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Victoria's Secret Bombshell Hair ft. RPGShow Wigs

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Use Coupon Code LilPumpkinPie05 for $35.00 off your purchase on RPGShow.com Want to see more photos of how I styled this hair? Check out my blog post! http://makeupgameonpoint.com/2013/06/11/bombshell-hair The wig i received: http://www.rpgshow.com/stock-khloe-full-lace-human-hair-wig-straight-cls017s-p-4762.html?public=38631 The code of the product: cls017-s Hair Color: the same as the celebrity Hair length: 20 inches Hair texture: yaki Lace color: medium brown Cap construction: glueless Cap size: size 1 NUME products can be found on my Hauler Deals Boutique! http://haulerdeals.com/makeupgameonpo... Keep it connected! https://www.facebook.com/LilPumpkinPie05 https://www.twitter.com/LilPumpkinPie05 Instagram: @LilPumpkinPie05 Music By: Carl M. Cartagena http://www.icehouseindustries.com/ http://icehouseindustries.bandcamp.com/
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Text Comments (64)
Nesu Mubaiwa (4 years ago)
please please do a video on how to install a lace wig. Xoxo
Nesu Mubaiwa (4 years ago)
thaaannx! :)
Love, Lale (5 years ago)
So pretty you won't be able to stand yourself ahh truth! lol
HeyKendraK (5 years ago)
Are you wearing Mac's Ravishing? I just purchased it and I must say I'm in love!!!
Chloe Hill (5 years ago)
It would look so much more natural and believable if you had some leave out, even half an inch would make such a difference. Otherwise its easy to tell its a wig because of your hair line
ireally love your hair
Maheva Lala (5 years ago)
Hi ! I love your hair style and your make up ♡♡♡
Shruti nair (5 years ago)
Hi I just found your channel..and I'm glad I did..can u help me though..I have been looking for some really nice and glowy makeup look for my friends wedding..she is very conscience of her skin being too dark and never wears any makeup becoz she feels it will look garish..I want to help her achieve an amazing look for her wedding day so that she looks as beautiful as the person she is...please h,epl me create such a look for her...ps we are Indian...so can u help?
Lisa M (5 years ago)
hey love your makeup look in this video...tutorial please! you so gorgeous!
OSoGorgeouso (5 years ago)
Love It
GlamGirl (5 years ago)
Love!! The color is also very beautiful on u Jackie!!
Antoinette Mattison (5 years ago)
love it straight to
noname5905 (5 years ago)
makeup tutorial on this look please!
DiamondEyez121 (5 years ago)
Are you still using the obagi?
TC Jackson (5 years ago)
Hey Kitten that is tooooo pretty and as also u so Fly, Fly Girl...lol Smooches!
KESSI AGBO (5 years ago)
great tutorial, you look fabulous. omg, i am in love with your eyebrows
AllThingsFabulous101 (5 years ago)
Raymeline Juana (5 years ago)
Marcia Gordon (5 years ago)
So Pretty
milkchocolatechik (5 years ago)
OMG! This wig is GORGEOUS on you! I've always been afraid to wear wigs because I don't know how to wear them, but this looks amazing and so natural. I think I may be putting in an order soon! Thanks so much for the review & tutorial! :)
Sasha Suave (5 years ago)
U didn't say what wig this was
egirl841 (5 years ago)
loved the tutorial, please do more hair videos!
Nazlee G (5 years ago)
you look BOMB!
Tisha TheDiva (5 years ago)
I love the review. I purchased a wig and would like color suggestions. Would color do you think the ombre is comparable to?
LauraActually (5 years ago)
Hey Hun love love! Do you still recommend sassy secrets for lace wigs? Thank you xxx
Kadeline Lopez (5 years ago)
You can't even tell it's a wig! It looks so natural. it's gorgeous on you!
cp4eva89 (5 years ago)
I have a question Jackie: Do the wigs ever get hot? I'm from South Florida and the summer gets crazy hot but I'm looking for a new protective style.
x6angelxface9x (5 years ago)
You look gorgeous. That is all! :) Your makeup is super pretty and I love this hairstyle on you!
Anita_0525 (5 years ago)
iheartcoffeenmakeup (5 years ago)
I love that it looks like you aren't wearing a lot of makeup in this video!! Is this your updated no makeup,makeup look?
Ashleywaller811 (5 years ago)
Love your makeup in this video!!
chinaqueenie (5 years ago)
Love the color n curl
chinyere100 (5 years ago)
your makeup looks beautiful!
Lesly2you (5 years ago)
the RPG show wigs always look good on people .. but it ACTUALLY looks REALLL like your OWN hair .. how its cut how its curled .. everything ..very nice
nia brown (5 years ago)
That's how mii hair was for prom this year. Sigh good times
DiamondEyez121 (5 years ago)
Ur skin girl, it's looking good. Are you still using the OBAGI?? Hit me up pls xx
Your Excellency (5 years ago)
Love your vids and you're a Leo and I'm Aries 'Team Fire Signs' : )
TheSugarmama33 (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for making this video.
Your Excellency (5 years ago)
Love it..and what's the name of the song that starts at around 4:00 minutes?
Liz Haley (5 years ago)
Miss Jackie O, gorgeous and classy as usual. Do you have any recommendations for someone with fine, straight hair that doesn't seem to want to hold a curl? EVER. I am at a loss.
goddessdofmakeup (5 years ago)
Love this look. Perfect hair color. You have such a beautiful smile. Overall super hot curls. (:
Kera's LuvTechniques. (5 years ago)
Needs A Little Volume, But It Looks Good On Ya!
Na Kisha (5 years ago)
I likey!
Ellen L (5 years ago)
Do you have a coupon code with nume?
S Michelle (5 years ago)
I hear hatters down below! How is this video rude? Damn hatters... Girl, just dof you boo, they are just jealous.
Tress love (5 years ago)
Very pretty!!! I have this same unit and couldnt figure out how to get it to look fuller. Thx Jackie O for this tutorial :)
E Smith (5 years ago)
Man! I said never but may need to make this my first wig!
adriekaye (5 years ago)
Fab hair
nastynat1001 (5 years ago)
SweetChic ferreti (5 years ago)
love the look and the curler ...
Ashley Reina (5 years ago)
That hair needs more [email protected]@@
sunshineslilangel1 (5 years ago)
great look! love the unit and the makeup. info for the wig please. no info box p
Kingkhi (5 years ago)
I think u should stick to make up tutorials, not being rude..somthing about it jus doesn't look right...the completed look jus looks off..
Nina Ling (5 years ago)
Can you do an summer foundation routine?
wynter (5 years ago)
what lipstick are you wearing? its prettyyy
SimplyS73 (5 years ago)
the curls are beautiful. i like full curls in wigs/hair too.
Valou116 (5 years ago)
Link for the wig?
Babydoll0458 (5 years ago)
Your makeup is beautiful please do a tutorial on the complete look soon! Thanks
Morning Song (5 years ago)
Where's the deets on the wig? Don't see it in the info box.
Stephany Dance (5 years ago)
Fabulous as always!!!
Wynell Rozier (5 years ago)
Makeup tutorial please
Fuchsinrot (5 years ago)
What lipstick are you wearing? looks lovely!
Tawana McReynolds (5 years ago)
Kay Car (5 years ago)
I'm sorry but not really feeling this look I think u should brush it out a little =/ loving your makeup however!

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