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Beer Yoga with Granddude - Thanksgiving went viral!

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My 60 year old step dad told us he could place a beer on his head and drink it without using his hands or arms..... We didn't believe him but he totally killed it! 5 million views in less than 36 hours on Facebook!!!!! ***UPDATE*** we hit 10 million view on Facebook in about 60 hours.....please share our YouTube link! For any licensing requests please contact [email protected]
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Jeanbaptiste Deroyant (1 month ago)
Oh punaise je suis là à cause du Show Jaune 😒
Ismail Afiq (1 month ago)
Izuku Midoriya (4 months ago)
Diann Peterson (1 year ago)
calmhouwan (1 year ago)
Well, son of a bitch ...
ron greenblatt (1 year ago)
Hey Not trying to minimize this, I certainly cannot come close to doing it , and could probably make lots of cash winning bets, but I have seen this before years ago
Bradford Ritter (1 year ago)
Hi Ron. Yes, this "trick" has been around for at least 30 years. That's how long ago I learned about it. But also, search YouTube for "Beer Yoga II". Have you seen that before?
potatomaster (1 year ago)
I wish I could do this as well when I am 60
Eddie N (1 year ago)
Such a talented guy. He must have got lot of pussies.
Molly Chattell (1 year ago)
I literally applauded him!!! Great work!
Will Klassen (1 year ago)
Not as many views as on facebook. But you should monetise this video and buy him some more beer with the money it earned. Awesome to be so flexible at that age.
William Lewis (1 year ago)
Damn man, save some pussy for the rest of us!
Sharon Lahr (1 year ago)
You should submit this to Ellen DeGeneres - he'd have a good chance of being invited on the show
Vern Blissitt (1 year ago)
Very impressive.
Tabitha H (1 year ago)
I fell in love!😍😂
Erkan Kinali (1 year ago)
Song from 1.05 to end?
Erkan Kinali (11 months ago)
Yes it is. Thx so much
Bradford Ritter (1 year ago)
Anna Nalick, Wreck of the Day (I think?)
Kinga Gorski (1 year ago)
Hah! Well this would've been some serious entertainment at a holiday gathering! No surprise this version of "beer yoga" went viral, lol. Nice moves, dude.
Erkan Kinali (1 year ago)
whats the song 1:05
Showtime (2 years ago)
this guy doesn't happen to work at frontier telephone does he... I think I partied with him down in alabama this spring LOL
Freakinweirdo (2 years ago)
one day, if I play my cards right, I will be this man. Prost!
MsCurryNoodle (2 years ago)
So what fraternity was granddude in?
M (2 years ago)
I am the one dont weigh a ton dont need a gun
umsaa (2 years ago)
Qui es la grâce au rire jaune xD?
Rayan 066 (5 months ago)
umsaa nn le show jaune XD
LeGameur EnHerbe (9 months ago)
sween moi
Hate me Faggot (2 years ago)
Reccomended on pyros videos wtf man
Caroline Picanon (2 years ago)
Jiro (7 months ago)
Moi je suis venue du rire jaune
umsaa (2 years ago)
L Uoii t'es venu du rire jaune xD?
Ladyj fan page (2 years ago)
add Ladyj dmv
Bad_Mouse (2 years ago)
es un genio
Oli 22 (2 years ago)
Qui est la grâce au show jaune
WeaZy Wolf (2 years ago)
#le show jaune
Amy Shipley (1 year ago)
Elouen Clash
ChipieFimo (2 years ago)
Aime si t la grâce à le show jaune
John Zimmer (2 years ago)
Well done! Next up ... a plate of spaghetti.
kostosz (2 years ago)
hi Dawid umisz tak??
Laurie Montoux (2 years ago)
Si vous etes la grace au rire jaune mais un like
Paul Simonis (2 years ago)
+Sebastien Montoux et ouais
Angy Thomas (3 years ago)
Meme moi je pratique le vodga
bigfoot0378 (3 years ago)
Ceux qui voit cette video grace au chow jaune mettez un "👍🏻"
Jérémie A. (3 years ago)
Hum.. Certaines personnes vont se poser des questions : Pourquoi y-a-t'il des gens français ici ? o.o x)
blazoo91 (3 years ago)
le rire jaune
Le Segpa De Youtube (3 years ago)
#TeamJaune :DD
BlazeZZ (3 years ago)
moi !!!!
Nessim Haddouche (3 years ago)
Qui est ici grâce au Show Jaune ?
TutoPC (3 years ago)
#Le rire jaune (show jaune) ;)
Isaac Kove (3 years ago)
moi aussi c'est le show jaune
Luca c'est Moi (3 years ago)
Le rire jaune
Le Regard Otaku (3 years ago)
Le Rire Jaune ? XD
FRIEZA. (3 years ago)
Qui est ici grâce au show jaune ? :)
IznoGamers (2 years ago)
🙋 MOI 🙋
Charles Collet (3 years ago)
Moi x)) sinon personne le connaît
April Hale (3 years ago)
Nessim Haddouche (3 years ago)
Lea Cantrelle (3 years ago)
+Mompop Kabalan moi
Qui est là grâce au show jaunneee???
