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Oracle APEX Tutorial 13 - Constraints Using Alter Table

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Hi! I’m Abdulrhman Uthman, a student of King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. This series is intended for the practical class of Database Concepts students in our university, but anyone who wants to learn database, SQL or Structured Query Language and use Oracle’s APEX are welcome aboard. In this video we will discuss SQL’s constraints by recalling our DDL statements for altering tables. We will use Alter Table to add and drop a constraint. This video is related to Lesson 12, so make sure you have done that before continuing here. I would like to acknowledge the following people for their support: Dr. Majed Alshamari, Dr. Mohammed Bonais, Dr. Abdullah Alaulaimie, Dr. Mohammed Al-Naeem, Mr. Ahmed Alshawayrid, Mr. Naif Bo-Hasan, Mr. Mohammed Tawfiq, my sister, Ms. Reem Uthman, and my brother, Anas Uthman for editing the video.
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Fizan X (8 months ago)
Thanks mate! Simple and classy!

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