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Unboxing Three New Designer Bags // Aspinal of London, Radley & Chloe // Fashion Mumblr

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UNBOXING 3 NEW DESIGNER BAGS! Subscribe so you don't miss any videos :) http://bit.ly/1zG3soB This video was filmed on the Cannon EOS 5D Mark IV! Shop it here - http://amzn.to/2x1kz4t _______________________________________­___________________ AUTUMN WINTER 2017 TRENDS : http://bit.ly/2wwCWRu AUTUMN WINTER 2017 LOOKBOOK : http://bit.ly/2xgPGZT HOW TO MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK LUXE FOR LESS : http://www.fashionmumblr.com/2017/11/... _______________________________________­___________________ ❤Featured in this Video ❤ Aspinal of London Dockery bag - http://bit.ly/2zmaqnr Radley Lavander Gardens bag - http://bit.ly/2zpzJVq Chloe Nile bag - http://bit.ly/2hm8wfB _______________________________________­___________________ ❤What I Wore ❤ Cream jumper - Zara Watch - http://bit.ly/2j8gZU8 Bracelets - http://bit.ly/2z505fR Ring - http://bit.ly/2tm3QH8 Earrings - http://bit.ly/2g8VLRp ________________________________________­___________________ WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME! ❤ Blog // http://www.fashionmumblr.com ❤ Instagram // https://instagram.com/josieldn/ ❤ Twitter // https://twitter.com/FashionMumblr ❤ Bloglovin // http://bit.ly/1QgW457 ❤ Facebook // https://www.facebook.com/fashionmumblr ❤ Snapchat // JosieLDN ________________________________________­___________________ ❤ Get in touch with me here: http://bit.ly/1QCe5xe ❤ Filming & Photography Information : http://bit.ly/1K3yPxa ❤ How I get my hair colour with L’Oreal Professional :http://bit.ly/2rp5VBI ________________________________________­___________________ Popular Blog Posts: ❤ FAQs ft How to Start a Blog : http://bit.ly/2eowZPH ❤ Life as a full time blogger / YouTuber : goo.gl/Y1ceLq ❤ Why Every Twenty-Something should Practise Mindfulness : http://bit.ly/2eLr6I6 ________________________________________­___________________ NB : The links above are likely to be affiliate links, which means if I have inspired you to make a purchase and you choose to buy something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission on the sale, as a way of thanks! It makes no difference to you as a buyer at all but I may receive a small compensation from the brand via rewardStyle. If you'd like to find out more, you may like to read this post : http://bit.ly/2rjaGPU xoxo
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Text Comments (119)
nreckweg (11 days ago)
Josie, could u please do a whats in my bag on the Aspinal bag? Would love it!
Anonymous65 (29 days ago)
Would you consider making a video of top British handbag companies?
Cwsing 7 (3 months ago)
Cwsing 7 (3 months ago)
Cwsing 7 (3 months ago)
Cwsing 7 (3 months ago)
Lalin Kiarttichaiwarakul (3 months ago)
how was the packing for your nile bag? did it come with chloe box?
fashion bag cheap (3 months ago)
You can shop bag the here:https://www.dhgate.com/store/20614735#st-navigation-storehome https://www.dhgate.com/store/20925077#st-navigation-storehome https://www.dhgate.com/store/20987174#st-navigation-storehome
likelyladsss (4 months ago)
That aspinal bag is stunning
Plz can u do a review video on the aspinal dockery bag 💓💓
이온유 (5 months ago)
How much does dockery back weigh?
Monique Lehnhardt (8 months ago)
Love that bag. Perfect size and color. I need to see who carries them in the US
Diamond Royal (8 months ago)
I love your channel💝💝💝
CarlaE McB (8 months ago)
Perfect Spring Bags, The Dockery is my favorite! #fashionmumblr
Jackie Marsh (9 months ago)
Great Bags!!!!!
Yvonne Fernandes (9 months ago)
Great video and beautiful bag choices, i especially love your Aspinal of London bag 👌. I love your earrings, I was wondering if you could do a review on their jewellery, wear and tear etc. I’m considering purchasing the earrings but I’m not familiar with the brand. Thank you for a great video
insane logic94 (10 months ago)
Leaping lizards, you look exactly like Freddy My Love!
Widia C (10 months ago)
Want to know how you style that aspinal bag of london
Lynwen10 (10 months ago)
I love the Aspinal of London bag. I have a Lottie bag, which I adore. Great video.
Catherine Anderson (10 months ago)
Gorgeous bags! My favorite is the Chloe Nile Bag, one in a million!
