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Cold Cave - Underworld USA

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Taken from Cherish The Light Years (Matador,2011).
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Text Comments (56)
blipblip88 (3 months ago)
i like drab majesty more
Rachel Cantu (5 months ago)
"I want to move into your body and stay." <3 Cold Cave
King Voodoo (8 months ago)
The riff is from Run DMC- Rock Box
They said the meek shall inherit the earth Oh God that seems like so much work I want to sing and dream and drink and cry And let this night pass me by Take me to the future I'm ready My affection is so unsteady I can think of tomorrow I can sleep through today As the sun melts the ice caps away I'll carry your cross now baby It's a blasphemous world today We are the tender missionary From the Underworld USA It is so easy to confess When you are guilty of nothing less Than a crooked wretched stupid tepid Indifference Take me to your bedroom I'm ready My complexion is so unsteady I remember tomorrow I forget yesterday I want to move into your body and stay I'll bury your pain now baby Are you happier now In the tender cemetery Where we always are Here to stay They said the meek shall inherit the earth I want to know what it's all worth With a knife in my back And a star in my eye Let this life pass me by Can you take me to your heaven I'm ready I know the weight of my heart is too heavy I will love you with all of the love that I have Even if that means there's none left for me A cosmic kiss in the dead of night A curse lifted under streetlight I will love you in the future forever Until my heart explodes And it will
Noir Tres Noir (1 year ago)
Sing to me Wesley
Alessandra Calle (1 year ago)
This is one of the best albums I´ve ever heard. All hail Cold Cave this song is fucking good I cant get enough since 2014
4 GOD (11 months ago)
Alessandra I think you're a beautiful person inside and out. Hope you're happy all the time
Carlos Balli (2 years ago)
The Knife In My Back.....
Monkeyb Doslli (2 years ago)
Para el set y la pirateria gracias junkie nurse body and stayyyyyyyyyyyyy =)
Active Farce (2 years ago)
This song is magik
Igor Becker (2 years ago)
Sonia Lopez Lariz (2 years ago)
i love this. such a new order feel. love it
Justin tests water ok (3 years ago)
Mona Sweeney (3 years ago)
my butthole hurts
gildan (4 years ago)
Never heard of this till this year... best song ive heard this year
Dan (4 years ago)
@No no let's keep Synth Pop alive, I love this song!
Cerissa Lopez (5 years ago)
This is like...The Cure x Stevie Nicks - Stand Back...I love it
Noelia Citialin (5 years ago)
Oh how I love this!
hazmat151 (5 years ago)
love at first listen
beesland (5 years ago)
well i was probably thinking of what you had in the top 40 or whatever, which pretty much does serve as a bias. Its like saying todays music is better than the 60s because all you had then were the beach boys. Oh god I feel like i became the complete opposite to a typical 13 year old music nerd!
batboy (1 year ago)
the beach boys are fuckin incredible go listen to good vibrations ( or anything off of pet sounds really) with all the crazy key and modal changes
tommybass40 (5 years ago)
Depeche Mode, Sisters of Mercy, Shriekback, Ministry, Camouflage, etc were all dark and complex bands using synths back in the 80's. Thompson Twins, OMD, Howard Jones, etc were more poppy.
beesland (5 years ago)
Seriosusly this is what you had in the 80s? I thought your synth-pop was bright and poppy, not dark and complex. Neat!
Amiel Solis (5 years ago)
es mi imaginación o empieza con un sample de heresey de NIN? o es al revés?
henry alva (5 years ago)
grsgf (5 years ago)
Makes me wanna get gay.
captaindaring (5 years ago)
You say you used to be into [Bauhaus, New Order...) what are you into now?
zimriel (5 years ago)
There are lot of early 80s postpunk bands, most of which didn't hit the big time, encapsulated here. The song "Confetti", yeah, that one was pure Factory Records. This one is hitting up some Orchestral Manoeuvres, some Bunnymen, Pink Turns Blue, Xymox - I even detect Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight" in here, heh.
BRUNÃO (5 years ago)
Ramiro Yepez (11 months ago)
BRUNÃO Puto!!!
beesland (5 years ago)
this really is new wave to you? I always thought 80s synth was more, i dont know, lighthearded and airy. This is deep and heavy.
Steven Lenin (6 years ago)
Great album. And one of the best covers I've ever seen. Looks great on a record sleeve.
Steven Lenin (6 years ago)
My complexion is so unsteady...
TheWrestle119 (6 years ago)
88.1 Raleigh,NC!!!
DBCOOPER (6 years ago)
This goes in cycles, and if you haven't been paying attention, the 80s are making a comeback. Recognize these guys for the talent they have, which is tremendous.
xasdrubalex (6 years ago)
@tadawoosh they were quite busy playing hardcore punk, revival is not a race.
CRINGESOUND (6 years ago)
@tadawoosh awful synth pop? i didnt see much awful 80's synth pop as much as i saw shitty hair metal.
No (6 years ago)
Can we please leave that awful synthpop sound in the '80s, where it belongs? These guys missed the new wave revival by at least half a decade.
Jeanette Belle-isle (2 months ago)
No yeah another revival is happening now six years later ha
aflyer (7 years ago)
The cure? No, I wouldn't compare this sound to them. This is more like a cross between Depeche and New Order and a touch of Sisters of Mercy.
Bobby Klang (7 years ago)
TOTALLY steals the melody from ABC's The Look Of Love. Those bastards. Sorry, not steals, is "inspired by".
Jordan Donaldson (7 years ago)
@damonskates put a bit of New Order in there and thats spot on! :D
Fernweh (7 years ago)
Hell yeah Wes.
kritter65 (7 years ago)
@tommybass40 Tommy, hey, I think we're the same person. Same age, same groups, same thoughts. Weird.
Luis Jesus (7 years ago)
amazing band
tommybass40 (7 years ago)
@oncemas I'm 45 yo too and used to be into Bauhaus, New Order, PiL, Cure, Sisters of Mercy, etc and this Cold Cave band fits right in with that whole group. When I first heard "Confetti" on the radio I was thinking if I happened to miss an 80's new wave back then. I knew that was impossible but luckily The Alternate Side program, 91.5FM, NYC, announced the band after it was over. I've got to give credit to this younger generation for paying homage to the great sounds of the 1980's.
Topxe (7 years ago)
This reminds me of the Commodore 64 demoscene circa the mid-80's. Love it.
damonskates (7 years ago)
if the cure and depeche mode combined into one, it would sound like this
Daniel (7 years ago)
god if someone who could actually sing covered this song it would be the best song on earth. As it stands only the instrumental really speaks to me.
Chris Hoffman (7 years ago)
Hopelessly addicted to this song. I cannot stop listening............
drasdwayne (7 years ago)
I hear influences from 80s Britpop like Duran Duran and The Cure.
hambone8080 (7 years ago)
Cold Cave is also inspired by NON (Boyd Rice) Very similar artwork and font
oncemas (7 years ago)
I'm 45 years old and love the HELL out of this band and can't wait to see them this coming Monday!!! And to correct Jason, this band already makes some really good music!!! I was an alt kid in the 80's and this reminds me SO much of that music. Love this band!!! :-)
jeepee2 (7 years ago)
Anyone noticed how the beginning sounds like NIN's Heresy? I bet they're fans of Nine Inch Nails! :P
Vanaichan (7 years ago)
welkome202 (7 years ago)
great song!

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