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DIY Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Cover-Up { No Sewing }

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How to DIY Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Cover Up without Sewing! Summer is almost here! Can't wait to lay out on the beach or attend fabulous pool parties! I've been stocking up on swimsuit during the last few months (seen in my previous monthly haul videos), and definitely need more swimsuit cover ups. After researching online, I realized it's crazy expensive and costs more then my bathing suits! I have a Pinterest account and have seen a very popular cover up from Victoria's Secret, and thought I can definitely make it my self . I did research and purchased all my products from a local fabric store, Joann. This is my take on the item, but you can definitely add more to this simple silhouette with some great accessories, bling, and more..... You can always make the cover up using a sewing machine too! Supplies: - Fabric: Classic Knits, on sale for $4.99/yard http://goo.gl/b4gAe -Tailor's Chalk or you can use a Pencil/Pen/etc http://goo.gl/WPjLt -Scissors -Bowl -Rubber Bands -Needle & Thread Music By: Martin Oakson - Summer Soon ************************************* Please support and SUBSCRIBE!! Get the latest news and updates by following me @: FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/simplymodish BLOG: http://www.simplymodishhh.blogspot.com YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/simplymodish INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/simplymodishhh Please Check out STYLEHAUL for more videos http://www.youtube.com/stylehaul *************************************** Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with any companies mentioned nor am I getting paid for this video. As always, this is my honest opinion. To contact me regarding sponsorship, product reviews or other business inquiries please email me at: [email protected] Thank you for watching, subscribing, commenting and rating my video! ♡ Ly Video edit using iMovie.
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Text Comments (171)
Julia L (2 months ago)
THe area that you cut off isn't going to fray?
Josie Ochie (2 months ago)
How many yards do you use on this video?
Carol Shortt (5 months ago)
You clever girl! Okay, it's not exactly 'no-sew', but definitely easy-sew! I've made something similar, but in georgette, which isn't stretchy, so I'm going out today, to buy some red jersey material, & I'm making this. Thank you so much.
Piano (5 months ago)
almosst there's really no sewing ..like she did very small part of sewing and u can don't sew it and will be ok!
Paul Sanderson (6 months ago)
We love this dress and it is so simple to make! Check out our 8 stunning diy beach coverups at diyThought http://www.diythought.com/8-stunning-diy-swimsuit-cover-ups/
JOYCE WILLIAMS (6 months ago)
Make one for kids please
JOYCE WILLIAMS (6 months ago)
you said no sew
Jennifer Bragg (6 months ago)
This has sewing in it. I need options where it is cut and tie only.
Diana Yip (7 months ago)
I love it
Macroph (7 months ago)
What is a good fabric for this? She may have said but I didn't hear 😱
Samera Shaith (8 months ago)
Brilliant! Thank you so much. 😊
Debbie Sitarz (10 months ago)
I really like the look of these beach wraps and have seen tons of them on eBay for 5 or 6 bucks, free shipping, but what I can't seem to understand is how the straps stay up in place on your shoulders, as the wrap, crossed over your front ,would want to pull itself apart, thus pulling the straps off your shoulders with it. I wonder if this is the case?
Chantalle Kerr (11 months ago)
"no sewing"...... Sews the straps on...
Kind of cloth, please?? Length and width of cloth
Jolina Laguna (1 year ago)
I like it
周玉川 (1 year ago)
shamuli pore (1 year ago)
Video starts 1:16
Donnas Magic (1 year ago)
can you make me one this is Thuy Phan I miss u
chrishad95 (1 year ago)
New link to the fabric, i think: http://www.joann.com/sew-classic-knits-dandelion-jet-set/11178332.html#q=classic%20knit&prefn1=prod_type&prefv1=Product&start=11
Loopholez (1 year ago)
Good Job
Really excellent and so simple. Thanks. I saw something similar on a website for like $30.00, I will take the $6.00 method and make some for all 5 of my swim suits for the same amount as buying one. One option to consider for the no-sew crowd is using double sided iron-on seam sealer. It gives you that finished like you sewed it look but you just ironed! I have used it for curtains and other items that I wanted a nice seam on but didn't feel like sewing.
thea whitaker (1 year ago)
Carmela Pattillo Anuli Mokoroto I'll have to try it
Inci Aksoy (2 years ago)
Harika bir fikir dikiş bilmeye bile gerek yok teşekkürler
Julia Demo (2 years ago)
wow this is amazing, exactly what i need!!!! Thanks a lot!!!!!
Valerie Flores (2 years ago)
I saw this on Pinterest and I wanted to make this
Melanie Nicole (2 years ago)
how do you put this on exactly i made it and i thought it was supposed to cover all around you.
dsssssddd aezdzsdzszsasass
Zuicy Beauty Ak (3 years ago)
I made two for myself n wore it at my vacation to Goa( I am from India) it's so beautiful. even pple out there were appreciating it.. luv it..n to b honest dis was the first diy I did from u tube. l luv ua channel ..stay blessed!!!