Trunkill ;; (3 years ago)
Matt M (3 years ago)
Well he didn't kill youtube... only 500k views in 9 days
Man Hent (3 years ago)
this porn is so wierld
zniesmaczony (3 years ago)
I won't do this? Hold my beer! oh wait...
Jane Lamperd (3 years ago)
shark103 (3 years ago)
thats a cool grandpa
Julio Cesar (3 years ago)
Goals this, hashtag goals that. Just stfu with that already, hoooly crap... Apart from that, amazing video!! He nailed it, wow :D
blacksonne19 (3 years ago)
I smiled through that whole video. Absolutely awesome.
Michael (3 years ago)
It's too bad it's a guy doing this.... I'm just saying.
TobsensLP (3 years ago)
The Beerking is Alive :D
thewu1313 (3 years ago)
Adopt me please!
cz Lin (3 years ago)
citizens enjoy playing like this!
BinkieMcFartnuggets (3 years ago)
Oddly enough when he's sober he can barely hold a glass in his hand.
Deffinnition (3 years ago)
like a boss!
Gary Johnson (3 years ago)
This gentlemen is an inspiration. Its a cute stunt. Its an AWESOME achievement, to, at 60 years old, to have the flexibility, strength and control to do it!
Noldwar RC (3 years ago)
Puto amo.
Круто!!! Когда захочешь испить - никакие преграды не жутки!
Elax Mkendars (3 years ago)
Awesome sir.
Mariosky (3 years ago)
Is It that difficult to have a drink??
Joseph Anthony (3 years ago)
This video ROCKED I've never seen anything like this so it was really cool to watch!!!
Sam Puppe (3 years ago)
Impressive! Not just #StepDadGoals but #LifeGoals. 95% people hating on here can't even bend down and touch their toes.
Stojche Gochevski (3 years ago)
Crazy old man :D move due :D
Mohamed Mustafa (3 years ago)
this guy fucks
Holli Wood (3 years ago)
Thums up for grandpa. 2 thumbs down for being too stupid to turn on some lights and especially for not turning your phone sideways. I guess you need a high school diploma to learn that.
Jade Ottsel (3 years ago)
+Holli Wood Wow! You are being so bloody rude! You shouldn't harshly call out people's innocent, harmless mistakes like that, *OR* call them "stupid" for making such mistakes, *period*, for that matter...especially when you don't even KNOW them! We're all human, we're not all perfect...Lord knows you've probably made tons and tons of mistakes in life that nobody's ostracized you for. Life is short, and the world is cruel enough on it's own. Try showing a little kindness and compassion, it'll get you far.
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Holli Wood I'm sorry, we didn't actually cover how to best take video on my cell phone at family gatherings for spur of the moment silliness at my high school. But I'm glad your high school taught you how to spell thumbs correctly, at least 50% of the time. Thanks for watching!
realeques (3 years ago)
lifegoals !!
Twopips1 (3 years ago)
I have the weirdest boner right now.
Mewyabby (3 years ago)
and you have 12 subscribers and .2 percent of the views. Don't use facebook's video player
Denis Triton (3 years ago)
Мне вспомнился смешной рассказ: Ученик спрашивает у учителя — Можно ли курить во пора медитации? — Что ты, Конечно дудки! — Восклицает преподаватель. — А медитировать во пора курения? — Хмм... а это увлекательная идея.
TheMusketITuckedIt (3 years ago)
Look at all these licensing companies coming in like locust, get a real job.
Toño G. A. (3 years ago)
That´s Bryan Cranston in like 5 years with a moustache...
MrTeknotronic (3 years ago)
stop taking vertical videos
Zakarin (3 years ago)
+VagabondProductions It doesnt really matter what more do you see, it's just uncomfortable to look at
VagabondProductions (3 years ago)
+MrTeknotronic I find it funny that people complain about this....But yes people are sheep and they see other people complain and think its funny to do the same....What more do u want to see? A few chairs and a table? Psht
Josema noncommercial (3 years ago)
I LOVE THIS MAN!! AWESOME, He is fantastic!!! CONGRATULATIOS From Valencia (Spain)
Ali Ozoren (3 years ago)
when will people learn to hold the phone SIDEWAYS when shooting videos..
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Ali Ozoren I am not, nor have I ever been, a professional videographer. So I'm sorry if my camera skills are lacking. Honestly, this was a spur of the moment video that was taken with the expectation that nothing much would happen with it, other than perhaps our friends and family having a laugh. CLEARLY, I have no aspirations to make any sort of career out of this. But thanks for watching!
