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DOOM - Mission 5: Argent Tower (Argent Energy Tower) - Collectibles, Upgrades & Secrets - Guide

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to DOOM! This video is a walk through guide in which I show you how to find all of the collectibles, weapons, upgrades, tokens, secrets, codices and points of interest inside Mission 5: Argent Tower (Argent Energy Tower). I hope this video helps you out! Time stamps: 00:26 - Delta V Jump Boots - Allows Double Jump 00:40 - Codex Entry - Environments: Argent Energy Tower 00:55 - Rune Trial - Unlocks Ammo Boost Rune 02:04 - Argent Cell 02:36 - Secret Room 02:54 - Codex Entry - Monsters: Revenant 03:05 - Combat Support Drone 03:23 - Elite Guard (Praetor Token) 03:44 - Codex Entry - Monsters: Summoner 03:59 - Super Shotgun 04:12 - Automap Station 04:39 - Elite Guard (Praetor Token) 05:02 - Codex Entry - DATABASE: Argent Energy 05:22 - Orangeguy - Unlocks UAC Pistol Model 06:20 - Purpleguy - Unlocks Summoner Model 06:58 - Drone Activation 07:08 - Argent Cell 07:29 - Secret Classic Doom Lever 08:11 - Secret Classic Map - Doom: Halls of the Damned 08:32 - Rune Trial - Unlocks Equipment Power Rune 09:29 - Elite Guard (Praetor Token) 09:56 - Gauss Cannon (Secret) Other Mission Guides: Mission 1: Rip & Tear (The UAC) - https://goo.gl/y4VZBi Mission 2: Know Your Enemy (Resource Operations - https://goo.gl/qawLdi Mission 3: Meltdown (Foundry) - https://goo.gl/KCxU63 Mission 4: Begining Of The End (Argent Facility) https://goo.gl/kaZ0qu Mission 5: Argent Tower (Argent Energy Tower) - https://goo.gl/yPIfk3 DOOM Missions Playlist: https://goo.gl/ajWmaV PATREON - https://www.patreon.com/Camelworks?ty=h SUBSCRIBE - http://goo.gl/a7GZdP DONATIONS - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr... TWITTER - https://twitter.com/Camelworks FACEBOOK - http://goo.gl/OTUCJv
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Text Comments (92)
Benny Glock (4 months ago)
5:52 yeah I had no idea how to get that guy! Tanx mate!
Demon Xonoc (4 months ago)
Jarosław Wójtowicz (7 months ago)
why can't you just shut up????
Pepe (7 months ago)
Since i oddly encounter the bug, that collected items and stuff stay white and dont turn orange on the map, this guide helps!
ashish prasad (7 months ago)
I cannot cross that bridge, i keep falling down
Kirbyfire73 (1 year ago)
"Now from this rune trial we want to turn to our right and double jump up onto this platform then double jump onto this small rail here then jump down onto this platform up onto the box up onto this platform then up onto this platform then turn to the left and drop down into this vent." -Camelworks 2016
Naburi (2 years ago)
Dammit, the last '?' is not getting orange. I got the gauss rifle but it does not see it as a secret :(
Naburi (2 years ago)
Ouch!! forget it, the last question mark is not the last secret, it's the classic doom map room x(
francisco rosales (2 years ago)
camel lol !!;-) how'd u come up with that?? anywho ..hel yea thnx. much props I think I'm right behind you on this game..
S U P R E 〽 E (2 years ago)
I missed so much shit and didn't even notice till I watched this lol
Johnny1990 (2 years ago)
Camel! you are awesome at these man! you gotta continue with Doom
Dustin Davidson (2 years ago)
Why haven't you done any more of the missions on your channel, Camel???
ThorZ (2 years ago)
Excellent m8! Thanks a lot!
007odc (2 years ago)
I miss the first model and don't know if you can back track this level after you go under that first door hatch
Sam Maltby (2 years ago)
Can this level be backtracked after you start scaling the tower, or is it one way after lifting the first door?
Bill Hartnett (2 years ago)
i want to know this too. i missed the 2nd doll
Rudy Dvorak (2 years ago)
Camel! 6 please!? you were kicking ass, what happened?
