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Ferrero Rocher ~Unwrap Magic This Christmas~

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Join my 14-week online course at the special price of $10 now through Christmas! Here is how to get this special price: Visit my blog page below link → signup newsletters → get the special link to the course page with the discount price http://www.shihomasuda.com/blog/new-online-course-is-now-open-for-enrollment *********************** 🎁Join my FREE online course to learn 3 fun & easy cherry blossom themed gift wrapping projects! https://courses.shihomasuda.com/p/sakura-cherry-blossom-craft-medley I had a wonderful time working with Ferrero Rocher to create this beautiful time-lapse video filmed in Sydney to inspire people in Australia to get creative this festive season! As a gift wrapper, I've wrapped Ferrero Rocher's delicious chocolate boxes so many times before for my clients, especially during the Holiday Season! It's the perfect gift to give, receive and share with loved ones ❤️ May your holidays be filled with lots of happiness, laughter and love! Happy Holidays, Shiho Find out more about Ferrero Rocher: https://www.ferrero.com.au/ferrero-rocher/timeless-elegance Check out my 10 Tips to create beautiful gift wrapping this Christmas: http://dailym.ai/2zkGsiY
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Text Comments (39)
Phong Ngo (8 months ago)
Amazing ! Thanks for creating !
fehr2005 (10 months ago)
can you make in slow Motion. It is so beautiful but its a Little to fast for me... ;-)
Nghĩa Huỳnh giang (11 months ago)
Video record very fast, i cant see :)))
Jelly Sso (11 months ago)
Tutorial please! :)
Anne N. Idris (11 months ago)
So cooooool!
abcameo (11 months ago)
I'm thrilled you are going to create individual tutorials. These zoomed by so fast but looked awesome!
Firyal Adilah (11 months ago)
Deb McC (11 months ago)
Would love to see how to do but impossible because too fast
Chrissy (11 months ago)
Alley Arnez (11 months ago)
Yes, this is a creative wrapping idea. But it would be nice if video could slow down to actually follow the steps of the process.
Paper Guru (11 months ago)
Hi Everyone! Thanks for your positive responses! I know many of you liked the video but it was too fast to learn the techniques. Well, good news - I'm making slower versions of the ideas in this video. I won't be able to complete them before Christmas, but I'll make sure to get them for the Valentine's Day 2018! Ferrero Rocher's chocolate boxes are also perfect gifts for the Valentine's Day! 😉
Maddalena Fasani (11 months ago)
Amazing. But too fast where can I find a slow version of the video?
Michelle R (11 months ago)
I have been following you for quite a few years. You always inspire me and amaze me!! Thank You for sharing 😀
Barbara Wilson (11 months ago)
It would be great to find out where you source your paper....nothing like these in the UK!
Fernanda Pegorer (11 months ago)
Bellissimo, ma troppo veloce ....
Cathy Shan (11 months ago)
Totally amazing!!! Shiho’s gift wrapping makes these chocolates even more delicious 😊I really enjoyed the video.
Catherine Zilber (11 months ago)
It's a like a great preview of your channel for newcomers!
602redroses (11 months ago)
Beautiful and creative. tfs
Olga Diaz (11 months ago)
Muy bonito todo
Frances Mackay (11 months ago)
Beautiful wraps but why so fast?
Barb Ghig (11 months ago)
Gorgeous! I would love to see a step-by-step video, if you have the time :) Thanks so much for sharing this with us...Happy Holidays!
Barb Ghig (11 months ago)
Thank you!
Katherine Sillaman (11 months ago)
Barb Ghig many of these she already has videos for! Just go back to her videos and check them out. She does step by step in the other videos
Çáŕôl Ğ (11 months ago)
I really like this pre-presentation of these wrappings. Like a teaser. I did slow down the video speed to 25x which helped. Some things might be too quick for some so tutorials will be good for the future. Thanks paper guru!
Savy Hendrix (11 months ago)
I need tutorials for these ASAP! This was a beautiful video :)
Kelly Jansema (11 months ago)
I'm with Stella, to fast to really appreciate your techniques but love the outcomes.
Yuki Inoue (11 months ago)
Amazing. I have no idea how to make this so beautiful!!
Abisha Rehman (11 months ago)
please work slowly I don't know the flower that you make for 3 one
19ROSA63 (11 months ago)
Please ,make the tutorial ,please.Thank you
Paula Figueiredo (11 months ago)
Olivier Pelham (11 months ago)
Video too fast, would like it slowed down so we can copy design.
Lucia Cavagnino (11 months ago)
Belli, ma troppo veloce
Hana Says (11 months ago)
mathi14811 (11 months ago)
Stella B. (11 months ago)
😣😣very very fast the video
Madeline Ng (11 months ago)
Davis Krauklis ic....Thanks for sharing!
Davis Krauklis (11 months ago)
In options select 0.25 speed and turn off audio. You can see all the steps fine then.
HAZAWK (11 months ago)
This is nice. Please make tutorials on each one. Thanks! Merry Christmas, Shiho!
LifeofAgnes (11 months ago)
i wish that you did this in a normal pace lol its too fast we cant keep up when we want to recreat this wrapping technique

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