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DOOM - Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES

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DOOM - Mission 5: Argent Energy Tower 100% Walkthrough - ALL SECRETS/COLLECTIBLES & CHALLENGES Challenges: 3:45 & 7:30 - Chiropractor - Perform 4 Neck or Jaw Breaker Glory Kills on the Imp (attack from behind) Searching High and Low - Find 3 Secrets 6:54, 9:57, & 24:45 - Overkiller - Kill 15 demons using Quad Damage Collectibles: 01:08 - Data Log #1 - Tier 2 Manifest (Environments - Argent Energy Tower) - 1:08 - Double Jump Boots 01:25 - Rune Trial #1 02:52 - Secret #1 & Argent Cell #1 03:45 - Secret #2 & Data Log #2 - Revenant II (Monsters Revenant) & Field Drone 05:11 - Secret #3 & Elite Guard #1 06:16 - Data Log #3 - Summoner II (Monsters Summoner) & Automap 08:13 - Elite Guard #2 08:40 - Data Log #4 - Argent Energy II (Environments - Argent Energy Tower) 08:48 - Collectible #1 (UAC Pistol Model Orangeguy) & Secret #4 13:01 - Collectible #2 (Summoner Model Purpleguy) & Secret #5 16:18 - Argent Cell #2 16:37 - Secret #6 (Classic Map Doom Halls of the Damned) 21:28 - Rune Trial #2 22:31 - Elite Guard #3 23:00 - Secret #7 (Gauss Cannon) DOOM 100% Walkthrough Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBmi6vaTfD_dwadQXhzQ4Z6z_eJX41XFS Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Maka91Productions This walkthrough contains progress of the story achievements/trophies, as well as the following: Specialist - Earn the Mastery for a weapon mod [20G] IDKFA - Earn the Masteries for all weapon mods [50G] Hot Swapper - Acquire all weapon mods [30G] Historian - Find all Data Logs [25G] Every Nook and Cranny - Find all Collectables [30G] Argent Overload -Fully upgrade Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity [15G] Argent Fiend - Fully upgrade Health, Armor, and Ammo capacity on a single campaign run [30G] A Gift from Beyond - Earn a Rune [15G] The Circle is Complete - Earn all Runes [30G] Momentum Shift - Upgrade a Rune [25G] IDDQD - Upgrade all Runes [100G] Tinkering - Fully upgrade a Praetor Suit category. [15G] Overclocked - Fully upgrade all Praetor Suit categories on a single campaign run. [50G] Support Maka91Productions on Patreon -- https://www.patreon.com/maka91productions Shoutout to herron giggles -- http://herrongamers.com/jaci/ Check out @DocCupCake84 -- https://twitter.com/DocCupCake84 Additional Credits: Kevin "Nighthawk673" Hollenbeck, Carlseh, MclovinLegend & CultGamerAlliance
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Text Comments (137)
dan 85 (1 day ago)
Nice video man everything explained perfectly well . Thanks
SUICIDE _234 (10 days ago)
I killed myself so many times in this map
Enaemaehkiw Sanapaw (16 days ago)
You deserve more followers! Awesome vids as always.
Robert Brooks (21 days ago)
Harder Rune Trial?!?!? That was the easiest one yet, took 2 tries. All the others you made look like cake took me forever.
Robert Brooks (21 days ago)
Mega Health collectible. Not sure if permanent or real collectible but pretty sure as my log updated in the boots area. Located forward/right of 22:47 mark. Drop down vent back to bottom train level picking it up along way.
Marcola do mar (23 days ago)
how come he double jumps? I have been following another walkthrough but never seen a mention of double jump! where do I get the double jump?
Philip Smith (27 days ago)
I've got a hint for the tower where you kill loads of demons let them kill each other by running around. That way you kill a few of them.
TC Kewlzter (1 month ago)
It's near 2019, and I still haven't beat this level.
VICIOUS DR3MZ (2 months ago)
I was missing the gauss cannon secret, I couldn’t figure out where that last secret was thank you so much
Elia Antoldi (3 months ago)
I think you miss a secret. I followed what you said and 1 is missing
DeJuan Battle (3 months ago)
Great work bro... Helped me get everything done.. thanx alot!!!
