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Old Man Street Workout Prank | Muscle Madness

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Great Story of Big Tatted Guy https://youtu.be/J22ZzbrQRNo Islam Badurgov is a street workout athlete. https://www.instagram.com/badurgovislam/ https://www.facebook.com/islam.badurgov SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE MUSCLES! ► https://goo.gl/VqV9QR ★ LET'S CONNECT! -- https://www.facebook.com/gearmaniaworld/ -- https://www.instagram.com/musclemadnesspro/ -- https://vk.com/dontstop_com_ua PLAYLISTS▼ #Fighters https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbKU8WoRmFCJ5Lq4OIgMamU6LvfIeo5zD #Bodybuilding Athletes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbKU8WoRmFCKBIAU3xc54lNCFsejnIUYk #Fitness Models https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbKU8WoRmFCL3BxANF7OD2EKn_XvCiPgF #Crossfit Athletes https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbKU8WoRmFCLQTJfyaoYm8_3ZWSI6umbr ►Mens Physique https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbKU8WoRmFCLN9s6avWlQNzyiJOEqkfBZ #TRAINING FROM GIRLS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlPP4eKmVbL1fLsML-nOAQ #SPORT GEAR REVIEWS https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE0NjjVydbDgbdnpH5SBu9w #musclemadness
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Text Comments (3014)
Muscle Madness (1 year ago)
Great Story of Big Tatted Guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J22ZzbrQRNo
Enmanuel Plays (6 days ago)
sub to me ill sub back type 1 if you subbed
PRO GAMERS (24 days ago)
Which song was in the staring when he was getting ready???
AmazingAdrian Awesome (1 month ago)
I agree
Anawseme Bolos (2 months ago)
Love your vids❤️
Ali Sögüt (1 day ago)
Music please?
曹德麟 (1 day ago)
The Sun Of Light (2 days ago)
he's hush man I've been on this since 88 your diaper years
aa534ro n (2 days ago)
Imagine not being able to do a muscle up and being in the crowd
Briya Neal (3 days ago)
Pause at 0:57 I didn’t know Freddy Krueger worked out...
AviationNationHD (3 days ago)
They knew, one guy said “he is wearing makeup”
KRANTEE RAJPUT (3 days ago)
Ppl around the globe exercise such acrobatic things... I just watch them on YouTube.
Krushna Ban (4 days ago)
Very nice
Laughing JR (5 days ago)
Old people can also mabe strong too so don’t judge them
Nurgazi KZ (5 days ago)
0:26 Kazakhstan 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿💪💪
Stubets Gamer (5 days ago)
Soo basically real life Master roshi
wadu hek (6 days ago)
NDM (6 days ago)
Cant count how many hot men in this video 😍
James Miller (7 days ago)
Nothing like muscled up young guys being humbled down 5 notches.
Aminath Shadiya (8 days ago)
Godunov group (9 days ago)
Nobody Surfs (9 days ago)
Nobody passo aki
Juri (10 days ago)
Is it me or i saw michael vazequez there,and hes friend. 1like if you saw them
Clad Lexia (10 days ago)
i regret giving him my seat
roshan Shetty shetty (10 days ago)
Goosebumps Man
Army.Jams.1997 (11 days ago)
I think I'm more impressed with the makeup artist but he's still amazing
Как правитель на том пляже
Jeremy Lim (12 days ago)
You can be tattooed and be the friendliest person
Streetworkout Planet (13 days ago)
This is insane!🔥😱
James P (13 days ago)
an old man could do this but they have to stop muscle wastage taking testosterone jabs and the young dudes don't keep it up,,they reach their peak then there's no point but there is if you have willpower to go your whole life
Dr Orange (13 days ago)
Team français
Ернур Зияда (16 days ago)
Chris Williams (16 days ago)
They give so much motivation
Lunawolf326 (17 days ago)
He’s insane and here I am can’t even do a press-up
Carlos Dinis (19 days ago)
What a song ?
djank N2 (19 days ago)
lel its prank
SuperGamesBYM (20 days ago)
And I can’t even do push ups...
smaker 02 (21 days ago)
the music please, tanks
smaker 02 (21 days ago)
it's otc empire
Veinz Gaming (21 days ago)
he sounds like dark sidious
David Philips (22 days ago)
Big tattoo dude looks mean AF but is the sweetest most respectful guy you could ever imagine!! Never judge a book by it's cover.
