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Why Do Black Men Like White Women? (Stereotypes Exposed)

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Inspired the Get Out Memes, This is one of those questions that black men don't like to answer and black women get unfairly characterized for asking. It's 2017 NO ONE CARES! Last Video►https://youtu.be/4RPU1j15tC0?list=PLLDcny-iBrTvT_S3l6olFTifkwEnYYxMo Hi I'm Chris Sanders! I'm a INFJ and I make daily self-help and motivational videos geared towards nerds, geeks and anyone that strives to personify nerd culture through personal growth. Here you will find practical life advice, rants, reviews, inspirational stories and a whole lot of fun. I like pokemon, anime, gaming and long walks on the beach. ;-) SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS: ►Patreon Anime Club► http://www.patreon.com/chrissanders ►Anime Channel► http://www.youtube.com/animedebate ►TWITCH Channel► http://www.twitch.tv/csandreas ►My Blog ► http://www.nerdgeekculture.com ►Twitter► http://www.twitter.com/csandreas ►Podacst - SoundCloud► https://soundcloud.com/blackmananswers ►Podcast on iTunes► https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/black-man-answers-podcast/id1079681292?mt=2 Channel Keywords infj,self-help,self improvement, personal development, personal growth, for nerds, nerd culture, life advice, nerd, pokemon, nintendo switch, black, black people, anime, how to
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Chris Sanders (1 year ago)
I had a few people ask me this question after they happened to watch the movie "GET OUT"...I decided to answer everyone at once and be as entertaining as possible. Let me know your thoughts on if I was able to tackle this without being insulting.
Dwayne Cedillos (7 months ago)
Opinions Animation Studios hey y'all see little Jimmie 🙋‍♂️
Chris Sanders hey y'all see little Jimmie 🙋‍♂️
Pat Bateman (1 year ago)
Michael Baker hey dude, I totally understand you. I dated white chicks all my life but just a while back I started hanging out with this black girl who would sometimes go with me and others to bars for drinks after work. We finally hooked up one evening and I have to say....I really have not been giving the white girls the attention they used to get! Guess what I'm saying is a man could suprise himself by what he enjoys and prefers if he just lives a little and tries different things. That gal was built like a brick shit-house and put a hurtin on this white boy!
Michael Baker (1 year ago)
It could relate to a fetish ~ I discovered that nobody is in position to dictate a man's disires. I like black women and seems to be more turned on by them. However, I find most race of women attractive ~ it's the features of a beautiful black women that does it over here...
Victoria Williams (1 day ago)
Black men are just finding excuses to date out of their race~~ which I don't have anything against them doing so, as long as they don't bring black women down!! Some black men just don't know how to act...they are always trying to act like gangsters and thugs and they go around disrespecting black women like we deserve to be treated like trash! Everybody needs to get their shit together and stop bringing others down
Carlos Green (3 days ago)
Every black man need a strong white snow bunny in their life
Jesus Luna (4 days ago)
lulush ssjm (10 days ago)
HAH! U CANT CHANGE THE WORLD! Your just like every human with flaws, not understanding what is moral. Blame your race as I blame my race for being so.. dumbass, and bullshit, political reasoning like everyone else.. so sad😢😢😢😢
Chris Sanders (9 days ago)
+lulush ssjm YOU sound insane.
lulush ssjm (9 days ago)
+Chris Sanders what are u wutting me about?
Chris Sanders (9 days ago)
lulush ssjm (10 days ago)
God damn ppl are stupid, I'm forcing myself to watch this but, I'ma watch this. Race is a big matter tho, interraciality is immoral, no matter what you think about it. Growth and maturity is why things will be RIGHT for the right people, boys and girls choose there path that can turn them to a man or woman. IR IS WRONG ULTIMATELY.. the world can't accept this tho. It should be about race, but it should be about personality too.. these lil girls get with these duetchbags every day because they are nice to them. Hmm ur another human race freak.. yet Chinese have the most population in the world, hmm wonder how that came to be being a nation in Asia, Russians are asian to btw, but white.. but think about there culture, keep your bloodline pure fool.. white, black, asian, are the bloodlines, others are just mixed. If you believe what you just said, u r immoral fool. But I know some ppl seek it out, some search for it. Not allowed in my world tho, eternal immoral means eternal banning. Get right my friend, however your not allowed where I will go for your immorality, neither are the lil girls that got with you, I'm not god but I will have say when it comes to what's mine....
Amy Anderson (13 days ago)
I don’t think there is anything wrong with experiencing other races. I see black women with white men more these days. Love is love.