Hdog Hillyer (3 months ago)
Can you find the super shotgun in this mission?
Daniel Goss (3 months ago)
Will it still count it if I already have the gauss cannon? I’m going back through each level finding all the secrets and I’m pretty sure that’s the last one for this level
Tommy Leyva (4 months ago)
You know what fuck it I’m 15 seconds in and I’m gonna subscribe because reasons
Tommy Leyva (4 months ago)
All I heard was the intro and decided that’s all the reason I need to like this
MEKA MCEACHIN (4 months ago)
MEKA MCEACHIN (4 months ago)
dynatwenty (4 months ago)
thanks again !
cerberss (4 months ago)
i can't jump through those platforms why 5 20 min
Plush Dude (5 months ago)
i did all of this post game so the stuff i found difficult i just whipped out the BFG and took care of it easily
Phil Gohn (5 months ago)
I’m trying to get the doll in the train area and he just will not grab that ledge when I jump over to it
brahadeesh gopinath (5 months ago)
bro after the time runs out I face a black screen issue and the game does not respond can anyone give me any solutions
Rico (2 months ago)
brahadeesh gopinath krkdjejhdb4uf i HD r
Jay jay Shadows (5 months ago)
Thanks bor this was super helpful no sarcasm i this mission was gettin on my nerves till i found this video
xxxaero (5 months ago)
Thats no plasma gun..lol
R3APER666 (5 months ago)
It’s so funny to watch this be played on a easy difficulty as I’m playing on nightmare, the hell knights 1 hit kill you while you are melee hitting them and taking multiple hits :L awesome videos though man saved me loads of time and helped out a lot!
klytus42 (6 months ago)
You're damn good at this game.
Afura33 (7 months ago)
What happens if you fell down after picking up the little doom puppet at 13:20 ? I know I will die and restart at the last save point, but do I need to pick up again the puppet or can I continue? I just can't jump back without dying like you do in this area lol.
David Fenn (7 months ago)
Does anyone know if Maka is using a PS4 Controller? Or is it PC with mouse controller? I'm getting through the game, but my Aim Still Sucks! I'm new with PS4. Played PC lots in younger days with mouse and back then I could aim!
Donald (7 months ago)
10:30 song in the background?
RSC (4 months ago)
Donald BFG Division
Pvnda (7 months ago)
thanks this took the piss and u helped me out ☺
Daddy ‘Dolf (9 months ago)
Taylor Kelly (9 months ago)
You play like shit.
yogibur #kingslife (10 months ago)
yo you are helpful as hell
Glitch Hash (10 months ago)
Thanks a ton
ボイSparkz (10 months ago)
J59sheriff (11 months ago)
Maca I have a question what does it mean to stick bore enemies in 5 seconds with the heavy assault rifle? I don't understand what stick means. Thank you and you have great videos your tremendous help.
J59sheriff (11 months ago)
Can someone please help. I am missing one secret the 4th one and I believe it's the datapad because when I go by where it was I keep getting the ringing sound that tells me I'm near a secret I use Xbox One. Has this happened to anyone else and is there anything I can do to get this secret on my side the datapad is already gone. Thanks for any help in advance.
Jiacheng Wang (11 months ago)
I get that looking for stuff is designed to be fun in this game as a tradition. But some people (like me) just get confused and lost. Your video is absolutely great!!
John Doe (1 year ago)
Idk what it is i played this mission 7 times and followed your walkthrough 5 times so i guess it is a glitch
John Doe (1 year ago)
Thank you for all your help There is one that im pretty sure you missed on this lvl because i have 6 out 7 secrets and followed you video 3 times Its Before the stair case that leads to the last set of train cars.
RegMyNet (1 year ago)
Ty Vm for everything...
SnowHawk7 (1 year ago)
The platforming in Doom 4 reminds me of Metroid Prime.
Marcelo Beckmann (1 year ago)
Thanks for these guides man! At 5:18, there is a armor at the right (for anyone need it)
Marcelo Beckmann (1 year ago)
what you did at 21:07?
Darren Zink (1 year ago)
Nice walkthrough and just a great job all around..