Dizzy Angel (3 years ago)
I'm sad because she doesn't understand what no-sew so means
Gwen Baker (3 months ago)
Because it is a no sew
Baby Joseph (11 months ago)
Bruh I'm Weak
Anna Arshakyan (3 years ago)
Esh a lriv es axjiky.... -_-
Anna Kociszewska (3 years ago)
Czy jest tu ktoś z Polski? Mogę prosić o wymiary?
Shannon AF (3 years ago)
I love how the title says no sewing but clearly there's sewing in this video
Yen Saltyboy (11 months ago)
If so, use a glue or staples if u think a two three sew r gonna be worse thing in world.
heather Searcy (1 year ago)
no, no sew means no sew... a needle and thread is still sewing.
Jana’ (1 year ago)
no sew means no sewing machine genius
Kathleen De Moya (3 years ago)
does the fabric have to be a stretch?
Alexis McIntire (3 years ago)
needle and thread = sewing idk if u knew
By feather and wave (1 year ago)
Hand sewing is still sewing
Jana’ (1 year ago)
no sew means no sewing machine genius
Alexis McIntire (3 years ago)
u said no sewing u liar
Jana’ (1 year ago)
new sew= no sewing machines
Alexis McIntire (3 years ago)
put on some pants
Eliza Osborn (4 years ago)
please give me the demisions and the kind of fabric
IHEARA WHO (3 years ago)
Did you not watch the video?
Cristie Ann (4 years ago)
Was there a tutorial using a machine?
Axel May Clapano (4 years ago)
but you said no sewing??
Jana’ (1 year ago)
no sew means no sewing machine
IHEARA WHO (3 years ago)
Use a glue gun....
CatHarlem (4 years ago)
What a great idea and tutorial. I'm going to make 2-3 for my upcoming cruise. Thanks for sharing!
Mandy Yepez (4 years ago)
Hi watch my videos they're really good XOXO
Jelyn Domalaon (4 years ago)
Thank you! Now i can make my own. :))))))
Joseph Guevarra (4 years ago)
Kuyaw man ka ma-rape ani. 
My DIY Addiction (4 years ago)
U said no sewing and there is sewing
Jana’ (1 year ago)
no sew means no sewing machine
Adela Carvajal (4 years ago)
Where did you cut the stands off of?
Kim tuber (10 months ago)
Regan Rose @1:51
Regan Rose (1 year ago)
Adela Carvajal i was wondering that too
THarrison004 (4 years ago)
I'm so glad you made this cover up,it's so nice,and i couldn't figure out how to put mine on,thanks for the tutorial.
lisamaharaj (4 years ago)
Thank you :-D excited to try it
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
lisamaharaj (4 years ago)
Thank you :-D excited to try it
Ciara Sinéad (4 years ago)
My trusty feet ahaha i nearly fell off my seat laughing and ive made 7 so far aha one for everyday of my vacation to spain and the colours ive made are blue yellow violet green teal purple and a pink one with the braided strapes orange which is my faveeee xxxx thanks so much
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Wow that's great!!! Please tag me on Instagram to your pics so I can share with my followers of your success story!! Lol hope you had a great vacay
QueeenAlicee (4 years ago)
Ok just to make things clear for new DIY junkies no sew means no sewing machine
hitler's tittymilk (10 months ago)
no it doesnt
QueeenAlicee Is Be
Cherry Metha (1 year ago)
No, QueenAlicee , no sew does NOT mean no sewing machine as in the vid the girl says that you can SEW using a sewing machine or by hand .
Adina Watson (1 year ago)
QueeenAlicee no sewing means no sewing one can specify no machine sewing or no hand sewing or no sewing or just sewing but still no sewing means no sewing altogether
Valentin Torres (2 years ago)
Tanya Coleman (4 years ago)
I love this idea going to use it right away
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Lol thanks! Make extras for family n friends too!
crystalheart9 (4 years ago)
Amazing easy project, thanks!
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Aww thanks!!
Rebecca Sanchez (4 years ago)
Is the yard length bigger with more thicker in the waist & chest area??
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Jill Alcanar (4 years ago)
Jill Alcanar (4 years ago)
alright thats ok :D 
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
No sewing on YouTube usually means without a sewing machine. Sorry for the confusion
Sew Easy Please (4 years ago)
This is so awesome! I saw the cover up on Pinterest and glad I found this DIY instead of buying one in store
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
aww thanks, so glad it helped
Archer Watkins (4 years ago)
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Jeimmy Villarreal (4 years ago)
I made four right now! Two for me and two for my bff ^^ I love them thanks
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
lol awww love to hear that, sharing is caring!!!
tania garcia (4 years ago)
this is by far the best bathing suit cover up luv it ive made like 5 and my friends like ive bought it
Prianca Paranjpe (4 years ago)
you are super genius! thank a lot for this tutorial
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
lol thanks! 