Sarb Nitrof (14 days ago)
Also what's sexist about liking ass? That's just healthy.
Sarb Nitrof (14 days ago)
In my person experience, it's about the dick and the attitude.
hai dai (14 days ago)
Race does have to do with skin color, the skull shape & hair has to do with race. And black people have ugly cranials.. *Facepalm* Mongoloid & Caucasoid skulls aren't as bad.
Marlene Schultz (18 days ago)
You are gonna learn why you should not. Becky is gonna teach you.
Chris Sanders (18 days ago)
How? ....im 34. Wouldn't I know by now?
Nikolai Dante (25 days ago)
White men black women couples = 0 🤔🤔🤔
Chris Sanders (25 days ago)
Yes because that's true..... Don't tell George Lucas.
Black guys date white women so they can pay for there stuff and there easy. And white guys date black girls cause there exotic. That's what I heard
Leona Banks (28 days ago)
Because that's what the media magazines movies promote. Why do they Constantly have some WW with a BM instead of WM with BW. That would make more sense and be less disrespectful because BW OUTNUMBER BM, so it is more understandable for BW to be with other races instead of the opposite. BM have more than enough BW in all skin tones, shapes and sizes available. Why are they PUSHING BM to be with WW which is very disrespectful considering the circumstances. They want BM to DOG their own race, so they can UPLIFT and BUILD UP the W-race. You're seeing this way too much lately. There is something very SINISTER and EVIL behind this....BP need to pay closer attention to this and figure out what their TRUE Agenda is. It's nothing Positive I assure you. 👎✊
Larry Mandaville (28 days ago)
To me Latina women are the most attractive women race on the planet, but I love beauty in every race
Essence Golden (29 days ago)
Fuck white women 🖕🏿
Percy Reed (29 days ago)
I like white women and light skin women more to they more beautiful
Jonathan Clifton (1 month ago)
I'm lost!!!????
Josiah Black (1 month ago)
gutterland somerset (1 month ago)
White women are sexy freaks
TheProBush (1 month ago)
Black living in America are the most racists..coz they think they are superior...yet only a mere handful are..and when they do, they forget their roots...
Eric Favors (1 month ago)
Only a dumb nigga would ask why is race suck a big deal...... sorry bruh... that like asking why did segregation exist!
MrFuchew (1 month ago)
Cause white girls do it in the butt. I thought everyone knew that
La Luvz (1 month ago)
More like a fetish from what I been seeing.
Mathew Myers (1 month ago)
Give all LOGIC away and know it is just a time line you see. Louse logic friend find more.. You are beautiful and of life as Hittler once was it is a choise of course of life brother I do not know Yet I know. Love all life friend and do not kill anything be pass coulor be pass logic be pass this cause t b is a new from the know because it is not course as the truth yet a reason to see. Love all living things and do then as u have done learning will come
Mathew Myers (1 month ago)
U r awesome.. thanks for u believe in not a way of logic yet we all are in this together and only GOD will Judge ... I once hate black with white now in the year 2018 it's a whole new ball game. PLEASE CLAIM CHRIST AS THE ALL. If u choose not then u believe in logic. I LOVE YOU ALL
Annie Hardison (1 month ago)
You are a simp and weak you can't handle the black woman white are weak to they are easy and this is why some black men date white women if you date her because of her but it's not real white women don't have butts they are flat that why they get all these plastic surgeries because they want to be us not you don't have the body structure as we do nor the skin tone as we do this is why they stay in the 🌞 and at the tanning booth we as black women are beautiful be proud of who you are don't worry about what some of these simp black men have to say about you real black men stick with their black 👑 queen
Anime Debate (1 month ago)
Lmao white women aren't easy, they are women and they are complicated. I've dated black women and I can handle them but I choose not to care about race when it comes to the person I'm going to be with for eternity. I rather worry about their personality and who they are not their skin tone. Anyone that chooses who they date based on skin tone is an idiot and I stand behind that. I'll say this based on your clearly close-minded thoughts I wouldn't be interested in you but if there is a black woman who understood that people are people and Love Is Love then I'm with that girl 10000000s percent. How Are you seriously going to say that someone else isn't real without knowing then you sound stupid
George Mwaura (1 month ago)
Date whoever you want but don't trash our black sisters. Bad bitches exist in every race.
757primetime (1 month ago)
Just love who loves you. It's all about mutual attraction.
