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Sidari Beach Corfu Greece June 2015

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Text Comments (195)
Very beautiful 😍💖🔥👙
VAL ANN (17 days ago)
r2kaka (24 days ago)
Wow 👍 👍 👍 666
Fatumu Rimaute (27 days ago)
C jouliiiii
nice beach
Vinod Umate Umate (1 month ago)
Nise video
Rahal Najmaoui (1 month ago)
2018 sk
Ibopishak Naorem (2 months ago)
Better to write later to_day after daybreak.o.k?
Arnold Stollar (2 months ago)
Overpriced and overrated?
Bobshouse (2 months ago)
melanoma time!!
ChilloutLoungeMusic (2 months ago)
Greece is NOT Europe. It is a place where corrupt Lawyers & Notaries are awaiting investors with good intensions, ready to defraud them, where people smoke everywhere, where they are layzee and looking to scam hardworking Europeans. Let them go and join Turkey in a union. Greeks are NOT European!
Odvut Story (2 months ago)
Andy Adams (2 months ago)
Well at least now we know where all the fat girls hang out
burymedeep 2093 (3 months ago)
The girl at 1:02
Andrew Slaughter (3 months ago)
Corfu is very popular with Russians these days
MegaJohnhammond (3 months ago)
what a bunch of asses
boy girl and a dad (3 months ago)
I found Greece to have rocky or beaches with a lot of stones. Not a fan.
Lon Fisk (3 months ago)
I'm sorry but that is one ugly beach. Come to Florida and visit Clearwater Beach or Siesta key beach if you want to see a beautiful beach
kapumail (3 months ago)
Clearwater Beach https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=JLx_-C08-Q8
anthony buono (3 months ago)
Школьники балуются? ???
Nikki black (4 months ago)
Beautiful scenery there but there are some bitches that should not wear bikinis and thongs
J Knox (23 hours ago)
dude, don't be a asshole. Women can wear whatever you like. The more you fat shame them, the less women will be willing to wear them. Same goes for men in speedos. Stop fat shaming. It just ruins the image of the speedo and thong for the rest of us slim people.
대한민국 (4 months ago)
Beach Koukounaries Greece Skiathos https://youtu.be/U7dq89ZBzXo
Сергей Гуров (5 months ago)
Пляж мммм)*
Ayoub Jouarane (5 months ago)
حبيب كريم (5 months ago)
بذمتك المايوه ده له لازمة
ScottDLR (5 months ago)
They're all chunky enough to be at a beach in America.
SEMPER FINE (4 months ago)
No, Americans have better teeth!
Life of Lin (6 months ago)
corfu's beaches were pristine and fully of joy. one of my favorite places in the world.
İhsan Kabak (2 months ago)
Andrew Slaughter (3 months ago)
Yes but pity about rubbish piled up on beachfront
Samer Al.razzaz (6 months ago)
Celso Feder (6 months ago)
milad akbari (6 months ago)
TiranaTirana Tirana (6 months ago)
vizesi olan bayan arkadaşla tanışmak istiyorum 05322329808
Jose Luis Rodriguez (6 months ago)
Terry Marcum (6 months ago)
So much ass is a good thing right.
Đoan Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Ynech (7 months ago)
Ok, ok, ok!!!
bhoke magasi (7 months ago)
watu wanatumbua maixs
Mohamed Damerdji (7 months ago)
Да в Магнитогорске отличные пляжи
Atilla YURT (8 months ago)
ahhhh ahhhh once upon a Time these lands were part of my TURK EMPIRE theives stole these lands from us....
Emmanouel Heras (2 months ago)
Asia Minor is GREEK!!!! That is my Land Atilla YURT and thieves didn't steal nothing, It was given to you by England
Corfu was never part of turkish dark empire
labib abosakhron (8 months ago)
Paulo Antonio Oliveira. 🔔
Mustafa Jalol (8 months ago)
Paulo Antonio Oliveira. Oliveira 🤒😢
Kang Marno (9 months ago)
Lajot terlajang kawen sek...
Muhammad Palliyalthodi (9 months ago)
Derick Dunlop (10 months ago)
Guy Eaves (10 months ago)
L Kliloiooooi
nbrace 8132 (10 months ago)
Greece has beautiful beaches and people. Love from Florida USA.
