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Brand Nubian - Brand Nubian - GTA San Andreas Soundtrack

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Brand Nubian - GTA San Andreas Songs - Playback FM
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Jonny MF Mack (13 days ago)
there is some afrocentric trash lyrics on thia song but i do agree with alot of what it says about loving urself etc but really only reason this is played is due to funk sample bn used here
Gaming Creed47 (1 month ago)
Just imagine if GTA San Andreas got remastered, same music, same cars, and same locations lookin the same as it did back then.
Gaming Creed47 (1 month ago)
By the way, this is my favorite song in the radio station.
محمد عمر (3 months ago)
Still not trust technology 😏
Usman Ahmed (5 months ago)
Don't trust that technology yall
Gabriel Barbosa (6 months ago)
Good in the gta san andreas
kramtimer boi (6 months ago)
Best game ever 👍😎 I love GTA SAN Andreas this cool game never gets old but I know it is
Lucky Man (6 months ago)
20!8 This song doesn't have the concept of time.
kramtimer boi (7 months ago)
Grove street 4 life
kramtimer boi (6 months ago)
Gabriel Barbosa who is your favorite homies in GTA SAN Andreas my favorite homies are Ryder cj sweet and OG LOC
Gabriel Barbosa (6 months ago)
Robert Kanak exact
micheal bithi (7 months ago)
Who knew forth right mc was telling the truth to a certain extent, face to face socialising has really gone down generally speaking
kramtimer boi (8 months ago)
I love this song he the game grove street for life favorite HOMEBOY LANCE RYDER WILSON 😎🚬🔫 oh yeah bulls eye hey thats my wet fool.
Blue Marvel (8 months ago)
Sp3shl1111111111 (1 year ago)
Theodore Bagwell (4 months ago)
Death xXx (1 year ago)
Sp3shl1111111111 ع زب
Doc Mishap (1 year ago)
Vulpes Inculta (1 year ago)
EasyFolkDude (1 year ago)
fuck this game is a legend.
steady adding (1 year ago)
wack afrocentric lyrics ,beat is good tho, if theres a remix with this beat and some other lyrics pls send me the link
Denilson Bueno (1 year ago)
na moral to perdido porra😞
LL cool Vini (1 year ago)
*j僃 нคяdყ* porque
fauteh nikoo (1 year ago)
yes trust classic hip hop but don't you ever thing about trusting that rap crap
Mrslykid1992 (1 year ago)
Next Friday!
kramtimer boi (8 months ago)
Mrslykid1992 grove street for life my favorite homie Ryder : oh yeah bulls eye : I'm a kung fu master : hey thats my wet fool : let's get. Officer tennpenny a call : its that thing load can I see it .
RUTHFELLA (1 year ago)
Mrslykid1992 puff, puff give!
Salih (2 years ago)
Old days
Luis Hernandez (2 years ago)
come on gimme a break
Lembrando Cenas (2 years ago)
Frank Matthews (2 years ago)
Top speed riding through the hood, slow down pick up gang members, and then hit the hydraulics. GTA SA was the truth.
kramtimer boi (8 months ago)
Frank Matthews my favorite homie Ryder 😎🚬🔫oh yeah bulls eye : hey thats my wet fool : is that thing loaded can I see it don't PISS me off now : ninja style I'm a kung foo master .
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
+montereol ill get it for ps3
Akina Speed Star (2 years ago)
They should play this shit on k day.
JustKill Gamez (2 years ago)
Remember SFUR. I don't
lilchico (2 years ago)
remeber listen to this while driving thru da groove street in a tornado :d
lilchico (2 years ago)
MadNut321 (2 years ago)
+CooperDooper3213 Wait 5 more years
Mr. Nobody (3 years ago)
i wanna sample this forreal with Lord Jamar on the intro and outro
Haus of Thug Life (3 years ago)
Those 12 dislikes came from people who trusted technology and now live in a computer. If only they had trusted classic hip hop
Fishy!Fishy! (3 months ago)
Gaming Creed47 (1 month ago)
Those people in those computers clearly don't know what their missin out on, which is Classic Hip Hop!
RUTHFELLA (1 year ago)
Haus of Thug Life exactly m8! 👊
Clone (3 years ago)
Runkmaster (3 years ago)
DOME XD (3 years ago)
Im cj
Kadir Sönməz (2 years ago)
Barış TÜRKIYEfb (3 years ago)
don't trust that technology ya'll only trust classic hip-hop and Brand Nubian.......
Lady Love (4 years ago)
i laugh about people that talk shit about Lord Jamar lol
Jonny MF Mack (1 month ago)
Lady Love jamar is an afro centric delusional moron that only sounds smart to uninformed ppl from the hood in most of his conversations.
Lady Love (2 years ago)
+Todd P I'm interested what he says cause people think daylit think he gay or bi sexual but no one calling out Africa I wouldn't be surprised he kinda gives off that vibe
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
+Mistress Julie afrika bambatta? no not yet but I'm sure he will soon stay tuned 
Lady Love (2 years ago)
+Todd P I'm bi sexual but I feel it is pushed on heavily did he ever speak on that one closet gay rapper from NYC he's a legend too but too many rumors are coming out
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
+Mistress Julie and the homosexual stuff too cannot forget that
Shawn George (4 years ago)
Best gta ever
kramtimer boi (5 months ago)
Shawn George yes it is 😎🚬 for sho homie gta san andreas is the best
Millennium (4 years ago)
heard it driving my premier on samp
Razorman (4 years ago)
Nice one !