Elyse George (1 month ago)
When you get a cap in your ass by the cops, I hope your WW and her family will march for you.
rock steady (1 month ago)
It boils down to who's more feminine...that is all
Damaris Moulterie (1 month ago)
Hope James (2 months ago)
Weak insecure pathetic black men date white women! These self hating baboons like the smell of sulphur that comes off these vampires!
Doesn't Matter (2 months ago)
Dayum, reading here through the comments laughing at my dumb azz black brothas and sistas. Ya'll are sounding pretty racist.
Siyabonga Bhongoza (2 months ago)
Black people hate themselves so they go around trying to fit into other races, desperate to be love but nobody want a desperate person cos it like there's something wrong with them, probably there is!! Lol
Jmac Blaze (2 months ago)
One thing needs to stop ok. If a black man dates a white women,white women you don’t need to change your slang or put corn rolls in your hair and all that. The black man obviously likes your for being white,you don’t need to fill the void in his life since he’s not dating a black women. So stay white lmfao
Ms. Lovely (2 months ago)
The only thing some of these black American males doing is making their females dislike them. Always about them I swear. Fricking Godless demon possess males can burn in hell. The only thing they need to be worried about is life after death with thier evilness. Always making videos trying to make black women the world's enemy, it is like their new agenda or something. So that every race can view black women as the enemy and hate them. These brothas will keep making videos selling you guys out for money, and degrading you all. Stary boycotting and reporting their videos of hate. There verbally abusing you and discriminating against you!.... guys like that deserve to be alone for the rest of thier lives, or extinct from God earth.
Ms. Lovely (2 months ago)
I find it disturbing how some black american males can look past all the hanging, beating, slavery shit whites put them through but can't look past what a sista did to them years ago smfh. No sympathy what so ever for those type of guys, be gone.
Shiro AHMAWAN parrish (2 months ago)
I will tell you why straight off the back as a Hebrew isrealite I talk to a lot of brothers who are in interracial relationships on the street and they tell me they have low self esteem and the envy the white man so they want the white mans queen to show themselves equal there for neglecting the black women
DollFaceKimmy (3 months ago)
Fuck u ASSHOLE!!!
IamSofia (3 months ago)
lol Jenna Marbles
Conviction454 YT (3 months ago)
Exposure is a major factor here especially in the early stages of life. Racial preferences are generally formed through factors such as the household or whatever type of community you live in
Mane Mane (3 months ago)
It’s a lie not all Black men like white women. Just because we’re willing to fuck a white girl doesn’t mean we like them enough to start dating them.💯
Chris Sanders (3 months ago)
Mane Mane lol no one said all black men like white women
Keith Williams (4 months ago)
......this guy is weird as shit
Chris Sanders (4 months ago)
This guy bout to whoop dat ass!
Matthew Coolness (4 months ago)
Some Black men persue white women because they have internalized white Supremacy to the point where subconsciously they believe that whites are superior, & that being with a white girl raises thier status on the social ladder. I've been told that Others do it because white women are easier to manipulate. Most white girls have not been treated like garbage, & therefore are more trusting of men. This is seen as something to exploit by some predatory black males who were raised in a culture where committed relationships are almost non-existent & women are regularly impregnated outside of wedlock. Committing to one girl is seen as a sign of weakness, peer pressure & a lack of a father in the home drives them to behave irresponsibly. I don't feel sorry for these white girls because most seek out relationships that they know will bring about chaos in thier lives (for a whole host of reasons). This interracial couple thing does not happen by accident, especially in America with her history of racial division.
Siryvonne Bell (4 months ago)
Short answer to this question: Sex appeal
Luniz Moonz (4 months ago)
I love black women I hate hate white women
Noir Spectre (4 months ago)
NEVER EVER MESS WITH A WHITE GIRL WHO HAS BLACK GIRLFRIENDS. You should already know something is wrong
Umuntu (4 months ago)
bro, you sure he was from SouthAfrica, becoase that's a terrible fake accent
cuteblackberry1 (5 months ago)
Comment from London. I do not know, why this generation of black men. feel proud that they possess deep self hatred of their race and contemp for the black woman. Keep making peanut videos. The shit that happens to black people in USA. It is tragic. .I married since you tripping about skin colour. My husband is black, light skin African Arab. Proud to be with a black woman. As a black woman, I find black men like you an embarrassment to our race. When the usa police, shoot at black men they don't say any unique ness. They see & kill a black man. Whyu tripping about a bog standard USA accent?
fleurette _lila (5 months ago)
I have only dated black men in my life ,cuz its what I like !i like my black culture and I want my kids to evaluated in this univers!! We should stop making stereotype about white women are easier to get ! Stop generalise people !!! Also what I found sad is while those black men are glorify others women out of their community ,their own black sister are not glorify from others !Lets be straight guys ,you will see more black men with white women than Asian men /white men with black women !But thing is changing right now 🙏🏽 For some reason sometime I feel like black men are the earth garbage ....
