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Drinking a 40 Year Old Beer

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40 year old old Milwaukee
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Hunter Bailey (1 month ago)
What a fucking pussy
Justin (1 month ago)
4:10 “It doesn’t taste as bad as it smaeellls 🤢”
Donny Hood (1 month ago)
Vagina. Drank a 16 pack of floatie beers. I was ok. Don't be a bitch.
Gary Bralley (1 month ago)
Not sure he drank it kept going out of camera then back in hiding walking away couldn’t see the beer then comes back don’t think he drank it
Mellow Martian (2 months ago)
Bro I hate your channel lol, you dick around to much. Just drink the damn beer we don't need all that extra bullshit
Seeking A Great Perhaps (2 months ago)
Better you than me. It is good that you did this. And not me. I upvoted it. It was worth the effort to upvote. To upvote you drinking it. And not me.
Crimson_Reborn (3 months ago)
>Doesn’t taste good >finishes glass Whut
Julio Gonzo (3 months ago)
That's funny!
gunman5566 (3 months ago)
Jesus Christ princess.
Franklin Culbreth (4 months ago)
This whole FUCKING video was a FUCKING disaster. You basically shook the FUCKING can before you pulled the tab on the FUCKING thing and then you complained about the FUCKING mess that it made, and then you crushed a FUCKING vintage beer can. Seems like you were already FUCKING drunk before you made the FUCKING video.
SCHRUBBE1966 (5 months ago)
Being from Milwaukee it's great your drinking it. But you should have cooked brats with it.Secret cooking recipe.
Mac Eliot (5 months ago)
Bob Spence (6 months ago)
Zach T (7 months ago)
He crushed the can! Fuck this guy!
Zach T (7 months ago)
Jeff Brister Save those fuckers!!!!!
Jeff Brister (7 months ago)
Zach T I still have 7 other full ones so fuck you.
JxT1957 (7 months ago)
was the beer ice cold?
Carmine Salvatore (10 months ago)
Did you catch a buzz? LOL, curious if the alcohol content increased due to years of formentation
Bob Spence (6 months ago)
from a science standpoint the alcohol was gone.
William (11 months ago)
what a classic lol
vineeth kumar (1 year ago)
is he dead or alive??
Seth Segall (1 year ago)
old mil is gross when its new...yuk
Seth Segall (1 year ago)
chunks of rust
Barış Özgen (1 year ago)
can't expect 40 yo beer didnt shake at all lol
Jim Stafford (1 year ago)
what a douche
backtoiron (1 year ago)
Less talk, more rock. You talk way too much.
Nigger man (1 year ago)
This guy looks like a vet with ptsd
Lee Van (1 year ago)
this guy is retarded as fuck. throwing away a vintage can? the fuck
Joseph Cavallo (1 year ago)
What an annoying video. He doesn't chug it. He drinks it slowly wining the whole time like a little bitch.
mike angel cortez (1 year ago)
jeff brister where do you get that old beer
RSH21 (1 year ago)
80% of his reaction is fake as fuck
Jeff Brister (1 year ago)
how did you know????? oh my god. i'm ruined now. lol. this is a 3 year old video. get a life.
Cheshire Cat (1 year ago)
You drank a 40 year old beer and only got 10,880 views after 3 years??? Not worth it at ALL! I've got a can of Coors that's got those two little circular punches on top to open . . . .how old is That? I guess I won't be drinking it. . . but you can't legally see old beer on Ebay, can you?
Rusty Trombone (6 months ago)
mid 70's. I remember those.
D B (7 months ago)
button tops, 77ish, and yes, you can buy/sell old full beers as collectibles
Rahul vp (2 years ago)
We expect to you something more dude.Next time drink a 200 year old wine
Bob Spence (6 months ago)
its not the same. wine is meant to be aged. beer in certain conditions can age but not in reg cans lol its just shite by now..
Speckled Pig (2 years ago)
Its got some nice lacing
Patrick Naughton (2 years ago)
Old Milwaukee.... Still awful after all these years...
cj31 (2 years ago)
I thought beer gets more tasty when its older?
Nick Holloway (1 year ago)
cj31 craft beers, not mainstream crap like bud and Budweiser.
Hog Man The Intruder (2 years ago)
Vincent Is slightly less of a Commie wow that was brutal, calm down man lol
Shark? (2 years ago)
youre thinking of wine you fucking idiot
redsn0w95 (2 years ago)
bruh you just failed at opening the beer like the white ppl in all those commercials.
DieTaskManager (2 years ago)
richtiger hurensoh
joseph faulkner (2 years ago)
Back in 73 this is how Old Mil tasted..I remember.gross.
§paethon (2 years ago)
A beer that old...I woulda been prepared for an overflow no matter what. No, I would have been ready for an explosion upon opening. Thus being the reason I would open it outside! Or in a garage at the very least.
psychoticbastard (2 years ago)
What a drama queen
Ben Carson (2 years ago)
What an f'n pansy.....pony up bitch!
