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"17 Girls in a Row & Gloryhole (Girls Onstage)" Steel [email protected], Pa 10/3/17

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Girl from Oklahoma (Fan Onstage), Steel Panther, Sands Casino Event Center, Bethlehem, PA; October 3rd, 2017; Hydrograd Tour; opening for Stone Sour
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Disco69 (4 months ago)
Holy Shit it's the Moo Crew...Prancing Poodles...
Anthony Keele (4 months ago)
Kim for the win!!
Joe Maeck (4 months ago)
All uglys and fat piggy’s up on stage!!!
gearhead 400 (4 months ago)
I almost puked watching this
WillyVonHalen (8 months ago)
What a pathetic bunch of females on that stage and some find it necessary the film the whole thing.
Cajun9000 (9 months ago)
That stage is seriously going to collapse!
Trey Booher (11 months ago)
This unfortunately, accurately represents the lack of attractive females epidemic in PA.
tracy haupt (5 months ago)
Trey Booher 😅 hey, I'm from PA. But unfortunately I must agree, that's a pretty shitty line up😨
Andre Benoit (1 year ago)
Gets on stage takes phone out
KURT HANZO (1 year ago)
SAM JACME (1 year ago)
I want that blonde in the black shirt at 2:06
Taylor Mackenzye (1 year ago)
Heyyy I'm up there
Babay Bluegill (1 year ago)
not to many hot chicks in PA apparently
Christina Fulkrod (1 year ago)
I had fun
Babay Bluegill (1 year ago)
Wicked Puppet whoa!! you showed boobie! or maybe pussy hair! my apologies there were hot chick there
Dawn B (1 year ago)
Nope. I stayed in the crowd so I could be in the front. I was the one Corey Taylor pointed to during fabuless. I won't say why. Hehe
Alan Heyes (1 year ago)
Leigha Carter Indeed. As though he could pull 95% of the women on that stage.
L.P. Carter AIC PhD (1 year ago)
Babay Bluegill That's horrible to say! You don't knock other women that maybe you don't find attractive, but others do! This is the continued Problem with today, no one is kind to the other one
Jeff Higgs (1 year ago)
The bass playa is the prettiest one up there.

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