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Cold Cave - Life Magazine

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From their 2009 album 'Love Comes Close' (Matador) **All copyright(s) reserved by artists, labels and publishers. None by myself.**
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carlos perez (7 months ago)
I dig myself to the center of the earth And then there was a hole (was a, was a, was a) I crawl back and put a knock upon your door (door, door, door) But there was no one (one, one, one .) I'm not going back (I'm not going back, back, back, back .) I climb clouds to the bluest of the sky And all i saw was air (was air, was air, was air) I rain my love to the heads that breathe below (low, low, low) But none of them cared (cared, carad, cared) Read more: Cold Cave - Life Magazine Lyrics | MetroLyrics
Jaae Xeneize (2 years ago)
Like si vienes por PES 2012
Vinicius Huss (2 years ago)
Music Good
Javier Rivera (4 years ago)
what happened to you wes eisold? fuck you became a techno hipster bitch ass 
Javier Rivera (4 years ago)
wes eisold is a writer more than a musician, but you know, i take it back, cold cave sounds good and still dark like his previous bands. and of course is dificult making music with both hands, lets not say only with one. fucking good people are poison and youth and lost
James Glenwright (4 years ago)
Its sort of difficult to make any other type of music with one hand.....  
Leobruno Castro (4 years ago)
 Muito Bom Life Magnize Cold Cave PES 2012 Brasil
Guilherme Cagnato (5 years ago)
Good Music !
El Ajajai (5 years ago)
Like if you´re here for PES 2012
Ahmad Daas (5 years ago)
Pes pes pes
luis vicens (5 years ago)
patricioo26 (5 years ago)
yeah pes 2012 :D habla español si pone esto en el traductor de google haceme un hijo xd
May Jüne Music (6 years ago)
Pes 2012 ! :)
Tahir Djozic (6 years ago)
thumps up if yuor pas2012 brought here
lela japaridze (6 years ago)
PES 2012 <3
AlejoCabrera0405 (6 years ago)
PES *.*
Krzysztof Czekanska (6 years ago)
Krzysztof Czekanska (6 years ago)
Yeah, pes is depressing as it isn't like super arcade mode with cheats like big heads and fantasy curve ball etc.
Alex Gayton (6 years ago)
best pes 2012 song
mind scrawl (6 years ago)
can you guys leave your stupid ass pes comments on the pes page for the song and not on every video playing this song-thanks
mind scrawl (6 years ago)
♪♫I'm not going black♪♫
CRINGESOUND (6 years ago)
@Karensky you think this is noise then try Prurient: the synth players solo project. thats noise.
Jonas Henrique (7 years ago)
i love this music....
mind scrawl (7 years ago)
I come here because the video creeps me out
Karensky (7 years ago)
What is this noise?
PANTHER PAWLS (7 years ago)
so goth

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