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Why Do Men Have Nipples?

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The short answer to that question, is that God made them that way. The longer version is that embryologically the embryo is not determined as to whether it's male or female right away, so both have exactly the same characteristics. They have the nipple, and the mamalar ridge. And so those things are determined further on in development as sex is established, even though it's there ahead of time it's not always clear early on. So I believe that is why both sexes have nipples though men do not utilize them the same way that they're used by ladies for breast feeding. Music by audionautix.com
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brandon watkins (2 years ago)
excellent job on this video. here is some more in-depth research on early embryo sex differentiation. Quick genetics lesson. Cited from "Essentials of genetics 9th edition." Author William s. Klung. Page 88 first paragraph continued from page 87. "During early development, every human embryo undergoes a period when it is potentially hermaphroditic. By the fifth week of gestation, gonadal primordia (the tissue that will form the gonad) arise as a pair of gonadal (genital) ridges associated with each embryonic kidney. the embryo is potentially hermaphroditic at this stage it's gonadal phenotype is sexually indifferent-male or female reproductive structures cannot be distinguished, and the gonadal ridge tissue can develop to form male or female gonads. primordial germ cells migrate to these ridges, where an outer cortex and inner medulla form (outer and inner parts of an organ). The cortex is then able to develop into an ovary, while the medulla may develop into a testis. In addition, two sets of undifferentiated ducts called the wolffian and mullerian ducts exist in each embryonic. wolffian ducts differentiate into other organs of the male reproductive tract, while mullerian ducts differentiate into structures of the female reproductive tract." Now for a quick summary on what causes the male or female reproductive structures to be expressed. basically, it comes down to the SRY gene, this is located on the Y chromosome and at the seventh week the gene express itself and development of the medulla into a testis starts. If there is no Sry gene then the Mullerian ducts form the fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix and so on. many organs of the male and female anatomy are homologous in that they derived from the same structures. examples: The penis and clit are formed from the same basic structure, ovaries and testis you see the trend. like so people can see (never thought I'd say that lol..)
youlearnedmehealth (2 years ago)
Thanks! And thanks for watching!
1GodOnlyOne (4 years ago)
Men have nipples because the same designer designed men's and women's bodies, and he was intelligent enough to use the same basic design with minor modifications.
Carly Steffen (5 years ago)
Another way to say that is, men have nipples because we women can't live without them whatsoever. I mean, how else is a baby supposed to get milk from its mother?
Tinister (6 years ago)
Whos god?
exaulz (6 years ago)
Thanks for the clear answer.

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