Alyssa Shen (4 years ago)
is it two yards or one yard of fabric
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
I think 1 1/2 yard
hilary w. (4 years ago)
I loved that cover up from VS when I saw it, but the price is definitely ridiculous for basically a piece of fabric with shoulder straps. Thanks for the tutorial!  I will probably make several of these. I have tons of jersey fabric lying around. :)
simpLymodish (4 years ago)
Yeah!!!! I love hearing how my viewers are saving money !!!Good luck! I bet it'll look great for summer!
wannainin (5 years ago)
what camera are you using?Thanks a lot!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
canon t3i
Jasmin (5 years ago)
Great idea thanks!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
awww thanks! 
Riina Nurmi (5 years ago)
Umm...what is 1 yard in meters??? You might think im stupid but im just young... 13 years old .....
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
its ok. you can always google yard to meters, which is .9144 meters! thanks for watching
sara denney (5 years ago)
U said no sew !
iglittleangel (5 years ago)
hey, loved your video! :) Bought 1 yard cotton cloth, in yellow..copy copy.. from Micheals! But it was just a tiny piece of cloth that wont cover me up. I am 5'3, 34DD, 130lbs. So, went back and got a 2 yard piece and made from that! It definitely came out great!  Thankyou :)
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
awww sorry i should have told you to get more from the start and now have to rebuy fabrics....thanks for watching!!!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
no problem!
LASIRENA101 (5 years ago)
Fabulous loved it trying this thank youuuu
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
Perfect! thanks!
nouhaila atrous (5 years ago)
thank you very much i will try this lovely dress and i will post you the picture!!! thnxs again
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
i used a stretchy cotton like material, but you can use anything that can drape. No stiff fabric.
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
awww thanks love!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
thanks !!!!
Meli Isen (5 years ago)
what kind of materal do I need? thanks
lalaques02 (5 years ago)
ohhh i was just going to buy one and ran across this, thank you, thank you, thank you cant wait to browse the other videos
Becky Mcdonald (5 years ago)
I also think it would make a lovely maxi with maybe 2-2 1/2 yards of material; depending on your height. I am 5'10", so would buy 2 1/2 yards just to be safe. Great job!
Becky Mcdonald (5 years ago)
You are beautiful and I really love your make tutes. I love this as well and am bidding on 2 from ebay, but to see how easy it is to make makes me want to make one today. I do have one suggestion. Yours is a more modest version that the Vic Sec one and that is great, but if you want one more like the original one, see if you can't find material that is wider off the bolt when you buy it. I am not sure if your material is 45", 54" or 60", but fr this item, I would go for the 60". Continued.....
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
Yea good luck, you gotta try to make it in different colors
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
Sophia Song (5 years ago)
so smart :o
Leslie Branch (5 years ago)
im so doing this today for a cruise im taking in october! thank you for sharing this!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
thank you!
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
sorry i meant no sewing machine needed
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
sorry i meant no sewing machine needed
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
Sorry about that, just pause it after each step, hopefully that helps
Leslie Branch (5 years ago)
Brilliant! !!!
Boschigurl (5 years ago)
no sewing..? uh..
adyla828 (5 years ago)
was looking up DIY swimsuit cover up glad i found this vid.
Jazmen Martin (5 years ago)
You did the sewing part waaaaaayyyy to fast !!!
Hanifati Imanina Subki (5 years ago)
Wow thank you so much for the detailed answer!! xx
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
if you choose to wear one, you'll need to use a fabric that will dry up faster, cotton will take a while to dry so you'll be walking around soaking wet. there's other options, if youre not comfortable in a bikini, you can choose to wear a high waisted bottom (which is the new trend) or wear a monokini (they have lots of cute ones) or you can wrap yourself in a thin sarong. Good luck and enjoy the sun!
Tiffany Phan (5 years ago)
If you win a giveaway how do you inbox them?
Hanifati Imanina Subki (5 years ago)
Is it weird to wear the cover-ups to swim in? -_- I have no confidence to wear only bikini! :(
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
I know, its ridiculous!
jacky luis (5 years ago)
Can I be your friend
Gabrielle Oldham (5 years ago)
Jezz $50!! Wow:/
simpLymodish (5 years ago)
NOOOOO problem!!!!! Yeah!!!
MissShirlee (5 years ago)
ahh! This is the one I was looking for!!! Thank you thank you thank you!
Emily Bisignano (5 years ago)
Cute! You could do this with a large tshirt and utilize the fabric for that :D I'm a nazi about wearing synthetic fibers :p
amanda Star (5 years ago)
what is the length of the fabric? please reply As soon as possible! :)

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