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Zac Brown Band - My Old Man (Lyric Video)

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DRZMIKE (3 days ago)
This may seem cliché but I wish I could’ve known mine...maybe this song would mean more.
Mr Grays Kitten (3 days ago)
Love you daddy. 3 years this November 20th and still feels like yesterday.
Philip West (3 days ago)
My dad died yesterday someone murdered him this song broke me down FLY HIGH DAD
Lori Villarreal Brown (4 days ago)
Not all Daddies are worth crying over... Js Mine on the other hand was a fucking legend and noone can ever replace him there will never be another Bobby Lee although I have realized at almost 40 I sure fucking come in close second and Im the daughter it shoulda been my brothers but nope its me But hes made me stronger, meaner, better, Love the ones who treat you right and fuck the rest My feet are fucking freezing Thats it Thats all Love Bobbi LeeJr.
Kollin DeWitt (5 days ago)
I hate this song because it makes me so freaking emotional! I'll never stop listening to it though.
josman mutinhiri (5 days ago)
wish yall a merry christmas and a happy 2019
Robert Montgomery (5 days ago)
I lost my Dad 5 years ago and every time he sings “I hope he’s proud of who I am” it gets me. Thank you for a wonderful tribute to are fathers in Heaven!
Spongebob guy 47 (5 days ago)
My dad is still with me but this song will always be In my heart when he’s not here...☺️☺️😢
Charles Glisson (6 days ago)
Miss my Dad... see you and mom in the Resurrection. Love son... JW. Org
Bradley Wagler (7 days ago)
this song makes me so sad. but i cant stop listening to it.
Ethan Reynolds (8 days ago)
My father is the strongest and toughest man I know he will work everyday until he is in Heaven he loves to work and he will be rewarded for the good he has done in Heaven someday he is awesome when we both are in Heaven we will spend Heaven together.
Alext Kuss (9 days ago)
I'm only 14 and I lost my dad October 20 2018 when he was only 45. He was very close to my family and I. He had the best sense of humor and every day it hurts knowing he's really gone. He served 18 years for Phoenix police and really just cared for everybody. I wish I could of said I loved him one more time. Rest in peace til we see each other again.
fishwhistle24 (9 days ago)
Just lost my father 2 weeks ago. I hope one day im like my old man. Not a second goes by i dont think of you. RIP. This song is soo hard to listen to but it truly makes me feel better. Im soo proud to have had you as my father, i know one day we will meet again.
gman12287 (10 days ago)
I hope I'm going to be a good father to my unborn son. I fear the possibility of repeating the mistakes of my father. I hope I can be the roll model, provider, teacher & solid unwavering support, he will need.
I love your song Root's it's so good!
Shane Allen (10 days ago)
Been 3 years without my father. I love you dad! ❤
Eric Leach (12 days ago)
Jacob Amirault (12 days ago)
Love u Dad.
KIRA_JADEN_KING (14 days ago)
This is like me and my dad I miss him 😢😢😢😢
jen cadillac (14 days ago)
I played thos song when my dad was in hospices, 😞💔💔noone words can express the loss of my FATHER.. Life will never be the same . I carry the pain w me everyday. My heart hurts deep
Chris Clemens (16 days ago)
This goddamned song. I need to spend more time with my Dad. He's quickly approaching 70 and I'm 33.
Cristian Lee (16 days ago)
I miss you pop,love you ..I'm hurtin
Rick Fletcher (16 days ago)
41 years ago today I lost my old man. I was 19. Say hi to your Dad today.
George Godfrey (17 days ago)
This song really gets me every time my father passed away 4 years ago this November 7 it still hurts like hell i was his only son he tought me everything i know he was 56 when he passed away i was in jail when he passed away i couldn't go to the funeral cause he was in Alabama and i was in Rhode Island i was stuck i went back to my cell and i couldn't take it i flept out cause i could tell him thank him for being the best father anyone can have ans tell hin how much i loved him as i wright this it hurts to much idk what to do o have a good life now im getting married next spring and he cant be there i love u dad and we will meet again
Dvir Hagshur (18 days ago)
My dad was diagnoist with cancer I found out 2 years after. We don't have father son moments. Never had one, he has a fishing memory with my brother... none with me
Christian Riley (18 days ago)
I lost my papa love you Zack made me cry
Rio Phan (19 days ago)
My tears can’t help falling. I appreciate this so much❤️
Deanna Jones (20 days ago)
My dad died 2 years ago I still his phone number and the last text he sent me
John M. Daly (21 days ago)
Just listened to this song 20 times.  Great to listen and think of my Dad.  Thanks ZB.
TRUTH ENDURES (21 days ago)
Great song. Great words.
Howard Todd (23 days ago)
never had a father or any male role model, hell not much of a female one either , moved out on my own when I was 15 yrs old , in my secret heart all I ever wanted was a family, father , mother ..just like other people...oh to be a real person ….
John Renzi (24 days ago)
Rest in peace Dad
rob s (24 days ago)
Just lost my grandpa and this song hits home!
