unsung story the other day these guys were underrated as hell. Every mc gotta mean style to them all of em can spit
kramtimer boi (7 months ago)
Ryder 🔫oh yeah bulls eye
so few review in it masterpiece?
jmcc2k10 (9 months ago)
Dont get hip hop songs like this these days. So artificial sounding now and shit. Bring back the funky beat
Adrian Nieves (10 months ago)
aww yeahh!
AleFazaTV (10 months ago)
Next Friday and GTA San Andreas !
Esham The unholy (10 months ago)
Taht song remember me drive with an hustler in las venturas
Bryan Guashpa (10 months ago)
GTA San Andreas is fucking awesome and also most violence ever, I play GTA San Andreas on my iPad.
Geowat (11 months ago)
So awesome how GTA V has one of the songs that this sampled (Flashlight). Two great tunes. Two great games.
Marc Mona (11 months ago)
All of the best rap is where I am from NY baby all day
Kristin Becerra (1 year ago)
Them white boys had me high on pcp
Kristin Becerra (1 year ago)
Dan Everton (1 year ago)
Published on youtube ten years ago. Only 2000 likes. Come on people!
INFERNAL CARD (1 year ago)
Ronald Ortega (1 year ago)
San Andreas brought me here
Calvin Gilmore (1 year ago)
Anthony Darrow (1 year ago)
In the following verse on this song: "Now if this falls short I'll try harder. A wisdom to me is someone like Assata. I'd like to say peace to Bambaataa, Tasa Kuma, Ahmed and Kenyatta." Is anyone familiar with the individual called "Tasa Kuma"? If so, please enlighten me. Props.
Kilo anime (1 year ago)
Hey who still play gta San Andreas in 2017 and 18 on ps2 or ps3 and ps4
Kilo anime (1 year ago)
Yeah it sucks when you drive on the phone
TakingNotesWwe (1 year ago)
cash flow anime on my phone
Tupac Shakur (1 year ago)
Playback FM.
Alex Steez (1 year ago)
Junior The OG (1 year ago)
Omg same I love it I wait for it to come on then I go to my garage and get my lowrider then I start jumping
Nikhil Detroit1972 (1 year ago)
I wish dis song could have official video
Younus Bendame (1 year ago)
All we had to was follow the damn train CJ
DEEP WONDERS (1 year ago)
Ohhhhh brand nubian!!!
gta sa?
Alina Dumitrescu (1 year ago)
NICO NICO (1 year ago)
John Wilson (1 year ago)
Classic song and Album dope sample from Cameo's Rigor Morits
A melhor música da rádio do GTA SA
Gianpaolo Lapsus (1 year ago)
hip hop
Lytrel Hall (1 year ago)
Is there a bass tab for this
dendo (1 year ago)
Gta sa?
tom üger (1 year ago)
San Andreas.
The guy in the background sounds like he really enjoys bran.
Anderson Ferreira (1 year ago)
Impressive the Beat of Music
Curtis DeLor (1 year ago)
Can rap producers revive funky beats like this please? Trap beats sound horrible, just shows that 1990s hip-hop was the best.
TRIPLE AAA (1 year ago)
Curtis DeLor 80s had funkier beats fella haha
Reign HaZard (2 years ago)
might use this for a gta San Andreas trailer using the hd version of cj in gta5
David Fox (2 years ago)
I love this song
Nicholas Viggiano (2 years ago)
I set this as my ringtone
Emmanuel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Like si llegaste por San andreas GTA :v
John Kings (5 months ago)
Emmanuel Rodriguez Does the pope shit in the woods?
Darius Edmond (2 years ago)
Damn it CJ
John Kings (5 months ago)
Darius Edmond All we had to do was follow the damn train CJ!
John Kings (5 months ago)
Emmanuel Rodriguez what's that bullshit homeboy?
Emmanuel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
Il Saccagnato (2 years ago)
Why da fuck I wasn't born when this shit came out :(
Il Saccagnato (2 years ago)
brand nubian !!
