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Dax J mixes the Muslim call to prayer in his set at The Orbit festival in Tunisia | Techno Moves

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Dax J is receiving dead threats now, even after his sincere apologies. Because of that his Facebook page is now offline. READ MORE: https://www.technomoves.net/dax-j-is-receiving-death-threats-after-playing-islamic-call-to-prayer-at-orbit-festival-tunisia/ Many people are outraged, what do you think? Video by: Nizar Hmidi
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Text Comments (539)
xxdeath xx (1 month ago)
Allah approve this
D SD (3 months ago)
.. whats next? Women will be banned from festivals because of immorality?
Jack Musty (3 months ago)
Lmaoo sounds fuckin bangin
Matien Azemy (6 months ago)
So sick! I'm Muslim and this is just awesome to hear. A lot of people are making such a big deal out of everything. Keep calm, man. Enjoy the fucking music.
Ferdı Yucel Music (7 months ago)
*Amınakoydumun kafiri official yapıp mevlüt dinlettireydin orospu çocuğu seni...!*
Eru _ (8 months ago)
Im a Muslim and this doesn't offen us . Because the loser is you lol
Imãginê.S (10 months ago)
No.. just no :/ who ever gonna like this beat drop will suffer by Allah... this is soooo UNRESPECTFULL and haram..
Matien Azemy (10 months ago)
I’m Muslim and I’m not offended. It’s pretty creative tbh.
Jesse Latumahina (10 months ago)
wow. if dax j played this track in indonesia, he would be straight forward to jail. we have a common issue in this country, a woman sentence 18 months after protest the mosque pray calling is to loud.
Kang Komen (22 days ago)
Our stupid country is lit AF, they even give a punishment for people whos playing PUBG
andreas1978 (1 year ago)
and the stupid muslimcomunity is offendet, one more time... hey dj, play your set in switzerland and let the muslimfuckers rott in the desert!!!!!!!
Astral'o Pithecus (1 year ago)
The Call of Prayer is really nice, perfect for Techno and Psytrance tracks. Shouldn't they be proud that international artists have started paying attention to their music and are using it all across the globe? They should see it as an opportunity for Christians and Atheists to get in touch with Muslim music, appreciate it, and why not, convert :P
Astral'o Pithecus (1 year ago)
I have always liked the Call of Prayer. Living in a country full of Mosques (and Churches too) I listen to it at least once a week. I had the idea about 3 years ago of making a psytrance track with such lyrics, but never made one because I am not actually a music producer :P
Michael G (1 year ago)
the vocals are a bit shit, love the beat! ! ! ! !
Philip Burton (1 year ago)
Is he still alive or did they chop his head off, surely that's just as bad as daring to utter the word 'jehova' in roman times, you'd get stoned to death for that shit
Stephan Z (1 year ago)
You go as a moslim to a techno club..... you already a sinner so shut the fuck up and let the man play great Techno!
If deen squad or any other islam music which uses hip-hop genre is acceptable, i think azan combine with other type of music should also be acceptable
Ophidian (1 year ago)
What is the trance song with the heavy bass?
Mikey 420 (1 year ago)
He is lucky the crowd didn't try to lynch him
EasyLee (1 year ago)
Dorks. If you are upset about a BELIEVE you should read more books. I have no respect for people who blindly follow ideology and let themselves be booby trapped into hate and misery.
Fredopelo Ryr (1 year ago)
Fajer Fajer (1 year ago)
llary (1 year ago)
This whole thing is completely retarded. The DJ has done nothing wrong and anyone who says otherwise should be ridiculed and lambasted. If these people are such pious believers then why the fuck are they gyrating, smoking and drinking in a nightclub which their religion explicitly forbids. The world needs to fucking grow up and stop acting like a bunch of pre schoolers.
Satan (1 year ago)
Beat dropped harder than Muslim population during the Crusades
The searcher (1 year ago)
good music & nice beat
Magus Megorra (2 years ago)
I'm playing this now, as loud as I can, just to PISS the neighbours off :):):)!!!!!!!
AMIR KZ (2 years ago)
clinteastwood071 (2 years ago)
This is chilling and it gives me goosebumps, that's how you know when a Techno Track is bomb.