Steve Edwards (24 days ago)
Love this song heard it from 'Just country', real nice tune :)
Jonathan Flash (25 days ago)
I lost my uncle earlier this year he was like a father to me R.I.P UNCLE NEIL I LOVE YOU SO MUCH
Alexx Tylee (26 days ago)
I think of my daddy because he love me
Airborne Fister (26 days ago)
My Father turned 70 yesterday...Still up at sunrise..Still wearing bags and Driving nails...True Old School... Love You Dad and Thank You......
Jose Mendiola (26 days ago)
I loose my viejito just 3 months ago i still veryyy sad
Jeremy Kit (27 days ago)
Thank you for this song I lost my old man just about two years ago and was the rock for my family and I hadn’t really grieved until I heard this song thank you for that this song is my new all time favorite really hits home
Crystal Painter (28 days ago)
Two years ago my cousin had a massive heart attack I think of his young boys and a lil princess he never met it makes me cry because I can only imagine there pain of losing him so young 😫
V Cab (30 days ago)
My old man was awesome. He was the greatest. He face down every bully and coward he ever came across. He taught me the most important things. He prepared me for anything that life through at me. I miss him. I look forward to seeing him again in the afterlife.
Jon Smith (30 days ago)
If too many of us had actually HAD a dad...this here’s the one I’d have been wishing for. Here’s to all you guys trying to be there for the kids you created. 🍻👍
Kevin Ryan (1 month ago)
I miss my dad been 8 years since he passed 😢 his birthday Oct 7 hurts more every year
Daniel Söderström (1 month ago)
Lost my father to cancer when I was 25. Third time he got it. I remember holding his hand for the last time. Told him I loved him and that I would be back to visit him soon. He died two days after. Now I have two children of my own and I hope I can be half the father my old man was. Dad, we'll meet again.
doc0908 (1 month ago)
never had my real father in the picture, but I did have 3 men who physically took his place when I needed it the most. God bless them. only 1 is still alive...
TREVOR HARDEN (1 month ago)
love my dad
Talley Whyte (1 month ago)
Shout out to Owen Benjamin and the unbearables for bringing me here!
Diamond NightFury (1 month ago)
I was raised by a single Father. I will always be grateful to my old man.
Colin Foster (1 month ago)
Me my brother and my sister did a cover of this at my dads funeral
Kerry (1 month ago)
Trying to fill the boots, of my old man.
beckyisgorgeous (1 month ago)
Love this of theirs. But it's sad. :( x
Had the same stuff when I was a kid on the beach ..samething 😉😎 that's me
Gavin Mula Moses 513 (1 month ago)
My pops has been gone for about three months now. Can't bring myself to go back to his grave. I guess I don't want to accept it. Like maybe he'll call me soon. Maybe he'll stop by... fuck this sucks man...
TharpinUp (1 month ago)
Rest in Peace, pops.
lewys-dvon ah ken (1 month ago)
Here just after the Big Bear's stream. Such an emotional song
nate dogg (1 month ago)
My dad lost his old man 2 years ago it really hurt him everyday we talk about him all the good memories he died of cancer to the brain i miss him everyday love you bump if someone would like this it would really help
Ian Cooper (1 month ago)
Hey my dad was never there for me he went for prison for 15 years.But this reminds me of my great great grandfather
pablo castaneda (1 month ago)
Dammm hit HOME HERE 😞
Nicholas Page (1 month ago)
my uncle passed away during the summer and while listening to this i cried a lot because my uncle was like my second father and he died in the worst way and the last time i spoke to him he thought i was 15 when im 12 and he died of heart cancer this was in another comment but you know what just fuck it my step-dad says he "loves" me but he dont give a shit about of me or anyone (but my mom and anyone but me and my brother and 2 sisters) like if you care about me cause no one does (other than my subs and friends) my uncle who passed away was the last one who did
Teen Movie Critic (1 month ago)
Played this at my Dads funeral. I miss him everyday. Wish I could see him again.
SlimGoody (1 month ago)
I miss my dad so much!!! Rest in paradise daddy, your #1🙏👑😇💗
Jim Knapp (1 month ago)
You would have been 63 today. Thirteen years still feels like yesterday, I miss you so much. Hope you’re still watching over me every day, all I ever want is to know you’re proud of the man you made.
Doug Reichart (1 month ago)
Everytime I hear this song it reminds me of my old man I know he's up there in heaven looking down on his kids and grandkids rest in peace dad will always love and miss you😢😢😢😢
Wow, I haven’t lost my Grandpa or my Dad yet, and I hope it’s a lot longer before I do. Have a great day everyone and tell your Dad or Grandpa or anyone your family you love them. You will regret it for the rest of your life.