Kongpong kp (11 months ago)
1:42 lol
Helge Aslaksen (2 months ago)
master marine (1 year ago)
淳二松浦 (1 year ago)
Suma Latha (11 months ago)
淳二松浦 God is one
Wim Theunissen (1 year ago)
Hilario De Jesus (6 months ago)
Wim Theunissen
boy girl and a dad (1 year ago)
That looked horrible. The people that vacation there must really live in a shithole
Mimoun Taibi (1 year ago)
Rousana Begum (8 months ago)
JOKIKKO Jokikko (1 year ago)
Akwasi Kutin-Mensah (1 year ago)
Dusan Babic (1 year ago)
In Korfu i woz 2015 bjutifl pipol
Rachid Ben (1 year ago)
WhatsApp Common
Hanif Rahi (1 year ago)
Hi good evening every body9
Fly with Jaouad (1 year ago)
lesbìan bold
Andrea Urizar (1 year ago)
H cb
نور نور (1 year ago)
Andrea Urizar x
mohamad shavaj (1 year ago)
Kirpya aaieye inhe dehkhe mast chij h
Rahman.shahid Shahid (1 year ago)
Paul Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Vincenzo Bisognomariak
Vincenzo Bisogno (1 year ago)
Rahman.shahid Shahid 8
Gerard van Gendt (1 year ago)
geen interesse
Shephen Posluszny (1 year ago)
who wants to see me naked call 386-643-8344
Teresa Harris (1 year ago)
we spent the week on the toilet got dysentery after eating and swimming in sea
Ahmed Khouili (1 month ago)
Citizen Dildo (1 year ago)
Arthur Santi (1 year ago)
boracay island is the best than this sidari
Heinz Mölleken (1 year ago)
Arthur Santi
Arthur Santi (1 year ago)
life is good
Ike black (2 months ago)
Arthur Santi In up with a iiuh
Gerald o Alves Bezerra. (3 months ago)
James Ricker (1 year ago)
when I was in the navy in 62 Corfu beaches were not like that.
Elvin (1 year ago)
Max Robertson (1 year ago)
not now
Mathieu Louis (1 year ago)
महेश सैनी महेश सैनी
महेश सैनी बहरावण्डा
Max Elle (1 year ago)
oh! what a shame, korfu has lost some of it's tourist destination now.
Jörg Fieberg (1 year ago)
Hoped to see some beach impressions ... all I saw where butts. :-(
ait Chichar (13 days ago)
Fuck you shit feminist white knight
Johny Cornillie (8 months ago)
Jörg Fieberg n
dugierex (1 year ago)
Nude Beaches are better. You don't have to worry about getting your  swimming suit wet
Mo Kasham (13 days ago)
dugierex thats fucking right
kris .s (1 month ago)
Me an my gf also my sister all 3 in one.
Carlo Galdino (2 months ago)
Maria Mariscal (2 months ago)
Joe Clapp 👍🤣
David Booth (3 months ago)
Mourinio press conference after last night's game.
joannawie (1 year ago)
Korfu, not Corfu !!!
Glen Smith (1 year ago)
tony t (1 year ago)
damm I love the sights , the beautiful sights , 😉 what I am doing in NYC in this 22 degrees of cold windy weather with snow in the forecast when I could be there enjoying the water , the temperatures and most importantly the Sights .
NyMr11HD (8 months ago)
hahaaha my man
Antonio Merino (1 year ago)
mohammad askari utgvbdgho
Mathieu Louis (1 year ago)
tony t
mohammad askari (1 year ago)
tony t لري سقايي
Kdkdkf Cööd (1 year ago)
hayat size guzel
Ajris Djemo (1 year ago)
elvedi pezic
Rosendo Villanueva (1 year ago)
Aquí en Las Canteras(islas canarias-españa) las he visto mas bellas mujeres e inconmensurable playa.
Saifullha Ahmad (11 months ago)
Rosendo Villanueva 5fhkkjhhhjkkmn
Nancy Strigel (1 year ago)
Rosendo Villanueva n
Hammer S (1 year ago)
Super !