SHTF Ample Prepper (10 months ago)
Does it say "Made in X country"? This brand is really losing my trust with shady labeling practices
Miaumiau Katzen (11 months ago)
my lavander gardens hast jest arrived today!!! really beautiful but not sure if it will look dirty soon ....
Ingrid Edman-Markenfelt (11 months ago)
Bags are nice, but what I'm really lusting for that adorable knit with pearls that you are wearing.
The Grey's Boutique (11 months ago)
Hey, they're all awesome, Josie! Have a look at our cross body shoulder bag collection too! They are affordable and will brighten your day up with coloured straps. goo.gl/hPSydd
Little Rock (11 months ago)
wait it's made from calf leather?? as in a baby cow? that's messed up
PetraGreene (11 months ago)
to anyone who owns the chloe nile, Does the bracelet part scratch/tarnish easily?
Natalie Donchenko (11 months ago)
I love your videos, can you please make a jewelry video ❤️❤️❤️
Nurettin Akhan (11 months ago)
Definitely beautiful bags. Ladies, what do you think about this one ? https://goo.gl/HQayqM
Grace Burford (11 months ago)
yes you have a white Ted Baker that has that little robot on the front of the bag. unless you sold.
Shelley Jessup (11 months ago)
Loving the Chloe & Aspinal but not the Radley - your size is beautiful x
Lulujay77 (11 months ago)
Absolutely love all these bags 💕
Marie Kolarova (1 year ago)
Hello, I wonder... how is it possible to return a bag that has been in use? I saw on instagram you were using the chloe bag during your trips; did you claim a warranty to your retailer or it is simply in accordance with the purchase conditions to return the bag even after using it?
Erana Breitmeyer (1 year ago)
Loved this video Josie!!! I adored the Burgundy Chloe bag also, but I can appreciate what you're saying - I love this one too! I think my favourite was the Aspinal bag - oh my word, it's divine!!! I really admire you for making an intellectual, well thought out decision about your bags - so sensible! (I wish I could do that with makeup and fragrance! LOL). xx
Victoria Mather (1 year ago)
Isn't Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey?
JeSuisJusteMoi (1 year ago)
Finally getting caught up on your videos now that I'm back in Arizona. Love all three bags but the Aspinal is gorgeous and my personal favorite. Though I will say, the Chloe bag in that color is absolutely you! :) xx
Megan Dennis (1 year ago)
Aspinal bags are just so beautiful 😍 Such a lovely selection of handbags! I just love handbags full stop! I will resist!! 💕x
Srta.Sanroma (1 year ago)
in love...
Femke van Kooten (1 year ago)
I'm crazy about your videos, I hope for a winter jacket vlog ... request;) love from Holland
rosemarie brennan (1 year ago)
Really love ure channel, and I love that Aspinal bag wud love to own that sadly way outta my budget but I can only dream ure a very lucky girl enjoy them 😘
K a r a - M a y (1 year ago)
Wheelers Luxury Gifts do a wide variety of Aspinal of London and Radley London handbags and leather accessories. Xx
Caitlin Lim (1 year ago)
Hi Josie! I find all the bags are so tempting, especially the Chloe Nile, it really is very unique! But I'm just curious, how did you return the burgundy version after having used it?
wisam rohilina (1 year ago)
Bag twin.. i have that lovely dockery in the same color.. it's such a functional and elegant bag.. you'll enjoy using it!
shalini kumar (1 year ago)
Gorgeous bags ! The colours are simply delicious 👌
Tequila&Tea (1 year ago)
Nice haul but I can't help being disappointed that you are going down the same road as the other Youtubers the minute their subscriber base grows. I watch you because you were a breath of fresh air....you were able to pick high street fashion and show us how to make it look expensive and classy. But recently, your purchases are getting more high end and there's no ingenuity in that. Sorry Josie. Hope you won't become like the rest of whom there are loads.
Tequila&Tea (1 year ago)
Tay D. Completely understand and agree with your point but it's so sad isn't it that there's only one inevitable end. A good thing that Josie still comes across as sweet and classy.
Tay D. (1 year ago)
Tequila&Tea Having a YouTube channel is a business. The higher the price of products they promote, the higher number of subscribers translates into more business opportunities for them. Otherwise how many shoes, bags, beauty items can one realistically own? Josie seems appreciate of her job and what it brings her, but it is what it is.
