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Behind The Scenes at the Tower of London | City Secrets | Time Out London

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Time Out went behind the scenes at the Tower of London to meet the Ravenmaster, look at Thomas More's cell, and watch the opening ceremony. What happens at the Tower when no one is around?
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brontewcat (1 month ago)
Wow - SirThomas More’s cell. Fascinating- seeing it how it probably looked 450 years ago.
Tower of crown
Bill Carrell (1 year ago)
Well done but much too short. Would enjoy this format covering Tower Hill and other execution sites.
Black Swan (11 months ago)
I agree. When you have obtained permission to do a shoot, why not shoot more video. This segment was like an appetizer, tasty but hardly filling
Caroline McGinn (1 year ago)
Love the ravenmaster
Gloria Garrison (5 months ago)
Joyful time at the Tower meeting Chris and Merlina. His book, The Ravenmaster, is a keepsake here in Cincinnati..many thanks
Sophia Mason (1 year ago)
First visit to the tower with a 7 and 5 year old. We got there for opening and went straight to the Crown Jewels exhibition. Later on there was a huge queue so I would suggest getting there early. I highly recommend that use the Hop on-Hop off Bus to travel to the Tower of London, using your one day free pass or book a taxi with waterloocars.co.uk best in town

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