Enlightened Man (5 months ago)
There’s really no complex explanation for it. The truth is that white women just look better.
nate love (5 months ago)
I’m a BM. I only date white girls with short blonde hair. I never get along with white women with long hair. The Bible states a women with long hair has her past relationships with in her hair. The Bible states if a Israelite Man marry a woman from a different nation to cut her hair off. After it off she can regrow it. It make sense. White girls with longer hair seems more racist or stand-offish. White girls with short hair are more open.
T.T. Poweigha (5 months ago)
I would date cause of race and I'm a black man who prefers white women
Angel Martin (6 months ago)
You're considered dark skinned? I guess ever since dating a Somali I have a skewed standard of "dark" lol
Adam Warlock (6 months ago)
I'm pretty ugly, I can't attract any women, despite having an IQ of 147, running a video game company at 21 & a degree in computer science.
Malik Holmes (6 months ago)
I love white women for many reasons, they are easy going, fun, freaky, long straight hair and there are no limits to what they'll do in the bed room. We all no "most" black women Will only fuck you to get something out of a man. White women Will fuck you just cause they want the sex. I'm a nympho, so I would be more inclined to go after those types oppose to most of my sisters. Don't get me wrong, I looooove my beautiful black women, shit I love all women. But it's just something about that sexy pale skin that does it for me when we doing the do that gets me there. Don't hate me ppl, you know what they say, opposites attract like magnets😏😏😏🙄
The Laughing Man (7 months ago)
Bro... you got anime on your wall??? lol
simply Kimyah (7 months ago)
My school went on a trip to EWU and OMG! all the black boys were soooo attractive, especially the one basketball player dude he had the curly hair and them NICE EYEBROWS! He was hella tall and his style was just flawless! But..I couldn't date him anyways cause he was 19 😢😢 I cant wait for college (btw I am 12) ALSO let me just say that a guy with dark skin and a girl with light skin is such a cute couple but if its like a girl with blonde hair then that is just TERRIBLE...no hate to the blondes out there. I have really curly hair and I hate it, wayyy to long! It's past my butt WOAHHHH!!! I have dark brown hair and brown eyes...BASIC! I am middle eastern and I have white skin but like, its not like, like, like, LIKE THAT WHITE! I would just look like a ghost but its sort of like tan *counts how many times I said like...*
Joseph russo (7 months ago)
People shouldnt race mix this was not meant to be its just the laws of nature people should be proud of what they are and not fuck that millions of years of evolution because when all the blondes are gone you darkies will be crying in your crack
Darkstalker 212 (2 months ago)
Joseph russo No way in hell..
Joseph russo (7 months ago)
You are pretty cool guy
Daniel Priore (7 months ago)
White male are the only forbidden fruit left because the exact same people and media outlets who say its the other way around are just virtue signaling. And I mean white men are the only ones people are being brainwashed to think its not ok to date.
Dwayne Cedillos (7 months ago)
The worst women ever is Jewish Women from Israel. That I don't wanna date, marry, wanna get away, screw off, back off, tasteless, and down hill on her. Like my heart and ghost is down on her as heartless.
Dwayne Cedillos (7 months ago)
Why people don't review about Ukrainian, Russian, Jewish, Arabic, Iranian, Cuban, Salvadorian, Puerto Rican and other women from other countries. Nobody shouldn't be chicken about these women. As a critic, snob, reject and double crosser like me to these women, I wouldn't meet, date, marry them, fear them a lot of their culture and other to scram and screwing off like forcing me badly that I'm not into their language, custom and entertainment for their sake's. That's my phobia
Dwayne Cedillos (7 months ago)
I do date girls in USA, not other countries. I do like American (rather Yankees or Rednecks), Native American White, some something American and some Mix Race girls in USA. I don't forfeit girls in USA at all.
Hey y'all see little Jimmie 🙋‍♂️
Exvalos (7 months ago)
Keeping it 100, fuck the dancing around the point and explanation I love white ass, a white girl with nice legs and ass is my kryptonite.
Afro Thunder (7 months ago)
I'm a black guy and i never found white women attractive. Lol
Joseph Marshall (7 months ago)
No one really gives a fuck how's that!!