Lucy Bonomo (1 year ago)
Have to agree.....many of us can't afford designer wear. Many of the Youtubers are starting to look the same too. I am always on the look out for someone that sets themselves apart from the crowd.
anna vickers (1 year ago)
Great choices I really love the Aspinal bag. I loved the burgundy Chloe Nile that you had but this colour is so much more you! ❤️
Hithere (1 year ago)
Bags are beautiful suits your nails and makeup as well. Like the watch as well. So you....
NunaFeedsTheDucks (1 year ago)
The Radley and Aspinal bags are like reproduction vintage handbags from the forties, classic beauties, is it ok to call a bag a beauty, I said it and it felt good to say loll. I love all three bags ❤️ your style is me all over thank you for sharing pretty lady 😊 @FashionMumblr
Febriany Kusumastuti (1 year ago)
You really have a good tastes in fashion.. do you like to wear backpack?any idea how to keep stylish with a backpack?bcz sometimes i felt handbag can't cover all the mommy needs lol.. i need the idea how to look effortly stylish with those big size bags without lookin like i want to go camp somewhere..
Regina Sears (1 year ago)
I can’t see why you would want a bag made out of slaughtered baby cows. Watch a YouTube video on how the take them from their mothers and shot them in the head It is so unnecessary when there are other options to leather. The high end designers want the skin of the baby because it is softer.
Deblina Rababi (1 year ago)
Love that chloe bag the most
Matilda Martin (1 year ago)
Fabulous bags !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Henna Bahl (1 year ago)
Love the aspinal bag😍 Please do a bag collection video😍♥️
Carissa Ng (1 year ago)
Hi Josie, what eyeshadow did you use? I'm in love with the color!
Esther Khutova (1 year ago)
hi!!!!please list the makeup products used in this video, especially lipstick color, xoxo
Jessica Carey (1 year ago)
Love the white one
Teri Catanio (1 year ago)
All three bags are incredibly beautiful. Lucky girl! My favorite is the Dockery nude bag. Such a classic looking lady-like handbag. I like all of the color ways you chose as well. Enjoy each of them.
Lena Love (1 year ago)
❤️❤️❤️😍❤️❤️❤️ Love your style & that sweater you’re wearing!
Yun Fan (1 year ago)
That first bag is such a copy for Fendi peekaboo 😅
Simply Shereen (1 year ago)
Who doesn't know Michelle dockery from Downton Abbey loved that show 👍🏻
Nata Iva (1 year ago)
Lovely choices enjoyed watching!
Kira Kjear (1 year ago)
Aspinal has beautiful bags. I love lesser known, but beautiful quality bags. Strathberry, Coccinelle and Delvaux are some brands that I love. Check them out 👍🏻 The bags you bought are gorgeous 😍
Apai-ketuya Marchant (5 months ago)
Kira Kjear so true
Lady Creme Bee (1 year ago)
That’s a very special colour of the Chloe bag you got there!! I’m falling in love with it! I didn’t know u can return the last Chloe bag after u worn it?
ingrid (1 year ago)
Hello Darling Josie! Do you know nothing will ever be enough unless you know Jesus? That's right. All the shopping, acquiring, lusting after the latest this or that handbag, etc. the latest coat, the designer boot, the designer handbag, etc. etc. etc. it will never fulfill the desire of your heart, Josie my dear, unless you get to know Jesus. That;s right. I love fashion and I have learned this, being your mum's age probably. There will always be a new handbag to lust after, a new coat to lust after and have to get,. a new boot, etc. and etc. Josie, have you ever thought in your life before, "enough"? Well maybe it's time for you to think of it. St. Augustine said, "our hearts are restless until they rest in thee." How true it is." I want to share with you a great church there in London. It is called Reality. I urge you and your boyfriend Charlie to go check it out. http://realitychurch.london/ Love your friend in CA,xo And please let me know how you both liked it! I think you and Charlie will be pleasantly surprised at how much you like it! sending you a hug now ((hugs))
Dervla M (1 year ago)
That aspinal bag is such a classic silhouette. I was actually surprised when you said the price because I thought it would be closer to the 2,000 mark.
AndreaJane (1 year ago)
That Chloe bag looks like it was designed especially for you. It is perfectly your style.
i adore ur sense of style <3
Kristen (1 year ago)
That Aspinal of London bag is TDF!
Beverley Roberts (1 year ago)
All three bags are beautiful, my favourite though is the first one. And the Chloe Nile bag, is special and unique in that leather finish and colour. Glad you returned the burgundy one as on camera it looked like the ring handle had slightly dented the front and with such a high price. Meant to be, the one you have now is really special and gorgeous.x
Danielle Jaguelin (1 year ago)
Beautiful bags Josie, love your style. I would like to buy a light coloured bag but worried about colour transfer. 👜💕
You have a great taste to everything and those bags are perfect but I loved the first one.It is amazing.Love your videos.