God-L Guregetto (22 days ago)
Fyi . .That beard bald guy is kratos. .
shogrran (24 days ago)
his secret? prune juice
DragonKid (24 days ago)
Is this dude checking her out
DragonKid (24 days ago)
Rustam Karabayev (24 days ago)
Yeah great
Ancient Monkey 18 (25 days ago)
He got a six pack but I got a barrel
Kaustubh Naik (27 days ago)
Look at Tatted strength
eugene gutierrez (27 days ago)
Surprise the people didn’t recognize his hands if his really his age or fake mask. Lol
Ryann Aldo (27 days ago)
why I love these kind of pranks
daker (28 days ago)
music please
IanM0101 M (28 days ago)
Oh god I think i pulled a muscle
Ashok Gaikwad (30 days ago)
Scott mathison was there
yahia demdoum (1 month ago)
This is good
yahia demdoum (1 month ago)
This is good
RIDA Campos (1 month ago)
Lee Gabz (1 month ago)
Lily Grace (1 month ago)
*IRL Catfishing: Level 100*
Anti Perfect (6 days ago)
We got a comedian here 👏
Эң мыкты 👍👍👍
Marek S (1 month ago)
ok xd
youssef ronaldo (1 month ago)
noor نور n (1 month ago)
واااااو 😄😄😄😉😉😉😂😂🙆🙆🙆👍👍👍👍
SBPlaysIR (1 month ago)
What is the sound name?? my neighbors loved it they threw a rock at the window to hear it better
Jose Fuentes (1 month ago)
My grandfather is 94. He runs a mile everyday with me. And goes to the gym still.
kirk mckinney (1 month ago)
You know that everyone in the scene is acting when the camera man is filming like its a movie.
zDragonSlayerYT (1 month ago)
4:58 El negro de whatsapp?
Diya Menon (1 month ago)
Their so respectful
RoyalBeats (1 month ago)
Whats the Name of the Song?
Ray Mak (1 month ago)
Sarosh Saad (1 month ago)
Just a prank bro,. Just a prank
wow Daisy (1 month ago)
Is one of looking guys michael vaquez??
Missy Missy (1 month ago)
Fake! Look at hands
Sachimo411 (1 month ago)
“Old Man Strength At Muscle Beach” has they best make up job... this one is pretty good... but his follow up one with the fake stomach looks like a pillow taped around his waist. I’m not addressing the strength of the guy, just the makeup for his follow up vid, clearly he is at the top of his game and the tatted up guy isn’t too far behind
Savage The cokboi (1 month ago)
What's the song in 0:10
Ryder Wilson (1 month ago)
The music from the beginning of this video is insanely lit
Marcus Samson (1 month ago)
What is the song title?
Mink Amrak (1 month ago)
The guy with the beard is Chris Luera. He's a very respectful guy. He's also a dope calisthenics icon
Tropcial Unicorn (1 month ago)
The makeup artist is real good
Sifaka (1 month ago)
i bet his heart broke when he saw the video and realized he wasnt actually an old guy. lol he was really impressed
Zerix (1 month ago)
Thats why I allways look on someones hands.
GoldmausMLG (1 month ago)
I was there
Thầy Giáo Nghèo (1 month ago)
Do it for what???
Connor (1 month ago)
And i cant even do 20 pushups...
GDR STUDIOS (1 month ago)
Wow! Super!
No brainer (1 month ago)
Faysal cali waraabe u eekaa
J F (1 month ago)
oooo eee oooo aaa aaaa
Katy Rhiane (1 month ago)
He reminds me of fake conor mcgregor prank in new york 😂😂
Judgment Proof (1 month ago)
That one man in the very start of the video must've been in the military. You could tell from the bar pull-ups he was able to effortlessly do. They train you for this in the military
Krishy Boy (1 month ago)
3:41 "Old man strength"
Bryan Simpson (1 month ago)
FatLazyNinja (1 month ago)
verônica (1 month ago)
E os br
Nischal Tamrakar (1 month ago)
he should have acted like old man
Desmond Bagley (1 month ago)
......very professional the makeup process,experts in fact. It's a well staged peice of entertainment..I suspect all the trick photography stuff.
Jason Tun (1 month ago)
Song at the start?
Lillucky Force (1 month ago)
Lol that outro is downloaded
KAI -Z (1 month ago)
That bearded guy was super respestful GOOD GUY AWARD👏👏👏👏👏
KAI -Z (1 month ago)
Old man with O.P. power!
Shield me (1 month ago)
Syngamerpro YT (1 month ago)
His pants ripped lol XD
рома Русак (1 month ago)
. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😎😎😎😎🤐
aceman207 (1 month ago)
The old guy sounds like the evil guy of the Smurfs 😂😂
Kristof Kaye (1 month ago)
A muscle up with that much weight????
Shat Not fat (1 month ago)
How do you do the flip over bar thing with your pull ups?
Prabhu Jayapal (1 month ago)
Awesome Rocking Super duper excellent George's fantastic marbles mind blowing expression
Eliza Żelazna (1 month ago)
Naucz się kurwa planche

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