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DIY Santa Claus From Paper | Christmas Craft Ideas

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DIY Santa Claus From Paper | Christmas Craft Ideas Please Subscribe to my channel : http://bit.ly/EMMADIY #diy #santa #christmas #xmas #crafts #emmadiy Looking for some simple Christmas crafts for kids or for yourself? Here are 17 ideas for all ages that will put you in the holiday spirit! There’s just something magical about sitting down with the Christmas music playing or a fun holiday movie to watch, a festive treat to eat and a holiday project that you love working on. There’s no time of year that’s better for working on a fun project than Christmas and the holiday season, is there? Whether it’s a gift for someone or a craft or a decoration, it’s fun to create these easy crafts at Christmas. In this video you will find: DIY Santa Claus From Paper Christmas Craft Ideas 00:00 DIY Paper Christmas Tree 00:23 DIY Mini Wool Hat Christmas Decoration 00:59 How to make paper Christmas bag starburst, Paper bag 3d star,Christmas decoration idea 01:32 How to Make a 3D Paper Star Xmas Ornament 01:46 Christmas Tree Napkin Folding Tutorial 02:06 Christmas star with pene pasta 02:21 Christmas decoration craft ideas - Christmas garland with globs 02:35 How To Make Paper Christmas Wreath Ideas - Cute Christmas Decorating 02:47 How to make Santa's hat. Origami. The art of folding paper 03:01 3D Paper Christmas Tree | How to Make a 3D Paper Xmas Tree DIY Tutorial 03:16 MASON JAR ORNAMENTS, LID ORNAMENTS 03:37 Christmas Santa Claus Boot From Waste Plastic Bottle 03:51 DIY Christmas Fireplace 04:01 Newspaper Christmas Tree 04:18 How to make Yarn Christmas Tree| Crafts for Christmas | Yarn Craft Ideas 04:33 ______________________ More Christmas Cratf Ideas Videos DIY Christmas Tree Craft Ideas | Christmas Tree Craft Ideas https://youtu.be/8Jb8PBgAAcs ❄ 20 LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS https://youtu.be/-a0KN3EqWfg TOP CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS 2018 https://youtu.be/Ccm4wz9TYjE ❄ 17 CHEAP AND AWESOME CHRISTMAS TREES AND DIYs | EMMA DIY https://youtu.be/_J0FyFXO90A ❄ 17 BRILLIANT DIY CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS IDEAS https://youtu.be/shRnXIMP_pQ 🔝 14 COOL AND EASY CHRISTMAS DIYs YOU SHOULD TRY https://youtu.be/d3Atlr-QgDA ______________________ Become my friend: Youtube: http://bit.ly/EMMADIY Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmadiy2/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EMMADIY2 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/emma.diy.hacks/ G+: https://plus.google.com/101080698364247271625 ______________________ If you completed these Christmas Craft Ideas, let me hear about it! Drop a comment below. Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe! :)
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EMMA DIY (23 days ago)
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Paramjit Kaur (23 days ago)
I ❤️ur trees 👍🏽👌
Paramjit Kaur (23 days ago)
EMMA DIY I❤️your trees 👍🏽👌
Nuray YURDAN (11 hours ago)
hello..I sub..nice channel:)you should look at my channel
Prateik Tandi (17 hours ago)
Oh Emma... Thank you☺️
neha rani (1 day ago)
Amazing songs
EMMA DIY (18 hours ago)
Thank you
Abdul Basheer (2 days ago)
EMMA DIY (1 day ago)
Thank you
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Ratan Majhi (5 days ago)
Your welcome but pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse make such videos like this and add very interesting song like this BEST OF LUCK
Minh Nguyễn (5 days ago)
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Ratan Majhi (6 days ago)
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Ratan Majhi (7 days ago)
Who else love the song
Neelam M (8 days ago)
Sudins Creation (9 days ago)
Hi dear friend............. Have a Nice day
Lillie Howarth (9 days ago)
But it is amazing
Lillie Howarth (9 days ago)
This is fake it does not work
SUPER COOL DUED (6 days ago)
Isme kya fake hai
Beatriz Andrade (9 days ago)
Me gusta el vídeo. Tiene muy buenas ideas. Pero va muy rápido!!!⏳⏳⏳
Divya pandey (10 days ago)
Where do you live
Andreza Bandeira (11 days ago)
Eu gosto do Natal quem gosta deixa um like
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Maro H (14 days ago)
Elena Zenzolo (15 days ago)
You are amazing, well done!
