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George Albert Smith: Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer (1898)

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Old Man Drinking a Glass of Beer (AKA: Comic Faces) is a 1897 British short silent comedy film, directed by George Albert Smith, featuring a man drinking a glass of beer whose face and hands become increasingly lively as a result. The single-shot film shows Green, according to Bryony Dixon of BFIfilms, "performing what is known as a 'facial', that is a piece direct to camera showing changing facial expressions. The ability to get close up to the star was a great advantage that film had over the stage and early filmmakers were keen to exploit it." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_Drinking_a_Glass_of_Beer Breve Storia del Cinema - La scuola di Brighton: http://brevestoriadelcinema.altervista.org/3-1.html
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