Umar Mansare (2 years ago)
one thing you all need to understand. living together is possible only if we respect each one's principles and sacred rituals and we wil all be alright. dont cross someone's limits because thats what makes him who he is. When you make a mess learn how to acknowledge that you made a mess and correct it, by saying its modern world... and so and forth you are hurting others. now people who are talking about ISIS and so on let us ask one question and frankly reply to it. what makes ISIS to rise ? do your math.
Trac Grabcar 663 (2 years ago)
Gainsly Harriot (2 years ago)
That is fucking boss though. 10/10 would shove mdma up my ass and rave to fuck in the desert all night
napoleon born to party (2 years ago)
How stupid can be people be ? This shit is offensive cause you are reducing a CALL TO PRAYER into a song .Its litterally like shitting on a prayer of a religion.And you guys think ISIS is killing people for no reason
Nayma Kassy (2 years ago)
allah yakhad fikoum alha9
sage (2 years ago)
honestly, fuck religion
overdogs&underdogs (2 years ago)
It's just a dance track. 'No animals were harmed in the making of this film'. Or was the suggestion made to harm anyone. The only crime and common blunder is that a group of people have chosen to take offense themselves. So a self imposing anger is created by a type of ignorance. He's a young bloke that makes a living from entertaining people, and even the suggestion that he should be imprisoned is beyond ludicrous.
AKLF DB1982 (2 years ago)
May the dj fall and break his fuckin neck.
Sory ibrahim Diarra (2 years ago)
soub hanalah
D Legito (2 years ago)
so when on drugs, they nag about a prayer? Nothing against the islam, but THAT is hypocrit...
lyon 69 (2 years ago)
Diedia Niang (2 years ago)
why ?
Jeymison Ribeiro (2 years ago)
Finally something good about the Islam.
Guds777 (2 years ago)
muslims are gay.
jepy s (2 years ago)
Manusia penghuni neraka
iheb riahi (2 years ago)
omeeek 97ba walah taw tchouf rabi hnowa bch yameeelk nhar l9yema walah :( :( :(
Ridwan sanem (2 years ago)
if you are a moslem, you will understand how it feel. sometimes we didn't know what we are doing
Gianluca Fava (2 years ago)
Band of ignorant Islam has never been against art, stop with your ideology of the Middle Ages.
Jirhan Syachdan (2 years ago)
fucking bastard
one 77 (2 years ago)
vaping Otter (2 years ago)
Drugs are WAY better than religion.
Can Sabancı (16 hours ago)
@Stoere Jongen omg yes
Stoere Jongen (2 years ago)
True, they kill less people ;)
Ruzgar Liahnyn (2 years ago)
According to Quran people are allowed to make fun of our religion and we should just walk away and let them come to their senses before coming back for a discussion. The way these so-called muslims and Islamic countries are behaving regarding non-muslims is disgusting. Shame on so-called muslims who think violence and threats are the way we are supposed to respond.
Savior (2 years ago)
олен (2 years ago)
Surely the song is pretty cool n good but the fact it's being played in a... Nightclub rave culture--- Wait- Judging by comments, are the ravers here the Muslims??? Whaaat?? They have no right to be offended by chucking the Adhan in there if they're having fun off in a bloody nightclub, Hypocrites!
Qbcle (2 years ago)
Jewish culture can not be mixed with Islamic culture
Sam Khai (2 years ago)
Is it islam disturb ur religion? Dnt bring any religion even a song. Islam didnt bring any music that involve your religion. So think it , u'll regret it soon. I hope something bad gonna happen at your country. Thnks , #respect
M.E.D M.E.D (2 years ago)
fuck u Dax
John Smith (2 years ago)
Allah punish you Dj Dax, Amin
ayari wael (2 years ago)
fuck you dax j
Ecko Show (2 years ago)
Haram hukumnya denger lagu ini , fvck you bitch Dax J
intel gore (2 years ago)
vive Trump Vive Marine.....
Mustafa Avşar (2 years ago)
hymovement (2 years ago)
Mary Jane (2 years ago)
heiðinn (2 years ago)
I think it is a good mix, anywhere it can be downloaded from?