Paul Gonzalez (1 year ago)
Hammer S
yazdan akbari (2 years ago)
بسیار زیبا بود
yazdan akbari سلام دوست عزیز
gerry walsh (2 years ago)
When I see the flat water and the hard packed dirty looking sand of European beaches like Sidari, it makes me so grateful that I live in a great land like Australia. Where beaches mostly have soft sand, plentiful waves and endless sunshine. And where you don't die from boredom waiting on a ripple of water to bump into your shins! Apologies to the Greeks!
gerry walsh wtf.... water is crystal clear here. This beach is a terrible example.
Peter Murray (2 months ago)
There were also no waves.
Peter Murray (2 months ago)
I lived in Adelade in South Australia. There are beaches with gravel. It is not soft, white, sandy beaches. If one hasn't got hard foot soles, the little stones (gravel) hurts a lot. Not a pleasant place to go and relax. It is only 20km south of the city centre.
Palmerino Gentile (3 months ago)
Carpetlay1 (3 months ago)
gerry walsh no. You just get eaten by a great white shark instead
ou sont les bons films des années 80 et 90?
Sam Briante (2 years ago)
Marshal art movie
wim vdberg (2 years ago)
Corry Brokken en anderen bij de hoge toren.
Gezen Adam (2 years ago)
wowww. . great video and Channel. I subbed.
Nikos Drousiotis (2 years ago)
Gezen Adam
Kuno Moorhoff (2 years ago)
Gezen Adam l
Giselle (2 years ago)
Came for the Greece tour, stayed when I saw how far ladies have come. We really have made progress with women's liberation when I saw all those bare asses. What a beautiful place. Can't wait to visit and express my freedom!
Ivan Acosta (1 month ago)
Sammy Martin x.z
Giselle (1 year ago)
+志雄李 yes?
志雄李 (1 year ago)
Giselle Martin
Giselle (2 years ago)
+Vjollca Jace yes?
Vjollca Jace (2 years ago)
Giselle Martin l
Teresa Harris (2 years ago)
we got food poisoning there the food hygiene is very poor
Mohamed Lachkar (6 months ago)
Shoeb I sxxx wg h
Shoeb I (1 year ago)
Teresa Harris taken. T
Teresa Harris (2 years ago)
its the worse place i ever went to beds were hard and damp no ac in apartments food was crap booze is very expensive no decent bear just bottles of crappy beer
محمد رضا اسدی (6 months ago)
Teresa Harris سکسی
Sarah Van den Bulck (6 months ago)
Grant Stewart e
Tapan Das (8 months ago)
Teresa Harris যেত ঝ
Grant Stewart (11 months ago)
Hot sex movie N
Hasan Saith (1 year ago)
Teresa Harris
Teresa Balhou (2 years ago)
sidari is crap full of thieves and sex offenders when a woman gets raped or robbed the greeks see nothing and the police do nothing
Mohammad Idres (1 year ago)
Andressa Silva
Mohammad Idres (1 year ago)
Teresa Balhou .
Andressa Silva (1 year ago)
Frank Girona me m
Teresa Balhou (2 years ago)
Frank Girona (2 years ago)
Teresa Balhou What about you, did you got. f...
Teresa Balhou (2 years ago)
its crap every bar has football on tv or loud music late in to the night the foods not to nice and there is many thieves and sex offenders there
Roberto Rodrigues (1 year ago)
Teresa Balhou oi mi Buu mi IP nol
georgina harris (2 years ago)
I'm going to sidari
Mathieu Louis (1 year ago)
Dan Shakespeare
Dan Shakespeare (1 year ago)
georgina harris
Philip Sawkill (1 year ago)
Daniel Stephen QA
Daniel Stephen (2 years ago)
+georgina harris I went to sidari last year, and the night life was good.
georgina harris (2 years ago)
OK thanks
georgina harris (2 years ago)
how lively was the night life we heard not so many people going sidari now we booked for the summer
kris .s (8 months ago)
georgina harris ,I had g8 fun with my model sis on this beach. .
emma .stuart
Indra Bir Byanjankar (1 year ago)
georgina harris
steven shattuck (1 year ago)
georgina harris z😩😤😩😤😤😤😫👦🏾
Erkki Karvonen (1 year ago)
Rich Escobedo

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