Stanley Spadowski (2 years ago)
Terrible video, stupid idea. Opening, looking at and tasting..ok, but drinking it all? Stupid.
John Harrington (2 years ago)
I got a 35 year old glass beer bottle never opened in my garage
redsn0w95 (2 years ago)
John Harrington bruh drink it
Jonathan Walker (2 years ago)
yea Brister! real man
Blue Venom (3 years ago)
Can change off camera
Ret Samwal (3 years ago)
I call your bluff! I'm sure you did not drink a 40 year old beer. That would kill you. You changed cans when you purposely made the first one you opened explode. That's why you changed the camera angle so you can switch beers. I'm sorry but a 40 year old beer don't have a head that thick bro! Gotta give it to ya, it was a good prank.
Chris Kincaid (10 months ago)
you wont die from drinking on beer it will just taste like shit
Vegas Vanga (3 years ago)
+Les Anderson Whelp, found the commenter who obviously has absolutely no idea what they're talking about. You can drink a 200 year old beer and be fine. It would just taste like shit.
Boom ShakaLager (3 years ago)
LOL...horrible choice for an old beer...shoulda gone for a Craft stout or something,,,Bleh!!
Majin Vegeta (3 years ago)
Why would you crush that vintage can?
SCHRUBBE1966 (5 months ago)
It will be just vintage recycle
Matt Rouge (3 years ago)
Schlitz actually had a big problem with particulate in their beer like that, which is one of the reasons it went under. Totally disgusting!
Will Newberry (3 years ago)
Good job! Always wondered what old beer tastes like. Now I can skip that taste test. Way to man up and chug a skunk!
WhoCares (3 years ago)
This guy is an annoying dumbfuck. He takes forever to get over the spilled beer and then crushes and throws away a neat vintage can. 
Nathaniel Blakey (1 year ago)
well, it's kinda true... dumbfuck
Kiekena (3 years ago)
+The Brister Better edit unnecessary parts out next time. Just a tip
Kiekena (3 years ago)
I'm now 4 minutes into the video, still hasn't taken a sip...
Kiekena (3 years ago)
I agree
Jeff Brister (3 years ago)
well that wasn't very nice
Patrick Hardy (4 years ago)
What kind of notes did it give off?
Nick Pratt (4 years ago)
Lmao do you watch L.A. BEAST at all?
B. Henderson (4 years ago)
"It fucking smells like I don't know what the fuck." - America
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
best way i could figure out how to describe it lol.
Kammie Holcomb (4 years ago)
I found 3 cans of coors that are 15 years old. Also found 2 dopple hirsches that are 20 years old! I might just drink them..... But a little scared lol
Zach Roell (3 months ago)
Kammie Holcomb I drank a 6 year old bud light once and puked my brains out
Kujien (2 years ago)
go for it, trust me if its going to be nasty you'll most likely just yuke it up
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
it isn't tooooo too bad lol. maybe drink one of each and save the others... or sell them on ebay. :)
GSHLTV (4 years ago)
great job gettin her down the greg jeff! epic video! cheers ANTIKORP
Rauscheder (4 years ago)
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
Yea, this was no joke. Gave me the shits, too.
Chiravat Phimphatid (4 years ago)
Are you OK, now?
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
i'm fine!
Aaron P (4 years ago)
Maybe the shippers would of took better care if they knew you were going to drink it not collect it
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
i don't even know you.
Drunk Dumb Fucks (4 years ago)
+The Brister hell send me one ill drink it wouldnt be the first old beer iv drank
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
There were 7 cans in the auction. I'm not gonna drink all of them, believe me! :D
Four Twenty (4 years ago)
you're crazy
Odeed (4 years ago)
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
thats my 'reaction to chunky 40 year old beer' voice.
catfishredneck88 (4 years ago)
badass t shirt brister! old mill is a good old bad beer. I don't know about a 40 year old one though. cant believe it had a head!
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
i would hope it's a few decades newer :p
catfishredneck88 (4 years ago)
bought a 12 of them sweet old mills today. mines a few years newer though.
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
it exploded lol
barry16969 (4 years ago)
WOW sucker for punishment on that one cheers
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
perhaps lol
Riz2336 (4 years ago)
I drank an old Budweiser I found in the garage where I live must of been sitting there for 10 years but man that's some old shit.
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
you want one? lol
MulattoBeast (4 years ago)
lol you're crazy man
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
i try lol
Crisgo3d (4 years ago)
That can looks exactly like the one I have all crushed that I found in the woods. That thing was ready to explode after all these years. 
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
shoutout to schlitz brewing company.
It's Complicated (4 years ago)
Shout out to Facebook at 2:22!!!
Jeff Brister (4 years ago)
some dang ole messaged me. wonder who it was lol.

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