Sofie Hullebroek (1 year ago)
The burgundy was a nice color for you
Mae Schmidt (1 year ago)
Only she would call a white handbag “practical”
amcluesent (1 year ago)
Michele Dockery is still so sad
Marilyn Bautista (1 year ago)
Nice choices😇👌❤️beautiful!!
julie mclaughlin (1 year ago)
I have been following you for a long time!! Lovely content. And it looks like you are getting prettier every day ! 💕
Beatrice Horton (1 year ago)
All three bags are classics. Their style would still be elegant in 50 years from now. I feel the only item that would not stand the test of time is the printed strap of the Radley bag. Wish they would have an optional strap a little thinner without the graphics. Keep doing what your doing. Since you and Charlie share Facial mask nights I decided that Mom (90 years old ) and I should have sheet mast facial nights. We have the best time just relaxing, giggling about the past. May God Bless You, Charlie, Dexter and Dickenson.
Elisabeth Steel (1 year ago)
Really love the bags Josie! Have a wonderful day! 😍☀️
alicraveiro (1 year ago)
LOVE the Aspinal bag! Totally got Fendi vibes as well. I think it would look beautiful in a burgundy for fall/winter!
Curls & Bags (1 year ago)
I was thinking about getting the nile bag as well but went for a different one since I think I will get tired of it too quick, but it's still such a gorgeous bag, especially in a more special colour like this one, nice choice!
Sunny H (1 year ago)
The Aspinal bag looks like Fendi peekaboo, and the Radley & Chloe bag looks quite like the Be Dior bag by Christian Dior, were you aware of that? :3
Chris G. (1 year ago)
Beautiful bags. You re right about the Aspinal London. Got some Fendi peekaboo vibe. Great taste like always
Chris G. I
Hello sunshine 💕💕🌈 thank you so much for this beautiful Share your are beautiful realy 👍🏻💕😊👌🏻your watch is very pretty and this bag i like the color
Christine Billinger (1 year ago)
I found your account today. I'm from Austria & love your videos soo much!😊👍
Suzanne Mizzi (1 year ago)
Beautiful bags especially the 2nd one (white).....You will look amazing wearing them dear:)xxxx
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Thank you! I cant't wait to wear them!
claire.e.spencer (1 year ago)
Perfect Sunday afternoon moment...when Josie uploads a video and the kettle's just boiled 😀 stunning bag choices, love them all and they complement your style so much 😍 loving your content, well done
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Oh how perfect that sounds!!
Monica Randolph (1 year ago)
Lovely choices enjoyed watching
Dutchbloggeronthemove (1 year ago)
I made a lookbook, with my five favorite outfits of this summer, would love to know which one are yours! :) I'm not done with summer yet :)
Emma Shaw (1 year ago)
love the bags- its just a shame that some of the bags are out of focus in parts during the video! :(
Kira Kjear (1 year ago)
I am surprised for such an expensive camera. I almost feel like you would get better shots with the 80d...
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Sorry! Still getting used to my new camera!
Charlotte Unger (1 year ago)
I love your style! Love all the bags and your sweater!
Jeannee Waseck (1 year ago)
Love your videos, my dear friend across the pond, but this one specifically brings a :D
DL Pryor (1 year ago)
Again adore your fashion sense, down to your nails....please include your nail polish color....thanks
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
I usually share this on my IG stories!
SAR Z (1 year ago)
i adore you so much. I just love fashion trends
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Ana Guzman (1 year ago)
Loved the Chloe color! Beautiful handbags!
Ana Guzman (1 year ago)
Yes! And so is your taste! Love and blessings Josie! You are amazing!
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Isn't it gorgeous!!
Stormy Adventure Time (1 year ago)
So beautiful handbags 😍 Really good choices - they are definitely your style and they will look great with you outfits.
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Thank you! I hope so!!
Marta Arimont (1 year ago)
The colour of the Chloe is stunning! :) great choice! it fits you 150% and so it does the Aspinal one, gorgeous!
Fashion Mumblr (1 year ago)
Thanks Marta! xxx
Tina Carrol (1 year ago)
Gorgeous Bags Josie,Xxx
P vO (1 year ago)
OMG 😍 !
Lulu Young (1 year ago)
The chloe one looks very nice with you !
leyla lee (1 year ago)
leyla lee Belize subscribe to my channel
Alexa Style Book (1 year ago)
Lovveeeee 😘

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