Rico (2 years ago)
15 years old, wishin this music was in today...
rooboy1234567890 (2 years ago)
Il Saccagnato I'm happy to be young, wish this music could have come come out 30 years later though haha
Rob S. (2 years ago)
what year this came out
hassafella (2 years ago)
Rob S. 1990 this was actually their lead single....
janko jankovic (2 years ago)
80-90 I don`t know exactly
Jovani 213 (2 years ago)
Dj quik-get at me
Fantasy Guru (2 years ago)
That Rigor Mortis sample is so so dope
Gibson Callaway (2 years ago)
Jammin this while cruisin threw Idlewood Little Mexico and Las Colinas in a low rider with a familie smokin ballas varios los aztecas and vagos dead asses!😲😨👿💥💥💥🔫🤑😎✅
Joaquin Pugliese (2 years ago)
It's amazing how Rockstar could introduce so much great music into the new generation. Gta san Andreas is definitely the best game I've ever played in my life! So many memories!
zak Vanderwege (4 months ago)
Ya I played it so much on my ps2 when my mom had a apartment she died in 2017 but so many good memories playing that game CJ back on beyond las ventures Grove Street big smoke and more
Official Kiyah (4 months ago)
Joaquin Pugliese Brand new this album brand new boots album
ItsComingOutOfBothEnds (5 months ago)
I discovered Brand Nubian w/ GTA IV.
kramtimer boi (7 months ago)
Joaquin Pugliese I know I love this song Ryder oh yeah bulls eye to this song this song is the jam .
HolzstockG (8 months ago)
All for one is def shit <3
M1Garandstudios (2 years ago)
Forth Right MC brought me
PTLpdb (2 years ago)
The remaining 29 kkk members disliked this song
Avery Dallapiazza (2 months ago)
This group was just as racist as the kkk members you are pointing out. Until you stop singling yourself out as a race, you will always be stuck in the past.
MineNascto4 (2 years ago)
The best song of GTA San Andreas
James McLoughlin (3 months ago)
You have a fucking endorphin avatar whats up bro.
vIfg (5 months ago)
Your favorite song of GTA
Giuliano Di Martino (2 years ago)
Flash light.. Red light.. Neon light!..
aaron duncan (1 year ago)
Nope cameo!
Joe Smith (2 years ago)
Khalid Garvey X (5 months ago)
ueel one (1 year ago)
Kings hahahahaha what happen tho?
HyperCut (1 year ago)
TRAPZILLA 666 (2 years ago)
Lame Conversation212 I'm sensing you're white
Life Sentance (2 years ago)
lisnin in 94 in arizona
Ionut Banica (2 years ago)
Gta San Andreas Best :D
OldSchoolWalkthrough (3 years ago)
would someone open a disco with me where there is just hip hop songs from the 90s and 80s?
TRIPLE AAA (1 year ago)
ForeverMalone yeah but there are not a lot that play hip hop. Mostly disco, but 80s disco is still great. I would like to open one that played funk and hip hop.
PostalMalone (1 year ago)
OldSchoolWalkthrough Pretty sure there's places like that all over.
rooboy1234567890 (2 years ago)
OldSchoolWalkthrough I'll visit from Australia just for this place, it's my dream to be able to get down to this shit haha
KS Hoodlum (2 years ago)
I wish but nowadays all people want it mumble rap 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
fleshnbone187 (3 years ago)
The funk in this jam is so strong!
NJbakintheday (4 months ago)
The sample is Cameo's "Rigor Mortis"... funky as hell. Check it: https://youtu.be/Wz13jZaDOPc
KingOfGamers DJP (3 years ago)
Artemiz Alambar (3 years ago)
A bit of the song Flashlight by Parilament [Far Out]
Richie Montalvo (2 years ago)
and Rigor Mortis by Cameo
jhoan camilo pahissa (3 years ago)
too funky I love this shit
jhoan camilo pahissa (3 years ago)
thank you gta San Andreas
kramtimer boi (7 months ago)
jhoan camilo pahissa ryder oh yeah bulls eye to this song it's the jam
dereck72 (3 years ago)
Ha, I had this on a cassette back in '89 with feels so good on the B side! I used to bump this around lower westchester/north bx all day! Damn I'm old.
dereck72 (2 years ago)
Thank you for your contribution to the conversation.
