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Inverted Nipple, Causes and Correction - Aurora Clinics

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http://www.aurora-clinics.co.uk/breast-surgery/inverted-nipple-correction/ Mr Adrian Richards, Leading Plastic Surgeon of Aurora Clinics provides you with valuable information on the causes of inverted nipples in men and women, and how you can correct them with surgery under local anaesthetic. To find out more information on Inverted Nipple Surgery please view our treatment page http://www.aurora-clinics.co.uk/treatments_chest_invertednipplecorrection.html or contact 01844 214362. A FREE informational Audio CD containing all the facts you need to know about this procedure is available from Aurora Clinics. Please complete the form on the attached link: http://www.aurora-clinics.co.uk/free-information-cd.html?procedure=breast_invertednipple
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Smoke of Spades (3 months ago)
I've got inverted nipples and I see erect nipple as alien to me. I like my nipples. I'm just curious as to what guys think of it... I see my nipples as an extension of my personality lol which is I think I'm still a baby 😂
Ωιοαηα βαβγΩ (6 months ago)
OK so a inverted nipple won't really be a problem .....or it kinda is.... Also what if you were born with it?
Aurora Clinics (6 months ago)
An inverted nipple should not cause you a problem if you were not to great treatment for it. Patients often choose to have treatment to improve the aesthetics of their nipple. An inverted nipple should only be a cause of concern if it has appeared a few years after puberty. If you have had an inverted nipple since birth then it is likley to just be an inwards pull on the muscles within that needs to be loosened to allow the nipple to sit naturally again. Hope this helps - The Aurora Team
syamir _00 (1 year ago)
I hve 1 normal nipple and inverted one Y is that?
WolfPointJD (7 months ago)
Aurora Clinics I’m very scared, I have two inverted nipples, and the most common is 1 inverted nipple, please help.
syamir _00 (1 year ago)
Aurora Clinics thx its really helps me
Aurora Clinics (1 year ago)
Inverted nipples are often genetic and caused by the tethering of ducts within the breast pulling the nipple inwards. It is very common for only one nipple to be affected and this is just because the ducts have only shortened one one side . Hope this helps - The Aurora Team
Neha Ramteke (1 year ago)
Is there any side effects of plastic surgery on inverted nipple
Aurora Clinics (1 year ago)
Hi Neha Ramteke, The side effects after inverted nipple surgery varies from person to person. The procedure may not work and your nipple may re-invert which would then require revision surgery. You may experience either an increased or decreased nipple sensitivity after the procedure which usually rectify itself over time but can be permanent in some cases. There may also be some difficulty with breast feeding post-procedure depending on which technique was used to release the inverted nipples. and of course there are always risks post surgery with infection,  tissue injury, excessive bleeding, and adverse reaction to anesthesia but you will have a full aftercare plan and a follow up appointment with a nursing team to help reduce the risk of any this. Hope this helps - The Aurora Team
Savvy Bruh (1 year ago)
Can you breastfeed after taking out a nipple piercing on a inverted nipple?
Aurora Clinics (1 year ago)
Hi Savvy Bruh, Nipple piercings do not usually cause too much of an issue with breast feeding. Many people with inverted nipples do struggle however so it would be hard for me to tell. - The Aurora Team
kawita das (1 year ago)
My left nipple is inverted from a very long time could it would be corrected
Aurora Clinics (1 year ago)
Hi Kawita, It is possible that your inverted nipple could be corrected. It would be wise to visit a plastic surgeon who can assess you better and recommend the best treatment for you. Hope this helps - Aurora
Big Smoke (1 year ago)
One of my nipple is bigger than the other one and it’s been like that for around 1 year. Help! :(
Aurora Clinics (1 year ago)
Hi Big Smoke, It is hard to tell without seeing you what the cause may be. For some men they are just born with one nipple larger but if this has suddenly appeared then it may be worth visiting your GP to rule out any potential causes. It can be a symptom of Gynaecomastia which can be corrected in most cases with a surgical procedure. If the GP doesn't have any suggestions then maybe make an appointment with an experienced surgeon who would be able to advise further. Hope this helps - Aurora
HeldHyper Jet (1 year ago)
I am a boy and I have inverted nipples
Kraken • (7 months ago)
WolfPointJD (7 months ago)
Same, I have two inverted nipples😭😭😭
Almighty Soulz (8 months ago)
sunzly (1 year ago)
HeldHyper Jet I'm ashamed to admit that mine are inverted and I'm a boy too 😢
Caitlyn Oadley (3 years ago)
Do you need to correct inverted nipples or is it ok to keep it inverted forever
Smoke of Spades (3 months ago)
Keep them, they're unique to who u are and aesthetically it's pretty imo. I've got inverted nipples they look like baby nipples... I like em
Aurora Clinics (6 years ago)
Piercing a nipple can help correct an inverted nipple, as the piercing goes through the base and pushes the nipple forward, HOWEVER it is not advised as a cause for correction as if it doesn't work, it can lead to problems later on if you decide on the surgery. The niplette is usually only used for correcting grade 1 inverted nipples but can in some cases work on grade 2's. The best thing to do is come in for a FREE consultation and let one of our surgeons see your level of inversion.
inuanime19 (6 years ago)
I have always had inverted nipples grade 2. This video was very helpful. I was wondering if the nipplette can work on grade 2? And I think I want to kind of help the problem by getting my nipples pierced but would that cause any problems? If I wanted to breastfeed later in life, can I just take the piercings out and still be successful?
