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Hazard, Risk & Safety - Understanding Risk Assessment, Management and Perception

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(subtitles available in English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese and Russian, German, and a French version is available here: https://youtu.be/wRmfvFYDNr8) Hazard, Risk & Safety Danger, risques et sécurité Gevaar, risico's en veiligheid Peligro, riesgo y seguridad Опасность, риск и безопасность Gefahr, Risiko und Sicherheit We all hear these terms on a daily basis. So and so a chemical, physical or a biological agent poses a risk; This or that product is a hazard or behaving a certain way is unsafe. A lot of the time “hazard” and “risk” are freely used to mean the same thing. However they are not. Hazard is the potential to cause harm. Risk on the other hand is the likelihood of harm in defined circumstances. In a nutshell, hazard and risk are not always aligned as the risk depends on the exposure to the hazard ; similarly, risk, safety and perception of risk are not always aligned; this can make political decisions regarding safety levels difficult to make, in these cases it is especially important to base them on facts rather than on subjective perceptions. http://www.greenfacts.org
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Nompumelelo Mdluli (1 month ago)
So Helpfull
Syamsul Arifin (1 month ago)
Very interesting video. Two thumbs up
Kyle Grovers (2 months ago)
Describe the product measurement techniques used on a chemical plant according to workplace procedures? Please help
ZDHackerInMC_ii ProAtMC (2 months ago)
safety 4:28
TheEcdysone (5 months ago)
Il y a maintenant une version francophone en ligne : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRmfvFYDNr8
creeper zombie (6 months ago)
광덕고GTA (6 months ago)
Hi I wanna ask you if I can add subtitles to this video. (Korean)
Interestinvideo because teach us the difference between hazard and risk, for example the barker is too exposed to the flour he can get dermatitis, I don't know that. We can reduce the risk and the hazard is a potencial harm.
ADONIS ESPINOZA (1 year ago)
this video has been seen by adonis
Nakita Sabrina (1 year ago)
What an useful insight. Thanks a lot!
Andrea Carati (2 years ago)
well done, my friends!
ledtomify (2 years ago)
you've missed a huge part of measuring risk. Risk is also a measure of severity of outcome NOT just the chance of harm / loss occurring as the video suggests. really misleading
Ahmed Shaaban (3 months ago)
Tell the right way to read about risk Assessment
TheEcdysone (9 months ago)
Hello!  The purpose was not to go into the details on how measuring hazards and risks but just to define the essential difference between both notions and so help anyone to better understand the various debates around these matters.  :)
Dilshan samaranayake (2 years ago)
usefullll informaiton... thak you..
jimsac2000 (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting. Will use in my class. :)
TheEcdysone (9 months ago)
A power point version explaining these notions could also be provided if useful via the contact :   [email protected]
S&W Technologies (2 years ago)
This is a really fantastic video. Thank you!
khan educators (8 months ago)
Risk Management https://youtu.be/MQDkYqUenXM
Engineering Academy (3 years ago)
can anyone tell me which software is used to create these type of videos ?
khan educators (8 months ago)
Risk Management https://youtu.be/MQDkYqUenXM
Alex Johnson (1 year ago)
write it all out, video it and finally time laps it. :)
Amy Spelz Travis (1 year ago)
I don't know which one software they used but VideoScribe or GoAnimate are both services that do this sort of animation.
Thuy Dung Trinh (3 years ago)
It is so great, but hard to follow
khan educators (8 months ago)
Risk Management https://youtu.be/MQDkYqUenXM
Arya Baskoro (3 years ago)
Simple, yet very informative!
Euro Chlor (4 years ago)
An interesting discussion about the difference between hazard and risk!
Bernadette Hislaire (4 years ago)
Brillant demo! Thanks Greenfacts

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