LOU MILLY (3 years ago)
Best song to jump to hydraulics in GTA San Andreas been searching for this song for weeks so happy found it.
LOU MILLY (5 months ago)
Ronald Deschain LMFAOOO this shit really slaps
Andrés Padilla Z. (1 year ago)
Roland Deschain (1 year ago)
Going to fire up my Gold PS2 and play this in your honor, Sir.
LOU MILLY (1 year ago)
you right waleed
LOU MILLY (1 year ago)
Raz Conway (3 years ago)
Good vibes for all the family 
DoWhatIWant (1 year ago)
Raz Conway str8 up 😭😭 I love dope ass rap for my lil siblings this SHIT FUNKKYY
Fractal Hippy (3 years ago)
Brand Noobian** Hehe
purelelez (3 years ago)
songs like that, we call it CLASSIC nothing to compare to all this didn't-ya-see-I-have-the-biggest-cock rap shit of these days
I'm Bob. (3 years ago)
Gta sa best game until V
L-gameplays (5 months ago)
*GTA SA best game until nothing, because he still is
Claude Liberty City (2 years ago)
Gta SA best game -until V-
Dexenation Gracey (2 years ago)
+The swifter That's not even fair, GTASA is damn near a decade older than GTAV.
REAPER (2 years ago)
+Dexenation Gracey in fun it is definitely the most fun gta in history , but in graphics gta 5 beats it period.
fleshnbone187 (3 years ago)
+Fire__Wolf Still the best, V or no V.
MrLeitho (3 years ago)
Like si vienes por gta san andresas
Emmanuel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
:v 2016 y si
robert patterson (4 years ago)
GTA didn't bring me here Brand Nubian brought me here.
True Lies (1 month ago)
al112v5 (1 year ago)
A good game brought me here. Sorry.
KS Hoodlum (2 years ago)
+robert patterson Ligh cool, who drinkin wit me lmao
robert patterson (2 years ago)
+KS Hoodlum better get you cup ready cuz' your gonna see it a lot on here, lol 
KS Hoodlum (2 years ago)
same... all I see in these comments is san andreas... ima drink bleach mix wit lighter fluid next time I see this shit on another song thass old school lmao
kiddkevo (4 years ago)
Thank you GTA: San Andreas!!!!
dcandy26 (3 years ago)
+Kevin Diyoka heck ya
Al-Hussein Abdulnasser (4 years ago)
5 Stars for this song ★★★★★
that dude (15 days ago)
+Renat Khassanov said some Chinese looking terrorist. What are you? Tartar, Uzbek? Долбаеб блять.
John Kings (5 months ago)
Al-Hussein Abdulnasser 5 stars, that's when the fbi appears
JDM ADDICT (6 months ago)
- Bruiser2012 - (7 months ago)
Blasting this song while I have 5 stars through idlewood
Renat Khassanov (8 months ago)
Göktuğ İldaş (4 years ago)
Assaf Boss (4 years ago)
I know,this is in GTA San Andreas,Playback FM.
Slim Loc 119 (6 months ago)
I also
Jakky Boy (1 year ago)
Assaf Boss no flys on you homie
Puja Akbari Chirani (2 years ago)
+ravioli hahahahh made My Day
na its in minecraft
Assaf Boss (4 years ago)
this is my favorite
Assaf Boss (4 years ago)
I love this song,she is classy.I like this popular song from 90's.
Nico Vercetti (4 years ago)
Cruisin' trough San Andreas
LOU MILLY (3 years ago)
Jones House Publishing (4 years ago)
Hip Hop is knowledge so Bill O'Reilly you can suck on that big head
Dario (4 years ago)
Best version!
Dom Brownyo (5 years ago)
My Crooked White Ass loves this tune!
Kaez Da Undead216 (5 years ago)
Grand Puba
nabilster (5 years ago)
Go to whosampled(dot)com
Pao Brown (5 years ago)
my inspiration was the 5% nation.... killed it!!!!

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