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GTA San Andreas - Playback FM

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Make sure the quality is as high as possible! Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Road to the Riches" 00:10 Big Daddy Kane - "Warm It Up, Kane" 04:35 Spoonie Gee - "The Godfather" 08:11 Masta Ace - "Me & The Biz" 11:53 Slick Rick - "Children's Story" 16:34 Public Enemy - "Rebel Without a Pause" 20:29 Eric B. & Rakim - "I Know You Got Soul" 24:26 Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock - "It Takes Two" 31:13 Gang Starr - "B.Y.S." 35:01 Biz Markie - "The Vapors" 39:43 Brand Nubian - "Brand Nubian" 43:44 Ultramagnetic MCs - "Critical Beatdown" 47:00 This video contains commercials and DJ chatter, etc. The reason being is that I find having them gives it a more lively feel. I chose which commercials are heard, and the order in which they are heard. The reason I made and uploaded this video is so people can listen to it outside of the game at home, or in their own vehicles driving around. Also for those who don't even own the game anymore. If Rockstar had released the radios as they appeared in-game, rather than just the tracks, there would be no need for this! More to come later.
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Text Comments (780)
Andre Eidler (3 years ago)
Rockstar can launches even GTA 58, but San Andreas will remains as the real good shit legend.
Real Deal Videos (8 months ago)
Take it... Hold it... Love it... Best words in history👏👏😂
david grizzly (9 months ago)
That's Right this playback take me to back when I ear such this before so I,m so fully agree for gif hand up
OrochiTsuMI (10 months ago)
Yah holmes i approved that
[AK] Ankris (11 months ago)
its called remastered not hd,and its not only on ps3,its also on xbox and mobile.
Franklin Clinton (1 year ago)
Andre Eidler 4:56 Oh yes! That song is my favorite in GTA San Andreas! That is my favorite rap song.
That Me Me ME! (1 day ago)
Wonderful radio station in: Gta San Andreas
CLASH iLAND (2 days ago)
Where is the music Link Park one of the best ever played on GTA Onde está a música Link Park uma das melhores já tocadas no GTA ?
El Ganzo (3 days ago)
demon slayer (6 days ago)
0:12 my song 😎
Professional WPNFire (9 days ago)
Fyld Med Rap!
highko witt (17 days ago)
for me san andreas is a milestone of videogaming...
Maris Luksevics (20 days ago)
Played this game since 4 years old only started to appreciate the soundtrack about now
Toy Bus Productions (21 days ago)
I loved this game😀😀
Anono_beast (21 days ago)
Whaaaaaaat!!???!!!?!?! Big daddy kane was in san andreas? Lmao hes an east coast rapper, also rakim and gangstar lmao
夜桜小見和久 (22 days ago)
Mohamed Mekki (28 days ago)
This radio was the best F##ing sound ever, oh the days
Vitor Vieira (1 month ago)
My favorite radio...los santos likes less, then it...
Danilo Marques (1 month ago)
28:00 hahahahahahahahahah
carlos collay (1 month ago)
mandemen todo los temas de esta canciones rothers
ClearInsanity (1 month ago)
San Andreas will always be the best GTA game ever made.
This is the best radio from GTA San Andreas,beside Bounce FM and Radio X,and oh yes,K-DST! <3
VSSKREAM (2 months ago)
Niggas back then was REALLY tellin stories!
Regiane Silva (2 months ago)
31:15 <3
A4 A5 (2 months ago)
Rebel with out a pause my favorite
Browning M1919 (2 months ago)
The Vapors is my favorit, what is yours? :)
Jahvere Baker (2 months ago)
Who really sat hear and listened to every song?
Subahan Nazarudin (2 months ago)
K Rose is the best song from gta sa, Don't it.
Andrew Ortiz (2 months ago)
Playback, bounce, and radio Los Santos are the best stations in GTA San Andreas
Cheese Doggy12 (2 months ago)
2 20 201 2018 2018? 2018 201 20 2
Mr MUSTACHE (2 months ago)
Warm it up KeyWarm it up CJWarm it up key.....