Ali Ozoren (3 years ago)
+Eóin Fay it is a video site not grammar and it was a rhetorical question, I wasn't expecting an answer..
TheMusketITuckedIt (3 years ago)
+Eóin Fay Ha got 'em!
Eóin Fay (3 years ago)
+Ali Ozoren Probably around the same time that people learn to put a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence and a question mark at the end of a question. :P
Walk Moss (3 years ago)
賞賛! 集中力の為せる技かな!!
Luis J. Serrano (3 years ago)
fucking assholes who make vertical videos
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Luis J. Serrano I am not, nor have I ever been, a professional videographer. So I'm sorry if my camera skills are lacking. Honestly, this was a spur of the moment video that was taken with the expectation that nothing much would happen with it, other than perhaps our friends and family having a laugh. CLEARLY, I have no aspirations to make any sort of career out of this. But thanks for watching!
TheMusketITuckedIt (3 years ago)
+Luis J. Serrano Get your eyes checked because I can tell what's going on in the video just fine.
can that guy drink vodka?!
Margaret Ann (3 years ago)
no way he doubles for Kitzie..lol
Sythe81 (3 years ago)
enjoy all the money face book is making from your video, #noadrevforyou
Sythe81 (3 years ago)
+Pablo Inter Yep, 10 million views in less than 3 days this guy is now proudly reporting... in other words.. this guy just bought someone a house
Pablo Inter (3 years ago)
+Sythe81 Yep. Share your life for free, get someone else a bigger yard. People are idiots.
Yuluga Reyens (3 years ago)
03:00 EPIC WIN!
Yuluga Reyens (3 years ago)
boh! great video!
Philosophical Ethics (3 years ago)
that was great haha
AlbySpace (3 years ago)
Baccus93 (3 years ago)
Hippies and children of hippies. Elitists who don't want you to know how much they have paid to subvert you.
SirFishouse (3 years ago)
i like how he was like stfu lemme drink this, it's not easy bitches.
Alex GodLikeKillerX (3 years ago)
Hazy (3 years ago)
+TheMusketITuckedIt I disagree, this is as much of a science as it is art.
TheMusketITuckedIt (3 years ago)
+Snolen EoDA Except this isn't science but drunken yoga.
Hazy (3 years ago)
+alysemv "science isn't about why, it's about why not!"
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Alex GodLikeKillerX But.......why not?
Two Guys One Rift (3 years ago)
doctorbea (3 years ago)
Quibbly (3 years ago)
Fantastic!!! What's up with the losers trying to market off your video.
Suzanne Lafave (3 years ago)
I'm impressed not only in great shape but damn flexible. The new 60. He moves better than 20.30.n 40s I know .. way to go...
Crystal Carey (3 years ago)
dumb question...what is the song playing in the background?
Crystal Carey (3 years ago)
It's ok! I found it! I listened to this video about 100 times and finally pieced enough of the lyrics together. :) It's really good too. Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day...just in case you wanted to give it a go. Loved the video btw tho! I'm just a music-aholic.
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Crystal Carey Not a dumb question! Honestly though, I'm not sure.... we were listening to Pandora and I don't remember that one. I tried to listen to it in the video but I just don't know. Sorry!
Flock Video Licensing (3 years ago)
Hey alysemv, forget about all these jokers trying to license your video, they just trying to get a piece of your great clip. However if you are looking for a licensing deal Flock Video has a great offer for you, haha. You can reach me at [email protected] to see the contract.
Patrick Allen (3 years ago)
Hi Alyse, Writing from FanSided, a Time Inc./Sports Illustrated company. We'd love to share your video on our FB page and potentially do a story about it. May we have your permission to do so? Email me if you have questions. [email protected]
Gwendolyn Breitstein (3 years ago)
Hi I work at CBS's Inside Edition and we would love to do a story on your video! Please email me [email protected]
Chris Rickett (3 years ago)
A-mazing. We're doing a story about your video! Is it okay if we use your video and take a screengrab?
Kris Rhodes (3 years ago)
+Kris Rhodes Never mind, I see you're referring to the facebook version when you mention five million views.
Kris Rhodes (3 years ago)
+alysemv Where is the original upload? (The one with 5 million views.)
Mike Wallis (3 years ago)
+alysemv We work with all of the companies like Inside Edition and LAD Bible that are contacting you.
alysemv (3 years ago)
+Chris Rickett If you would like to share my upload, you may. Please link it to my original upload though. Thanks!
Johann Coetzee (3 years ago)
viral media businesses please GTFO
Richard Oxley (3 years ago)
Hi Alyse, I'm a Journalist with Newsflare - a leading viral video licensing agency based in the UK. We specialise in selling viral footage to a wide range of clients around the world. I'm keen to chat with you asap about your video. Please reply back to me in an email to [email protected] and I'll send over more information about how we work. Thanks!

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