Aurora Clinics (6 years ago)
The Niplette does work on males and females, and is considered a good non surgical option to prevent the milk ducts from being separated so women can still breastfeed. This is the main benefit, as the results are better if you have actual surgery, but with grade 1 inversion it may be just fine. Book yourself a free consultation with us and you can talk through your options thoroughly with one of our specialist plastic surgeons. Thanks The Aurora Team
Ryan Buckle (6 years ago)
I believe i am grade 1, due to me being able to apply cold water or even squeezing the nipples for them to stay out for about 1-2 minutes. But, i am a male. Does the nipplit work for males aswell? Please help.
Aurora Clinics (6 years ago)
For one nipple it is from £1000 and two nipples it is from £1800. Inverted nipple correction is a relatively short procedure involving just local anaesthetic, so it won't require an overnight hospital stay. For more information videos, surgery videos or patient testimonials please visit our website in the description. Thank you The Aurora Team
carol h (6 years ago)
I am interested in this, but I am wondering how much this can be cost.
América González (6 years ago)
I have different grades in both. Is this normal? I've had them since I can remember. I'm seventeen now, and I guess that now I'm quite reliefed since I always thought I may have cancer, still I'm yet to go to a doctor for actually knowing if I don't. They make me awful embarrased, definitely having this surgery.
Kai (6 years ago)
I'm 15 and my left nip is inverted and comes out when I'm cold or stimulated but I'm a little on the Chubby side, could this be the reason?!!! Please help
Aurora Clinics (6 years ago)
It is a bit unusual to develop inverted nipples in 2 years but it can occur particularly if you have put on weight. It might be worth going to your General Doctor so they can look at the area and perhaps do some blood tests. If these are normal which is likely you could consider surgical correction. Good luck and let us know if you would like any more advice. Adrian Richards
ominousfeeling23 (6 years ago)
I'm a 21 year old guy. I recently got inverted nipples about 2 years ago. Is this normal???
shemini850 (6 years ago)
i'm 18 and i have grade 3 nipple. EMBARRASSING!
funnycats1000 (6 years ago)
same, im 15 with i got a 6 pack and muscles ect... but the nipple is embarassing lol
Cory Craver (6 years ago)
Fuck it. I'm 14 and willing to get surgery. But i'm a guy. Can we get surgery for this? Please help..
Beatle Juice (11 months ago)
Cory Craver do you still have inverted nipples? 😂
Reuben Towler-Arnold (7 years ago)
this is embarrising and dont want to share it all over youtube but in this cause i will have to, Im a 10 year old boy with 2 inverted nipples hate it when i get changed for PE at school i get really embarrased,but i really dont want surgery :(
Moriah Hill (7 years ago)
@clinicsaurora ok so one is like a grade 2 and the other a grade 3, there are no surgery alternatives, not that im against surgery i'd actually really love to have it but price wise it's just not an option right now. Is there anything else?
Rebecca Adams (1 year ago)
I’m a 18 years I need to correct my inverted nipple
RieRie288 (7 years ago)
@MyNewPerspective1 same here:,/
Tasia Lacey (7 years ago)
@mollymariex its crazy because im in the exact same state !
Carlina To (7 years ago)
I've never had kids... I'm only 15. I have one on my left nipple..
Aurora Clinics (7 years ago)
@evilbluepoptart Piercing or vacuum pumps like the niplette can be used. The pumps work OK for grade 1 but not grade 2 cases.
evilbluepoptart (7 years ago)
Aside from surgery, are there any other treatments for a grade one or grade two inverted nipple such as a piercing?
Aurora Clinics (7 years ago)
@grapetwistersoda Yes inverted nipples can occur on men and they can be corrected in a similar way. Please listen to our information CD on this subject. You can register to be sent the CD on our website aurora-clinics.co.uk or listen to it on iTunes on the Cosmetic Surgery Podcast. You should find this if you do a search for it in the iTunes store. Contact us if you would like to book a free consultation to discuss the best way forward for you. With best wishes Adrian Richards Plastic Surgeon
Nima Ataei (8 years ago)
I am a 20 year old man with one grade 1-2 inverted nipple (left side). I will try the nipplette when i go to bed at night. I hope it works! Thanks for the advice.
Alice Ferguson (9 years ago)
I am 13, i am desperatley unhappy. I feel so ugly and different from everyone else and i never want to show a boy my breasts. I want to know if the surgery costs a lot, and how old you must be to get your nipples corrected. I am a grade 3, and although people say being overweight is a cause (I am overweight), I was born with inverted nipples (I saw on baby photos).
Emily (9 years ago)
Thanks this is really informative. Do you have any information about prices for the surgery?
m o l l y (10 years ago)
wow, thank you, this was very imformative. i'm 17 with inverted nipples and it really does make me feel embarrased, i do want surgery.

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