Cheeki Mcbreeki (1 year ago)
7:40 feel free to k i l l y o u r s e l f
fictionchic (1 year ago)
Helpful walkthrough, thorough, but only one question: how DID you make that nasty jump toward the Elite guard??? I've tried so many times but always miss even when jumping simultaneously. The first rune...yikes! Impressive. Where exactly is that Argent Cell supposed to show up? I tried getting all the way back but couldn't. I did the rune with the barrels in the first mission (only from watching a friend play many times).
william griffis (1 year ago)
Thanks you helped me get pasted this mission
the assault trifle (1 year ago)
Absolutely brilliant guide, clear instructions and great commentary, my 12th platinum is dedicated to this awesome dude 👍
OneShot Gaming (1 year ago)
Is it just me but I got the second rune a completely different way
Lin do (1 year ago)
thanks....u really helped me😅😅
duratoke (1 year ago)
Probably one of the best walkthrough series; I can't really say. No need, or want, to look further. Only one thing I would've liked though is a look at where you are on the map sometimes. And I really hate those maps. 7:00 By running past goons I got all 15 "Quad Kills" here after 1 death, good tip! 8:50, and also 13:00 "Doom Guys" the first especially, is freakishly well hidden. 22:50 that's where the third guy is! Just kept passing him by.
Imre Balogh (1 year ago)
I was borderline deleting this piece of shit game before I checked this, so thanks
Hasoon nine (11 months ago)
Imre Balogh lol same here
Imre Balogh (1 year ago)
you are right, it was actually a very good game, I got anger issues when it comes to games and keep on dying for half an hour and dont have a clue what to do.
Jigmcfugduck W (1 year ago)
Imre Balogh this game is amazing you shouldn't delete it just because you can't find all the secrets.
John B (1 year ago)
great walk throughs subscribed
duratoke (1 year ago)
Been trying to remember to "like." Going to sub.
chris laurent (1 year ago)
thanks a lot maka....
MustangTogunner (1 year ago)
great tutorials I watched while playing all 10 levels I needed help with great work!
Psychedrawlic (1 year ago)
stephen slater (1 year ago)
thanks for your helpful Doom walk throughs it helps me get the most out of the game.
Berlin Greek (1 year ago)
Lol he sucks so bad at this fps even on the easy mode. But the walkrough is AWESOME!
Lelantos (1 year ago)
John B Rushing through? He's playing quite slowly
John B (1 year ago)
Berlin Greek dude he's already dominated the game. this is him just rushing through
Ray Shomaker (1 year ago)
amazing material man. you've gained a subscriber!!
Steve Harvey (1 year ago)
amazing host, great walkthrough, not too fast not too slow, shows everything without cuts so you don't get lost lol... thanks thanks thanks
Luis Robles (1 year ago)
Thanks! This was really helpful ! :)
16:02 Sounds like ghostbusters
Viper (1 year ago)
So, something you don't mention much...but I've paid attention to is the combat rating, as I'm trying to get all 5 in every level. But at 12:13 when you end the second Quad Damage area, you're starting on your 4th combat ring...yet on my end, I'm only close to finishing my third. Yet you've skipped enemies, and I never do...why am I behind in this instance, even though I follow along with what you do, and am usually ahead of you?
duratoke (1 year ago)
Just guessing, but maybe he does kill most or all enemies then edits it out.
Charles Kasabula (1 year ago)
Great walkthrough! Thanks. The double jump from the stopped train to the ledge to get the 1st collectable is a bizwich. Have tried a ton of times. Any tip there?
Afura33 (7 months ago)
Was a pain in the ass, but gotta say that the second collectable was far worse for me lol
metalgamer83 (1 year ago)
Charles Kasabula Thanks, that did it for me after trying about ten times and almost giving up.
Charles Kasabula (1 year ago)
Ha! got it a few attempts after my post. Have to rotate left a bit during the double jump I think?
