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Hugbot Secrets Revealed? - Tower of Guns #31

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Tower of Guns is an amazing FPS/Roguelike made by Joe Mirabello and Terrible Posture Games. The game has extremely tight controls, a nice variety of gameplay, and is quite challenging. It's my favorite Roguelike/Roguelite I've ever played, and probably my favorite game of 2013/2014. ToG Website: www.towerofguns.com/ Steampage: http://store.steampowered.com/app/266110/ Like what I'm doing? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/SubWanderbots
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TheRestlessrogue (3 years ago)
hugbots give you hugbot alley if you don't kill any of them, there is no timer for it but with hugbot alley if you kill any of them it increases the difficulty major by the time you murder all of them. Its equivalent to about 10 difficulty ups if you kill all of em :P
TheRestlessrogue (3 years ago)
try and level up pickup guns xD
gnome011111 (3 years ago)
Oh and btw killing hugbots increases the difficulty of the game. The game actually tells you this in one of the random story's and it hints that it helps not to kill them in a loading screen
gnome011111 (3 years ago)
14:07. Did he find my mixtape
cybercobra (4 years ago)
the motivator is an odd gun. it gets worse with every level it gets. EXEPT for level 5. at this point it fires very slowly. BUT every shot spawns a motivator block (the ones that fire you off in the direction you are looking when you enter them) making it incredibly usefull for mobility.
Wanderbots (4 years ago)
I thought so. The motivator blocks seem really useful, but more often than not I have enough jumps/speed to render them a bit pointless. I guess they could be helpful if I want to go to the top of the tower for the extra pickups.

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