Gansh iizZ (2 years ago)
This guide is awesome dude. Thanks for your Time to making These Videos... I guess it's alot of work ^^
Mitchell Monroe (2 years ago)
Please, Please, PLEASE I'm begging you to finish the game and the walkthroughs ! Please!!
Rare Sizzle (2 years ago)
Love the commentary 👌🏻
knownasgeeks (2 years ago)
where is video 6?
Dion 78 (2 years ago)
How often do your Doom vids go up ?.
TheLastBabyMan (2 years ago)
Please, I need more of your sexy voice telling me how to complete Doom.
KiraRuya (2 years ago)
Still waiting for the other videos
Alyssa Ledbetter (2 years ago)
Great work! Can't wait for the rest!
shrimpsjongleur (2 years ago)
good work, i´m waiting for mission 6! haha
Curseinkas (2 years ago)
Are you going to continue these soon? They're super helpful!
Oynox Slider (2 years ago)
your guides are great, i hope you finish them!
KierDarkOne (2 years ago)
that rune trial was a bitch..great vids,very helpful.will the next one be up soon??!
Eduardo Lopez (2 years ago)
Where is fro mission 6 I like it cuz u tell us where in maps they are
Bulletzen1000 (2 years ago)
Are you going to do more walk through guides for the rest of the game? Yours seem to be the most thorough, but you haven't uploaded the rest in a while.
D H (2 years ago)
Good work camel. you're making my doom awesome
Dominik Eder (2 years ago)
Please continue these DOOM-Guides...pleeeeaaaaase
Mr_DoctorProfessor (2 years ago)
More please. please....
XxDarkness157xX (2 years ago)
1deag (2 years ago)
LMAO @ the Chip reference 4:35
Camelworks (2 years ago)
Glad someone got it!
kyle mathews (2 years ago)
dude level 6... I need it my friend with the accent
kyle mathews (2 years ago)
dude level 6... I need it my friend with the accent
ScaBzEvL Bash Brigade (2 years ago)
dude ur guide for doom is great plz upload the rest soon so we can finish this off. thank u so much for the videos and its a pleasure to have u make them.
TheDreamManifester (2 years ago)
Why haven't you uploaded the rest of the levels? It's been a week since you last uploaded this one. Where's the rest of the game? Forget Fallout and finish Doom mate...
88Jazza (2 years ago)
Dude, Where is your next walkthrough! you're so good at them :( stuff this fallout 4 crap ive already plat that game haha
Bjørn Erik Kvitvik (2 years ago)
need epi 6 mission 6! epic guide :D
Damian Quinter (2 years ago)
Donkey punched some women in your day?!? That shit had me laughing my ass off!!!
alo lynn (2 years ago)
This level is making me hate it. How the Fuck do you land into that secret room when jumping down without dying?!?!?
Michael Hinrichsen (2 years ago)
+alo lynn you can't shoot ledges :p
alo lynn (2 years ago)
+Michael Hinrichsen I rather shoot it thanks
Michael Hinrichsen (2 years ago)
You first have to snort cocaine then it becomes possible
Terren Orndorff (2 years ago)
need that new one
David Davidson (2 years ago)
Any news on Mission 6? You're the greatest at these vids.
Kenster (2 years ago)
Need the next one!
Christopher Loesch (2 years ago)
Had to subscribe! Can't wait for the next mission. I swear I won't play them without these. Don't even care!
andrex1212 (2 years ago)
For people doing this on a NG+ I would suggest doing rune trials last (if you can)... They boot you out of the level after completing them for some reason.
Drs 43 Gaming (2 years ago)
your walk through's are very well done
Garfield (2 years ago)
we need another these are so useful !
88Jazza (2 years ago)
Come on mannn finish Doom forget fallout crap.
Andrew Budden (2 years ago)
+Camelworks how long till the next one is up ?
Camelworks (2 years ago)
+tyler lambert I'll make the next one tomorrow!
TigerTony 77 (2 years ago)
Me too
Andrew Budden (2 years ago)
No " into the fire walk through " ?