EMMA DIY (14 days ago)
Thank you
Carole Muckel (15 days ago)
My mistake I see the measurements at the beginning in cm's ..inches would be nice too but I can use my converter.
Carole Muckel (15 days ago)
It would be nice to know the actual sizes of each paper project before you start. I had to guess and some came out pretty great, but just a suggestion..sizes and measurements are really helpful in tutorials. Thanks.
Rose Mari (15 days ago)
Sandhya Soni (16 days ago)
I like this video
Chloe Franklin (17 days ago)
Great craft! This was so fun to make
Playboy Packs (19 days ago)
Not at all being an hater I love this video just it goes a little fast but these crafts are so cool I love doing with my siblings :)
EMMA DIY (19 days ago)
Thank you so much, I appreciate and I will try to make it little slow! Have a nice day!
Craft Creativity (23 days ago)
Suppub...👌👌 I m ur new friend plzz stay connected..😊😊
Veronica Valadez (24 days ago)
This would have been nice if you would have slowed it down. We were very angry trying to pause and fold. Definitely not going to watch anymore of your videos. Children can't process your quick videos😡
Mercy Perera (26 days ago)
Show this to santa he will probably love it 🎅🎅🎅
Santosh Ekka (5 days ago)
Santosh Ekka (5 days ago)
Bledar Morina vlogs (28 days ago)
I like this video
Bledar Morina vlogs (27 days ago)
Pleas like and subscribe to this chanel beacuese it is the best
EMMA DIY (28 days ago)
Thanks my friend
() _ () ( * , * ) Beautiful merry Christmas all
Very good
Beatiful video my dear friend! Have a nice evening 👍
Bonia DIY (1 month ago)
This is cute 💖 Guys, don't hesitate to visit my *DIY channel* , you'll be welcomed with open arms 😘😘😘
SUPER NINJAGO (1 month ago)
Спасибо за видео! Заходите к нам в гости!
DIY Tips&Tricks (1 month ago)
Woow, nice video, Likeee. ;)
Zoe GG (1 month ago)
Nice 😊👍
Great Santa. You’ve worked so hard on that. 💕👍
KezziesCorner (1 month ago)
oh my god i cannot wait to see more christmas videos here hehe
Ashley Nicole Rice (1 month ago)
I love how you made the hats! that is so cute!!
Sumati Sharma (1 month ago)
Great craft. ..big like
Shailendra Nath (1 month ago)
Excellent work my friend..
広島Kampusra (1 month ago)
wow mantap... lookk cool 👍👍
Wisemans Creek Studios (1 month ago)
Happy Halloween! another really cool and interesting video we always enjoy watching. Cheers from Australia
RENE JIBEN (1 month ago)
So creative. Good! Thumb up and Greetings Friend
Rote Nelke (1 month ago)
you are very creative! i love this DIY xmas napkin
you are very creative! i love this DIY xmas napkin I love all of it! :)) xx
##Amit kumar (1 month ago)
Like 8
ŞAHİN TAKIMI (1 month ago)
good video like
MultiVerse Studio (1 month ago)
awesome 👍6👍
uma madeti's kitchen (1 month ago)
Very nice 👍
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YouTube Red (1 month ago)
nice video
Victor Hugo Salas (1 month ago)
Good morning☀ EMMA DIY, happening and strengthening your video. ¡Thumbs up! Warm greetings and have a beautiful day. 👀 🙆 (◔‿ ゝ ◔)
Ely Leroy (1 month ago)
1er Com 1er Like Nice Perfect Video 🎶🎶👏👋👋

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