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Why Do Men Have Nipples

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Here is why men have nipples.
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Beetle Bayley (6 months ago)
Men has all the genetic material to make up men and women. Women only have the genetic material for women. The reason is simple. Adam first...then from Adam, Eve was formed. The evolutionary explanation does not make sense...even to LOTS of evolutionists. Some will admit it in private. A small number will admit it in public.
ShikasiXMS (1 year ago)
Ok, another question then: why are nipples developed before the gender is determined?
xvzw (1 year ago)
I like my nipples to be sucked
Fan Person (1 year ago)
I can not tell you how much I love this video. It manages to thhoroughly explain everything in just over a minute while adding some humor. Amazing work!
geobeats (1 year ago)
Thank you - that's great to hear.
z2u (1 year ago)
so i take it none of these poor fools have ever had their nibbles played with--- must be the same as forskin removal to them - it has no purpose and must be removed-- too many sexual nerve endings that can cause cancer
Georgey Thompson (1 year ago)
Grey World (1 year ago)
z2u nigga what cause cancer?
SleepysArt (1 year ago)
*why do men have nipples* Idk Wot

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