Vphiamer Adis Ogaarwa (7 months ago)
This is an odd video, you're very shifty, almost uncomfortable. Your movements and mannerisms suggest you are making a sales pitch, but without the confidence of your argument. Though the break through moment (around 8:15) which is a revelation many Black men have to consider, is probably your most confident moment in the entire video. I am glad I sat through the entire video to get to that one point.
MrNoluv (7 months ago)
I would have answered "When you look at her does your dick move? He would say yes...I would be like there you go"
malemnganba ningombam (8 months ago)
White girls love bbc
uKnow (8 months ago)
I never knew there was any racial issues going on within the brown community. But who cares love is shallow these days really skin deep when technically love is so much more. Love is not between race, color, it is though between hearts and being equally yoked :D in Jesus
mrscox27 (8 months ago)
Troll FACE! (8 months ago)
we dont
Eric DuBose (8 months ago)
Negroes are just lost in America. us marrying them = genocide. Pure and simple ! Our ancestors were lynched for looking at a white woman. And our women were brutally raped by white men. Now all of a sudden its ok? No its not ok. The white man once again has outflanked us. They been trying to destroy our ppl for years; now they got it set up for us to destroy ourselves by interracial dating. Though your children may be considered black how many will say they are white and look white. We as a people will never get anywhere BECAUSE WE DONT TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN! We put one another down pump up whites like they are so great . you obviously dont know the history of so called white ppl white men in particular. Everywhere he goes he rapes robs and kills. all throughout history. BLACK MEN AND WOMEN NEDD TO STOP TALKING ABOUT EACH OTHER, COME UP WITH REAL SOLUTIONS ABOUT OUR COMMUNITY AND BRING IT TO PASS. WE WILL NEVER GET ANYWHERE TURNING OUR BACKS ON EACH OTHER. BECAUSE TRUST & BELIEVE. THEY DONT GIVE A DEM ABOUT US!!!!!!! WE GOT SOMETHING THEY NEED. MELANIN!!!!!!!
Chris Sanders (4 days ago)
Lmao says the person who called me repulsive lol
Gabrielle JM (4 days ago)
Mike Morales You sound like the unintelligent one. You don’t have to insult another person to make a point. You can be respectful .....that’s part of good communication skills.
Mike Morales (4 months ago)
Eric DuBose YOU are extremely unintelligent. BM engage with WW because they are free to. Since the Supreme Court appointed it in 1967. It's also due to something called a preference dummy. Your comment shows your immense level of stupidity and of simplicity. You are a cancer to humanity with your existence.
Akuma Sin (9 months ago)
keep mad real i never date white girl only jewish girl
Fiona Siegertsz (9 months ago)
When I hear all the stuff about slavery, colonialism and apartheid being linked to a black/ Brown guy going out with or marrying a white woman it makes me sick. People fall in love with people. It's nothing to do with history of any particular race or colour its just people finding their soulmate. I can't help but feel there is a more than a tinge of jealousy or resentment in there. I never have negative feelings if I see a white guy with a black woman. Why should I ? They are just a couple. My husband isn't white but I have never felt that being with him is some kind of finger to white guys. The odds were that I would of married a white guy, but I met my Mr Right and he wasn't white, so What? Get over it people and accept that people have the right to fall in love with whoever they please.
Stephanie Jeffries (9 months ago)
well i'm sorry that you didn't find a sista that like you. you seem like a very funny guy. I feel like i can relate to you as well in regards to you speaking the way you do i feel the same way. my mom talks a particular way and i got teased for talking white. which meant properly. i went to school with a majority of non black but i still liked the black guys over the others. i think as far as you in college youd have to do more work to date only black women. love is love is the same phrase pedophiles use for wanting to use children. we need to re analyze ourselves.
Jerome Greene (3 months ago)
" my mom talks a particular way and i got teased for talking white. which meant properly." This comment right here is the whole point and the focal point of the discussion. Its this aspect of black culture that is toxic beyond anything else. Its this if you are different in anyway that can be perceived as not being black enough is what pushes anyone, man or women, but especially men who might be outliers, hyper intelligent, creative, builders, or entrepreneurs, out of the culture and leads to the black brain drain in black culture. Its this type of thinking and treatment that pushes black men out of the black community. Black men get pushed out of the black community for a different reason than black women. BM get pushed out because he is just different or comes of different, speaks a certain, way dresses a certain way, etc. Black women get pushed out because of their looks in general and nobody is looking for them.
deezy breezy (9 months ago)
I don't put much thought into race.  If she looks good, she looks good. Black, white, Hispanic, etc.   They could all get it. Lol
Pacific Mudzusi (9 months ago)
South Africans don't speak like that we are not from Coming to America
Robert Smith (10 months ago)
And you don't get that special treatment from black people
Robert Smith (10 months ago)
Black man like white woman cuz they'll f*** anybody black just cuz they're black
God 74 (10 months ago)
I'm a black man and I don't find white girls attractive at all.