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
NACHO BISNEZ (4 years ago)
RUTHFELLA (4 years ago)
Way better than original song! Fuckin love gta SA!
Todd Phillips (2 years ago)
+BreatheThePressure huh
gg420 (5 years ago)
Brand Nubian
Daniel Parker (5 years ago)
CDucky (3 years ago)
+GhostKiller you wake up and live inside a computer
costa435435 (3 years ago)
+Josel300 yo!
D more (5 years ago)
conor sweeney (5 years ago)
Pizza King (5 years ago)
...and brand nubian
sjcp7984 (5 years ago)
Fuck GTA.
nimble fingers (5 years ago)
where did you hear that? That's a lie
JamesEarl Cash (5 years ago)
one day everything seems normal, next day you wake up and find people worshiping talent less teenage sensations! Don't listen to them yall! only trust classic hip hop!
Saints (5 years ago)
2 late
GanDoWin (5 years ago)
one of the best songs on gta san and me favorite
stevo harthill (5 years ago)
take a lick to ma hoop
• Independent Art (5 years ago)
Eyeyeyeyey "all my exes live in texas" bitch
erick4gt (5 years ago)
GTA San Andreas FM :)
The11Andy11 (6 years ago)
Next Friday Smoke Scene !!!!
97blaze (6 years ago)
and brand nubian!!
Cristiano santana (6 years ago)
always !
Mopar Volkswagen (6 years ago)
pommie303 (6 years ago)
This song is my favourite in Sa
kramtimer boi (8 months ago)
pommie303 Ryder 😎🚬🔫oh yeah bulls eye .
kght222 (6 years ago)
i really never expected to say this about anything, but i must: everything new is old, and that is not a bad thing.
ayylmao (6 years ago)
"one day everything seems normal,next day u wake up and u livin side of a computer,dont trust that tecnologie yall only trust calssic hip-hop and Brand Nubian" :D and now everybody is livin witta computer...nobody knows whos Brand Nubian or what is classic hip-hop.....sad but true.....
Usman Ahmed (4 months ago)
sadboyz Yeah man sad but true...
Borbeni Avioni history (6 years ago)
This is CraZy gooood song but THUMBS UP for K ROSE!!!!!!:D
Mopar Volkswagen (6 years ago)
What the fuck wrong is KROSE? Mr. SFUR!
Name Display (6 years ago)
pchela10051 (6 years ago)
K rose is good but Radio Los Santos is very good.
2hawty (6 years ago)
brand nubian.....
Mopar Volkswagen (6 years ago)
I listen to K Rose..... What the fuck does that have to do with taste in music? I can still sing every song on K Rose, and I'm here listening to old hip hop and loving every minute of it.... so you talkki1 can fuck off.
decklin15 (6 years ago)
its happening my nigga gta 5!!!!!!
Erick Hip Hop (6 years ago)
Only on PlayBack F.M. :)
Skreamies (6 years ago)
Your wish has been granted.
Pacman420 (6 years ago)
Not going to happen. GTA 5 is going to take place in San Andreas though - there's a good chance we'll see a couple returning faces.
leonardo40288 (6 years ago)
I listen to almost all SA radios, except CSR, WCTR and SF-UR.
sedenkalkavan (6 years ago)
don't trust that technology!!!
bunghole211 (6 years ago)
I listen to both
Backpaper96 (6 years ago)
grand theft auto V your wish becomes real ;)
polo bubble vest (6 years ago)
as i cram , education was born! :)
Supreme Being (6 years ago)
they coming out with gta 5
leinchu124 (6 years ago)
k-rose is a good radio ¬¬
Carlos Alberto (6 years ago)
MurderSquad247 (6 years ago)
Chuck D as an east coast radio dj, how awesome would that be.
WookieMullet (6 years ago)
stand tall or dont stand at all
Alex Aguilar (6 years ago)
@mrc4coop oh i didnt get to see you comment before i wrote keeep pressing 8
Alex Aguilar (6 years ago)
keep on pressing 8
DJ4000VOLT (6 years ago)
@01Cacamestery01 damn for real 110%
StephenWestSyd (7 years ago)
one day everything seems normal! next day you wake up and find the black eyed peas have stolen this song and claimed it as their own! Don't trust those thieves yall! only trust classic hip hop!
mezalong (7 years ago)
many a mission to this....haharrr
Cooper_G. (7 years ago)
press 8 lol
Cooper_G. (7 years ago)
press 2 it says your fat!
MrJessass (7 years ago)
the song and gta san andreas are best !
Jakob sebens (7 years ago)
look at this: this song in combination with forth ride mc! i say: golden combination!
Omar Frusciante (7 years ago)
@nwapourtoujour yeah!
Daniel Safonov (7 years ago)
@Aidan27392 wow, how the hell do you bring chuck norris into this, mad random
Carl Larsson (7 years ago)
who wants to bounce? jive? funk?
Onyx1 (7 years ago)
i can really remember ridin to this song playing that game .. gta sa is the shit
GregTheMack (7 years ago)
i play gta sa only to hear the music everytime :D
Nate (7 years ago)
gta iv sucked because chuck norris declared that nothing could be better then SA
Paul L (7 years ago)
gta pavin the way
MrJessass (7 years ago)
i love this song :D
Pcp Flask (7 years ago)
playback fm and k-dst are the best in gtasa
minigoetzful (7 years ago)
bounce fm, playback fm and radio los santos are still the best ;) GTA san andreas best GTA 4-ever :)
butsubureyo (7 years ago)
this is my favorite song of san andreas radio
jonathan46jonathan (7 years ago)
Haha this song brings back memories.
Arstulex (7 years ago)

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