Starkiller Marex (2 years ago)
Bro, show how to get to the areas. My friend and I are trying to get everything and you're making it harder than it has to be.
Terren Orndorff (2 years ago)
we need another😃😃😃
Pete Fawcett (2 years ago)
Looking forward to the next guide 👍🏽👍🏽
Demetrius Ervin (2 years ago)
these videos help alot. thanks man.
superguinea (2 years ago)
your video have been indispensable. i cant find anything without your videos. thank you bro. keep'em coming
Stay Correct (2 years ago)
Hey camel you got anything on doom level 6 yet bro???
Kyle Baysinger (2 years ago)
we need mission 6. You are an amazing youtuber
Dan P (2 years ago)
are there more vids coming soon? these are the most intricate DOOM guides out there, nice job :)
Anjelica Russian (2 years ago)
Nice snake impression bruh
Lethal weappon85 (2 years ago)
you missed a totem
Samantha Harris (2 years ago)
It's pronounced Arjent, not Argent. Listen to Samuel Hayden in game - it's how he pronounces it throughout the game.
Samantha Harris (2 years ago)
+Storkii193 ...hello to you too. Not sure what warranted that response, but whatever.
210ds (2 years ago)
The ammo boost rune trial crashed my game 2 times.
Noah Six (2 years ago)
you are "the greatest"
Evan O'Keeffe (2 years ago)
I've given up on finding all the collectibles and secrets on my current playtrough. Gotta get ready for Faa Haba
Anjelica Russian (2 years ago)
+Evan O'Keeffe Oh, you mean the highly anticipated Har Farbor? X3
Kenshin Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Luv it ! :D nice job !
you do realize you're pronouncing argent wrong right?
Toxy (2 years ago)
Micheal Hudgens (2 years ago)
Here is the most powerful thing you can do with the ammo boost. Using the God damn chainsaw!
Hector Camarillo (2 years ago)
Camel do more pls
Jedikiah (2 years ago)
Gauss Cannon looks like the Tesla rifle from Fallout 4, and also a gun in Paladins
Terren Orndorff (2 years ago)
Keep up the good work man.Best vids out for doom
Bronoculars (2 years ago)
Camelworks (2 years ago)
I really do hope this video helps you out! *Time stamps are below this sentence:* 00:26 - *Delta V Jump Boots* - Allows Double Jump 00:40 - *Codex Entry* - Environments: Argent Energy Tower 00:55 - *Rune Trial* - Unlocks Ammo Boost Rune 02:04 - *Argent Cell* 02:36 - *Secret Room* 02:54 - *Codex Entry* - Monsters: Revenant 03:05 - *Combat Support Drone* 03:23 - *Elite Guard (Praetor Token)* 03:44 - *Codex Entry* - Monsters: Summoner 03:59 - *Super Shotgun* 04:12 - *Automap Station* 04:39 - *Elite Guard (Praetor Token)* 05:02 - *Codex Entry* - DATABASE: Argent Energy 05:22 - *Orangeguy* - Unlocks UAC Pistol Model 06:20 - *Purpleguy* - Unlocks Summoner Model 06:58 - *Drone Activation* 07:08 - *Argent Cell* 07:29 - *Secret Classic Doom Lever* 08:11 - *Secret Classic Map* - Doom: Halls of the Damned 08:32 - *Rune Trial* - Unlocks Equipment Power Rune 09:29 - *Elite Guard (Praetor Token)* 09:56 - *Gauss Cannon (Secret)*
HamOnRye Chinaski (1 year ago)
Did u ever revisit Doom and attempt some of the (now) fantastic levels? A 30gb update but there's so much good stuff to Ho at its hard not to get sidetracked...never mind making ur own level.
thezionsoho (2 years ago)
hope you do the rest of the Doom levels
Coops Dogg (2 years ago)
Hey dude, hope you do the rest of the Doom levels, your guides are the best!
626GEV6 (2 years ago)
Your guides are very helpfull. I hope more will follow soon :D
Samantha Harris (2 years ago)
+BOXERCHESTER09 The maps are a lot more frantic and exciting when you first play them. Camelworks has just cleared them all first when making the videos.

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