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Joe Rogan - 76-Year-Old Ultra Runner, Cryotherapy | "He drinks beer and runs"

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Joe Rogan talks about the most elusive man in North America -ultra runner Dag Aabye - who competes in the "Death Race". He also talks about cryotherapy. http://bit.ly/2iXikdb For the entire Joe Rogan Experience #1094 - Brian Redban click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xbmnYHhIr0
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Chandler Dixon (16 days ago)
I met Dag in 2005 while running the canadian death race. I was high myself for running legs 3 and 4. The sum of 56km. I ran with him for a couple km. I remember he said tv is todays problem. Here I am the next day and I couldn't lift my leg to get on a sidewalk. He was fine after running the 125km at the time. Just acted like it was nothing. I was eaten alive by this man 3x my age. A very cool guy. I am still blown away he's still at. Joe is right he has vitality. GO DEATH RACER!
Jeffery Hinchey (1 month ago)
If you listen closely, he is constantly exerting his will forward, he might be old, but he is not accepting that definition, and projects the next day of running. He really has a nice large nursing home, and is a child of the forest. But Joe, you are talking about your tendonitis, I have found that things keep coming up as advertisements as you get old, and they say, WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE MORE OF THIS TENDONITITS, and when you focus on it, that answers the ad, and you drawn in more things around that, but if you ignore it, it kind of removes it and it tends to over time go away. So that is the difference it seems between your approach and Dags.
JustShutUpNWatch (4 months ago)
the doc was too short and said nothing about his way of life. what is elusive is the evidence behind the narrative
F. Ball (6 months ago)
Canada eh!
F. Ball (6 months ago)
think of this, how many people can do what he has accomplished. He lives in peace as well, how about the society. Many people live off grid. He is a genius living this way and what an attitude of living not creaping out your neighbour.
JPer (6 months ago)
What’s that website mentioned in beginning? Neither hugepenis or hugepenist works....
Brandon Drew (6 months ago)
they call him malnourished but ones fat and the other is on steroids
Jason Scharrer (7 months ago)
Everybody's foot grows. it is not well known but I have the same issues. Its because you're getting older your foot flattens out making it more longer then higher
Branden apexo (7 months ago)
I think people like this forest guy live long is because they’re stress free for the most part aside from forging for food and trying not to be attacked by a bear or wolves
Logic Logic (7 months ago)
rogan is a agent
Rhett Blackshear (7 months ago)
How long does it take you to recover without steroids and stem cells?
Rhett Blackshear (7 months ago)
wombat fondler, I ment how long does it take an older person to recover from one work out, I'm 32 and I can already tell my body doesn't recover as fast, and I'll be a little sore after workouts while on a consistent workout routine.
Endtro (7 months ago)
You're my boy Blue!
Justin (7 months ago)
Whitetail deer well over 400lb in Northeast
Laura Powers (7 months ago)
Eye site...use 100mg Leutein/day Add COQ10 and aspirin and Niacinamide every night for quick recovery of muscle fatigue.
GTS Garage (7 months ago)
Joe "They're just another animal" Rogan
The General (7 months ago)
Hes a drug runner.
Hydrolysate (7 months ago)
poeglives (7 months ago)
The old dude was being looked for because of his skiing an avalanche, i believe.
Matthew Crumpler (7 months ago)
Tell Joe Rogan that ac was a luxury and to have an ac dude on they have real truths
Buil Dinit (7 months ago)
Mike Morris (7 months ago)
Ah man I forgot about the music at the end. I walked away and left the video playing. Suddenly I heard this horrible sound. Kinda sounded like an old man fucking a cat. Another victim falls again.
E Johnston (7 months ago)
3am and im out of cigs
Jeremy Buitt (7 months ago)
Has to be one of the worst songs ive ever heard...
dredfunn (7 months ago)
bergmans law
Colin Bergmann (7 months ago)
dredfunn spelled my name wrong
Javier Sanchez (7 months ago)
Ur a giant in the genious rankin Joe
Corey Cadden (7 months ago)
Oops I didn't listen to all of what he had to say before I typed it
Corey Cadden (7 months ago)
That's absolutely true white tail in saskatchewan are enormous in comparison to the whitetails in Texas
Corey Cadden (7 months ago)
Opps typed that before i listen to what he was saying
Psycho Mantis 7 (7 months ago)
Out there in British Columbia in the Deep Woods running? How has he not been attacked by a bear yet
DTD (7 months ago)
Lmfao!!! He went from hyping him up to roasting him 😂 it's sad
Joshua Loveless (7 months ago)
I guess these guys have never heard of Crown Land.
tubesockets120v (7 months ago)
Joshua Loveless Either have I until you mentioned it.