"If you do absolutely terrible with the first quad kill, just jump off the cliff and go back to your last checkpoint" That describes my life... just take out the "quad kill" and "last checkpoint" Now you are left with "just jump off the cliff" I funny please laugh
ass catcher (4 months ago)
haha yes me like
SparkZ 1564 (10 months ago)
Undead Equestrian Gamer You cracked me up with that last line 😂😂
Jay Bell (1 year ago)
Undead Equestrian Gamer lol but what if I was on ultra nightmare difficulty
Jorge Rodriguez (1 year ago)
How come the view of your game is so brightly lit? My game for Xbox looks really dark and I'm barely able to see! Is it because I have the Arcade Mode on?
Charles Kasabula (1 year ago)
Jorge Rodriguez increase the gamma in the settings
TheEvolutionizt (1 year ago)
great guide maka !! very helpfull
NecroFire567 (1 year ago)
I can't find the collectable ;_;
Alejandro Palacios (1 year ago)
What does the pressing of the button do in the last secret?
Alejandro Palacios (1 year ago)
freutty (1 year ago)
Behind you, it opens the door to walk back up to where you were. If not I think you'd just be stuck there having to kill yourself by taking the fall down the elevator.
sarah g (1 year ago)
i cant jumb from box grrr
Aduain Captor (1 year ago)
Every single secret I actually had to look up how to reach it was actually either very close to me, I already found the possible way to get to it but forgot to check, or I ignored it. The most embarrassing one was on mission 3 when I stopped right next to the platform that had the lever on and I was all like ".....nah, it's not even on the map and it's behind the safety fence. naaaaah" and I just walked away. I am an embarrassment.
duratoke (1 year ago)
They definitely got thinking again, less like "Doom3" and more in the spirit of the original.
John Davies (1 year ago)
Does the 2nd rune trial count towards the: Timing is Everything Use explosive barrels to kill 100 enemies trophy?
Mr Taff (1 year ago)
can any of you gamers help me with an annoying problem. my youtube buffering is off this world, been loading this video for about 4hrs. theres a lot of info about this problem, tried a few of them and nothing. whata hell is going on with this unreal youtube buffering?? have a 40/40 connection and when downloading something it freezes for a few seconds after a few mb, continues and freezes again and like this the entire download. using wifi since router is too far away for a cable:(
Mr Taff (1 year ago)
hi. after 21min you fight a guard with the shield and clone yourself. how do you do it?
Mr Taff (1 year ago)
tnx. found it=)
Samsonite Fanatic (1 year ago)
Mr Taff Theres a hologram grenade that you pick up. You find it on the tower somewhere.
LogicXx (1 year ago)
weird at the end i collected everything but ione ring wasnt full. what does that mean?
duratoke (1 year ago)
I think it means you missed killing some monsters.
LaserGadgets (2 years ago)
Knocks dead a skeleton thing, must be ultra nightmare xD Helpful, the high and low was driving me insane.
kgb (2 years ago)
6:54 and 9:54 for the QUAD KILL, which is all we needed... It _is_ a power-up, for anyone (like me) who has forgotten; and came here looking! xD *Edit*: If you think that you're gonna be short on achievements, you can DIE ((re)load checkpoint) & re-playing from a checkpoint: you get to *keep* all of the *challenges*.
Chris Madeira (2 years ago)
hmm i got no leaver in the Argent energy tower....can any one tell me why?
Marty McFap (2 years ago)
Dude ur the reason I still play this game I gave up the first few days from being stuck just on the 2nd chapter but now I'm trucking along bc of these walk throughs 👍
Kevin Mcdiarmid (2 years ago)
Really like the clear commentary and the pace was just right. Cheers
Burnintreez321 (1 year ago)
Yeah I agree his walkthroughs are the best. I always try not to use them if I don't have to but this game while awesome has me stumped once in awhile about where the hell to go and the map honestly is so needlessly confusing I find it almost counter intuitive to use it versus just walking around trying to find my way without it. Great game though, the action is so fast paced and intense it really does get your heart rate going haha I love it.
Brian Ackles (2 years ago)
why do you collect items AND THEN make a video TRYING to show where you ALREADY got them? is this amateur hour over here? sorry that was mean...ish....P.S. if your videos were more concise with without the unnecessary chit-chat no-brainer explanations that almost no one needs yours would be the best DOOM 100% walkthrough videos on youtube. I tried to be fair yet firm. give praise where it was deserved but vent my criticisms bluntly Can you dig it? i said CAN YOU DIIIIIG IIIIIIT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Afura33 (7 months ago)
Let's see if you can do it better
duratoke (1 year ago)
ReadySet - That was mean...ish...But at least you're concise!