Peter D. (2 years ago)
The song sounds good to me (I'm not Muslim) and it looks/sounds like lots of Muslims in the club were enjoying it. Making mixes like that is a form of tribute to share with people. They need to stop getting their panties/knickers in a bunch over such trivial things.
Jirhan Syachdan (2 years ago)
azab azab azab azab🙏
Buddy Ollie (2 years ago)
if it's a any consolation, the song was dope
PhunkJoaquin (2 years ago)
stupid ... its just music you prehistorical idiots
Wiener Fritzl (2 years ago)
Islam is the cancer, what could be the answer?
Junoh Productions (2 years ago)
Damn, this track is the bomb.
Raphael Oliveira (2 years ago)
go dax j, fuck all muslims
choco pudding (2 years ago)
Fariz Sokhinda (2 years ago)
fuck you not tollerant
Matej C (2 years ago)
Some people rly get offended because stuff like this. Idiotic. Wonder how many people whit brain like this are in EU because some politics just invited them.
Siedepunkt (2 years ago)
I'd rather be offended of not having one single woman to dance with on the dance floor.
Zayne Soverign (2 years ago)
Fucking brilliant
Tanno Buchino (2 years ago)
I like it that Dax J insulted those bitches of the Jews. Islam is nothing but a Jewish heresy. I hope they follow the example of Dax J and insult both Christians, Jews and Islamists.
microglitch (2 years ago)
can someone please explain what exactly is offensive in that track? it's just the vocal sample? and if so how does this offend muslim people? thanks
AllSound Music (1 year ago)
This is a call to pray. When it's time to pray, the muslim will hear that (in muslim countries). And how can that appear in a night club, where the sin comes after another sin?
firdaus adame (2 years ago)
WTF?! Azan ??
Michael Owen (2 years ago)
Sounds better than any Imam I've heard......
TIARNØLA (2 years ago)
Seriously?? All over this??
Reginald Commander (2 years ago)
TIARNØLA yeh, a year in jail for that! he should've looped it all night
Yusfian chestter (2 years ago)
you do not appresiate the kindness calls !!!!!!!!!!!!! 👊👉
Dio Indra Rukmana (2 years ago)
fuck u all!!!! KAFIR
aaronic (2 years ago)
Free dj dax j
rico dyson (2 years ago)
Liberal fail
Charles (2 years ago)
This is the RADical Islam the world needs.
ladjkaoz (2 years ago)
Where can i down load it i wanna added to my set...
Luis Felipe Medeiros (2 years ago)
Very nice !!!
MrToni789 (2 years ago)
The Satan is done the job to this people ,
Zyzz (2 years ago)
i'm tunisian and i can say that this is fucking crazy, how can you go to prison for something like this?
david crackerfeller (2 years ago)
Joseph DiSalvo (2 years ago)
Real question is - why would he play anything from a death cult?
rlwieneke (2 years ago)
In the name of ALLAH !!!! They are gyrating their sex organs to the Call to Prayer. The Prophet has been OFFENDED !!!! Behead the INFIDELS !!!!!! AAAAAAAALLLLLLLAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLAAAAAAALLLLLLAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!
Gaia Miranda (2 years ago)
I could stand to listen to it with the music, otherwise its a reminder of things I don't want to think about.
James M. Olsen (2 years ago)
Bangin track. Where can I download?
hbuyhft nnvyhxdf (2 years ago)
يا الله لا تؤاخذنا لما فعله السفهاء منا
Sesepuh Irmas (2 years ago)
DJ bajingan kalau di indonesia udah mampus luh
Heisen Pinkman (2 years ago)
Better than Chainsmokers Martin Garrix and other shitty DJsThis is real talent I'll sell everything I have for your concert for real
silvereaper1 (2 years ago)
I personally find the all to prayer incredibly beautiful. I would love to hear it when I'm lit in a club. It would feel soooooo good 0__0
pinkstrumpet (2 years ago)
Send all the other delusional hippy DJs there and with a bit of luck we get rid of them too. Oh he apologised too, what a pathetic dhimmified pussy............Coexist, man!!!

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