SuperFassst (1 month ago)
Until we meet again
Jeffrey Cook (1 month ago)
Rest In Peace Dad I Miss You 😭😢 my dad was 43 when he died and that was 11 years ago I was young he died from kidney and heart failure
Ben Zbetnoff (1 month ago)
My mom and father split when i was about 5 and i didnt know my father until i was in my 20s it took a long time for me to forgive him for what he put my brother, sister, mother and myself through. After 5 years of working around him and only passing a few words to one another we had a sit down and he apologized for it all and not being around when we were growing up it still remains the only time i have ever seen my father cry. I really should call my dad and tell him i love him thank you zack brown for reminding us that our fathers will always be the man that we want to be and if i could be as strong as my own to apologize and feel the regret of not being around his children i know im doing something right
Mary Schell (1 month ago)
Can't replace your dad, he'll always be with us~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
David Martinez (1 month ago)
Song like it's in a man's blood....hell I drink and play on
Rafael Gomes (1 month ago)
I want to be a giant to my son, just like my father was a giant to me. #September 2018 #lovemyson #lovemyfather
Gamer King Pro (1 month ago)
My music, my history...my band!!!
Laura Harris (1 month ago)
My dad is working in Florida far away for the next 2-3 weeks. Please pray for him.
Jaxson Gleghorn (1 month ago)
got you bud,praying for your hole family
Jeremy Calabria (1 month ago)
I am my fathers son he spent his working years. As a soldier, a firefighter and a factory worker. I didn't go into the military i wasn't a firefighter. I work in a factory but i try to help people when i can i volunteer as a first responder for my company. I just hope to do a little good in this life and thats enough for me.
Alberto Cases (1 month ago)
Rest in peace tatay i miss u
Antonio Sashimi (1 month ago)
Who else is here cuz of the yahoo article about a man who sold his mustang to pay for his wife’s cancer treatment? His children bought the exact same car 13 years later and suprised him with it...this song was playing in the background. (Yes I cried)
curvecrazy (1 month ago)
A song to honor good fathers. The sweat, the tears, he perseveres! It’s unfortunate so many don’t have a good dad. The deficiencies of the previous generations are continued in the new as sons who got poor fathering themselves do to their own sons exactly as was done to them and the sad cycle continues. This is a great song but those who didn’t experience the greatness are saddened knowing what could have been....
ChieeF keeF (1 month ago)
Rest in piece dad, love you 🙏
John Dough (1 month ago)
My father passed away last month, and I have a one-year-old son with another on the way. This song REALLY hits home. It makes me both sad and happy at the same time.
emily vlogs (1 month ago)
r.i.p Alven .w. long .aka. my dad. i miss you dad i hope you’re happy with grandpa in heaven.😭😭😭😭
Kevin bond (1 month ago)
Nice song...
Christopher Moody (1 month ago)
My old man.
Pat Nordsvahn (1 month ago)
I lost my old man in -06. This song was really difficult to listen to.
Mike Clark (1 month ago)
Played it at my frinds funeral
Chopper Head (1 month ago)
Big hugs to those of us that lost our old men
vOo DoO (2 months ago)
My dad is 89 years old and he's been in the hospital since 10 days
Tony Hughes (2 months ago)
RIP daddy,miss ya
Miguel Basa (2 months ago)
I love you Dad I'll be missing you so much I can't never be a half as father as you are even your not perfect I can't compare the sacrifice you did I'm weak love you Dad till we meet again
Bill Tarr (2 months ago)
What an amazing piece of musical artistry and story telling. This will be considered a classic in our home for a very long time.
jwillis0828 (2 months ago)
😢 sad
michael castillo (2 months ago)
How can someone dislike this song
Tara Lynn (2 months ago)
This song Bring so many tears to my eyes just thinking about my papa that passed away. My father the most amazing man ever into my brother who has two beautiful boys
Anna Parsons (2 months ago)
My grandpa was like a dad to me and sadly he passed away from small cell lung cancer at 64 years old. He was such I good man. He is my world. I miss him so much😭❤️
Patricia Strickland (2 months ago)
I love it
Alek Sullivan (2 months ago)
My dad left me when I was 2-3 years old. We met when I was 17 and he left again. I’m 25 and could care less but hope nothing but the best for him. ❤️💯
Melanie Andino (2 months ago)
Miss you grandpa.
Tempertron 123 (2 months ago)
Crying first 30 seconds :(
Cristian Lee (2 months ago)
Miss you dad ....
JOSH DRUMMOND (2 months ago)
I lost my dad from lung cancer on January 5th 2017. This song reminds me of him so much. I tried to go everywhere with him, I had my hands and head all in the way of any work he was doing and even though I spent a lot of time with him through the years, it seems as I think back I could have spent more time with him. I wanted to be just like him growing up. I had a great dad who loved us and took good care of us. He kept us disciplined and taught us respect and love and care for others. I’ll see him again one day soon.
Jillian Scarborough (2 months ago)
My dad passed away on 7-11-18 he was only 40, this song always makes me think of him, miss him so much
Tracy Hendley (2 months ago)
I'm a girl but my Daddy was my Rock my best friend. He passed away 5 years from Cancer. I miss him so much

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