Alan Gonzalo Now (3 months ago)
Slick Rick - "Children's Story" Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....
Filipe Matheus (3 months ago)
Lost Produções (3 months ago)
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Guilherme Tonon (3 months ago)
Women are aliens bro, ALIENS !! Hey, wait a second lady. Aliens are real. HaushjHzhzhz
Luke Z (4 months ago)
it's the commercials that makes this so sweet...
Pedro velazquez (18 days ago)
For real!
Peter Mcevoy (4 months ago)
Major love for this brings back memories of the best times 👌👌
Maksim Galkin (4 months ago)
Living Casual (4 months ago)
Brand Nubian
Leo_ 8000br (4 months ago)
e e (4 months ago)
best radio ever <3
Frank _1314 (4 months ago)
what memories
900nrg (5 months ago)
Bregetta Channel (5 months ago)
Que nostalgia
KCJJ XLGAMER (4 months ago)
Event Snitch (5 months ago)
Ahhhhh... memories!!!
Tactical Marksman (5 months ago)
16:34 The best story i ever heard. XD
SunkenChaos (5 months ago)
Shit happens. You grow up, and don't fucking play about this game. Until you miss it, and you have to download a 3 GB game at Ocean of Games.
The Uncommon n00b (5 months ago)
51:10 these commercials are hilarious
Mc buckshot_98 (5 months ago)
Takes me back to the old days
GIVALDO NETO (5 months ago)
BR em 2018?
fxe 4015 (5 months ago)
gta sa
Weeaboos Hunter (6 months ago)
nigga radio
Seamus McMichael (6 months ago)
To the person who uploaded this - thank you!!!
Ripper Ezz (6 months ago)
Goomer (6 months ago)
Oh yeah
Rockstar games
J- Hod (6 months ago)
The first song always reminds me of that deathtrap of a highway between Los Santos and San Fierro
foop foop (6 months ago)
childrens story is my favourite
GAMER TC21 (6 months ago)
GAMER TC21 (6 months ago)
you idiot XD playback fm replays all your favorite songs
Mc Rablo (6 months ago)
Women are aliens.. it's true xD
Flávio Borges (7 months ago)
20:29 foda
TheFlaviioQzL (7 months ago)
Só paulada tbm máximo respeito so dinossauro verdadeira velha escola
Rich F (7 months ago)
Best station on San Andreas imo!
TİTÜŚ 777 (7 months ago)
35:01 dope🔥🔥
HipHop HQ (7 months ago)
i fell in love with hiphop in gta san andreas, in this rado
Light Yagami (7 months ago)
Warm it up K
Brandon Rivas (7 months ago)
what the song name in 0:19
WerkPapier (8 months ago)
I downloaded it on my car then i have me be fell how CJ
Ibrahim Türkmen (8 months ago)
Late 80's-Early 90's
Ante Lončarević (8 months ago)
43:52 "One day everything seems normal, next day you wake up, you live inside of a computer. Don't trust that technology y'all! Only trust classic hip hop and Brand Nubian!" :D
Ruxi. TV (8 months ago)
Jimmy Kray (8 months ago)
rz Esteban Silva (8 months ago)
A chingar su madre los anuncios del pripan
RENA _Rebecca (8 months ago)
It takes two
pedro henrique (8 months ago)
23:53 música da melody
David Duarte (8 months ago)
Gugi gang
on the roofs (8 months ago)
I love GTA SA because they got my songs from my teen and adulthood years .
Twoj prorok p56 (9 months ago)
Children story <3
Jackie Films (9 months ago)
16:34 World's Disturbing Stories for children
Chaitu Leo (9 months ago)
20:30 My Favourite Song... Can Anyone Say Which Song It Is..??
P Noel (9 months ago)
when you drive in the car and listen this song XD
Nutis PL (9 months ago)
16:35 BEST! <3
Nacho Dullah (9 months ago)
The tunes on Play Back are great but the DJ is whack man! Seriously talking whole buncha shit.
