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Alessandra Ambrosio Debuts Victoria's Secret's 2012 Fantasy Gifts in NYC

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Victoria's Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio introduces the 2012 Fantasy Bra Gift Set and Bombshell Fantasy Fragrance, designed exclusively by London Jewelers, the Official Jeweler of the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Plus, get a look at the new Victoria's Secret Holiday iPad app and new Herald Square flagship in NYC.
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Text Comments (53)
kittycatroxy (5 years ago)
May someone kindly, tell me where that store is?
b3VakaB3v3rLyMaRsh (5 years ago)
this is the store in New York right?
Meili Wu (5 years ago)
Omg, I want to go to that store!
ToClose2Human (5 years ago)
Brb, downloading app for reasons.
Annval1 v (6 years ago)
Am i wrong or she had only 2 outfits at the VS fashion show this year?
sophie zisi (6 years ago)
alessandra is WAYYYYYYYYYYY beautiful!!
Nia Marie (6 years ago)
She is so Beautiful!!!
Autumn Paavola (6 years ago)
holy crap! i would love to go to that go there! it is so huge there!!!!
Ashley Symone (6 years ago)
This will be me one day . ..... one day :)
pinkbubblegum915 (6 years ago)
Never heard her talk before she has a pretty voice
David Calderon (6 years ago)
Al fin Alessandra llevara el fantasy bra! ya la quiero ver! =D
3JAKRAM (6 years ago)
The fantasy bra.. so expensive.. so tacky.. >.<
roman lunatic (6 years ago)
she is beautiful , gorgeous and sexy
Richie Alarcón (6 years ago)
Bô Mập Channel (6 years ago)
finaly , Ale got what she deserve
wheeler1 (6 years ago)
7 dislikes are fat chicks!
Lakia Shavon Lightner (6 years ago)
I wish all the models would come to Connecticut Victoria Secret stores! That would be super cool!
LuvElaYay (6 years ago)
Shadow Assassin (6 years ago)
Did not like her hair up to the minute 1:09, it made her face look too horsey, after that she looked hot.
Yvettes Vibes (6 years ago)
they do! they ship all the way to me in Australia! it just costs a lot
Sofia Torre I (6 years ago)
is left-handed <3
MAG (6 years ago)
Victoria's secret please ship internationally. and pls open shops all over asia.
randycasey99 (6 years ago)
so is the one here in Austin!
msunknown (6 years ago)
What?! Our VS store looks like shit compared to that one
danielle fernandez (6 years ago)
Her Dress ♥
lesliee0531 (6 years ago)
Omg, Ale looks very beautiful!!! &I love her hair &her dress<3
Marcelo TDF (6 years ago)
OMG zurdita.... alessandra
Alexandra Meininger (6 years ago)
Oh God, I know. I cannot imagine anyone LESS sexual. Besides, it's a fashion show, not a concert. Jesus.
Alexandra Meininger (6 years ago)
Omg Alessandra looks beautiful. I love her dress.
Emily Zheng (6 years ago)
ah! jealous
Prettygossip (6 years ago)
I can't wait Bieber's performance!!! :)
Noelle Richard (6 years ago)
three floors!?!?!?! man I'm missing out at my store!
scheissegalverdammt (6 years ago)
She will be mine one day .... one day
Bruna De Castro (6 years ago)
she's so beautiful, i love her!
michibabe10 (6 years ago)
are you kidding me? ugh. what a let down
fairywingsenchanted (6 years ago)
I love alessandra!
AmaniHiME (6 years ago)
Oh my God... they made it from 2 floors to 3 floors? I. am going. to have. a field day. in this store. I wonder how much better/worse the traffic in the store is going to be around holiday season though... It's always so badly congested, I'm not sure if a 3rd floor POS station is going to make much of a difference @[email protected]
XEROBEAT (6 years ago)
The only thing that will make not watch the show is that they decided to put Bieber's dumbass performing on the show...
Rachel Sorce (6 years ago)
i love new york city! even more now...look at that store!!
Porsche Renee (6 years ago)
OMG i need to go to that VS!
TheShutupandmodel (6 years ago)
3 FLOORS!!! my.ultimate.DREAM!!
TGIFx3jjkl (6 years ago)
Does anyone know where's her dress from ?
hotneo7 (6 years ago)
Somebody upload the whole fashion show in HD on Youtube.
SovietComrade (6 years ago)
That store is HEAVEN !
Karen Zhou (6 years ago)
fashion show night yea~!
0valle0 (6 years ago)
Haha are you serious? She didn't earn anything. Modeling is their job and they get paid well, nobody deserves a 2mil+ bra for looking pretty. And come on, they don't have to work half as hard as most other people do.
Anaid Plascencia (6 years ago)
See you
Dudu. sales (6 years ago)
MUlher Brasileira !
Griscely Nunez (6 years ago)
This will be me one day . ..... one day
Charesa (6 years ago)
Omg i was theree and in the vd
MrscoffeyTv (6 years ago)
i want make a kid =D
dlghwns (6 years ago)
She's a good spokesperson
Kristin Ellis (6 years ago)
She is such a beaut. I would love to meet her!

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