Sam Lee (7 months ago)
That’s Frank Gallagher
gene raftery (7 months ago)
When cells of the periosteum develop into osteoblasts and produce additional bony matrix we experience appositional growth. In the case that you put on bodyweight, or regularly bear weight, you can expect the bones in your feet to grow, in which case you can expect to go up a shoe size. Don't eat that second helping of cheesecake and do squats, and you should be safe. Btw, enjoy cheescake, and go heavy on your squats. You only live this once.
The General (7 months ago)
hi hi cheesecake is for women and pussies
hi hi (7 months ago)
gene raftery yea pmuch, people put so much into their diets, just depends how hitler you wanna be about it but, generally yea just eat the cheesecake and man up on the squats, eat what you want but do good work in the gym and youre fine.
JS 3:16 (7 months ago)
michel de wit (7 months ago)
completely since horrible admire pump entry heat complaint anniversary ring separate.
Buil Dinit (7 months ago)
Roy Piper (7 months ago)
So crazy, I just saw the video about this guy today. And then this comes out!
xLilPuddinTater (7 months ago)
"20 minutes of weights" that's enough time for like a couple of sets of one exercise
Bj Penn (1 month ago)
haha what ? 20 minutes for couple of sets ? So 99% of the first twenty minutes of your workout is rest :D You either train hard or you train long, nobody goes all out for an hour and a half without injuries.
4KHILL (7 months ago)
Xlil is the guy that lifts for 1 set, then has a 5 minute convo with his butt buddy talking about how he spends 10 hours a day at the gym (while only lifting for 30 minutes)
Sleeve Of Wizard (7 months ago)
Super sets brah😐
4KHILL (7 months ago)
That's 10 sets bruh
Gregg Almond (7 months ago)
2:00 - 2:10 "That's a good move too."
Fritz Keller (7 months ago)
Your feet aren't getting bigger the shoes are made in Asian countries where their feet are smaller.
Hunnic Barbarian (7 months ago)
I got penguins in my rooms too. Made for ice age
R. Vincent Harris (7 months ago)
Welcome to middle age, love 51. Freedom 55.... lol❤️👍🏾🇨🇦😬
CanadianJimmy (7 months ago)
Brian Atwood (7 months ago)
CanadianJimmy Thank you
Carlo Harryman (7 months ago)
Wyoming has crazy free places to park. Please don't come here
Carlo Harryman (7 months ago)
extremedude1234 we try and keep the population density low. What can I say.
extremedude1234 (7 months ago)
Carlo Harryman why not of its free? Lol
Peter Charland (7 months ago)
So white walkers are real based on the thumbnail
tubesockets120v (7 months ago)
Peter Charland Lol!
Peter Charland (7 months ago)
tubesockets120v thumbnail is the image that is displayed in your feed for the video. Here it's the picture of the old ultra runner. White walkers are from game of thrones you should Google it
tubesockets120v (7 months ago)
Peter Charland 2 things. What is a thumbnail and white walkers?
james becker (7 months ago)
huge what
tre (7 months ago)
Cody Charles (7 months ago)
Gabe Kline (7 months ago)
Your feet probably got bigger from your arch flattening with time joe
Brandon Drew (6 months ago)
Gabe Kline he doesn't read this shit dumbass
gebo ganes (7 months ago)
I see Brain the stooge Redban is back after getting owned by Joe about Comedy lol
KAZARTAKON 999 (7 months ago)
248 513 5784
KAZARTAKON 999 (7 months ago)
HEY JOE, CALL ME 248 513 5784
eddie winebauer (7 months ago)
if you call, vladimir putin hacks your phone and watches you.
Liam Wood (7 months ago)
ALSO JOE, CALL ME TOO 327 424 6873
KAZARTAKON 999 (7 months ago)
JOE CALL ME 248 513 5784
Jeremy Morrical (7 months ago)
haha if this is real then your a dumb ass
Cody Charles (7 months ago)
John Kaboly (7 months ago)
Earth is flat shill!
mike n (7 months ago)
These hoodies are coming along nicely.. I'm glad he wears hoodies!
Divine Michael (7 months ago)
Or Planet Fitness
Justin Wallace (7 months ago)

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