Aonoymous Andy (9 months ago)
you are tuned to reverend forth right MC, it's time for some church up in this piece, we praise old school hip-hop and our alien president, you know he's an alien right?
Sir ravix of fourhorn (9 months ago)
You gonna shit, when I play this record! 😆
cj mingau (9 months ago)
xodynasty (9 months ago)
16:34 F . M .
Lord Prasiesho (9 months ago)
Kool G Rap & DJ Polo - "Road to the Riches" 00:10 Big Daddy Kane - "Warm It Up, Kane" 04:35 Spoonie Gee - "The Godfather" 08:11 Masta Ace - "Me & The Biz" 11:53 Slick Rick - "Children's Story" 16:34 Public Enemy - "Rebel Without a Pause" 20:29 Eric B. & Rakim - "I Know You Got Soul" 24:26 Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock - "It Takes Two" 31:13 Gang Starr - "B.Y.S." 35:01 Biz Markie - "The Vapors" 39:43 Brand Nubian - "Brand Nubian" 43:44 Ultramagnetic MCs - "Critical Beatdown" 47:00
Joey Ramone (6 days ago)
I know
Pale Godwit (6 days ago)
Heros are seldom recognized.
Joey Ramone (1 month ago)
You 👀 😎
x v (4 months ago)
i'll thank you later👆
Real Deal Videos (10 months ago)
I dont care what your into.. grand theft auto brought generations and cultures together in a way!! You know what i mean.. gangstas listening to pop or rock.. or preppys listening to rap or country... and so on... GTA4eva!!!!!
Emil Katerinski (10 months ago)
no other alternative than classic hiphop! forkride mc
calarbe 43 (10 months ago)
ja lubię sfur
Bruxa Umbra (10 months ago)
16:34 my favorite
Jim Gaming (10 months ago)
teortega93 (10 months ago)
I feel like I'm playing GTA San Andreas, driving a car while listening the radio full volume.
filip krstev (3 months ago)
Aonoymous Andy (10 months ago)
43:55 notice that some of the stuff that the radio announcers say may seem like a joke but is actually fact.
EltioSdlg oficial (10 months ago)
35:01 recuerdo que le robaba los coches a las bandas de cesar y sonaba esa cancion
omar cano (11 months ago)
Now this is some real hip hop, not that mumble crap we have today
Andrew Ortiz (2 months ago)
+Greg Davies its not even mumble rap its trash
Greg Davies (2 months ago)
Makes me sick when I see where hip hop has gone.. those mumble idiots have made it weird.
Calm that DOWN (11 months ago)
Public Enemy and Rakim <3
Juwan Aimes Music (11 months ago)
damn bitch am i listening to music or paying your water bill? the amount of ads you have makes me question if this is youtube or pandora?
Juwan Aimes Music (11 months ago)
zebatov and I myself have created videos for other YouTubers and in my experience I was able to control how many ads were in the video. Though this may have changed since you’ve uploaded yours so I’m not saying you’re wrong
Juwan Aimes Music (11 months ago)
zebatov depending on how many views your videos that have ads get you can get a check based on that
zebatov (11 months ago)
...yet then complain on said videos about the amount of ads there are. You do realise that those ads only make YouTube money, right?
Juwan Aimes Music (11 months ago)
I dont use ad block because I like to support my fellow youtubers with what little I can add to their ad revenue.
zebatov (11 months ago)
I'm pretty much never on here unless I have to explain to yet another human that doesn't understand I don't control the ads in my video. One should probably be able to figure this out on their own. Do you not use AdBlock with Chrome like everyone else? I'm seeing no ads. This has been an option for years and years.
SonCarlosl117l (11 months ago)
Único que habla en español 😎💪
Emmanuel Tobon (10 months ago)
SonCarlos_117 yo homie
Space Gost (11 months ago)
All I need now is a savanna
eddie ram (1 year ago)
Kifflom brother brother

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