Mike Morales (5 months ago)
fleurette _lila lol bruh. I left the whole comment in less than 15 secs. It took no time, I was just saying. Have a nice day, and I truly mean that . No sarcasm, all good vibes.
fleurette _lila (5 months ago)
Mike Morales but why you take the time to comment if you don’t care bro 😂
Mike Morales (5 months ago)
fleurette _lila No sh*t that's obvious , but no one really cares.
fleurette _lila (5 months ago)
Mike Morales its public YouTube no?
Mike Morales (6 months ago)
God 74 good for you nobody asked you...
Black is pure (10 months ago)
I love black men and I'll always never will.
Louisa (10 months ago)
You sound like a lot of fun and thank you for putting an honest video out there. This is the first time anyone has talked about acceptance. You like what you like. It's not about Black women and other women not having those features or qualities but about your woman having what you want in her. I hate the word race because it's dumb. A yellow rose isn't racially different from a red one but human beings with all the same parts except for skin color are a different race. That sounds dumb to me. I'm glad you made this video.
Josh A (10 months ago)
The background music is wonderful
Sherrod Cotton (10 months ago)
+Chris Sanders You are literally one of my favorite guys to watch on YouTube daily. Not only that I think your channel is so underrated. Do not pay attention to all of these simple, stupid, butt-hurt people in the comment section who can't truly understand your videos. Just please keep posting stuff, that enlighten us nerdy brothas. Thank You Chris!
Jason Heilinger (10 months ago)
because they are not black
Mike Morales (7 months ago)
Jason Heilinger you are dumb as a brick you know that?
chevon1920 (10 months ago)
Wait, Jenna marbles is your ex, lol what?? Why didn’t you find a stock photo, 😂
Lauren Megan (11 months ago)
Some of the comments are ridiculous! Why do you care so much about who someone chooses to date? So many people claim they’re not racist yet they’re having a fanny fit in the comments because a black guy has dated a white girl. So? Why is that your problem? Love is Love. Only a racist would be picking up on the race of someone and making a negative comment about it. I’m white and from the UK and I’ve dated black men before and have never received such degrading and racist comments about it because it’s no-ones fucking business and who the fuck cares? So many people want to be living in the damn past all the time. You want racism to end yet you keep referring us back hundreds of years ago to ancestors? I see so many interracial couples and never think “oh fucking hell that white man couldn’t handle a strong white women thats why he’s with a black women” the thought of their race doesn’t even enter my mind because I’m not a racist. If anything it’s a wonderful thing that they’ve found love together and I’d wish them nothing but happiness together because everyone is equal. I’m not responsible for what my ancestors might of done and anyone saying to this guy “learn about your history” in reference to saying that white people owned black slaves maybe you should dive deep into that history book some more because you’d then know that black people also owned black slaves therefore your ancestors may of actually owned slaves themselves.
Arkethia Terrell (11 months ago)
The reason a black man won't date a black woman is she will not let him get away with anything as for a white woman she will let a black man walk all over her, let him lie to her, let him come and go when he please. This proud black woman will not let him get away with shit and that's real. No way in God Damn Hell will I EVER date out my race.
amanda smith (11 months ago)
Ultimately you must have a Giant ass
Chris Sanders (11 months ago)
amanda smith this is half true
TheFatAmericans1 (11 months ago)
Black men are more likely to beat and possibly kill you than white men if you are a women, why anyone would date a black man is beyond me.
muggs00 (11 months ago)
I thought it was cause white girls are sluts
Ki Bling (11 months ago)
Most black men who are into white women have small penises anyway so who cares lol.
Black Man Rising (11 months ago)
It's a learned fetish.
Mister E (11 months ago)
White women are not better than black women and vice-Versa.
Mike Morales (7 months ago)
Mister E you're dumb as a brick, no one asked about your expression of stupidity.
Michele Georges (11 months ago)
Yay!!! Nice video!
Mike Morales (11 months ago)
+Chris Sanders I'm sorry. I love this video, do you mind if I use your story in the beginning as a scene for a film that me and my college friends are working on in our acting class?

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