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Michael Scott Victoria Secret Hair

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Michael Scott demonstrates his Victoria Secret haircut and shows how to style hair as well.
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1111gilly (3 years ago)
Michaelscottstylist on Instagram
Val Rotterdam (3 years ago)
whoaaa --- Michael Scott is my great inspiration ... have you Facebook ??!!!!
Tasha Hoye (3 years ago)
great tutorial im confused to why you didnt just do a curly blow dry? you did a straight one then curled?, I am a level 2 hairdresser just wondering about your technique cause they say at college to a curly blow dry as it set the alpha keratin in any style to beta keratin? please reply as ii am interested thanks:) 
Kralice Gr (4 years ago)
If I ever get to Las Vegas, I will pay you a visit! :) Can you, please, tell me, if the iron you used is the 1,5" or the 2"? Thank you! Warmly from Athens, Greece.
Sirvice Man (4 years ago)
decent haircut but if the goal of this was to show how you did this cut, the camera man diddnt capture much of what your shears were doing. perhaps u need a new director or editor. GL friend
Natalia Monteiro (4 years ago)
song is baby- by tiombe lockhart awesome hairstyle
Pia Holler (5 years ago)
its not VS, its just big curls
MakeUpMeFamous (5 years ago)
Who sings this song?!? xx
Heather Miller (5 years ago)
You are the first person that I subscribed to I watched the ombre video and all I can say is wow U are extremely talented I am surprised this is the first I head of you keep doing the thing...love the tatts
AntoLloyd (5 years ago)
Umano Ide (5 years ago)
I just fell on your page yesterday on the ombre hair video and i just want to say that your work is beyond amazing !
Christina Craig (5 years ago)
he got her together yeeeeessss!
Ashley Blanchard (5 years ago)
Do you do any classes that I can sign up for? Your haircuts are amazing
MichaelScottHAIR (5 years ago)
45 min
MichaelScottHAIR (5 years ago)
its just a hottools iron.. I love them because there cheap in price, durable and heat up fast... you can drop them and they still work.. this ones like 30 bucks.. hope this helps :)
Vasilisa Vasiléva (5 years ago)
Can you please tell the name of iron? Please=)))) I guess its professional...
The Midnight Runner (5 years ago)
This looks amazing! I wish my styler could do THAT for me! How long did it take you to do everthing?

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