Brian Ackles (1 year ago)
there are short, concise 5-8 minute videos for the longest levels in this game that not only avoids repeating every single thing they say 3-5 times but also has great production values like your videos while not saying at all and instead ops for on-screen text. I'm sorry i was kinda harsh but it got old listening to this guy repeating himself over and over again with every single little thing. I also said these would be one of the best DOOM walkthroughs out there if if he'd just trim the fat and stop repeating himself. Quick, concise, no-bullshit videos doesn't necessarily mean crappy videos.
Burnintreez321 (1 year ago)
wasted time out of your life? Stfu I hate retards like you, probably also say the phrase "two hours of my life I'll never get back" when you see a movie you don't like too don't ya? Your time is not that precious and this guy takes the time to make these videos and they DO help out a lot and you act like a fucking idiot and insult him for it. Video games are time wasters by design, they exist to have fun and kill time when there is nothing to do so since your time is so valuable what are you doing playing doom and looking at youtube in the first place big shot?
Cacyademonenom (2 years ago)
So you'd rather have a short weak guide and have to spend more time searching by yourself than a comprehensive one which takes no effort? (not to mention each level takes around 20+ minutes to complete)
Conner Calhoun (2 years ago)
What douche gives this a thumbs down, this is a brilliant breakdown. Thanks Maka
Ammor -almulla (2 years ago)
I have still missed one secret its in 5th ? Where can i find it
PrinceJedimaster (2 years ago)
I always love when Mako say's This Rune is easy. And yet it takes me 20 tries on the easiest level...lol. Great walkthrough as always brother. Can you upgrade the chainsaw to allow more kills before running out of ammo?
Roo Roo (1 month ago)
They can be upgraded if you upgrade ammo.
duratoke (1 year ago)
I read that chainsaw and BFG can't be upgraded, since they are already so bad-ass.
Scotty (2 years ago)
Mate you've been a huge help. Up to mission 6 now :) Thank you so much!
Brian Emerick (2 years ago)
I cannot do the first rune. The guys just don't show up fast enough and I always run out of time. What is the trick? The shotgun one.
Mr. Qpad (1 year ago)
You can kill the enemys more efficient when u run run/dodge in front of them shoot right in their face. Shorter distance = higher dmg. Helped me alot to solve that rune.
fictionchic (1 year ago)
I can't do it either. My natural reaction time is shit. Plus it kinda doesn't help that he sails through the big pipe jump like it's nothing. I died over and over, going back so far it made me gamer rage (lol). I just had to walk away.
duratoke (1 year ago)
Follow the same path as in video, as they always pretty much in the same places.
Burnintreez321 (1 year ago)
Yeah glory kills were the key for me too I would never be able to do it otherwise.
Marco Fhr (2 years ago)
It's easier to have high volume, hear the zombie sounds, and kill them, btw glory kill give you twice as much time
Chris Jacobs (2 years ago)
The amount of work you do for these is crazy. Thanks a ton, you literally save me 10's of hours in most games since i'd be completely lost.
Robert Delgado (1 year ago)
Maka91Productions awesome reviews thanks
Mark Kenneford (2 years ago)
Chris Jacobs vvcg g. Cm
Maka91Productions (2 years ago)
Thanks for the support dude! <3
Ribs4Lunch (2 years ago)
Maka continues to have the walk through game on lockdown
Jay Smith (2 years ago)
informative vid, but is played on xbone?
ForTheDevil (2 years ago)
Jiminy Russels (2 years ago)
Fucking fantastic help!
P-Jay (2 years ago)
Another great help from your genius 100% Walkthrough, thanks again ;)
Ben George (2 years ago)
Thank you again, +1 positive.
SA3D427 (2 years ago)
If I accidentally did the restart mission, do i have to start the whole game from the beginning ?
Mason Parrott (10 months ago)
SA3D427 you are a idiot sir
stahlhort (2 years ago)

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